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SanDisk Sansa M230 512 MB 22/08/2006

Great mp3 Player

SanDisk Sansa M230 512 MB I bought this mp3 player about a week ago and it is very impressive indeed. This player is compact easy to user and top quality sound. Boxed - In the box you get the player, usb cord, cdrom, carry-case (scratch proof), 1 AAA battery, and headphones. Also the carry case comes with a Velcro strap, which is very handy to strap the mp3 player on your person. Controls/Design The buttons are easy to use and do not stick. The player has a menu button (which doubles as the power button) at the top. The play/pause, repeat, forward and backward buttons are on the face. The microphone is situated on the bottom of the player and the headphone and usb connections are on the left hand side of the player. The LCD screen is small but still easily readable. The screen has a very bright backlight, which is bright blue, this lights up when ever you press any button so it is easy to see at nighttime. This backlight can be turned off to save on battery life. Durability/battery life I have heard that this player has a tendency to break easily, the battery flap coming off and if you drop it, it tends not to work. My answer to this is you get what you pay for. If you are careful with then it won't break, I have used mine for the gym and no problems so far. As yet I have not had to replace the battery and I have used it for the gym twice and I walk the dog every day so it hast lasted at least 8 hours or more Sound The sound this player is excellent. You have to fiddle with the ...

Walk The Line (DVD) 22/08/2006

The Man in Black

Walk The Line (DVD) The Man in Black - The Johnny Cash Story. This film is an absolute must see. I am not a huge fan of biographies but my wife insisted on seeing this so I begrudgingly rented this film from a local video store. Wow was I impressed. I don't even like country music (I am into trance!). But the acting performances and the sheer quality of the singing done by Reese Witherspoon (June Carter-Cash) and Joaquin Phoenix ( Johnny Cash is really amazing. I have watched Ray (see my other review) and can tell you with absolute confidence that Walk the Line is as good as the critics say. I would give this film 6 stars if I could. The story: The film begins with Cash as a young boy growing up with his older brother. Early on tragedy strikes when Jack is mortally injured in a sawmill accident and the only thing his father has to say to his younger son is an accusatory, "Where were you?" Cash then joins the air force straight out of high school happy to be away from his controlling father and the strict discipline imposed on him during his teenage years. While on a tour in Germany Cash buys a used guitar and this is the beginning of his musical career. When Cash returns to the United States he promptly marries his high school sweetheart Vivian (…..) and tries to start a band in Memphis. His band is two local mechanics that play a bit on the side. Cash walks into the recording studio and demands to be heard, Sam Phillips (Sun Records), unimpressed to begin with Phillips warms to Cash ...

Beko 28426NDS 22/08/2006

Budget TV

Beko 28426NDS This TV is a good quality tv for the money you pay. If you want a cheap tv that works and is under guaruntee for a year then this is your best bet. If however you want top notch sound and picture quality then look elsewhere. The TV looks great this particular one came in a silver finish with speakers on either side. Be warned this tv weighs a ton and should be a 2 man job to put on a table or stand. Everything is nice and simple with 2 scart sockets at the back for dvd and digibox plus an aerial port. The channel tuning was automated and a complete breeze. Setting up the tv was easy as pie. I connected the skybox and dvd autotuned channels and hey presto I had sky tv plus dvd's worked straight away!! The remote is easy to use and very light. TV Specs: Height - 49cm Width - 72cm Depth - 50cm Screen Size (Inches) - 28'' Widescreen Nicam Remote Control Teletext Fastext or None - Fastext No. of Scart Sockets 2 Auto Set Up On Screen Menus Sleep Timer Child Lock Manufacturers Guarantee Period - 1 Years In Home Service And 1 Years Parts Guarantee Sound The tv comes with presets such as cinema and music. Unfortunately this tv is a little bit of a let down with the sound. This is probably why the tv is so cheap because of the rubbish speackers and the 8bit built in sound card. the sound is quite tinny soundind and when you increase the volume when playing music you can hear the distortion on the speackers. Personally I am not particlarly botheres ...

No Escape (DVD) 17/08/2006


No Escape (DVD) This film will appeal to sci-fi action fans. No Escape is set in 2022. The American prison system is now privately owned and is big business. An evil prison warden has a small island at his disposal that he uses to put the worst criminals in the prison system. When Robbins (Ray loitta) is convicted of murdering his commanding officer he is sent to prison. Once in prison he is commanded to execute a fellow prisoner for transgressing one of the prison rules. During this scene he manages to hold a gun to the wardens head but gives up after a few seconds. He is the sent to a place called absalom. Absalom is an island in ocean where the worst of the worst criminals are banished. On the island, there are 2 sides. One is peaceful and the other are a group of maniacs ill bent on chaos and destruction. The latter are relentlessly trying to destroy the peaceful ones. The plot is a bit thin with the usual hero and the multiple villains. Ray Loitta puts in good performance as do some of the supporting cast, namely the leader of the peaceful group, the father (Lance Henriksen). The film is full of stereotyped characters. The evil baddie in the form of the warden. The Father who can only be the mentor, the spy who is in the peaceful groups camp. You get the gist. Nothing much original in this film most characters and plots/sub plots have all been tried and tested before. Martin Campbell directed the film, and was produced by Gale Ann Hurd (Aliens). Campbell went on to ...

The Man Without A Face (DVD) 17/08/2006

Gibson at his best

The Man Without A Face (DVD) This is one of the first films that Mel Gibson acted and directed in. The film is a bit slow to start off with but gradually builds into a real touching story that just keeps you wondering what will happen. Storyline: The movie revolves around a little boy (Chuck Norstadt) who desperately wants to go to boarding school that his now deceased father attended. Because of his bad grades the school requires him to take an entrance exam. The boys family are all women a mum, younger sister and older spiteful sister. The family are always on his case about how he will never achieve anything, constantly badgering him to give up this lofty idea of entering boarding school. His dad died at when he was at a young age. Mel Gibson plays the part of Justin Mcleod, a former disgraced teacher, who has a horribly disfigured face. Through a chance meeting, Chuck asks Mcleod to be taught. Mcleod decides to take a chance and teach the boy. After meeting with Mcleod and asking for his help he decides to withhold this information from his family. This is because Mcleod is the local town freak. Chuck's friendship with Mcleod grows and they become firm friends. Eventually he asks about how Mcleod got his scars and McLeod tells him that he got them in a car accident, in which a you boy was killed. The young boy had a crush on McLeod and when McLeod confronted him about this in the car, he went mental, and this is what caused the accident One evening, when his mum is away, he finds ...

Samsung X640 16/08/2006

Great phone

Samsung X640 I bought this phone because I was on a budget and had around £80 to spend. So I went to carphone warehouse, link, orange shop, phones4u checked out the prices of phones around this price mark and decided on this phone. The phone is very attractive with silver and black finish (not sure if there are other permutations). The phone is extremely durable as my daughter who is 2 keeps getting the phone and giving it to the dog as well as dropping it on the patio outside and yet it still works albeit a little scrathec My reasons are as follows. The phone is a basic entry-level camera mobile phone. The phone is extremely light fits in your jeans, trouser or shorts pockets and you hardly even know it is there which was one thing I really wanted because I hate phones which my be small but are still quite heavy. The camera on the phone is a VGA camera and performs adequately enough if you want better then get a different phone. The handsfree speaker that comes with the phone is excellent and I use this a lot as the phone's clarity and projection of voice mean you can hear the phone from a fair distance away One of the best features of this phone is the voice clarity system this feature basically monitors background noise and the volume of someone's tone/voice and adjusts to make the call as clear as possible. I have never ever had a problem speaking to anyone from anywhere and on different networks. The clarity is excellent. Another feature is the voice record feature ...

Butlins Resort, Bognor Regis 16/08/2006

Redcoats Rule

Butlins Resort, Bognor Regis Butlins Bognor Regis I have been on 4 holidays to Butlins, and experienced every resort Skegnes, Minehead and Bognor (2). This review is based on my stay at Bognor. Overview of accommodation: Standard is ok usually the best if you are short on cash or if you are with a group of mates and won't be spending a lot of time in your chalet/room. Silver is above average larger rooms with TV. Good for families. Gold is my personal favourite, large spacious rooms with a good size lounge and a huge kitchen area with breakfast table. There is plenty of kitchen work top space so that 2 people can easily be preparing 2 things at once. Helpful if you have children. Gold and Silver are ideally suited to families. Deluxe having never stayed in deluxe I cannot say, but my wife being the curious type, has managed to have a tour and they are exquisite but fairly pricey Types of accommodation: Standard: As the name says this is your basic accommodation. Basic beds with the minimum of facilities. If you can afford it then upgrade as the beds not comfortable (I may be biased as I have a bad back) Facilities: colour TV, shower or bath, tea + coffee Occupancy: Maximum 5, minimum 1 Silver: some people seem to think that this is the best type to go for. Rooms are cut above from silver. Décor of the room is lovely and cosy. You get a laundry/maid service, which is very handy. They usually come every 2 days. Facilities: TV shower room, lounge, ...

Paloma Picasso Tentations 15/08/2006

Picasso a class above

Paloma Picasso Tentations This is quite an established fragrance now since it was first launched in 1984. This fragrance is made by Paloma Picasso. One of the most famous names in modern history. She is also a very famous and exclusive jewellery designer. The fragrance comes bottled in a very unique bottle. With a stopper at the top which you can use to dab on to your skin (See picture below) Anyway back to the perfume the best way I can describe this fragrance is oriental combined with citrus and woody flavours. This fragrance is very strong if used too much. This perfume has the added advantage of being able to be smelt by passers-by, loved ones etc. While at the same time you can wear it all day without it being too over the top if you know what I mean? This perfume is definitely for the older or more mature woman who knows what she wants. This is because Tentations has a very unique scent and you will either love it or hate their is no middle ground. My wife for instance absolutely adores the perfume and has the whole range, body milk, soap etc. But now that she is pregnant and her sense of smell is greatly accentuated she hates and can even smell from a distance without it being opened!! So at the moment it lives in the cupboard. So if I were you I would first get a tester and try it. Walk round the store or come back a bit later when you know what is smells, and feels like on your skin. If I were to describe this fragrance in one word it would be sultry. You can pick ...

Matsui VDVD500 11/08/2006

Matsui solid as a rock

Matsui VDVD500 I bought this product from Bargain Madness for the unbelievable price of £89.99. My 2 year old daughter has stuffed chip packets, dry dog food, bank cards and flowers into the vhs flap and it still works fine which amazed even me. Key Features: Combined DVD Player and VCR Nicam Sound Quality (VCR) NTSC Playback - Plays American Tapes Long PAL - Doubles recording capacity Long Play - Doubles recording capacity Real time tape Counter - for easy UK DVD Zoom - Don't miss the action Parental control DVD, CD Playback 2 SCART connections Audio Quality Dolby Digital Show View (VideoPlus): Yes Super Video CD / Video CD Playback: Yes This Matsui product offers good quality at a very reasonable price. I have yet to be let down by a Matsui product It does all the basic functions easily enough, putting VHS tape in and DVD disc at the same time and then switching between the two. Selecting subtitle and using the disc menu are an absolute doddle. There are inputs on the front for an auxiliary port which I use to plug in my digital camcorder. The sound quality on the TV is good (Dolby digital) but not surround sound, switching from music channels to reality show to sport programs the sound is still crisp and clear. The one failing is that sometimes the actions sounds in dvd/vhs films are a lot louder than the speaking in the film. This DVD player can play a VHS American tape which is handy a feature. I have tested the Long PAL and Long play ...

The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector 10/08/2006

Hemp is good

The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector Due to the fact my feet suffer from being dry to very dry at almost any time of the year. Plus I get quite bad cracked heals. I decided to try Hemp Foot Protector from the body shop. The product comes in a brownish/green plastic tub with a screw off lid (slightly smaller than the normal boy shop tubs. The lid is adorned with name of the product and a picture of a marijuana leaf. "Hemp seed oil Has an unusually high concentration of essential fatty acids that help to repair the skin's moisture barrier thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness. Lanolin Is one of nature's richest moisturizers. It is readily absorbed by the skin and so provides good protection for rough, dry hands. Panthenol Is proven to improve flexibility of the nails, helping to reduce flaking and breakage. Glycerin Is an effective moisturizer which helps improve softness and maximize hydration." Taken from Bascially what all the above means is that it a really good moisturizers, which enriches your skin and makes you skin more supple. If you sue it regularly then it can even start to have an effect on lightly cracked heals. I have found a vast improvement on my feet since I have used this product. Use this product in the evening let it soak into skin overnight and do its business. After a few weeks you will find that your skin feels more supple all the small nasty abrasions and cracks will have gone and you will have lovely feet. The cream is a ...

Jeff Banks Kyo 10/08/2006

Jeff Banks fragrance

Jeff Banks Kyo This fragrance was released in 2000 by Jeff Banks. While out shoping in debenhams sale one day my wife came across this mens perfume called kyo by Jeff Banks (there is a womens equivalent myo. The fragrance comes in a cyclindrical bottle with a clip off top. The spray is easy to use and doesn't stick like some cologne's and you end up spray too much or too little. Musky fragrance, with a taste of fruitiness that lingers on you for quite a while. Quite a light fragrance not as strong as some other products like obsession by Calvin Klein. Not as long lasting as some Calvin Klein products but defintely one the women will like. This perfume used to be available at boots and superdrug not sure if still is. I bought this perfume for £7 at a debenhams in a sale so was very lucky. Normall priced around £19.99 so it is good value for money. The fragrance range used to be sold nationwide in Boots, Debenhams and Superdrug. ...

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette 10/08/2006


Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette Obsession is one of the ageless and timeless fragrances. First launched in 1985. You never get bored of it and you keep going back to it again and again. This is a fragrance which has survived the 80's, 90's and the 00's. Reading through the manufacturers website this fragrance supposedly gives you hints of lavender, mandarin, clove, nutmeg and amber. The smell of this perfume is slightly musky with a hint of cinnamon Personally for me it is just a fragrance which works for me. Women love this fragrance. Every women I been out with have commented on this fragrance some have even recognised it outright when in a crowded busy bar! I have read that smell is the strongest sense when it comes to nostalgic memories from the past, so if you want somebody to remember your scent, Obsession is the one for you This fragrance is definitely keep the women in your life happy and if there are none it is definitely a hit with the single ladies. One of the good things about this fragrance is that is quite strong almost as strong as women's EDP. So you only have to spray once or twice. Use sparingly as if overdone you can pong a bit. Price wise you can pick this up on the web for around £13 to £30 on eBay depending on the size. Plus check the web and the high street for special offers. ...

WipEout Fusion (PS2) 09/08/2006

Speed Freak

WipEout Fusion (PS2) This is latest edition in the Wipeout series and by far the best. Initially I thought that this game was going to play like the rest of the Wipeout series but thankfully I was proved wrong. The game is set in the future 2160 and you race and around tracks trying to beat you opponents. The cars are anti-gravity cars that hover above the ground and travel at over 1000mph. The added bonus is that you get weapons that enable you to destroy opponents in front and behind you. One of the new additions to this game is that you can now upgrade your futuristic vehicles. Adding speed, braking, handling, acceleration etc. One of the things I found is that later on in the game if you are having trouble completing a specific league (more on this later) and you have quite a few upgrade on you vehicle then what you need to do is downgrade your existing vehicle and then choose a different vehicle and upgrade this one. Try the league then as different vehicles have different abilities and handle differently as well. Controls in this game are excellent, very fine and you really have to lay quite a bit before you get very good at it. Graphics - Are smooth and the tracks are beautifully rendered. With some amazing backdrops and scenery. The explosions are cool and each weapon is very distinctive. Sound - Awesome soundtrack really gets you into the game I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat if I am duelling with another opponent or fighting for first place. Weapon TIP: You ...

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Xbox) 09/08/2006

I have the need for speed

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Xbox) Having played nearly all the NFS titles down the years I was looking forward to playing this new instalment from EA. Having played the Need for Speed Underground 2 and found this game appealing and entertaining it lacked longevity. I completed Need For Speed Underground 2 and then I just put the game away and ended up selling it on eBay. Need For Speed Most Wanted is however a completely different ball game. A few elements remain from previous version, like the circuit, spring and drag races. The plot of the game is quite simple you arrive in Rockport as an out of towner but with an awesome BMW M? heavily modified, you race the local blacklist racer razor and lose because he sabotages your ride. You now start at the bottom with a rubbish car and you have to defeat 15 other blacklist rivals in order to get your car back and to become no 1. When challenging a rival you have to have completed and set number of races, milestones and you have to have a specific number of bounty points. Each blacklist racer should get progressively difficult. I personally found it was dead easy up to blacklist rival 5 then it started getting quite difficult. The best part about this game is the cops. The milestones you have to complete are usually speed traps (going faster then said speed through the trap), getting a specific number of bounty points. Evading the cops for a specific amount of time. The hardest part of the above is losing the cops and then finding a hiding ...

Calvin Klein Contradiction for Men 09/08/2006

Calvin Klein does it again

Calvin Klein Contradiction for Men I bought this product when I went on holiday recently at Gatwick airport. Duty free and all that. I was not really bothered with buying it but my wife smelled and said that the fragrance really suited me. I ummed and ahhed a while and eventually she went back and bought it for me. Now I am the type of person who has a fragrance for a particular occasion. I have every day fragrances (contradiction and body shop). I then have special occasion fragrances (obsession and Jeff Banks) as well as Truth (Calvin Klein) as a backup. So my body shop fragrance ran out so I started using the contradiction on a more regular as I wanted to use up the body shop before I started using the contradiction. I find the contradiction fragrance refreshing and light. Long lasting fragrance my wife can still smell the fragrance on me at the end of a working day. The bottle itself is a splash bottle so no spray nozzle. Also the bottle is encased in a silver nickel finish top that slides over the bottle like a dress. This case is easy to take off and put on not finicky like some fragrances I have come across. I would definitely buy this again as this is a great product. The product can be pricey so make sure you either buy it on eBay for a good price or buy it on promotion or when you go on holiday and you have duty free. ...
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