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Kärcher WV 50 Window Cleaning Vacuum 12/07/2012

Ingenious invention!

Kärcher WV 50 Window Cleaning Vacuum In my opinion this is a great invention, living in a house with big windows this gadget is simple and easy to use. It's Definately making window cleaning easy and fast, to only have to wash the window with a sponge then use the Karcher to suck the water and soap away, your left with great sparkling windows. Not only can you use the karcher on windows, but you can also use them on bathroom or kitchen tiles, wash them in soapy water and just let the Karcher do the work for you But letting the gadget suck up the waste this can also include floor tiles for spillages. Just washed your floor tiles, then frends or family turn up you can use the Karcher to dry the floor tiles in a flash! I've even used my Karcher on my shower doors, wardrobe mirrored doors and mirrors Just simply simple!
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