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since 14/03/2010

9 29/08/2014

no refund despite their admission they never had the item We Bought a Corona Chest for next day delivery. Despite arranging a day off work the night before its delivery date I get a phone call from Bedroomworld admitting they never had the item. They said the order would be cancelled and I would get a refund. Despite many phone calls and e-mails no refund to my account has ever been made. Try calling their number and for anything except sales you will rarely get through. (sales will refuse to transfer you). They do not provide proper VAT invoices and trying to recover money from them legally is a nightmare as firstly just proving who they actually are is almost impossible as Bedroom World claim that any disputes should are addressed to a company called Worldstores who in turn deny liability claiming there is no contract between you and them!!! Making chargeback on your card is the only solution and report them to Twickenham trading standards (the only known address is for a related company in Twickenham) ...

Samsung PS42A457 25/08/2012

very short life-expectancy

Samsung PS42A457 We bought one new from Comet for £600, less than 3 years ago and it developed a big thick white vertical line caused by a breakdown of the plasma screen. We have since been told it was a common design fault with Samsung so although the picture quality may be good, do not expect this set to last more than 3-5 years. The other fault is the power consumption is excessive - almost 3 times that of a comparable LG. so expect with higher energy bills as it uses an extra 250watts more than other TVs It is also unusually heavy making wall mounting impracticable as few if any universal brackets ( or walls! ) would hold the excessive weight. My other gripe is the expense. You get far better value for money with other brands as a samsung TV will not last.

Slim Sterling Cuff Bangle 01/08/2011

silverstall - silver bangle

Slim Sterling Cuff Bangle On Monday i ordered the slim sterling silver cuff bangle from It arrived on Teusday and whilst the black box it came in was not that good, the bangle itself far exceeded my expectations. Its made from real silver and the style is both modern and cool. I nearly bought a similar one in another shop for £120 but this one cost less than £20 so i am quite pleased. The other thing that impressed me was how quick the silver jewellery arrived, particulary as i live in a place sometimes forgotten by the postman. The bangle looks good on both my wrist and my husbands wrist. The downside of visiting their website is that they have too many silver bangles to choose from so making a decision can be time-cosuming for someone as indecisive as me. I would certainly recommend the silverstall to anyone. ...

Lloyds TSB 16/06/2011

the worst online banking ever

Lloyds TSB For years i have struggled to use their outdated and failing online facility. Comparing their website to other banks online facilities is a joke. For example rarely can you ever download statements and trying to search for any entry older than 6 weeks is impossible. Their telephone support will constantly state fixes are in hand which never happen. if you have a business account then you have to log out complelty and relog in to access any other personal accounts which can take up to 30 minutes a time. Its hopeless and virtually unusable. The most worrying aspect of all this is today they admitted that my data - like almost all other accounts - had become inaccessible beyond the past 6 weeks. If you opted for paperless statements this makes any inland revenue accounting impossible. ...

Santander Credit Card 07/02/2011

do not trust anything said by them

Santander Credit Card do not trust anything said by them - ignore any verbal statements made by them as they will simply turn round and say 'we never said that'. I did not order a credit card and when one arrived i telephoned them and told them i never applied for it. They obtained all the personal detail from me through a series of 'security' questions' which i was dumb enough to answer. I received a statement from them with admin and non usuage charges. I wrote to them and they telephoned me and sadi the account was closed and i need not pay them. 2 months later and now their debt collectors are demanding £122.90 for non-usuage and administration charges. Santander Cards now deny all previous telephone calls. I telephoned their debt collectors and told them to take me to court as i never applied for any card. They hinted that the signature used in my letter to Santander was easily transferable to a credit card application. I insisted this was fraud and they just laughed. So to anyone having dealings with Santander Cards: 1. Never give them personal information. 2. Never send them anything with your signature on it. 3. Never speak to them on the telephone. 4. Speak to the banking ombudsman as they have more complaints against them than any other organisation. ...

Dell 04/08/2010

hell from dell -inspiron 550

Dell bought the inspiron 560 and found its version of windows 7 incompatible with just about all my previous software and cameras. eg. Quickbooks 2002 or the canon eos350 d for which there is NO updated drivers. For whatever reason the pre-installed windows (for which dell send no windows installation disks so forget a clean re-install) will only allow permission to an adminstrator to perform any but basic tasks. When i finally got through to Dells indian call centre they advised i was trying to change the system files and therefore my warranty was invalid. I only had the PC 2 days so i gave Dell written notice that i wanted a refund under the distance selling regulations. That was 7 weeks ago and to date i have heard nothing from dell. I am now forced to sue them. To anyone thinking of buying a dell i urge you to forget it as they do not recognise nor respect the UK distance selling regulations. ...

T-Mobile G2 Touch 21/05/2010

constant error messages and useless camera

T-Mobile G2 Touch it is far slower than the G1 and internet surfing will be met with constant error messages such as '... is not available for this device'. It’s impossible to locate your exact position with Google maps. The camera is ok but useless as its Picture Gallery does not load or is too slow to load and with nothing to compensate the absence of flash, taking images in evening light is impossible. Bluetooth connectivity simply does not work. Text input is almost impossible when the word suggestion feature is not available i.e when you want to use google search !! The main issue however is that it keeps cutting out during calls and it has no log for missed calls. The G1 mobile deserved 5 stars but this does not even deserve a one!! ...

BT Broadband 08/04/2010

attempted theft/fraud by BT accounts

BT Broadband We had an awful service from BT broadband - execessive downtime/poor speeds/overcharging etc so last summer we gave them 3 months notice to leave (it was beyond the end of our 18 mth contract). since last November we have been with Virgin. They allege we verbally agreed a new 2 year which is a lie. today we received a bill for £615.14 . I telephoned them to say there was no way we would pay a penny of that bill and they would have to sue us, to which their 'biling team' sneered and said they would get their money by other means. I asked what she meant and she said the matter would be "aggressively enforced by their debt collectors". My advice to anyone is to stay well clear of BT. They were once a good company however over the past few years they have adopted a tactic of obtaining money by fraud, scare tactics and illegal threats. STAY AWAY FROM BT. ...

Drake Circus Shopping Mall Plymouth 14/03/2010

grotty and unsafe mall

Drake Circus Shopping Mall Plymouth We went around this mall yesterday and i was not impressed by the fact that when we got back to the car park somebody had slashed all 4 of our car tyres. The cameras were swithced off and nobody was in the slightest bit concerned as evidently this happend all the time. Our experience inside the mall was not much better with overpriced shops which in my opnion were staffed by some of the rudest, bored and unhelpful shop assistants i have ever encountered. In between shops the mall was home to gangs of yobs hanging around. An intimidating, grotty and i think unsafe mall. Clearly any positive reviews have been written by the malls marketing team as they bear no relation to the reality of this horrible dump.
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