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I am Mummy to a gorgeous little boy, and fiance to the best bloke ever..I am slowly tiptoeing my way around reviewing products on here and DOOYOO so bear with me please and I will find my voice..

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Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Razor 18/07/2012

It is not just a man's world!!

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Razor If you have read my previous review on 'Veet Hair Minimising Moisturiser' you will already know a little bit about my hair problems. I honestly believe I have the fastest growing hairy bits in the world! I can safely say my legs are the spikiest out of the girls I have worked with over my 6 years in the shop. When girl A is complaining that her 'legs are so prickly and she will have to shave when she gets in before she can wear her little skirt into town that night'. She follows on with 'I only shaved on Tuesday'. It's now Saturday, in my nosiness, I can't help it, I have to cop a feel! I knew it!!!....You can hardly see the tiny blonde hairs that have sprouted up on her skinny legs, let alone feel them! 'Haha!' I scoff 'You think you have it bad. My legs feel like that an hour after I have shaved them! They'd look like a mans if I had left them for 4 days' And this is a regular conversation, with friends, co-workers and family. In fact, people I have had the conversations with, use me as a comparison, 'well at least they aren't as bad as SJ's'. As a guide, I was on my holidays recently, I went for just one week. I shaved the night we left England, I managed day one not shaving, the next day I was actually embarrassed, as you could see the hairs coming through, and they are not blonde, even though the sun bleached my arm hairs. I just had to shave that night. All in all from the day we left England to the day we got back 8 days later, I had to shave 4 times. EXCESSIVE!! ...

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs 17/07/2012

Airbrush legs....? Stuff it, why stop there....!!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs THIS IS MY REVIEW OF SALLY HANSEN AS A FAKE TAN AND LEG MAKE-UP TOO... I, unfortunately am one of those girls in the retail industry who may look a little (JUST A LITTLE) bit on the orange side...I am naturally quite medium to light skin toned but if I were to go au-natural I would look poorly, especially in the harsh lighting in the shop. Every woman feels healthier and fresher with the glow of a summers holiday behind them. Add to this the fact that I like to wear my eyes and lips heavily made up, therefore, I do need to warm up the complexion in order to wear the heavier, brighter colours. Once, (maybe twice if we are lucky) a year I will go on my holiday's, specifically to bring back with me the best golden tan I possibly can. This will inevitably fade very quickly, even with the right moisturising products, but in desperation of holding on to that tan for as long as possible, I will jump on the sunbed three times a week. Naughty! Naughty! Needless to say, there does come a point after about 12 weeks when your white bits begin to merge in with the rest of your bits and you really need to fake it...Your skin's been burnt with the tri-weekly use of sunbeds, it needs a rest. You seem to be using lots of minutes and getting nowhere, you have to accept it...the tan's gone. PASTY, PALE AND UNINTERESTING! I just can't accept 'embracing the paleness'. The celebs look amazing with it, my customers all look fab..I just look washed out. Now is the time to resort to the ...

Aldi (Shop) 04/07/2012

.'Like Brands, Only Cheaper'.....? Get saving those pounds!!

Aldi (Shop) As a Mum and a wife (to be), I find it really important to ensure my family eat a well balanced diet. I have always been a firm believer of natural goodness and freshly prepared meals as often as is possible, (which can be pretty tough with my partner and I out of the house on average about 100 hours a week (combined of course) with just work alone!) I feel my little boy is at the crutial years where he is really influentuial to what he consumes. Not only will his teeth, but his waistline, his organs and maybe his brain development will be affected by unnatural, processed foods. So in a desperate bid to buy fresh ingredients for home cooked meals we were shopping at the bigger supermarket chains and spending somewhere in the region of £150 per week on our food shops. I very rarely purchase frozen, packet or tinned produce as I believe this is the unhealthier way forward and personally just prefer the freshly made taste. (Apart from curries, I havent had the time to learn to make them yet) The crunch came with our biggest spend, whilst at Sainsbury's at a whopping £190 and we knew something had to give. It is not like we buy lots of brands, but with inflation, food has begun reaching sky high prices. A few months after we moved into our current address, a new Aldi store opened a mile or so up the road. Our nearest one prior was a good 20 miles away. It took alot of pursuading the fella, but eventually we ventured up there. Having been brought up in Germany, i remember ...

Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Faux Cils 04/07/2012

Aren't you wearing falsies? its just mascara...!!

Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Faux Cils Well as with every women out there I am a bit of a mascara junkie...I must have tried every mascara from L'Oreal, No 7, Lancome to Benefit in search of something I was happy with. I'm a bit fussy when it comes to my lashes and I have a list of likes and dislikes for my lashes; I like it to look fresh all day Absolutely no clumps Don't like the 'spiderleggy' look I want length, volume AND curl I hate the feeling of brittle lashes (you know when they feel like they will snap under your mascara) I don't want it to look like its lost its shape an hour into the day And the blacker the better I know that's alot to ask for but I'm fussy! Before I found this little beauty I was achieving everything I wanted but by using 3 different mascaras, one for length, one for intense volume and another which had a thinner brush to comb out the clumps and spiderleggy curlers and a drawing pin to separate! What a ball ache!!! Then in need of my Touche Eclat one day the young counter girl pointed me in the direction of a giftset containing my beloved touche eclat and the uk's no1 luxury mascara...I figured why not. On my first use of this mascara (as with all mascara's) it needed a little working and although the look was satisfactory it wasn't anything I hadn't seen before. But i persevered and with every passing week I fell a little more in love with it.. My lashes felt like they weren't wearing anything..they could bend and move (when I' d rub my ...

Samsung GALAXY S II 04/07/2012

A sleek, slimline lightweight phone that may as well be a tablet.

Samsung GALAXY S II I am a bit of a snob when it comes to phones, but I am not a tech head. I like the latest and greatest! Since my first contract at 18, I found I quickly get bored of phones and constantly have two contracts going on because I have upgraded early to the next best thing. This makes my bank balance very unhappy.. Phones are bigger and better than when I first started out with my flashing Nokia 3220. (The one with the the dancing lights) The old favourite tetris was on there and the best game around was snake which would keep you entertained for hours. Ring tones were basic and very tinny 15 second clips of your favourite songs. The maximum text message memory was 100 and memory would be full and you'd have to manually delete..there was no room for lovey dovey keepsakes. Well fast forward 7 years and your little hand held phone does everything!! Even the basic phones have camera's, can access the internet, download music and games and have enough memory to store plenty of data. My previous phone before this was a Blackberry curve (again, following the crowds)..Its not that I dislike the phone...but in the year I had it (before I upgraded early) my rollerball started sticking, my 'A' and 'call' button just wouldn't work for weeks on end, meaning texts were incomprehensible and I couldnt ring out or answer my phone. It crashed CONSTANTLY, the plastic was coming away and was almost 2 pieces. I was not impressed. And my friend was litterally getting her Blackberry ...

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (Radiant Touch) 04/07/2012

A definate beauty MUST HAVE!!

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (Radiant Touch) I must say i am not surprised to hear that this little cult beauty product has just celebrated its 20th year as the uk's no1 luxury beauty product...this product is phenomainally AMAZING and is my EVERYTHING!!! I've been using it for about 6 years when my mum bought me one for my birthday and had always used the original shade gives banishes dark circles...i even use it as a base for my eyeshadow and lipstick!! I even use it when im not wearing any other makeup on my days off so its perfect for those ladies who like the au naturel look..  I will note here i am of a fair to medium complexion...but often use the sunbeds and fake tan. But because this is a transparent colour it blends with your skin torn regardless of your skin tone. You just have to look at the celebrities who use Touche Eclat and there is your proof. You have Kate Middleton, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. All of whom have a range of skin tones but can wear Touche Eclat with ease.  And now Yves Saint Laurent have spoiled us with 10 new shades for different tones! Alongside the original which i pop on top of my foundation to highlight my cheeks, brows and dark circles, I now also use shade 4.5 (which is a bit more yellow for when im especially dark under my eyes and for spots and shade 3 (which is a more tanned tone) in the hollow of my cheeks to define and sculpt.  All you need is one click to achieve maximum results. Apply your foundation first, ...

No 7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make Up Remover 03/07/2012

As a 'HEAVY' eye makeup wearer, this is perfect..

No 7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make Up Remover Having previously used No7's Cleanse and Care eye makeup remover for a few years now, about 6 months ago, during their re-branding I found that I could no longer get this product as it was discontinued. The Beautiful Skin eye makeup remover was a newer formula and had taken its place. It would usually have cost me £7.75 but as I was redeeming my regularly accrued No 7 £5 voucher, i figured I may as well try it for just £2.75.  I must note here before I go any further I am a heavy eye makeup I do tend to wear darker shadows, (blacks, browns or greys). I also wear an extremely black eyeliner that's waterproof and an extremely black mascara that I apply quite full.  There are so many eye makeup removers on the market ranging from £1 right up to the £20 mark for your premium cosmetics (which I also use too). The cheaper products do absolutely nothing to get rid of the eyeliner or mascara and if I use face wipes I just feel like I am dragging at my eye area (which causes earlier signs of aging) So I obviously need something quite particular.  This is a bi phase product, and it needs shaking to activate the formula, bringing the oil and the cleanser together allowing it to work to its full potential. So after shaking this up, when I opened this at home I was shocked to see the first major difference. The old makeup remover worked through a pump, which meant you could limit the amount you needed, whereas this new bottle had no pump, no filter..just a big gaping hole the ...

Boots No.7 Soft & Soothed Gentle Cleanser 03/07/2012

A calming gentle cleanser, that removes makeup perfectly

Boots No.7 Soft & Soothed Gentle Cleanser My skin has changed dramatically over the last 6 years being rather oily and spot prone as a teenager, converting to dry and uncomfortable during my pregnancy 5 years ago. It still remains dry, bar certain times of the month where i can be prone to an oily chin and nose for a few days. For this reason I have found that using water on my skin is not great as it causes real tightness and I have to overload the serum and moisturiser. I can't use wipes as they sting and I only scrub once a week to minimize water to the face. After trying all sorts of face washes and milk cleansers, I wasn't happy and always on the lookout for the next one. I was recommended this by a consultant. Expecting very little (again) I tried it. It was just shy of £9 (but I had a No7 voucher so received £5 off it). The bottle sells as a 200 ml and you administer it via a pump, this minimizes waste.  I will note here I am a heavy makeup wearer more often than not wearing a full face. I use premium makeup in the way of; foundation, bronzer, highlighter, undereye highlighter and blusher. Add to that my eye make up too and I need lots of heavy duty cleanser!  This cleanser is either massaged onto the face or applied onto cotton wool, then wiped or washed off. The texture is smooth, creamy and silky, really nourishing for those with a drier skin. It removes most of my face makeup (you should always use a separate eye make up remover as this is too rich and is not designed for the eyes..check my review for ...

Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Body Lotion 02/07/2012

i can finally feel body beautiful....

Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Body Lotion Having a particularly dry skin means moisturising is a must! I would never go without moisturising my face but for years neglected to pay any attention to my body. I started using the dreaded sunbeds in my 20's and found my skin to be even drier (as one would expect from being sizzled and fried by 200+ WATT bulbs.) I also found when applying fake tan it would never smooth on perfectly and would stick to the drier areas..very unsightly and offputting. Shaving my legs was the worst as I would never get a close shave and ALWAYS felt scaley and prickly. It was definately time to find a suitable body lotion.  This was a chore in itself! I'm quite fussy with the products I use...if I am buying things I have to feel like its working and can differentiate with and without but I can't abide thick, gloopy sticky products. So I tried a few...all the Jergens natural range (each of them had the foulest (apparently natural) smell that lasted all day..some may like this but really not my cup of tea) they were also quite light in texture which disappeared really quickly but didn't bounce back in moisture. I tried bio oil and as positive as the feed back is on that, I felt that wasn't enough either. No 7 and vaseline were far too greasy and cocoa butter was too thick and caused spots on the usual areas. So after 6 months was still really struggling finding something I wanted to repurchase.  I eventually started trialling nivea and ended up with rich nourishing body lotion for dry skin and ...
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