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Psycho - Stuart Pearce 14/10/2009

Stuart Pearce "Psycho" - Inspiring, but only in parts

Psycho - Stuart Pearce Stuart Pearce as a player was somebody who the average person on the street could relate to. A fiercely competitive individual who wore his heart on his sleeve, he captivated millions with his bravery and combative nature. As a football fan, I am all too familiar with the torture he went through during the World Cup in 1990. I think anybody reading this who saw that game would say the same. In Euro 96 he came back from the shadows to score "that" penalty against Spain, and the celebrations that followed made the hairs on the back of anyone's neck stand up for hours. The thing I therefore wanted to get out of the book was, could these experiences be elaborated upon, and in a way that would engage me as the reader? In a nutshell, he just about pulls it off, but would I read it again? "Maybe" is the best I can do in that respect. As an overall review of Psycho, the biggest draw is certainly his time spent at Wealdstone FC as an amateur. It was fascinating reading. The thing you get from it is that he wasn't anything special as a player. You rarely even get the impression that he was prepared to do all it takes to become a professional. He recalls his experiences as a labourer, working hard hours as an electrician apprentice, working all the hours he could in and around his football. His big break came by chance, when he was spotted by Coventry City, but by this time he was already a qualified "sparky" and seemed quite content. This, I found, was an egaging part of the book. ...

Vinnie: the Autobiography - Vinnie Jones 13/10/2009

Great story of a hard shell with a soft soul. Truly engaging.

Vinnie: the Autobiography - Vinnie Jones I have read a number of football autobiographies, and with each one, I come to expect the same thing throughout. Usually it reads something like “I grew up in a working class background, my parents worked very hard to get me to all my football games, and my teachers never believed in me”. With Vinnie Jones, I honestly expected nothing more and nothing less. I was pleasantly surprised. Vinnie gives an extremely open and frank account of his life, particularly his misdemeanours, portraying a very honest and strangely gracious individual. He is a footballer at heart, and he knew his limitations, but he also knew that even though he wasn’t the greatest player, there was always going to be a way to make it into the big time. His book is infectious at times, particularly when talking about his wife and family, and his surprising pride to be picked to play for Wales. It is also highly comical, especially when he talks of how he learned the Welsh anthem. His development into a movie star is fairy tale stuff, and he comes across slightly shy about it, yet deeply proud at the same time. The only drawbacks I found really were the fact that he talks of his image taking a battering throughout his career and his problems with the press, but more often than not, these events were of his own doing. He admits these faults, but continues to plead his innocence. Something I found a little bemusing. It is a classic tale though, and certainly one of a kind. The person I was able to ...

3 (Three mobile) 13/10/2009

Terrible experience! Poor service, poor network, everything

3 (Three mobile) In May 2008, my fiancée and I both signed up to 18 month contracts with Three. At the time we were both quite open about what phone we wanted, what type of contract we were looking for etc. We went with an extremely open mind and the actual cost wasn’t a huge issue. We went into a Three store on a Saturday to find that they had an offer of 50 hours per month of International calls for £15 p/month. We found that to be quite a good deal, and considering my parents live in Florida and my fiancée’s live in Canada; it seemed a win-win situation. We also paid £18 per month each for our regular contracts at 500 mix and match minutes, plus 300 3 to 3 calls, and on top of that we signed up to Three broadband at £5.99 p/month. For the first few weeks we didn’t experience any “major” problems, the only obvious fact being that we never seemed to get 4 full bars of reception anywhere we went. This, therefore, was the start of what has turned out to be a major nightmare for us. Starting with the internet, Three had prided themselves on the quality of their internet coverage; “award winning” we had been told. However; it simply did not work. We would have it going extremely slowly on 1 bar, and it was like a dial up service from 1995. We found ourselves moving the laptop to random places within the flat to see if one spot was a “hotspot”. We tried to find the comedy in this! Week after week, month after month, we unfortunately kept on going on an internet connection that was painfully ...

Birkenstock 12/10/2009

Birkenstocks Excellent quality and comfort - well worth the price

Birkenstock I am a big fan of birkenstocks, my fiancee and I both wear them all the time. Between us, we've had the Roma, Ramses, Boston, Boston Microfibre and I am sure a few other pairs. They are rediculously comfortable when you get used to them. I will admit, when you first put them on they can be a bit stiff and even uncomfortable. It take a few weeks until the cork sole starts taking shape of your foot but after you get through that, than you won't be able to take them off. They are especially good for long walks. The craftsmanship of the birkenstock goes back something like 250 years and this is evident through the firm support that they offer. They have a deep heel cup and contoured footbed in all their styles that gives arch support so that your weight is distributed evenly. They come in several different fabrics such as leather, swede, nubuck and non leather and throughout the last several years have continued to come out with new styles for every age. The sole's are almost always made with cork/natural latex, which is a good and bad thing. Good, because obviously this material will eventually take the shape of your foot, allowing for support and bad, because if you wear them as much as I do, than eventually the cork will start to break where you tend to put te most pressure. This is almost always the reason why I need to buy a new pair. But, good news... I was just recently made aware that birkenstock can replace any part of the shoe, and this will be free of cost. ...

Adidas World Cup Mens Soft Ground Football Boots 09/10/2009

Adidas World Cup's still reign

Adidas World Cup Mens Soft Ground Football Boots In my opinion the adidas world cups are the premier boot for soft ground. I have been wearing adidas boots for over 15 years, and the last time i had to buy a new pair of world cups was over 4 season's ago. they last. simple. they may not come with the glamour in terms of new styles and colours, but they work. they are comfortable, effective, give you maximum control, and are completely under priced. the argentinians haven't been wearing them for 50 years for no reason! I think that sometimes kids are influenced too much by the colourful boot these days, but if you are a dad, or a young lad looking for value for money, then look no further, this is what you want to buy! In addition to all that, the boot itself is made the highest quality kangaroo leather, which, if looked after the right way, can feel like a glove to your foot after wearing the boot a few times. the difference though is that usually this type of leather, such as on the umbro speciali, sometimes doesn't last. why? i'm not entirely sure, but with the adidas world cup, i think it is again, the simplistic design and enduring quality that makes it worth the investment. the end of a boot is sometimes the first place where the material begins to wrip, or come away fromt he boot is down by the toe. i hav efound this with many boots. with the adidas world cup, after a few seasons i started to wonder when it was goign to take never did. the boot is so endurable, it never lets you down. at the end of the ...

Whole earth Crunchy original 08/10/2009

Whole Earth Peanut Butter - crunchy but too salty

Whole earth Crunchy original I am pretty specific when it comes to peanut butter, its an excellent source of protein and I like having it on toast almost every morning. I found the whole earth orginal, and even the organic crunchy and smooth to all be too salty. You can buy them with no added sugar, but I can never seem to find any with no added SALT. I would love for it to be a bit sweeter to be honest. The quality is really good, as they dont add to many additives (obviously none with the organic), and they have close to 95% roasted peanuts, which is amazing considering other brands have less than 75%. The only reason that I continue to buy whole earth is specifically because you can find it in most supermarkets. I think the price point is quite high, but then I refuse to buy the more commercial brands, so sometimes it is the only substitute. However, I would recommend (if you are looking for organic or fair trade) to go a health food store to choose from a better selection and go for a different brand. ...

Realeat VegeMince 08/10/2009

Realeat VegeMince - HIGHLY recommended meat substitute

Realeat VegeMince My fiance is a vegan and she lives on the realeat veggie mince. I, myself, am not a vegetarian but I eat a minimum of three meals a week with her, and I can honestly say that she uses this vegemince in almost all of her dishes. A lot of the other mince substitues contain either egg whites or milk/milk powder but this one doesn't. But even if you aren't a vegan, this is definetly the mince to use. You boil a pot of water and add however much mince you might need and then simmer for approximately 12 minutes. I recommend straining the water afterwards but you can also add vegetable stock to make a nice base. We have used it in lasagna, chilli, bolognese, burritos, and a number of other dishes. Its low in fat (less than 0.5%) for those of you that are interested, high in fibre and very rich in protein. To be honest, I know alot of athletes that like to substitiute meat at least once a week just because of the low fat/high protein factor. It does have a unique flavour, and to be honest, it took a couple meals to really get used to (as we had tried other minces before) but give it a good few times, and I really think that it can become one of your staples in your diet. Well, at least it is for us. Also, I think its important to mention that you get more for your money. Although you do have to add water, you get almost 500 g for less than 3 pounds. I know that with Quorn, you pay alot more for alot less (and it doesn't taste as good!) I am unsure whether you can get it from most ...

Tunisia - Holiday (Tunisia) 08/10/2009

Tunisia, a hidden gem. Beautiful beaches, great people

Tunisia - Holiday (Tunisia) While in Tunisia, I stayed in the Riu el Kabir, which is a beautiful resort out the outskirts of Hammamet. I purposely chose this spot, as I was with my girlfriend and just wanted a relaxing getaway. We even went as far as doing an all inclusive (which is not something that we normally do) seeing as the price was so cheap! The resort itself was stunning, but the idea of this review is to give you an idea of what Tunisia is like as a holiday destination. The people were extremely helpful, from those that worked at the resort, to the people minding the tours, to the cab drivers. We spend a day in Hammamet going through the markets, which was both an amazing and yet overwhelming experience. Most of the tunisians are able to speak five or six different languages and they are not shy about getting in your face to try and sell their products. They will say hello, how are you? in each different language until you react to find out where you are from. We were approached with beautiful turqouise jewellery, to toys, to someone trying to sell a turtle. I can see how this might not be for everyone, but I, personally enjoyed going to Tunisiafor these types of cultural experiences. On top of that, the beaches themselves were absolutely stunning without any pebbles or seaweed in site and your really felt like you were at the most relaxing location. highly recommend tryingt Tunisia out. It is cost-effective, and I'd be happy to answer any questions/comments. ...

General: Nova Scotia (Canada) 08/10/2009

I moved to Nova Scotia on my own at 18 and fell in love!

General: Nova Scotia (Canada) What do you think of when you consider Nova Scotia? This is what i knew before i moved was far away from home! The thing about Canada is general is that it is a bit of a sleeping giant. the country is huge, and i think most Canadians don't know how big it really is, but on the East coast you will find Canada's Ocean Playground, Nova Scotia. The capital of NS is Halifax, the city i lived in for 5 years. Halifax is the main hub of the province, it has the main international airport, the atlantic ocean sweeping into the amazing harbour, and a downtown area that is vibrant, funky and caters to all ages. The province itself though simply follows suit. It has so much going for it, and it is all done in the Nova Scotian way. Relaxed, manored and with a good sense of honour. You won't go there for a long day of shopping. There are a few malls scattered around, but nothing to write home about. The people; however, are the main attraction. Nova Scotian's will stop their car on a highway if it means somebody wants to cross the road. They are that friendly. And that vibe projects throughout. Whether in a restaurant, in the street, or walking by the ocean, people stop, talk, ask questions, and do it in a very polite, trusting way. You become absorbed in the culture and don't want to leave. I could go on forever, but decided to leave it simple for now. Feel free to ask me any other questions though!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (PS3) 08/10/2009

Pro Evo 2009 still just behind FIFA....just!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (PS3) OK, here is is, for me, and as a guy who plays both Pro Evo and Fifa, i was looking at this game as can it beat fifa? can it beat it in gameplay, graphics, freedom of play, etc.... the simple truth is that the game can be anything you want it to be. you can work your way up from the bottom, be your own team, your own player, your own manager, play your way, your style, and the game brings this to life in spectacular fashion. i always felt that the first touch in pro evo was never what fifa made it, but 09 seems to have brought this up to speed. it doesn't cannon off as quick, and quickness of turn is much sharper, and the gameplay improves from that. what i did do though, was play it full throttle, big screen, surround sound, the full nine yards. this was key. it was all there, as mentioned, but you want the feeling of being there. you want to be in the game, not playing the game, and as much as i was in the crowd, i wasn't on the pitch. crowd noises, commentary, music, it all becomes evident when you play in this way, and it wasn't quite what i wanted it to be, and thats why the game is amazing, but not quite fifa.
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