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Matalan (Shop) 07/11/2008


Matalan (Shop) What a great store.I shop here mainly for my childrens clothes.They are great looking,and great value for money.The only downfall is that they stock low for children over 11 years of age.So inbetween that age to adult size,it is hard to find much. But anyother childrens size,specially toddlers items,it is great.Just lately my local store has had a new make over and it looks really nice.Very spacious,so now even more room to help buggy users and people who uses wheelchairs.As you enter the store,you are instantly faced with beautiful womanswear.All the evening wear.You then turn to all the childrenswear,shoes and night time items.Mens wear has a wide range too,from sportswear too evening wear.Including trainers and shoes.Moving on they then have Home Items,such as bedding,cushions,Kitchen,Childrens accessories,Bathroom and more. They are now selling Christmas items,and again at a good price. The problem once you purchase your items is getting in queue.Because Matalan sales a great range and at good value,the queue is always very long.This is quite a big store too. To shop at Matalan,You will need a matalan card,otherwise you can not purchase anything.So you will have to fill in a form and sign for it, paying £1.Not too sure if they do this anymore though,But it is well worth it if they do anyway. Matalan to me personally is one of the best stores for childrens clothes and nik naks.

Christmas Trees 07/11/2008

Real vs Fake

Christmas Trees The heart of all holiday decorating is with the beloved Christmas tree, which represents spiritual inspiration and a wonderful family tradition and to decorate the tree with garland, beads and ornaments. Topping it all off with a beautiful tree-topper, star, or angel. (Real Trees) As retailers gear up for another season of record-breaking sales, they offer more choices in types, styles and colours of trees. Whether you're looking for a real or artificial tree, the decision is not an easy one and with the costs involved, you will want to make the right choice. Depending on how detailed you want your Christmas tree to be, you can opt for all the goodies, or keep it simple with a pre-decorated tree.But ones that are already decorated to me is not so much fun. It is just a preference, but many people are willing to deal with the inconveniences of a real tree because they enjoy the fresh pine scent and natural beauty. Real Christmas trees are sold in farms and outside some superstores, and now you can find them from popular retailers who ship them in to sell directly to consumers. Buying a real tree requires more time and effort. Many people shop for their trees at a local store, it's handy and they can be reasonably priced.But by the time you get it home, it's quite dry and the needles are brittle and often falling off,which is quite annoying and a big downside to buying a real tree. (Fake Trees) Not only do some of them look realistic, they are easy to care for. ...

Golden Wonder Wotsits 07/11/2008

Wots a Wotsit

Golden Wonder Wotsits Another one of walkers wonders.These are the English version of the cheese Puffs. These tasty puffy snacks are great for childrens packed lunch.With not too many calories,they are also great for those watching their weight too. Wotsits,which has a strong cheesy flavour,are very morish.So I find that one normal sized bag is not enough to satisfy that graving.I love the way these puffy snacks melts in the mouth,but can also stick to your teeth.There are more flavours to choose from,which includes Prawn Cocktail and flamin Hot.They are so light and fluffy and very cheesy in smell.You can buy them in single packs or in multi packs. You get quite a few in a bag,so it is great value.One normal size single packet costs around 40p,but because of their morish flavour and light and fluffy texture,it is very easy to over induldge on them and eat more then one packet.I for one,can not help but open a second packet of these deliciously cheesy snacks.

Black Tower Liebfraumilch 07/11/2008

Tasty Wine

Black Tower Liebfraumilch I am a white wine fan.My favourite being Black Tower. Black Tower is a medium sweet German wine.And it is nice and sweet too,aswell as refreshing.The Alcohol content is 9.5% costing £3.71 It is a very smooth mellow wine, quite sweet & fruity & very easy to drink. It is a pale sandy colour. It also has a natural cork which these days seems a rarity as most bottles use a form of plastic for the cork. A glass or two of this with an evening meal is delicious,or simply just sitting for a relaxing evening.The only problem I find,is that it makes me feel tired quicker then any other wine,But I just simply love the taste of it.The bottle holds 5 to 6 glass fulls. Black Tower Red is available too,which if I am honest,I have never tried.I am not a red wine drinker. But Black tower white goes with anything whether you are having a posh meal or just lounging in the garden.One tiny problem is it only seems to be available in the 75cl bottle, which is okay if its just for you & a friend (or just you!!!) but if you are having a party it is sometimes useful to have a box or a larger bottle. Unfortunately i don't think black tower do this. To me this is definately the best tasting wine ever & I would definately recommend it to anyone wanting to treat themselves. I'm not really a wine expert but I do know what I like. Some of the wines i've tried are really vinegary but this is the best taste ever!!
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