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Samsung L700 08/09/2008

Samsung Digimax L700

Samsung L700 I decided to buy a didgital camera when i was just about to go on holiday and before i even begun looking at cameras i decided i would go for a Samsung model for several reasons. Every single phone i have ever owned has being a samsung, the layout is amazing and so easy to get used to, secondly they are a very well known company and their products are widely used in my family. Whilst looking for the camera i had several factors in mind. First of all image, the camera had to look good, look stylish. Secondly i wanted a camera that was a reasonable size, nothing too chunky, but nothing too thin and flimsy either, i didn't want it to break easily. I also wanted a camera that would be easy to use, and be easy to get used to. I didn't want anything with too many buttons that all did the same thing. But most of all i wanted a camera that could be reliable, not shock proof to the extent that i could use it under water but strong enough to survive being dropped a few times or being man handled by other people. This camera fits the bill perfectly, there is not one thing that i would change about it because it is perfect and has every aspect for what i was looking for. The camera was a shiny silver colour, and the perfect size. It could easily be slipped into my handbag or into by jeans without discomfort. Even though the camera has a wide range of options and settings, there aren't millions of buttons taking up all of the space, instead there is a menu that you can flick ...

Abandoned: The True Story of a Little Girl Who Didn't Belong - Anya Peters 08/09/2008


Abandoned: The True Story of a Little Girl Who Didn't Belong - Anya Peters This book was a gift from my parents for Christmas, and was one of the most loved presents that i received that year. From the second that i picked up this book i could not put it down, reading the terrors that Anya went through is truly heart breaking but also inspiring in the way that it will encourage you to change your own life to be as happy as you can be. Anya's story is extremely saddening, unique and heart rendering, an amazing story from first page to last. You will not be able to put this book down, not even for a second, reading as fast as your eyes will alow. THE best book i have ever read, and one of the only books that could be read again and again without disappointment.
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