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YouTube 11/05/2010

Best site on the net

YouTube ok for me as soon as i switch on my internet the first two things i load up are youtube and facebook. Facebook is just another way to follow your friends in my opinion. But Youtube is amazing, people can put on anything theyve done at home, theres vlogs, internet series', viral videos and shows such as rudetube springing up. Youtube is changing the world, and changing peoples lifes. I have my own small channel up on youtube, as long with another small joint account with my friend. I post clips from games along to music to make music videos on occaision, along with the odd funny thing ive done out and about. On my joint account we make co-op videos on games, with commentary. I enjoy making these videos and find it fun and interesting to easily moniter the videos in a variety of differant ways. As a user youtube will show me how much more or less my videos are being viewed by the weeks. Im shown were my videos are being viewed the most, along with plots on graphs showing their various other stats. The layout of the site is quite good at defualt. Its easy to navigate between videos, comments, messages etc. And even failing that you can move around the types of videos and your updates to were they best suit you. For example my subscriptions are at the top and at the side of that are my updates. I find this very useful as they are the two things i use most, and this makes it faster and easier. At the top the site has a link to its homepage, along with a search bar, uploading, ...

Halo 3: ODST (Xbox 360) 09/05/2010

Wasnt supposed to be a full game

Halo 3: ODST (Xbox 360) This game recieves alot of criticism for being short,or having no real multiplayer. Can i tell you why? this game was orginally intended to be DLC but instead bungie decided to make it a full campaign, along with the firefight mode, and all the Halo 3 maps on a separate disk and the Reach Beta,all wrapped in in a nice little box for about £25, thats a great deal and certainly better that a few missions what it was orginally. The Campaign is definatley the biggest part of this game. Of course theres online co-op with it. But this time it takes the form of a 'Free-Roam' style game. You explore the streets of new mombassa whilst pieceing together the story of what happened to your squad. Its a very orginal game and i liked the way that worked, it linked the game together and because it wasnt exactly simple, it made the campaign feel pretty fresh for a few playthroughs. Theres definatly alot of options in the free roam mode, you can take on the covenant patrol or evade them, or find a mongoose and drive straight through them. I dont think the campaign was as good as Halo 3's but i definatly liked the way it gave us some background of the dramatic moments on earth whilst master chief was chasing the Prophet of Regret. This game was proberly most popular for the long halo followers. The graphics of the game were quite good, only slightly better than halo 3 however because it ran on the same engine. But there are some moments with some dramatic scenery, or some dark roads which ...

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows - game pad - wired 09/05/2010

The most natural feeling but not very durable

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows - game pad - wired Let me get one thing straight before I start i prefer the Wireless Pad in all honesty, but i usually buy these to save money on Batterys and battery packs etc. I have two of these and one black wireless controller, and i by far think that the official xbox 360 controller is the best feeling controller there is, it feels the most natural, it looks the best, easy to use it goes on. Its an award winning pad and i think its far better than the Ps3 , Wii, and other consoles Pads. Im sure alot of other console fans will agree with that. To begin I think the controller looks very stylish and goes well with the Xbox. I sit mine next to my Xbox and i love the look of it. Its definatley an improvement on the orginal Xbox controllers, i did like the feel of them but they were huge and didnt look very good. The controllers are genually availible in a range of styles and colours, Including themes from games. There are skins, and even customisable skins to make your controller look better. The controller as i said before feels perfect in your hand. Personally i think the PS remotes are too wide and arent very easy to use, and the Wii remotes are too awkward with the straps and with how long they are. The Xbox controllers were very well looked into to fit perfectly in your hand, i and many other gamers think that they did it just right. Its definatley well suited to playing all of the games availible, its easy to get used to aswell because its so well designed. It responds well to your ...

X Factor (2005) 05/05/2010

The Worst Money raking ,brainwashing, polluting thing on the air

X Factor (2005) The WORST show ever to be allowed on the great British tv. Its a pointless money raking show that allows Simon Cowell to find somebody he can exagerate and pretend they have far more talent than they actually, while the majority of the nation sit there and feel they MUST buy there CD. This show is a pointless waste of space, it just angers anybody who fails the auditions and just makes the person with the biggest sob story famous for a month or two. The most Evil thing about this show is the fact they put the show on at a time when they know the winner will get the X-mas number 1. Thank the lord for 'rage against the machine', its about time somebody stood up to that leech we know as simon cowell. The presenters are horrible if im gonna be honest, Simon Cowell: a leech on who ever wins the show, Cheyrl Cole: whos just a pretty face, and that other guy louie i think. They just try to make the show as dramatic as possible and get the whole nation to sit infront of the tv and absorb there artificial talent. May i add that Journey's Don't stop believeing was an absolutly amazing song until they came and did that to it. The artists on there shouldnt be allowed to cover other work, if they're truly talented like many of the hard working bands and artists. They should write there own music. Turns out that just doing this to the music world wasnt enough for Cowell. He had to make BGT aswell to make even more money from. He doesnt care in the slightest for the people and theyre ...

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Lake Buena Vista in The Marriott Village, Orlando 05/05/2010

The best family hotel in the marriot village

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Lake Buena Vista in The Marriott Village, Orlando Whilst visiting in Florida ive stayed in both the springhill suites at the marriot village and the fairfield. The springhill suites is higher quality however. The third hotel here is the courtyard which is more a bussiness hotel which i wouldnt reccommend to families. The Springhill suites offers high quality suites, free internet in the lobby, free breakfast for everyone staying there and free coffee throughout the day. Theres aloso access to all the facilities in the other 2 hotels for your convinience. Aswell as this there is transport to the 4 Disney parks for free via coach. But you must get a ticket using the slip given to you on your check in. I will point out that the Marriot village is literally just off the disney area, and downtown Disney is a 15 minute walk away. The Springhill suites is definatley value for money there is access to many high quality facilites along with free breakfats each day and very high quality rooms. Im not entirely sure how much we payed to stay here however, i just know it was a decent price because we booked a package with virgin and that was almost 2 years ago. I think that its the best Hotel (besides the Disney ones) ive stayed in. The rooms are actually bigger than the disney ones, a family suite had two double beds a couch( fold out bed), 2 tvs, a kitchen area, a bathroom, a sink area. The room also was very high quality it was cleaned daily and the bedsheets were replaced everyday. Soap, shampoo, etc was all left out for us daily ...

HMV (Shop) 29/04/2010

Great high Quality shop

HMV (Shop) A hmv moved to my home town of Wigan a few years ago along with the Grand arcade. The HMV is my favourite store in there. I love the fact that its a huge entertainment store and has a great selection. The prices of things in the store is generally quite expensive. Although i dont mind paying for quality. Occaisionally theres some impressive deals on multi-buys and single items. Nothing to special however. The Layout and presentation of the store is quite good. The differant types of items are arranged quite well and they are well spaced out.I enjoy the fact that there are music stations and games consoles for customers to use in the store. The selection and the range of things instore is what impresses me most about this store. There are DVDs, CDs, Games, Ipods, Radio's, T-shirts,Posters, books etc. It goes on, there always easy to find and theres always plenty of them. They are well arranged and you'de find them were you would expect them to be. However the thing which annoys me about this store is the staff. They are very unhelpful and arent friendly at all. Ive often tried to find products and asked, im just returned with a reponse like 'i dont know'. There very unhelpful. Although they do serve the customers quite fast, when im found in a big queue they normally get it to move fast. Not a bad store, quite high quality. But the staff are never really helpful. ...

Disney's Port Orleans Resort French Quarter, Lake Buena Vista 27/04/2010

Best Hotel ive ever stayed in!

Disney's Port Orleans Resort French Quarter, Lake Buena Vista Absolutely outstanding hotel. I’ve often said about Disney sparing no expense in everything they do. Well the same applies here, the themes, entertainment, transport, rooms, food and drink, lobby, shops and staff are all at the best they could possibly be. Theme Port Orleans French Quarter is based on the New Orleans French Quarter, Situated along an artificial version of the Mississippi to enhance the theme further. The Hotel is decorated in Carnival style decorations, with things like crocodiles playing instruments showing the southern ‘Mardi Gras’ theme. There’s also an excellently themed pool with a slide made to look like a sea serpent, and lots or shells, crocodiles etc spraying water into the pool. . The cast members are dressed in this theme and so are the shops, lobbies, restaurants, rooms and boats. Entertainment The resort has a well fitted out bar with a regular performer on each night. It’s a nice place for the adults at night while the kids watch TV back at the room or go for a late swim right outside. During the day cast members are playing games with the children around the pool such as water fights, swimming races, sprints with prizes to keep the kids busy. It’s a lot to ask saying that 95% of the people there are at the parks. There’s rental boats, fishing rods, bikes and much more, and even more at the Riverside resort, which is a short, walk or boat trip away. There’s a giant arcade in the main building, with a card system to use so you can get more ...

Fever - Bullet for My Valentine 26/04/2010

Their best and Most 'Metal' Album yet

Fever - Bullet for My Valentine Bullet's previous album's have been more mixed than this one, this one is very 'Metal'. Personally i think this is there best album yet. And it certainly defines them as a 'Modern Metal band'. Bullet for my valentine are one of Britains best bands and one the worlds best metal bands. Theres tracks like 'Begging for mercy' for the Heavy Metal fans and tracks like 'Bittersweet Memories' for the fans of the gentle stuff. Personally i love both. The album seems very orginal. I can't find many lyrics or vocalist that sound similair, being a big metal fan. There is definatley some very good original tracks on the Album, i cant wait for there next tour. There are some great lyrics in the tracks. Bullet have definatly not lost touch with there thought provoking and meaningful lyrics during there huge success of there previous albums. I can relate to alot of the songs, like i did with the previous songs. I couldnt find a bad track on this album, ive been listening to it none stop since i got hold of it. Its much like the other albums but this time there isnt any bad ones, there must of been alot of cuts from this album however if thats the case. Which is proberly why it took so long. Theres a good 11 tracks on the album anyway so im very happy with these for a while. I enjoyed the two songs they released earlier, it definatly got me hyped up for the album and they were free to download. It was a good way of promoting it i think. The albums availible for £9 from HMV which is a ...

Downtown Disney, Walt Disney World Resort 26/04/2010

Disney Definatly surprised me with there attempt at nightlife

Downtown Disney, Walt Disney World Resort The downtown Disney area consists of three areas: The Marketplace features around 10 Disney stores, including the largest one in the world. Aswell as this there are stores for jewelry, clothing, lego store and more. The Market place also has Resteraunts such as the Rainforest cafe, and some for faster food including The earl of sandwich (i Would highly reccommend this, very cheap and high quality) and a large macdonalds. Also there are rental boats around the lake which can be used to explore the area, and continue upto the port orleans resort. The second area is the Nightspot(Pleasure Island), which actually really surprised me, when people think of disney they think of Mickey mouse. Not of Irish pubs, exotic, rock and dance bars. Which continue to entertain until the early morning. Of course there is alcohol, i would highly reccommend it to adults and college students. The third area is the West Side, most of the major attractions such as the Disney quest (indoor interactive theme parl), cirque du soliel( a circus), AMC 24 screen theatre. Also new to this area is a hot air bloon attraction which allows you to go 400 feet above downtown disney, with views of disney world, which is actually at a decent price (about $15 for 15minutes, i think). The Downtown Disney area is definatly a good place to go after visiting a water park or having a shorter day. I would reccommend the nightlife for any partiers, the Disney quest for Gamers and the marketplace for any shoppers ...

Blizzard Beach, Orlando 25/04/2010

The more extreme water park

Blizzard Beach, Orlando Blizzard beach is based on a ski resort, as are the rides. Again as i say in my other reviews disney pay excellant attention to detail here, making the buildings into ski lodges, artificial snow, a mountain, ski lift etc... they truely spare no expense. The biggest thing about Blizzard beach is the 'summit plummit' which is the worlds fastest water slide. The drop is almost 90 degrees, its terrifying but if you a thrill seaker you better get climbing up the mountain because you gotta walk. For the more relaxed theres a lazy river which goes around the park. And for those in between theres tabagons, flume rides, rafts and lots more. This is the more extreme of the two Disney water parks. There are many areas here and its suprisingly very differant to typhoon lagoon, although in my opinion i prefer T.L., Blizzard beach is just as good, although more extreme. Other than this just outside is a miniture golf course which may be better suited to the more layed back people or the Grandparents. Again its very high quality and themed on the ski resort. The transport to Blizzard beach isnt as good as the parks, it does have the usual Disney bus bay. But the coach service is shared with the Hotels, and there are no links to Any parks or Downtown Disney (Normally a popular place to visit after a day at the water park). There is a very large car park, and transport from none disney hotels is very limited. To get to a none disney hotel or a theme park: id advise getting a hotel coach and ...

Disney World (Florida) 24/04/2010

Truely is the most magical place on earth

Disney World (Florida) Florida is very famous for its theme parks, and this is what started it. Walt Disney World opened in 1971 with the Magic Kingdom, which was followed by Epcot (1982) and Disneys Hollywood studios (1989) and the most recent the Animal kingdom in 1998. Along with that there are additions such as Typhoon lagoon, Blizzard Beach, World wide of sport, Downtown Disney, Boardwalk, golf courses and the list goes on. The Walt Disney World my favourtie place on earth. Personally for the park i dont think the price is that bad, a 14 day ticket can cost around £220 per adult, which isnt awful saying this includes access to all the parks for 14 days. Inside the actual parks gifts are of a very high quality but do cost alot. For example i used to collect the baseballs from the parks and they cost around $14 each. The gifts and brilliant but not cheap. The food isnt as expensive, a decent meal in a park can cost around $5, which normally includes fries and a drink. Disney World is one of the most famous places on earth and for good reason, the parks havre a truely magical feel to them which you cant find anywere. Disneys repsect for their customers and attention to detail is what makes it so great. There are many rides, shows, monuments and so on; which Disney spare no expense on. Disney is one of the best places on earth and is truely magical, a place you must visit in your life, ive been going for 6 years in a row now, its truely the most magical place on earth. The transport in Disney ...

Typhoon Lagoon 24/04/2010

Surfing, relaxing, tropical beaches

Typhoon Lagoon Disneys water parks also live upto the legacy of the theme parks. Typhoon lagoon is a massive tropical water park, themed on a cove made by a 'Typhoon' (Hence the name). Personally this is my favourite of the two water parks. The water parks are cheaper than the actual parks themselfs, and can be accessed with the multiple day cards without it counting as a park visit. (if you chose the ' water parks and more' option) Some of the main attractions include the wave pool, which sends out 15ft waves every 90 seconds (and ocaisionally a larger one). The wave is masisive and will throw you about for a good 10 seconds even at the edge of the pool, so i wouldnt recommend it for younger children, or the elderly. Another feature at typhoon lagoon is the recent addition of the'crush n gusher' which is a jet powered double or tripple raft ride down a choice of 3 intense slides. Along with childrens area's with smaller slides and water guns. And around 10 other attractions such as large slides, and a shark reef, (swimming with sharks, yes its included in the park fare). It has a great variety of attractions here, and they are all linked by a giant lazy river which goes all around the park. The transport to typhoon lagoon isnt as simple as getting to the parks. The disney buses travel from the hotels, and they also stop at downtow disney (all three areas) so the buses take quite a while and are normally quite crowded. There obviously is a bus bay and a car park. The food and drink in ...

Disney's Animal Kingdom 23/04/2010

Proberly my least favourite out the disney world parks

Disney's Animal Kingdom This is the biggest Disney park by quite a bit. The main attractions here are the Safari and Everest rides. The variety stretches from Animals, Dinosaurs, Thrill seeking and carnival style shows. It is a very good park but personally i dont think it quite has the feel of the others. The animal kingdom charges the same as the other Disney parks for entry, which isnt the cheapest price. And the food/drink and gifts arent the most resonable price either. Although this is the only park to have a refill system, were you buy a souviner cup for around 7 dollars and pay about 80c for a refill of cola, sprite etc. The park itself does have some very unique attractions such as the new everest ride which is very exciting and among the best in WDW, and the Safari ride which isnt exactly my thing but any animal lovers will have a good time on this attraction (Tip: go in the morning to see most of the animals because its cooler and more of them are out). There are a few other good rides. But there is a brilliant 3D show, which may be quite scary for any younger children. And the new Nemo show which is quite carnival based, i havent seen it but i have heard its good if you like that kinda thing. Theres a decent variety of thing in this park. This park only has a bus service going to it, there are no boat or monorail links like the others. The Disney bus service to the Animal kingdom is also shared with the nearby Blizzard Beach water Park. Which means the buses are more packed and take ...

Disney MGM Studios, Orlando 23/04/2010

Hollywood in Orlando

Disney MGM Studios, Orlando Again Disney world still lives upto its legacy with this park. One of a few, the recently renamed Hollywood studios (previously MGM), features a theme on the most famous movies, aswell as inspiration from animation, their history and music. A truly brilliant park. Firstly the park is quite exspensive to enter, and the food/ drink and gifts arent exactly cheap. Although like all the parks in Florida, and unlike many in Britain the rides, and shows are free to enter. The park is definatley worth visiting, with the Hollywood tower and Aerosmith rollercoaster for the thrillseakers. The Backlot tour and One mans dream for any Disney fans. The animation studio and American idol attractions for the more creative people. And the Star Wars and Indiana Jones for any fans of the classic movies. And alot more for children and all the Family. A truely brilliant park with a huge variety. The transport to The Hollywood studios is definatly exceptional, they have buses from each disney hotel running every 10minutes. Along with links to all the other disney parks, and failing that theres even a boat which goes through some of the Hotels, Boardwalk and continues to Epcot. The park is definatly Family friendly. Theres alot to keep the Adults. Elderly and teens busy. And for children there are attractions such as Playhouse Disney, The little mermaid, Toy story, and the 'Honey i shrunk the kids' playground which is bound to keep them busy. Something for all the family. The park has ...

Lynx Dry Touch 24H Anti Perspirant 21/04/2010

Always buy this, nothing else

Lynx Dry Touch 24H Anti Perspirant Ive bought this for years, i love the smell of it and it lasts all day like it says. This definatly stays on all day, well on an average day. If im exercising or at a gig, i may need a top-up. But it stays on all day and doesnt come off. What does annoy me a bit is the white marks it leaves under my arms. Not normally a problem though as i wont spray it on top of my shirt. This hasnt had any affect on my skin in terms of damage or alegic reaction. The can warns that it can be irritant but its not had any affect on me personally. It also has a great fragrance, proberly the second reason why this is my default deodorant. Money wise it is quite expensive at £2-4 pound per can. But its worth it in my books. I love this stuff, i only buy this deodorant. Its very durable and smells great. Id reccommend this to anybody who spends most of there day out and doesnt have a chance to use it other than in the morning.
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