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John Lewis Bath Chair 30/07/2005

Baby Bath Chair fun!

John Lewis Bath Chair This was one of the first purchases I made before my baby was born due to my nervousness about bathing a newborn. When he was three days old we tried him in it. I was initially very scared about this big plastic chair and my newborn but, after the initial screaming, he got comfortable. I recommend pouring some bath water on the chair just to warm it before putting the baby in, or having a warm flannel on the seat if they're really little. He is now 20 weeks and a strapping baby, very long, and he loves the seat now splashing and kicking with ease. I feel very comfortable using it and I'd recommend a first time mum, who is apprehensive about handling a newborn baby, to buy one. Obviously, every baby is different but it gives you a sense of security that the baby is in a safe position as you bathe him. Also when you wash hair, you can easily shampoo as he sits in it then sponge the residue away, keeping it out of his eyes. I also have a really small bathroom so I just got a self adhesive hook to hang it on over the bath, so it keeps it out of the way. Unfortunately, I think he'll grow out of it in the next four weeks but I'm going to keep it for the next one. Ace buy! ...

Clinique Daily Eye Saver 06/02/2003

does what it says on the tube

Clinique Daily Eye Saver I've been using this product on and off along with two other clinique eye creams for many years and i found it had a way of making your eyes feel fresh, especially after a late night. It's light and is quickly absorbed, plus you can put it in your handbag for an every day emergency. It smells nice and you'll notice the difference on your eyes as soon as you apply it; it feels like fresh water being splashed onto your face. There'sa senssation of your eyes being slightly 'lifted'. It doesn't promise to remove wrinkles or bags but it does make you feel less of a hag after use. Go and buy and tube, find out for yourself. It makes a change from using heavier eye creams. ...
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