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I am a mystery shopper, so reviewing is my thing. I now have a few weeks off work, so I am busy doing my mystery shopping and writing up my experiences, so expect to find lots more reviews coming in the next few days.

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Campanile Bradford, Bradford 07/04/2010

Campanile Hotel, Bradford - Don't judge a book by its cover!

Campanile Bradford, Bradford Well.. As you will see from my other reviews, I like to review budget hotels. In the next few days I will be adding many more of my reviews that I have not had time to write. But, atlast I now have some time off work and time to add everything. To start from the beginning, When I was driving there I did have a slight problem in finding the hotel, even though my satnav maps are up to date for some reason it said I had arrived when I had not. But anyway, there were some signs, but they were slightly vague. But I found it in the end. Something that is worth noting is that when I arrived, it was during that awfully icy and snowy time in January and the hotel is at the top of a very steep slope, and I found it very difficult to get up there - Even though I have a fairly hefty Audi Q7. Someone with a small car would have no chance of getting up there. Once again, the car park was large with plenty of spaces and I had no problem finding a space to park. Like most or even all of the Campanile Hotels it was free to park for the duration of your stay. When you arrive, you see the building and you wonder what the heck you have let yourself in for. Its grey and old looking, and the outer structure of the building is very square looking and made entirely of concrete sheets or blocks. Basically its very ugly and looks like something from a communist country in the 1980s. But like I said in the heading, do not judge a a book, or indeed a hotel by its cover. But, once you step inside you ...

Campanile Swindon, Swindon 06/04/2010

Campanile Hotel, Swindon - Great Value, Great Stay.

Sennheiser CX 500 Headphones 29/05/2008

UPDATED 29/05/08...Your Own Private Auditorium....

Palmolive Aroma Therapy Shower Gel Sensual 22/03/2008

Do you want dry, tight itchy skin?? Then use this.

Vosene Medicated Shampoo 21/03/2008

In one word: Magnificent.

Scientists make human embryo clones. Should embryo cloning cease or continue? 14/02/2008

The way forward for the future

ScotRail 07/02/2008

First Scotrail - You can do better

The Mile High - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) 11/01/2008

Living and loving the hard way..

First Great Western 24/12/2007

Worst Great Western? I don't think so.

Canon NB Camcorder battery (NB-2LH) 07/09/2007

Canon - It blew me out of the water!

Canon NB Camcorder battery (NB-2LH) This battery pack came with my Canon MVX300 camcorder, and it gives me around 2 hours recording time. Now, with multiple charges and uses, I noticed that the battery packs recording time was slowly getting shorter and shorter with each use. Considering that we have been to many weddings, birthday parties and christenings, the camcorder has had loads of use. I'm surprised it's even lasted this long to be honest. I didn't want to throw away a perfectly working camcorder, just because the battery was getting worn out, so I took a trip down to my local Jessops, in hope of finding a new one. Unfortunately for me, they didn't actually have one in stock at that time. So my friendly sales assistant suggested that I tried their website. When I asked about the price, to be honest I was rather shocked. They quoted me £45.99 - I really could not believe it. To ask me to pay that price for just a simple battery, I was almost insulted. I thought that they were having a joke at my expense. So I slunk out of the shop, with my tail between my legs, seriously considering buying a cheaper, less effective copy-cat product. In the end I settled for the real McCoy. This was actually really user friendly, and very easy to fit. I decided that if I was going to spend my hard earned cash on a replacement battery, then I might as well invest in something that would last. I ended up purchasing one from the Jessops website, for £45.99 plus delivery, which I thought was ridicules. But never mind. I ...

London Underground 07/09/2007

Don't take your Oyster & shove it up your A**hole

Premier Travel Inn Basildon (Festival Park), Basildon 01/09/2007

I always seem to stay here when im drunk..

Docklands Light Rail (DLR) 01/09/2007

Quickest way around the east of central London.

Nokia N73 18/08/2007

UPDATED! Best N Series (Not. Look At My Update.)

South West Trains 18/08/2007


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