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Star Trek 9 - Insurrection (DVD) 07/04/2008

Very good film (9th in series)

Star Trek 9 - Insurrection (DVD) This is the 9th film in the Star Trek movie franchise and there's a new 11th instalment coming out later this year. Insurrection was a film about the crew from Star Trek:The Next Generation embarking on a mission that took the starship Enterprise to a planetary system in a region of space where communications with Starfleet (SOS calls) couldn't be established. I admit that it's a while since I've seen Insurrection so I'm not going to be able to describe more of the storyline but I remember elements of the film which I liked: 1) The scenery was the best I've seen in a Star Trek movie and much of the movie took place on the surface of a planet. There were some really nice real mountain backdrops filmed on location somewhere like the Alps or Rockies I'm not sure where. 2) The ship-ship combat scenes at the end were really good especially when Riker took manual control of the ship via a joystick to conduct a maneouvre. 3) One of my faveroute ship flying scenes at the beginning where Data and Picard were flying a shuttle from orbit down to the surface and you could see everything from out the shuttle window as well. This was very well done and very realistic looking for an out of window view. The only element I didn't enjoy as much as the storyline or plot. If I remember it was just about a humanoid village on the surface of some planet who wanted to fight to remain only because their planet gave them some sort of eternal youth and was disappointed because I was expecting ...

Armageddon (DVD) 05/04/2008

Not really a Sci-Fi

Armageddon (DVD) I liked the visual effects, some of the soundtrack and the fast paced action of the movie. The visual effects were very good and realistic with the space shuttle flying scenes to/from the asteroid and when they were on the asteroid drilling in space suits. It had a similar storyline to another movie made around the same time which was about a group of astronauts going to land on a comet and save the Earth from destruction but I thought that Armageddon did a much better job and also did filming and scripting in a way which made the film appeal to all audiences and not just science fiction buffs. The main characters were a very unlikely bunch anyone would expect to be selected for a NASA mission but were selected to be trained up because of their drilling experience on oil rigs, headed by their chief driller played by Bruce Willis. This made the film rather more interesting with some humour too and not so much of a sci-fi I thought. Overall Armageddon is a film I really enjoyed and which I've seen a few times. The action, drama, visuals and soundtrack also blend in perfectly to make it a film you'll want to see through to the end. ...
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