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Rehau Double Male Connector 19/03/2009

*Double male connector, Make up your own jokes..

Rehau Double Male Connector OK, a review on a double male connector for a garden hose, I must be mad! The daft thing is, they are very useful, if you have a garden hose with snap on fit fittings, then you can borrow your neighbours hose. If you don't hve one of these, then you are forced with the choice of cobbling something together with bits of pipe & Jubilee clips, or buying a longer hose. The company Rehau, is into plastic big style, and they have over 15,000 employees, at more than 170 locations around the world. The company was founded in Rehau, in Germany, in 1948, and has gone from strength to strength. As for employment, the offer jobs at locations in:-- UK and Ireland: 7 sales offices, 3 factories,1 central distribution warehouse, 1 administration office Worldwide: 129 sales offices, 41 plants, 16 administrative offices They make plastics for buildings, windows, furniture, bumpers for cars like the AUDI Q7, under pitch heating, and of course ski jumps! They also make pipes, all sorts of them including hose suitable for gardens, plus of course the fittings. This is where we come in. We will forget the brass fittings they make, and concentrate on the plastic ones, the ones that are half inch in diameter. The hoses are made to terminate in a plastic fitting, suitable for connection to a tap fitting, or a sprinkler or suchlike. Rehau make a good range of these, and also the snap on fittings like the double adaptor we are reviewing here. The fittings themselves are made of ...

Zippo Lighter 17/03/2009

. . Zippo lighters - A tribute..

Zippo Lighter Zippo - what a wonderful name, it was actually named after a famous invention, the Zip, or Zipper! The company was set up in the United States1832. The rest as they say, is history. Each and every Zippo lighter, has the same guarantee, and the quote by Zippo is simple - "It works or we fix it free". Many moons ago, I was in the Royal Navy, and I used to smoke, it was almost part of the uniform to have a Zippo ready to be deployed at all times. In those days we all had bog standard brushed chrome ones, and it was novel indeed to see one with a ship's crest on it. Although nowadays, Zippo produce a vast array of different styles, all based on the original plain oblong lighter. The Second World war brought these to the troops, in fact the company stopped making them for civillians, concentrating on the armed forces. They were made in many colours, including Olive Drab, some with special forces emblems, others with patriotic flags or death's heads. The style still remained popular in the Vietnam War too. That range is still available. The suggested retail price for a common Zippo is just £6.59, while the most expensive retails at a massive £2,535.00 and yes it is18 Carat Solid Gold. I would recommend you shop around, until you see one that takes your fancy, owning a Zippo is like choosing a pet - it is for life! Just in case anyone here has not seen a Zippo the basic idea is a simple metal case, which has a hinged lid that has to be opened, there is a flint wheel ...

Pirelli Tyres 13/03/2009

Pirelli, the tyres from the Calendar people . .

Pirelli Tyres I you shop around, at local tyre fitters as well as on the internet, you will find that there are many places selling bargain tyres, but you must pay for delivery, and fitting, and balancing, Oh and the new valve, then there is the charge for disposing of your old tyres. I decided this saving just wasn't worth the hassle. I therefore went to my local tyre fitting centre. My tyre expert is worth his weight in gold, and he runs his hand across the tread before doing anything else. He then knows if the steering geometry is wrong, in some cases it can save premature wear on your tyres, and can save the customer a fortune, never mind affecting safety. If you want to visit the Pirelli website, take a look see here:- New tyres need to be run in, and then checked as often as you can, for both pressure, and wear. The modern way is not to rotate your tyres on to different axles, but although this does even out the wear, and make tyres last longer, the problem is that all of your tyres will wear out at the same time, and most people prefer to change two at a time. As for grip, tPirellis do seem to grip better in the wet than most others, and in my opinion this is where you really need the grip. I don't "do" designer tread, and I do believe a lot of tyres have tread designed more for looks rather than function. Some Pirellis may not have modern "cool" tread, but I do think they look good, not only when they are brand new, ...

Caenby Corner Garage, Lincolnshire 12/03/2009

* It's a gas gas gas . .

Caenby Corner Garage, Lincolnshire Location, A15/A631 junction, directly north from Lincoln, and due south from the M180, it is on a roundabout at Caenby Corner, a major landmark, once known for the nearby Moncks arms where entertainment was put on. This is being refurbished, and looks good. Behind this pub is a transport cafe which I can recommend. Nearby is Market Rasen, where the races are held. Postcode for Satnav is LN8 2AS. Petrol and Diesel etc. is by Total. The A15, is a Roman road, dead straight apart from the little wobble around the end of the runway at RAF Scampton, home of the Red Arrows. You may even see them doing a training flight In the summer months, there are car boot sales in the next field, and the Arrows are often seen overhead. Scampton is of course where the Dam Busters operated from, and Guy Gibson's dog is still burried there, his grave tended by serving aircrews. You are in "Bomber county". Also nearby, is Hemswell, yet another old wartime aerodrome, now a massive antiques centre. Hemswell is also the site of one of the biggest Sunday markets in the country. Now to the garage itself, access is easy, even for HGVs. They take all major credit and agency cards, and sell all fuels, including of course LPG. Apart from fuel, they have a very good selection of everything else you could wish from a garage, including a limited amount of food, sweets, small gifts, gas cylinders, newspapers & books, and of course smoking materials. In season, they sell barbeque coals, flowers, and ...

Dulux Weathershield 12/03/2009

Weathershield - like a shield of steel . .

Dulux Weathershield OK - before we even mention the actual paint:- Surface preparation, the most important bit:- Make sure all surfaces to be painted are sound, in other words not flaking, all these surfaces must be sanded down, as well as clean and dry. I must also add a little about health & safety, please be aware of the dangers of old lead based paint, this is possibly what you are sanding down. When using on wood, treat all knots with a knotting solution. Apply a decent Wood Primer to all bare surfaces. Prime bare metal with a Metal Primer. Any deep scraches, gouges, holes, or splits must be filled with an appropriate filler or use decorators caulk. Right, that is out of the way, the paint itself is made in Slough by Dulux, an ICI Company. I have only bought it in three quarter litre tins, although I have seen it in much bigger 5 litre cans. The small size tends to be sold for under the ten Pound mark, which is OK for nowadays. It can be found at most good paint suppliers, as well as all the big DIY superstores. The basic painting system comprises of primer, undercoat, and then gloss, if you use all of these, and consider a second coat of gloss, then you will have a fantastic finish, which will last many many years. The first time I used this paint, I was a little sceptical, it is advertised as being actually guaranteed for six years. I tried it on old wood, than metal, and found it to be very good indeed. I even wiped a brush out on a plastic plant pot, and this gloss ...

American Crew Classic Wax 12/03/2009

* Cue American Crew . .

American Crew Classic Wax OK, i admit I am far too stingey to actually buy this stuff, and yes, I admit I have never even heard of it, but when my hairdresser offered me a jar, free gratis, I am not one to look a gift horse in any part of it's anatomy. American Crew is a Company that was not formed until 1994, they sell shampoos, shower gels, shaving accessories, and of course hair gel, or as they call it, wax. I am never sure what the difference is really both seem to do the same job, perhaps wax is stiffer, or dries harder. AllI know is that this is very good, bearing in mind that it did not actually cost me a Penny. It is advertised as a Pliable styling wax, giving medium hold, and medium shine. It is supposed to leave hair moisturised, as well as manageable, and it actually rinsed out with ordinary water. It does give body as well as shine, and looks and feels good. Ingredients:- Propylene Glycol Hydrogenated Castor Oil Beeswax Water Cyclomethicone Soy Sterol Stearate Hydrogenated Castor Oil Alcohol Ceteareth - 20 Fragrance (Parfum) Methylparaben Propylyparaben I do hope someone has heard of these ingredients, having read this list I am now dubious about using it again! This product is on sale at over a fiver for a small screw top jar, which seems a vast amount of money to me. I am sure it can be found cheaper of course, online possibly, but remember the cost of postage. You can actually pay nearly a tenner for the small 50 gramme size, if you are silly enough that ...

Ginetta G20R 1.8 Zetec 12/03/2009

*Ginetta, Sounds Italian - Made in Scunthorpe . .

Ginetta G20R 1.8 Zetec I am going to take a gamble on this one, I have never actually driven one of these, so if you think I am not qualified to write this review, then feel free to rate it as off topic or whatever. I have also been over these cars with a fine toothcomb at various motor shows. I have nothing wrong with rating reviews as they deserve. I have driven round a few tracks in my time, plus a lot of years driving at speed on public roads (Fire appliances) so I do feel I can do this review justice. A very long time ago, when I was delivering trucks for a living, I was hitching a lift near Scunthorpe, and was surprised to find a sports car stopping for me. The car was of course a Ginetta. Very nice I thought, this should be a fast lift, I was amazed to find it was very vast indeed, scary fast actually. I have no idea what model this was, and I suspect it was a pre-production car being tested, and tested with gusto at that. I did notice that some of the switchgear looked familiar, the electric mirror switches were the same as my Cavalier, these are also used by Lotus. The cars used to be built near Scunthorpe, so had the M180 to use as a test track, although they now have a purpose built factory of 80,000 feet in Garforth, near Leeds. Ginetta were started by four brothers in 1958. The company is now owned by a firm called LNT Automotive, LNT are the initials of the owner Lawrence Tomlinson, no idea what his middle name is, he took over in 2005. The team LNT have a website, ...

WD-40 Lubrication Spray 11/03/2009

OK Agent WD40 . .

WD-40 Lubrication Spray WD40. This product is made by the company that sells three in one oil, and now owns the famous 1001 company, the carpet cleaning solution. They do have a decent website, take a look, Check out the "Job site" where you will find a section named "Pointers by the Pros" You have just missed the WD40 free magic pen offer, I missed it too, so I have no idea what this was. OK I have just looked it up, apparently it is a pen shaped applicator, containing a small amount of WD40 of course, This does seem a good idea to me, it takes up very little room, and can be kept anywhere you may need it, which means virtually anywhere! The company is based in Milton Keynes, and has offices all over the world. They have quirte a reputation. Contact details are:- WD-40 Company Ltd Registered Office: Brick Close, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes, MK11 3LJ Phone: +44 1908 555400 Fax: +44 1908 266900 E-mail address You can even join the WD40 Fan Club! And NO - I have not joined. Although I must admit I am intrigued. Right, according to this company, there are some 2000 uses for this product, I am not even going to attempt to name them all, but here are a few suggestions on how useful this stuff really is. USES Removing oil marks from fabrics. Dispelling water from electrics, including car ignition systems. Releasing seized items in the home, garden. Or garage. Lubricating anything made from metal. Cleaning stainless steel. Getting ...

70 x 108 Damask Tablecloth Plum 10/03/2009

* Damn Mask.

70 x 108 Damask Tablecloth Plum OK I am now about to do a review on - A TABLE CLOTH? Am I mad? More than likely, but I am a bloke, so have no comprehension of what a table cloth is. I suppose I will know by the time I have done this review. Firstly, this review pays a whole ha'penny! Not sure how to spend the dosh yet, but I suspect it may be hard earned cash. Call me picky but there are simple lists of song titles being copy / pasted as we speak, and these will be turned into CD reviews earning a lot more. On to the review, for anyone not knowing, I will explain what Damask is, because I have just found out. It is a fabric made from Linen, wool, silk, or cotton traditionally, although nowadays man made fibres are being used. The material has a pattern woven into it, This pattern was made using Gold and other metallic threads, bit not so much these days. At least you can buy these at many places. I am pleased now understand what the material is, shame I don't get the idea of a tablecloth, something like used newspaper would surely be more practical? Simply use and discard, it has already been paid form and bow recycled, what could be better? The idea off using a cloth purely for putting on a table is alien to me, but I can accept it. The most practical material would surely be a cheap home produced cotton, not this imported labour intensive stuff, impregnated with gold and precious yarns. I now begin to have limitations thrust upon me by Ciao, I am to review these, but only ones measuring 70 ...

American Crew Shaving Products Crew Herbal Shave Cream 09/03/2009

* A close shave too . .

American Crew Shaving Products Crew Herbal Shave Cream OK, you are lucky enough to get me doing a review from this section, I can't believe I am doing a review on something from the "Beauty" section! The Company, American Crew, was formed in 1994, selling shampoos and shower gels, also shaving accessories of course, This particular product is called a herbal shave cream, and I didn't realise it was "herbal" when I tried it, perhaps the aroma is not that strong, or maybe I was just missing something. I did find the shave very smooth, and my skin felt even smoother afterwards. Small secret, I did not buy this, it was a freebie gift, from hairdrersser who got it as a sample. She has never done shaves, so it was oflittle use to her in the salon. being a woman, she could not possibly use it on herself, I suppose I would feel the same about "Lady" type shaving things. All I know is, I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to pay the price, which as far as I can see, is an anazing £6.19 to £9.75 that is according to Ciao! Actually you can buy cheaper direct from the Company. Perhaps you will see it even cheaper, and perhaps you are willing to pay that, but personally I am not. They do have a website, it is listed below, and I recommend you take a look. The American Crew Shop is run by 2T Ltd. PO Box 376 Bristol BS10 5WS Order line 0845 652 9594 You can contact American Crew, and order online via their website:- The Company also does a reward club, where you ...

Morphy Richards 43025 09/03/2009

* KETTLE - not a hair dryer! . .

Morphy Richards 43025 . . Morphy Richards 43025 Jug kettle. Good old Morphy Richards, set up in 1936 by Donal Morphy and Charles Richards. OK, to set the scene, the "outlaws" needed a new kettle, and I was detailed off to take the to the shops, something I don't like but has to be done. My method would be to sit down at home with a cuppa, pick one from the Argos catalogue or similar, then go collect it. - NO! - apparently It has to be "seen" and "felt" before being bought. Despite my suggesting that anything bought from Argos could be returned with a "no quibble refund". I took then shopping. Long story short - we went to lots of shops, some more than once, and came home empty handed - How hard can it be to buy a kettle? Rant over. Anyway, they managed to find a "suitable" kettle locally, they paid some £24 which I thought a little on the high side, considering I had seen dozens of the things lately, and many of then at a lower price. The capacity is 1.5 litres (this is about average for this type) Makes up to six full half pint mugs. If just boiling one mug, it boils very quickly indeed. It has the generous free TWO year guarantee, but a longer one can be obtained for a little extra. Plastic, I myself prefer metal kettles, there is a kind of quality there that you just don't get with plastic ones. This one is in a very nice neutral off white colour. It does look good in any kitchen I must admit, and yes it blends in with whatever is around it. The finish is very good, it is ...

Long Shackle Brass Padlock 09/03/2009

* Top Brass . .

Long Shackle Brass Padlock . . You can get this type of lock almost anywhere, and pay peanuts, or shell out forty Pounds or more. Take your choice, and buy what you need. Basically, you really do get what you pay for. You can buy via mail order or go online, but brass is heavy, and some firms charge a lot more than the true postage price, also the same applies to the cost of packaging. Padlocks are sold as various types, and these are classed as "long shackle" ones, this means they will fit ordinary hasps & staples, as well as other difficult items like chains etc. My experience of using them is on my old Navy kitbag, These locks are difficult to break into, but not impossible. You normally unlock them with a key, which is more awkward than a mortise lock for instance. The locks are made for practical purposes, so are not designed to look pleasing to the eye, although that isn't the point, they are there to do a specific job, and they do it well. These types of padlocks are available in many sizes, but remember, the lock is only as good as the door, and the door is only as good as the frame it is fitted to. As for where they can be found, all the major DIY Superstores sell them, and although they do decent ones, they also stock the cheap & nasty ones, I am not saying these are rubbish, just not the best. You can check on their web sites, or go through catalogues if you have one. Any impartial free advice comes from your local crime prevention officer, ask at your local Poilce ... 09/03/2009

* A FIAT worse than death! . . . . This is a simple enough site, it will not baffle you, and if you need help, it is there for the asking. Entry is free of course. It is there for Fiat owners to help other Fiat owners, and this can never be a bad thing. It takes a couple of minutes to enter a few details, then you have joined, you then have access to various sections as listed below:- Forums: Where you can ask questions and get answers, from educated owners on all manner of topics. (If you have a problem you think is unique, you will be wrong, the chances are that someone on here has not only encountered your symptom, but sorted it) Guides: Find "How To" guides on the many jobs on these cars. (There are many jobs you will find difficult, but here is where you will find the easy way) Events: Discover what lopcal events there are in the local area as well as nationally, and is some cases internationally. (You may be surprised at the number of events that exist, many in your own area) Some examples of forthcoming events incude. Crawley cruise, Rolling road day, Punto meet, Xmas meet, Cruise in Swansea - street legal by the way. Gallery: You can upload pictures and videos of your own car for others to see, check out other varients of your car, and show yours off if you want. Classifieds: Enables you to buy and sell items in classified ads, not just car related items either. Free adverts if you want to sell your motor, plus spares, accessories and much more besides. . Blogs: You can read ...

Triton T80 Electric Showers 09/03/2009

Right you 'orrible shower! . .

Triton T80 Electric Showers . . I have just had to go check which version mine is, there is no number, it is just called the Triton Aqua Sensation. The age of mine? Well, it must be about ten years old now, so I think that qualifies as standing the test of time. Triton have a very good name in shower circles, or should that be cubicles? and these models can be fitted slightly off the wall so it can be easily tiled after it has been fitted. Mine is actually a power shower, although in "non power mode" it seems as good as any other make of shower.The thermostat seems to keep the temperature just right, you just "dial up" the temp you want, and the whole thing is easy to keep clean. I have heard that showers can be noisy, but not in this case, the only place there is any real noise is in the shower itself, and you are only in there for a matter of minutes. I got one because a very good friend of mine had bought it, but for some reason never got around to fitting it, then luckily for me, he moved house - to one containing a bathroom with a perfectly good power shower - I had to take it off his hands of course - BONUS! The colour of the box on the wall is white, as was the handset - However, this is where I had the only problem I have ever had with it. One day, while enjoying a vigorating blast of hot water - the handset just exploded, a giant split appeared in the plastic, squirting a solid jet of very hot water onto the wall, luckily away from me. I assume the water was a little hotter ...

Mobil 10W/30 Motor Oil 06/03/2009

*Mobilise yourself Man, or Woman . . .

Mobil 10W/30 Motor Oil This completely non-sexist review, is on MOBIL 10w/30 Motor Oil, which is suitable for all types of Petrol engines, even Turbocharged ones, If you own a Diesel, you will want the equivalent Castrol brand GTD. The oil is a semi-synthetic oil, so a little better than the old Mineral variety, but not as expensive as fully synthetic. It comes in plastic containers, from five Litres, down to one Litre. All there are easy-pour ones, so no spills. This Mobil oil is 10W/30, and if you want to know what these figures mean, read here:- The first figure, (10) means that this oil can be pumped by your oil pump the same as any other single grade SAE 10 oil can be pumped. The (W) means that this oil is suitable for Winter conditions, this is because this oil is a Multigrade, and therefore suitable for all year round. If you have a classic car, which will be only started up in the Summer, you will not need an oil with the (W) rating. The second number, (30) is the viscosity of this oil at 100°C (212°F) This is the normal operating temp for the average engine, during an average driving period. So now you know. I recommend this oil, and if buying, I do advise shopping around at your local Motor accessory shops, also Supermarkets and DIY Superstores, where you can find bargains. The price of Oil varies so much these days, so just shop around. In my own opinion, Mobil oil is one of the best, however, the interval between oil changes, is more important than the choice of oil. ...
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