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My name is sn0zb0z and I like reading (mostly supernatural stories), video games and web design. Thanks to everyone who has given me an exceptional rating! My reviews on here are also on Dooyoo under the same name.

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Theme Park World (PS2) 18/06/2015

Create your own theme parks

Theme Park World (PS2) Theme Park World is not just about creating one theme park. No, in this game you get to create multiple theme parks! Gameplay: You start the game with just one park option available. The parks are all completely empty apart from the gate and very start of a path so you have the option to do whatever you like with each park. Every park has a different theme and all the rides, shops and other features are related to the theme. There are a limited number of items available at the start for shops, rides, slideshows, rollercoasters and other features but it's more than enough to get your park up and running. Once you've got a few items you then need to open the park and hire a few staff. At this point you'll start getting visitors. Your staff will start working and if you hire a researcher than you can start researching new items to add to your theme park. Your staff will start doing work by themselves, but you do get notices of things that are going on such as a ride breaking down and not having a staff member available. You need to make sure jobs are getting done and that you’re not over or under staffed. They do also need a staff room so they can rest. There are staff members for all the important jobs. You have cleaners, mechanics, entertainers, researchers and guards. Each member of staff has a name, skill level, how motivated they are and their cost. You can also see their tiredness level and how long they’ve been an employee for. So when hiring staff it isn’t as ...

Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock (PS3) 17/06/2015

Become a Warrior of Rock!

Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock (PS3) Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is the 6th game in the Guitar Hero series and, as you can probably guess from the title, it is rock songs. Guitar Hero games require a guitar to be able to play them due to the controls needed and the fact that the whole idea is to feel like you’re playing a real guitar. So once you’ve finally found working batteries for the guitar you can start the game! Story: The story is that you are trying to become a warrior of rock. You have to prove yourself in order to transform and make it as a warrior. To do this you have to play well. Gameplay: The idea of Guitar Hero is to hit the correct colour button(s) at the right time, which sounds far simpler than it is. There are various songs to choose from and it shows you which colour(s) you need to press on screen. Each colour is a different note and these are displayed on screen as the top of a guitar with each colour as a different string. When you start the game you have the option of quest, quickplay+, party play, competitive and training. For each game you can choose a difficulty level. It starts with very easy and goes up to expert, although very easy is displayed slightly different than the other difficulties. If you have other instruments or a mic for the game you can use them. If you just have a guitar you have the choice of guitar or bass for songs. Quest is the main single player game. At the start of the quest you get the choice of two rockers. One has 9 songs and the other has 7 songs ...

Are Video Games To Blame For Real Life Violence? 25/02/2015

Gamers vs. Real Life

Are Video Games To Blame For Real Life Violence? As a gamer it annoys me that people blame games for real life violence. Games are no different to any other media. Most people know right from wrong and watching a film, playing a game or reading a book doesn't change that. There have been those who have copied parts from games, but there have been those who have copied books and films too. Regardless of the type of media, these people would have no doubt done something bad at some point anyway. The media is there for entertainment, it doesn't force anyone to go and commit a violent act in real life. If people don't know right from wrong and/or don't realise games or films are not real then they really shouldn't be playing or watching them in the first place. There have been stories about children and teenagers playing 18 rated games and then being violent. While they should understand right from wrong, the ratings are there for a reason! The kids obviously weren't ready and able to cope with the content and should never have been able to play it in the first place. Same goes for films. Video games can not be blamed for that. It's up to shops to make sure they don't sell to anyone under age and up to parents to make sure they know exactly what their kids are playing. Even so, I still believe that most know better than to cause violence just because they saw it in a game. For most gamers, video games are a way to escape the real world. A place to do things you'd never ever think about doing in real life. They're a way ...

Scrabble Trickster 22/01/2015

Who wants to play by the rules?

Scrabble Trickster Scrabble Trickster is a Scrabble game where you break the rules of the original Scrabble game. Aim of the game: The aim of the game is the same as the normal scrabble game, which is to have 7 letters and place down the best word you can to try and score as much as possible. There is a twist though as you have trick cards which can be played. Playing the game: You pick 7 random letters which are the same as the normal scrabble tiles. Each letter has a number on to show how much it scores and you have to play the best word you can on your turn. You still have triple and double word scores and double and triple letter scores on the board. You also have a trick square. If you play a word that lands on the trick square you pick up a card. The trick cards all say different things and are mostly played on your turn, although a couple can be played at other times. You can have up to 3 cards at a time and the cards allow you to do things you wouldn't normally be able to do such as play a word anywhere on the board, place a word down backwards and score 5 points for a blank tile. If you like scrabble then the chances are you'll enjoy playing this version too. The cards really add to the game. It's a fun game and just one card can make a big difference to the scores. Sometimes you just get useless cards or you get a card you really want to use and then you end up waiting for the right moment to use it. It's rather annoying to have a good card and rubbish letters and at times you ...

1227 QI Facts To Blow Your Socks Off - John Lloyd, John Mitchinson 15/01/2015

1227 interesting facts

1227 QI Facts To Blow Your Socks Off - John Lloyd, John Mitchinson For those of you who don't know, QI is a TV quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry. QI is all about facts. There have been a few books of QI facts but this review is for the 1227 QI facts book from 2012. At the time of writing this it says #1 Best Seller on Amazon. I obviously haven't counted if there are 1227, but there's certainly a lot so I assume there really is that many. Each page has a number of different facts on. Each fact is short as it doesn't go into any detail about the facts. For most facts this is fine as there either isn't any need for more detail, but for some it would be nice if there was more detail. However, if you're interested in knowing more you can always look it up elsewhere. Quick facts mean it's good to just pick up and learn a few interesting things and if you find a fact useless/boring then it doesn't matter as you can just move on to the next fact. There are facts on anything and everything. I actually bought this for my Dad for Christmas as he likes the QI show. He doesn't read much now, but he used to read a lot of factual books so I thought he might like this. He seems to really like it. I've seen him pick it up multiple times. It's not a book that you are likely to just pick up and read cover to cover, but it is a good book to just pick up whenever you have a few spare minutes as you can just read a few pages of facts at a time. Having said that, once you start reading them it's quite easy to get carried away and read more than you planned ...

Greedy Green Frog 13/01/2015

Flick the flies

Greedy Green Frog Greedy Green Frog is a simple but fun game for kids (and adults too). We've had this game years and it was originally bought for my sister. After finding it the other week my Mum and I had a game and it was fun, although somehow the speed seemed different to when I played it as a kid. Setting up the game: Greedy Green Frog is easy to set up. The frogs head goes in the centre and there are four arms that clip on to it. These slot easily into place so when you've finished playing you can easily take them back off and place them in the box. The top of the frogs head also needs putting on, but this is easy to clip on too. It requires a battery (which is 1x C battery). The battery fits in the frogs mouth under the tongue. Aim of the game: The aim of the game is to put the flies on to the hands at the end of the arm and flick the hand. This then throws the flies. The aim is to get all your flies into the frogs mouth, which is easier than it sounds! The frogs head constantly spins around and the mouth opens and closes so you need to time it just right and flick it the right way to get the fly into his mouth. Playing the game: This is a really fun game, especially for kids. Even if you think you know the exact time you need to flick you can't always get it to flick right or sometimes you try and rush to get the fly on the hand in time and so you miss the gap or the fly just slides right off the hand. Even with two players there's a fair few flies flying around so I imagine ...

B&M Latex Squeaky Dog Toy 10/01/2015

Dangerous! Avoid!

B&M Latex Squeaky Dog Toy This toy is by The Pet Shop who, it seems, only supply B&M Stores. I can only hope that this is the case and that it is not being supplied to other companies as this toy is dangerous. It should not be allowed to be sold at all. This toy is dangerous! The toy is a long, colourful latex dog that squeaks. The toy comes in two colours I think. Pink and orange (the colour I bought). They may be in other colours, but I don't remember seeing any other colour. It's normally sold at £1.49, but I found it on sale at just 10p so obviously I happily bought it at that price. As it turns out it was a waste of 10p and could have led to a very bad situation. The front of the packaging says "super tough latex for champion chompers". It's not. When my dog got this at Christmas he was given various other treats and toys at the same time so when he first picked this up he squeaked it a little and then dropped it to go after other toys and treats. When he came back to it a few minutes later the toy was ripped within moments. To start with I thought he just had a little bit of fluff at the side of his mouth from somewhere and then I realised that it was from the toy. My Mum managed to get the toy off him and it was full of wiry fluffy stuff! There was loads of it. If a dog were to swallow it it wouldn't be good for them and bits of it could easily get stuck in their throats and choke them! Once all the fluff had been pulled out the dog got the toy back. I personally wouldn't have given it ...

Tiddly Winks Spear's Games 09/01/2015

A great game for the family

Tiddly Winks Spear's Games The game of Tiddly Winks has been around many years and it's a simple, but still very fun game. Tiddly Winks by Spear's Games comes with 3 targets, 1 pot, 4 felt pads and 4 different coloured counters (4 small, 1 big of each colour). This game was bought years ago for my sister when she was little, but I recently found it and me and my Mum have played it a number of times since. It's fun to play, easy to set up and games don't take very long (even if using 2 sets of counters between 2 players). Playing the game: There are 4 options for playing the game. You can either use one of the 3 targets or remove the pot and just aim for that. The aim of the game is really simple and that is to flick your counters and try to flick them into the pot or on to the targets (if you're using them). Not always as easy as it sounds! The game includes felt pads so that you can place your counters on there to start (and sometimes they flick up and land right back down there and sometimes they'll go in the wrong direction and end up back there mid-game). Target One Target one is squares within each other, getting smaller as they go into the middle. The areas go up in value as they get smaller and the pot slots neatly into the centre. The outer square is worth 10 and it goes up until it gets to 50 and the pot is worth 100. Target one is easiest to score on as it doesn't have the gaps that the other targets have. Target Two Target two has lots of little squares, each with a different value. ...

Uberplay The Motley Fool's: Buy Low Sell High 08/01/2015

Buy Low, Sell High

Uberplay The Motley Fool's: Buy Low Sell High The Motely Fools' Buy Low Sell High is an interesting game for 2-4 players. I'm always looking out for board games that are a bit different. As much as I love the classics like Monopoly it's nice to play other board games too. As the name suggests, this game is about buying stock at a low price and trying to sell it at a higher price. Playing the game: Buy Low Sell High is fairly easy to play. On the board you have 3 different stocks (red, yellow and green) and each stock is placed on a circle which states the amount it costs (or sells for). Each player starts with one of each coloured stock and 5 cards. The other cards are placed in the centre of the board. You play 3 rounds. Each round players take it in turn to play a card and pick up a card from the pile until the circle in the middle of the board is full. The cards have actions (good and bad) on that you can play and these have an affect on the stock. For example, you may get one that says +2 for yellow which means the yellow stock will go up by 2 at the end of the round, unless another card changes things. A -2 yellow card would mean the stock stays where it is. Another +2 yellow card would mean the stock goes up +4. On your turn you have the option to buy or sell up to 2 stocks before placing a card. So if you, for example, had a lot of positive yellow cards you'd want to buy as many yellow stock as possible for as little as possible in the hope that at the end of the round the yellow stock will have gone up ...

Paul Lamond Games Lottery 07/01/2015

To win you must lose

Paul Lamond Games Lottery Lottery is a game for 2-6 players that requires you to gain 10 million and then lose it all to win the game. However, losing money is not as easy as it sounds! The board: The board has a simple layout. You move around the edge of the board. In the middle there is a spinner, two squares for cards and squares with 1-6 on for the lottery cards. It's a simple design that works well, although because there's nothing to keep the lottery cards in place they always end up a mess. How to play: You don't have any money to start with so the first thing you do is have a wining lottery. This involves all players picking up 3 different cards from 1-6. One player than rolls the dice until they have rolled 3 different numbers. If the number rolled matches a card it's a winning number. Once it's over you see how many winning cards you have. Zero cards means no money, one card is 200,000, two cards are worth 1.2 million and three cards are 2 million. You then take it in turns to roll the dice and move around the board. To start with you are trying to gain 10 million in cash. There is the charity square. Here you roll the dice to see how much money you gain from another player. It is the number x 200,000. So if you roll a 3 another player must give you 600,000 (3x200,000 notes). There is then the free card and buy card squares. Here you pick up a green investment card. If it's free you don't pay otherwise you pay the number at the top of the card. There is then the sell space where you ...

Marley And Me (DVD) 06/01/2015

It's a dogs life

Marley And Me (DVD) Marley and Me is a film that follows the life of a dog called Marley, from a puppy to the day he dies. I've always liked animal films and films with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson in are usually decent so I hoped this film would be good and I wasn't disappointed. Marley and Me classed as a comedy and, for this reason, I was rather surprised at how sad some moments were. The film follows the dogs life through the good and the bad and is realistic. It shows how cheeky he is as a puppy and how much trouble he is growing up, which is very funny to watch. However, as most dogs do, he calms down a little as he gets older. You can't help but love Marley. Story: The story starts with Jenny and John and their life. It shows how their relationship changes and starts to become more serious. Not yet wanting kids John decides a dog is the better option and that's when they get Marley. John decides to get Jenny a puppy so he takes her to go look at some and Marley is the one she chooses. It's not long before the puppy starts causing problems and it seems training him is going nowhere. It is clear that life with a puppy is harder than the couple thought and it becomes even harder when Jenny becomes pregnant. As time goes on the couple have more kids and move house. The main focus is on the dog, but you see the challenges that the whole family have to go through. Characters: John and Jenny are the main characters, played by Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. These two give a very ...

Vaseline Sheer Infusion Body Lotion 03/12/2014

A great body lotion

Vaseline Sheer Infusion Body Lotion I bought the Vaseline Sheer Infusion 200ml body lotion from Tesco a while back. I wanted a moisturiser as my hands kept feeling dry and I wanted one that would work well and would last a while. I found this in the clearance section, I think at £1.50. However, looking up when I got home, it was (if I remember right) about £5 I think. It is over £6 on Amazon at the time of writing this. In my opinion, that's expensive and if it hadn't been reduced I certainly wouldn't have bought it at full price. However, it is a really great body lotion and it does last a long time. It claims to have vitamin burst which is supposed to help your skin more. It is a fairly thick lotion and it soaks in quickly which is always good. It smells pretty nice too. It's quite a strong smell when you first put it on but it soon fades. You can still smell it for a while after putting it on, but it's not a really strong smell. The bottle has a simple flip lid which is easy to open. The bottle stands on the lid so even when you've used most of the lotion it stills comes out fairly easily. Nothing more annoying than spending ages trying to squeeze out lotion from the bottom of a bottle! Overall this is a quick drying body lotion that really moisturises your skin and it lasts quite a while too. It is well worth buying if you can find it on offer!

Should Parents Limit Their Kids Time Playing Video Games? 24/07/2014

There should be limits

Should Parents Limit Their Kids Time Playing Video Games? I am a massive fan of video games and I did used to play them quite a lot as a kid. However, I did also used to do other things as well. My parents didn't used to limit my time and sometimes I did spend quite a long time playing video games and I still do. I have always had breaks though and I still used to play outside and do other activities. Video games have their plus points aside from being great entertainment. They can improve hand eye co-ordination, they can be educational, they can tell great stories, help kids interact with others and teach the value of money. On the other hand, you don't want your kids staring at the screen all day. There's nothing wrong with having an interest in gaming or learning through gaming. In fact, it's an excellent way to learn new things and/or have fun. It is, however, something that kids can get addicted too or that parents use as a way to keep their kids entertained for long periods of time without really having to watch them. It can also lead to kids playing games that are not suitable for their age. For example, 5 year olds playing GTA which is rated 18 and for very good reason. That really is a whole other topic, but still an important point as parents should be aware of what is being played as well as how long games are being played for. If using an app or playing a game designed to be educational, especially on a topic they're doing at school, then you may decide it is a good idea to let them play that for longer than you ...

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (PlayStation) 09/04/2014

Not the best of the series

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (PlayStation) I’ve always been a fan of the Tony Hawks games, although Pro Skater 2 has always been the one in the series that I always go back to. I bought Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 years ago, but never spent much time on it so recently I decided to pick it up again and give it a proper chance. As with the other Tony Hawks skateboarding games there is the option of career mode, single session, free skate, two player, create skater and park editor. Gameplay: If you’ve played any of the other games in the Pro Skater series you’ll already pretty much know what to expect from this game. There are various options to choose from. Single session: Selecting single session takes you to skater select where you get a choice of various well known skaters including Tony Hawks. After selecting a skater you then select a level. As you progress through career mode new levels are unlocked and you can then play them in single session. Single session is a 2 minute free skate. In other words, you pick a level and skate around in it for 2 minutes with no goals and it’s a great way to just practice tricks. Career mode: Career mode is the main mode in which you complete goals to gain points and unlock new levels. The main change in this game is that you can skate around freely and complete goals when you wish whereas previous games had a 2 minute limit in which to complete as many goals as you could. I was quite happy with the 2 minute system overall, but there would be times when you just wanted a little ...

Deathsmiles (Xbox 360) 07/04/2014

Not what it appears to be

Deathsmiles (Xbox 360) I picked up Deathsmiles ages ago when it was in the GAME administration sale and it remained with GAME seal on it up until about a week when I figured I should actually play it because, well, that’s the point of it. As it was in the sales I didn’t pay much attention to what it was. It had an anime style cover and so I assumed it was some sort of anime RPG. It’s not. It’s a very misleading cover. The front cover is a gothic anime scene with 4 girls holding weapons. The game is actually more of an arcade (side-scrolling) shooter. Story: I can’t say that the game is clear on how the story starts. However, looking it up, it seems that a girl mysteriously vanishes and she finds herself in the Otherworld. She finds out there is no way home and that she has to protect the kingdom. Monsters are getting through the gates of Hell and it’s up to her to stop them attacking. It wasn’t until part way through the game that I felt the story was partly explained and it’s not until the end that I realised she was in another world, but it wasn’t really fully explained. There are two endings for each character which is good, although I wish I’d done them the other way around for the character I played as. Neither ending is sad as such but it’s clear that the character is happier in one ending more than the other. I won’t give away the endings, but I did feel almost bad ending the game when I knew the character had been happier the first time around with the other ending. The speech in ...
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