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Siren - Heather Nova 21/12/2002

The girl who changed the world.

Siren - Heather Nova Once there was a girl. She lived on a boat in bermuda, had a guitar, wrote a couple of songs, just as a hobby. Soon she decided that she wanted to make music her career and thank god she did! Heather Nova. Siren is a truely beautiful album. Whatever you're into i'm sure you'll enjoy it, it's not just for the alternative people, or labelled in any other way. It is just good music! One lady with a guitar (who can actually play!) and a wonderful backing band delighting you for almost an hour. I can listen to this album over and over again and not get bored of it, each time i hear something else that i had missed the time before. Heathers voice glides to the speakers so smooth you fail to hear exactly when she starts and stops singing. Many albums have a couple of 'dodgy' tracks that appear to be there simply fill up space. But each track on this album is unique, individual but with the same intensity, and gorgous sound as you've heard before. Siren had tracks that you can sit down and pour your heart out (Paper cup's a good one for me) and songs that make you want to get up and dance! Buy it! You'll love it! ...

Johnson's pH 5.5 Body Wash 14/12/2002

Give it a go, you might like it.

Johnson's pH 5.5 Body Wash Traditional shower gel for me: has to be cheap or on offer. My boyfriend on the other hand is more particular (god knows how that happened, it should be the other way around, but its not!) and one day, while shopping, in a flash of light he suddenly remembers that he once used johnsons ph5.5 body wash and he thought it was really good. So we buy it, I wasnt happy at first because it was a lot more expensive than a supermarket own brand! I wouldn't change now, not for anything! It cleans your skin so well, and doesn't leave it dry at all! (It actually does what it says on the packet! Isn't that something else?!) Also any spots on my back have dissapeared. I think the ph5.5 bit actually makes a difference, it doesn't feel like you are stripping your skin of everything it feels like you are just getting rid of the dirt. Lovely! Give it a go, you might like it! ...

HFC Bank plc 14/12/2002

HFC, High Financial Charges

HFC Bank plc A few years ago I received a phone call from HFC bank. I had bought a computer on hp and the 6mths interest free credit had run out. HFC were offering me a loan to pay off the computer and also pay off my credit card. They asked me to come into the branch for a meeting. Very bewildered I went in the next day. I went in taking with me payslips from the last 6mths. At the time I was working two part-time jobs. They accepted me for a loan for £1500, a loan that they gave me a cash-card, and a cheque book!? It was too easy. They also encouraged me to take out a 5yr life insurance policy. Then they hit me with it, after everything was signed I found out that the interest rate I was paying was 27.9% !! What!! I had that loan for a couple of years not strong willed enough to not take money out anytime it was someones birthday or I was going on holiday. The interest I paid ate up my monthly payments and at the time I couldn't afford to pay off any more. The best thing feeling was when I paid off the last of my loan and I asked them to close the account. "We could keep it open for you, you might want to use it again" they told me, in the two years I had that loan I had given them almost £1000 in interest, and they were not getting a penny more out of me! ...

Egg Loans 14/12/2002

easy egg loan

Egg Loans I've got an egg loan for £2000. Not much in the loan world, so a standard apr (for a self employed person in my position) is around the 18% mark. I have an egg card and was accessing my account details when I saw an advert for loans at 9.9% (half anything else I have been quoted). I applyed online and received confirmation later that day. With an egg loan you can make extra payments (if have a bit of extra cash) and there is no penalty fee to pay, also once you have made 6 monthly payments you are entitled to take a payment break of a amximum of 3mths, perfect for a holiday or around christmas. The customer service team are very helpful, and make sure that you understand everything before you agree to your loan, and once it has been set up you know that there is a good team there waiting to help you with any quieries. ...

Egg Card 14/12/2002

egg card, the good card.

Egg Card I use the internet quite a lot. I like shopping over the internet, I trust the security and I enjoy hassle free shopping. So when I heard that you could apply for an online credit card, I jumped at the chance. The egg card offered lower rates than any high street bank and a 6mths interest free offer for purchases and balance transferes. I am self-employed which often causes problems, but egg accepted me straight away! I've had my card for 9mths now and I am still really happy with it, you get cash back on purchases so it doesnt seem that bad to spend a little bit more! The customer service side of things is very efficient, and if you actually want to speak to someone rather than send an e-mail, the staff at egg are always very helpful. (not being a fan of high street banks and queues, this was an ideal option.) Definately not advisable for someone who doesnt have reliable internet access (statements are only available online). The only complaint I have ever had is that sometimes the website is not accesible for a day or so, but apart from that, its perfect! ...

Pot Noodle 14/12/2002

the noodles in the pot

Pot Noodle For someone who rushes about, not having time to prepare a healthy meal for one, the pot noodle is definately at the top of convenience foods. Just enough for a quick meal, ready in a couple of minutes. All you need is a kettle and a fork, ready in five minutes (in which you can go and do other things you need to do; no hanging around watching the kettle boil!), totally, utterly hassle free! Admittedly pot noodles are not the most interesting meal you can buy, maybe a little on the bland side but if you want a meal in five minutes that needs no watching over (too make sure you don't burn it, or don't over boil it) then you do have a limited choice. Definately not a substitute for proper meals every day, but perfect for that working lunch, or when you're running late! ...
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