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Samsung I9000 Galaxy S 20/09/2011

Good phone!

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S I have had this phone for just over a year now and really like it, its reliable, well made and really easy to use. I have had some software problems but only because the software i had on the phone was out of date, but i took it to vodafone and they updated the software in 3 days which was free of charge. The apps you can get are good and all games play really well. If you want it for music it usually comes with 8gb internal storage so you can put plenty of songs on it and it plays them really good. I have a few movies on mine which play excellent! One thing i would suggest is to get a case for it as the case scratches and chips easily if dropped, but you can get a decent case for around £3-£10. I would definately reccomend this phone to others.

Ipsos Access Panel 20/09/2011

Good Survey company

Ipsos Access Panel I have been completing surveys on this website for only about 2 weeks now and have already nearly earnt enough points to claim a £10 voucher for a store of my choice (out of a few choices), including amazon which I will most probably use most. I think that the surveys are interesting (sometimes fun!) and always reward you with around 50-250 points per survey. Although sometimes a survey can sometimes take up to 30 minutes to complete.. its well worth it considering you earn points. Even if you receive a survey and are told you are not compatible or such like.. you will still receive 20 points. The surveys are always matched around your profile that you create when you first register, so make sure you are honest and answer correctly otherwise you may not be selected for surveys which could be earning you points! :) Enjoy! 19/09/2011

So much fun! I find this website lots of fun to buy from, I like to look for last minute bargains like DVDs etc and you can sort by items ending soonest which is great. Thankfully I have never had a problem with a seller but I know ebay customer support are always helpful with any queries! Have bought and sold from here for a few years now and will continue to do so! Definately worth checking out products before buying from a retail store as you can usually buy all electrical products brand new in box for quite a lot less! Payment is made through paypal which you always know is safe and secure and any refunds are also processed via paypal. Hope everybody has as good experience as me! :)
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