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Bloo Fruity Burst Toilet Cleaner 29/04/2012

No again - it's the smell of death

Bloo Fruity Burst Toilet Cleaner I can’t say I am over the moon exactly with this latest toilet cleaner my dear other half has decided to buy. For a start, it’s in a pink bottle and is too gaudy looking for my liking. The cleaner in question is Bloo Fruity Burst Toilet Cleaner and she bought it when she went out shopping alone, paid just over a quid for it and has been using it in the loo ever since. There are 750ml of cleaner in this rather large bright pink bottle and it has a shaped ‘head’ to navigate it right round the loo rim. The cap has a child safety lock on it. The reason I am don’t particularly like this toilet cleaner is because it reminds me of the toilet cleaners the cleaning ladies used to use in the boys loos when I was at school. It has a horrible old fashioned sort of chemical floral smell that catches right at the back of my throat and sits in my nostrils. It is well and truly hideous and cloying and seems to permeate the entire house and even manages to travel downstairs when she’s put some in the toilet bowl. It is not pleasant and I’d rather we just switched right back to using the plain bleach we’d been using previously. My other half, on the other hand, loves it. She says the smell is fresh and ‘natural’ but there is no way I could possible describe it as a natural smell – it smells like death (the smell of flowers in a funeral parlor, together with the smell of formaldehyde). As far as it’s ability to clean is concerned – it does an okay job. No better and no worse than any others ...

Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender Wax Potpourri Tart 26/04/2012


Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender Wax Potpourri Tart My other half has been given some Yankee Candles from colleagues at her place of work as she has been off ill for a while and they clubbed together to get her a present. She’s been off for nearly four weeks now as she had a collision with our door frame during one of our ‘special night’s in’ and we spend the evening suspending one another from our Passion- 8 Sex Door Swing. She’s suffered from some nasty bruising to the ribs and the swing has now collapsed and brought down some of the door frame with it, resulting in her having to take some sick leave. Fortunately, she has a very understanding boss. One of the candles she was presented with was a small flat looking thing, which I understand is called a ‘tart’. She loves scented candles anyway, and they had bought her quite a selection, together with a large box of Thornton’s Chocolates. I actually thought the chocolate was a little bit insensitive of them, as the reason my poor wife actually broke the sex swing is due to the fact that she weighs even more than I do. She is considered to be now clinically obese and I have to admit she is colossal. She’s on a diet and her colleagues know this, and I believe they didn’t think it through properly before they made their purchase. My other half asked me to light this little tart-thing in our bedroom the other night as she was unable to move and lying on her side on the bed and eating the chocolates (she cannot lie or sleep on her back at the moment do to her size as she has ...

Bakers Complete Dental Delicious Beef Sticks 24/04/2012

Good Stuff

Bakers Complete Dental Delicious Beef Sticks We will often buy a pack or two of Baker’s Dental Sticks (on the advice of our vet) and we get them in a pack of 28 sticks, which last for one month (one a day, you see). We pay around £6.99 for the pack of 28 sticks. We buy these primarily for the gum health of our rather aging mutt and they do seem to do her some good and she finds them a tasty treat into the bargain! To look at, the sticks initially appear to be thick and rather long. They have a chewy central middle section (not that I have tried them, but I can see them when our dog chews down on them). Our dog never has to be actively encourage or cajoled into eating her sticks, she wags her tail and actually rather enjoys her daily treat, you can see it. The ingredients in each stick are as follows: Cereals, meat, animal derivatives, minerals, vegetable protein extracts, oils, fats and antioxidants. This gives your dog a combination of protein, oil, ash, fibre, moisture, and vitamins A, D3 and E. We use these sticks in our house not so much as a treat as such, but more to supplement her diet and to help with her gums. They are large but not so big that they are difficult to just pop under the cupboard with the rest of the tins and packs of dog foods. They are a brand I know and a brand I trust and although I can possibly find a (much) cheaper alternative, as this particular brand was actually recommended to me by our vet, bot me and the other half are happy to fork out the little extra for her as we know we are ...

Tesco Sponge Wipes 23/04/2012

Just Brilliant, pure and simple

Tesco Sponge Wipes We have been using these dinky looking pink household sponges from Tesco for ages now. They are very handy for a wide range of uses and extremely versatile. We pay £1.20 for four sponges and they last for ages and so are excellent value for the price. The sponges themselves are a decent size and measure approximately 15cm x 10cm. They come in pink and a range of ‘pretty’ pastel shades, (which I am not overly keen on) but hey, they’re only sponges, aren’t they? The sponges are a decent thickness and great at absorbing spills, even large ones, without any bother whatsoever. They are constructed from cellulose sponge, which can hold a lot of water without the sponge dripping all over the place. They are actually rather good, considering the small price. What we like about these great little sponges is that they are everlasting. We tend to hang on to the same sponge for a while and use different sponges for different things in and around the home. For example, I use one of them for wiping over the conservatory windowsills (on the outside of the house) and we use another for wiping up around the dog and cat’s bowls. The other one we tend to use on the oven and hob etc. We know which sponge to use for each job as they are all different colours, so no fear we are going to end up poisoning ourselves! They are easy to keep clean too, and germ free as we soak the household one overnight in some diluted bleach and it’s ready to use the following day. The sponges take ages before they ...

Matina Rocco Classic Game 22/04/2012

Just Meat

Matina Rocco Classic Game We were giving our old dog some special dog food called Rocco Classic which I purchased online. I got 6 400g cans for just over three quid which is really good as I’ve seen this at double the price. Our dog is getting on a bit now but he’s always loved his meat – proper meat like me and I didn’t think the Pedigree Chum we’d been feeding him was doing his gut much good. I had read about this dog food online and I decided to give it a shot. He loved it! The reason I initially purchased this dog food, was, as I say, because I wanted to give our old pal something a bit different as he was regularly turning his nose up at his usual food and I was beginning to think he was sickening for something. One whiff of this stuff though and his appetite was back like a shot! This dog food is made from nothing less than 100% MEAT and meat innards. Rocco has not formed meat in it at all and is supposed to be better for your dog and gives it more energy and stamina. He was flagging a bit when he was going for his walks but a few cans of this and he was a different lad! It also contains no bone meal, vegetable protein or fillers – it is JUST meat, pure and simple. With no chemicals or preservatives or colours added either, I knew it was only going to do him good. Once a week or so I give him a fresh steak anyway but this is a far cheaper way of making sure he eats well and gets all the meat he needs in his diet. The food actually smells incredibly good, even to a human like me! It smells ...

Waney Edge Horizontal Fencing 21/04/2012

New fence for World Naked Gardening Day

Waney Edge Horizontal Fencing This year both myself and my other half will be celebrating WNGD (World Naked Gardening Day) on 5th May with close friends and neighbours from our Naturist Club. Last year’s event on 17th July was a bit of a flop due to the fact that we held it in poor weather conditions and we had to move indoors. Hopefully, this year it will be warmer and dryer. In order to prepare for the event I have been installing a number of very attractive (I have to say) wooden fence panels from Waney Edge. These are horizontal fencing panels, which we bought from Tesco’s online. I got three fencing panels in the pack for £249 and this included 4 posts, 3 panels, post caps and fencing clips. I like these wooden panels because they are good and solid and made from pressure treated wood and also made from European softwood sourced from FSC accredited forests. All good stuff. I bought three sets and have successfully managed to construct a pretty professional looking garden fence to keep out the nosey neighbour’s prying eyes on the BIG DAY! I particularly wanted to buy these panels as they are pressure treated which will maintain a longer life for the fence and the posts and also they are guranteed against rot. I have painted them myself and the look pretty damned good, even if I do say so myself. The panel sizes are 183cm x 189cm so they are a good size. It’s been windy here of late, but I have to say, they are holding their own and have remained upright and secure through the recent bad weather we ...

Betterware Lavender Room Spray 20/04/2012

Just DON'T !!

Betterware Lavender Room Spray Having never been a great fan of the smell of lavender, it came as no surprise that I didn’t like this lavender room spray from Betterware. Goodness knows why my other half decided to buy this out of the Betterware catalogue, but she did. I believe she paid around £2 for this can which I have to say, looks pleasant enough, but once sprayed you can be sure I won’t be hanging around for long at all. I found this spray intensely strong and over powering. It caught on the back of my throat to the point whereby I actually gagged and felt sick. The smell was far too strong. It was cloying and sickly and I had to open the windows afterwards to try to get some fresh air into the house. Even the dog was coughing. My other half bought this thinking it might smell nice (well, what other reason would she have). She initially sprayed it in the bathroom but as I hadn’t been in that room for a while, and only went in about an hour or so after she had sprayed it, there was only the slight remnants of a smell left. That was bad enough. However, once she sprayed it I the living room and sprayed it directly in the middle of the room, where I was sitting reading a newspaper, I was up like a shot. I do think that even hours after this stuff had been sprayed, and we had been out of the house to the supermarket to get in the shopping, we came back home and I could STILL detect the sickly aroma of lavender. It isn’t even a ‘natural’ smell of lavender. To me it smells completely artificial and ...

Flash Bathroom Spray 20/04/2012

Done in a Flash

Flash Bathroom Spray We have an extremely wide array of various cleaning products in our house and one of them we were using fairly regularly at one point was Flash Bathroom Clean Spray. This was reasonably good stuff, I have to say. It came in a trigger spray plastic bottle which was fairly plainly packaged, in white. The bottle was easy to use due to the on / off trigger spray and it dispended the correct amount of product in a fine and even mist. The bottle contained 500ml of product and cost us just a fraction under £2. The container can be recycled after use. We actually used this stuff just about everywhere around the house. Bathroom, kitchen, conservatory and car!! YES, I even used it to clean the steering wheel of the car as the little lad had been playing with it and this had resulted in it feeling extremely sticky and dirty. The Flash brought it up a treat in a couple of simple and easy wipes with a damp cloth. I really liked the smell of this cleaning fluid as it was a great fresh clean smell but was not too powerful and didn’t catch on the back of my throat. I am a little sensitive to some cleaning solutions, you see, and I find they can catch on my throat and chest and give me a cough. It aggravates my asthma and the little lad is exactly the same – he takes after me. As far as our bathroom was concerned, it brought up the bath the sink and the loo great. There were no smears or marks or tell tale signs where we had wiped. It dried to a nice bright and shiny finish and as I say, ...

ASDA Refuse Sacks Tie Top 19/04/2012

Top Quality

ASDA Refuse Sacks Tie Top I have lost count of how many different sorts of refuse sacks we have used over the years in my house. One of the ones we used more recently were the Smart Price ones from Asda which we bought for less than 40p for a roll of 20 bags – bargain I thought! We use these great black bags for all sorts of things in our house. Obviously, we use them for the kitchen bin and they work great. We go through a fair bit of rubbish in our house and it’s my job to take the bin bag out of the bin, walk through the back door with it and chuck it into the outside bin for the bin men to take away. I have never experienced any leakage from these bin bags whilst in transit from the kitchen bin to the outside bin and that is a huge bonus in my book. I have had a lot of (more expensive) bin bags splitting on me before I have made it even half way across the kitchen floor, so I can vouch that these are STRONG bags! I love the fat that the bags have got handy tie top handles, which make it much easier to bag / tie up and chuck into the outside bin. We used these most recently when we were sorting through a lot of our little lad’s stuff and putting it out for the jumble sale. We bagged a lot of his old toys and clothes into these refuse sacks and none of them split open even though the contents were quite heavy. Well impressed, we were! I have also used them in and around the garden. If twigs etc manage to pierce though the plastic, obviously this can be a bit of a problem, but remember they are ...

Comfort Pure Concentrated Fabric Conditioner 18/04/2012

Pure Comfort, and it is

Comfort Pure Concentrated Fabric Conditioner We have been using some fairly nice fabric conditioner in our house from Comfort – this is Comfort Concentrate Pure and we bought this primarily due to the fact that it was on a special offer at Sainsbury’s and cheaper than the usual brand we get, i.e. Lenor. Our little lad also suffers from several skin conditions (as do both his mum and me) and we thought this might be good for his extra sensitive skin. We also read that this fabric conditioner is supposed to be dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic and as it also is advertised as having a little baby on the front of the bottle, we figured it must be VERY good for sensitive skins. We purchased a 750ml bottle which stated that it would last us for approximately 21 washes, give or take a wash or two. One capful is enough for one wash. We paid only £1 for the bottle as it was on offer at the time, though I think this offer may possibly have needed by now, as it was a little while ago. I must say that this fabric conditioner smells a lot milder than the usual ones we tend to buy, such as Lenor. This is advertised as a CONCEBTRATED fabrics conditioner, and as such, it is slightly thicker than the ordinary fabric conditioners we have bought before. As I say, we only needed to use the one capful and it did make all the washing smell and feel great. The smell was delicate and light, though not too flowery or girly. I don’t particularly like a fabric conditioner to smell too strong anyway, as I always think people will ...

ASDA Non-Scratch Sponge Scourers 17/04/2012

Try them - You'll love them.

ASDA Non-Scratch Sponge Scourers I our house, I always seem to be the one who gets the ‘good jobs’. By this, I mean taking the bin out, washing out the dog bowl, cleaning up its mess, cleaning out the oven and scrubbing the pans that my other half isn’t able to scrub clean properly herself. I don’t mind really though, I like to do my bit. We used to buy the more expensive pads, that is until we discovered a much cheaper (and just as effective, I have to say), alternative. By this I mean, Asda Scourers. We pay £1.26 for our Asda scourers and they always seem to have them in stock and they set us back by less than £1.30 a pop. Well worth it, in my opinion. I like these great scourers because they not only manage to get the pots and pans nice and clean and without any hassle, but they also never damage anything and I never find I have to scrub away for hours on end while everyone else is sitting down watching the TV after they have eaten. The scourers are yellow sponge on one level with the green scratchy scour bit on the other side. Everyone must have seen one of these at some point in their lives! Once I’ve added a bit of Fairy Liquid to one, I usually find that they create a lot of bubbles and this in itself also helps to eradicate the grease from the pans, whilst the green scourer gets rid of the baked on dirt. We also use these around the stainless steel sink and on the cooker hob, where food has spilled and managed to dry itself on hard. They are very versatile and can be used in many places around the ...

Dylon Spray Starch 16/04/2012

Only the best for me

Dylon Spray Starch I always insist that my wife uses a spray starch on my work shirts. I know it takes her much longer to do the ironing, but there’s no way I am going to wear a shirt that hasn’t been ironed properly. She does it though, and doesn’t complain too much. The one I like her to use is the one from Dylon as I think this gives the best results. We get the 300ml can and it costs £1.59. My mother used to use a spray starch when she ironed my shirts and our bedding and I don’t think the laundry is done ‘properly’ unless it’s been starched beforehand. Shirts just don’t feel right without the stuff, in my opinion. When we first got married she wasn’t sure how to use this stuff properly and I had to explain to her how to do it. She’s more or less got the hang of it now though. One can of this Dylon Spray Starch will last us for ages as she only uses it on my shirts and then only on the ones I use for work. She never hangs them up on hangers after they have been ironed, either, as I always insist they are folded. Best way, in my mind. She just sprays this over the clothes before ironing and I always think it gives them a great crisp finish and a fantastic smell which lingers. The shirts just feel so much nicer after the spray starch has been used before ironing, and I do think they look better and it helps me have that more ‘groomed’ look when I go out to work. Overall, I have to say that this is also probably the best spray starch we have used and I also think it gives better results ...

Screaming O Yeah Vibrating Vertical Cock Ring 01/04/2012

It Screams louder than my Wife

Screaming O Yeah Vibrating Vertical Cock Ring Warning: Adult Review - Sex Toy My wife and I enjoy trying out new sex toys in order to keep our love life exciting. One of our more recent purchases has been a Screaming O Yeah Vibrating Vertical Cock Ring which I paid £9.99 for. I couldn’t choose a colour when I ordered it online, it was a bit of a gamble. I was hoping for the blue or even the clear, but I ended up being sent a fetching shade of girly pink! Great! We chose this particular toy because it was advertised as having a vertical vibrating bullet on the top of it, which was advertised as giving ‘maximum clitoral contact’. My other half is hard to please as far as stimulation of her clitoris is concerned and I needed something to satisfy her a bit quicker than she has been of late, as I am sadly suffering from RSI in my right hand due to her inability to reach an orgasm. We purchased this cock ring in the hope that it might take some of the manual strain off me, as well as increase the length and girth of my penis. The cock ring itself is good and stretchy and designed to fit any size penis, even my ample sized one. It will actually fit any diameter ranging from 0.75 inches to a more acceptable 5 inches. It is easy to attach to the shaft of my erect penis and once I have fitted it correctly it works by trapping the blood flow and thus giving me a much thicker and harder erection. Brilliant! The first time we used it we were both ecstatic at the fact that it is capable of emitting a superbly strong vibration, ...

Toy Joy Vibrating Nipple Teasers Twin Pack 01/04/2012

Total Joy

Toy Joy Vibrating Nipple Teasers Twin Pack This is an ADULT REVIEW and as such, readers must be aware that this is for over 18's only please. Regular readers of my reviews will be already aware that my other half and I enjoy a very full and active sex life and between us, over the years we have amassed a pretty large collection of sex toys. We are members of an online ‘adult sex toy sharing club’ and enjoy comparing toys with other members on an open forum. It was by doing this that we were alerted to the joys of the Toy Joy Vibrating Nipple Teasers which came in a pack of two – one blue, one cerise for the small sum of £22.99. Regular readers of my reviews will also be aware that my dear wife has some pretty major hang ups about her breasts, one of which is her nipples. She is convinced that they are not large enough but I personally feel they are of an ample depth and circumference. Part of the reasons we jointly decided to purchase the Toy Joy Nipple Teasing Vibrators was to see if we were able to increase the size of her nipples. The package arrived quickly and we read the instructions together whilst having a bath. They initially seemed easy to use and it was clear that it was simply a case of fitting the vi9brating cup over the nipple, making sure it was positioned correctly. The nipple would then be aroused by the gadget’s nodulated stimulator. I was pleased that when our nipple stimulators arrived that they came complete with batteries (4 x LR54) and so we were ready to try them out immediately. I was as ...

Breast Gro Voluptuo 31/03/2012

Not so Voluptuous

Breast Gro Voluptuo My dear other half is forever on the lookout for a product that will naturally give her fuller, firmer and more ample breasts. Regular readers of my reviews will be fully aware that I am more than satisfied with my wife’s breasts, they are pleasing to look at and to handle, and not at all repulsive, despite what she seems to think. Yes, they have stretch marks, yes I can see dark blue prominent veins, yes, the circumference of her areola are not symmetrical and the right breast hangs perilously lower then the left, but overall I am satisfied with my lot. Together we purchased what we both might be a good idea – Voluptuo. We bought this online, but not from one of our usual sex shop sites, we bought this direct from the manufacturer for £49.99. We had read some pretty good reports about this product before we made our rather expensive purchase and believed that the programme might actually give my wife the breasts she longs for. Voluptuo is basically a breast enhancement programme which aims to give the recipient both larger and fuller firmer breasts after the recommended time has elapsed. For £49.99 we received 160 tablets, which contain: Hops: 440.4mg Buckwheat: 88mg Barley malt: 88mg Oats: 88mg Dietary fibre: 68.7mg Colloidal silica: 44.5mg Barley: 44mg Wheat: 44mg Maize: 44mg Soya extract: 12.1mg Magnesium stearate: 4.04mg These tablets contain no animal products, or preservatives, however they are unsuitable for those on a soya-free or gluten-free diet. This doesn’t ...
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