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Philips DAB1000 13/02/2008

Philip's DAB1000 Radio

Philips DAB1000 I have owned one of these Phillips DAB1000 portable radios for a year now. I paid £35 on eBay, but they can go for as much as £70 on the high street. Supplied with the radio: Headphones, two rechargeable batteries, charger and a protective pouch. The radio to me feels sturdy and tough, i use mine on a daily bases when I'm on my tractor/mower in all weather conditions (Damp, Dust, Cold conditions) and it hasn't failed me yet. I only have two Qualms with it. First one is the battery life' it says on the manufactures spec it has a 10 hour life...... More like 5! So i would recommend you carry a spare set of batteries with you. Second is the location of the headphone socket which is on the side of the radio, which makes it hard to get it into it's pouch. It would have been better on the top if you ask me? The sound of the of the DAB radio broadcasts is crystal clear Good treble and deep bass, You'd swear you where listening to a CD. The radio also has FM/MW Bands which also has good sound and reception. The headphones supplied are Philip's own brand and aren't the best of quality as they feel cheap and fragile.... but saying that i am still using the original headphones to this day. overall this is an excellent little radio, cheap (if you shop around) and good quality. I recommend this radio.

Scientists make human embryo clones. Should embryo cloning cease or continue? 13/02/2008

Embryo cloning

Scientists make human embryo clones. Should embryo cloning cease or continue? I can understand the curiosity around wanting to understand how we as humans work and the wanting to understand our d.n.a to stop many hereditary illnesses and disabilities. However i can't help but feel that it is breading babies for medical experiments. As most people deplore the idea of this in animals i feel that it is worse than deplorable. I strongly believe that this practice should stop. Scientists have a job to do but playing God isn't one of them. At what point would it stop, if this is allowed to continue then there are no boundaries. Many thing make people different from each other illness and disability are part of life regardless of how we feel. Some things you just have to accept, sorry ...

Alonso Vs Hamilton Mc Laren-Mercedes. Who is more to blame? Who do you support, and why? 13/02/2008

Alonso v's Hamilton

Alonso Vs Hamilton Mc Laren-Mercedes.  Who is more to blame? Who do you support, and why? The tiff between Alonso and Hamilton was a bit of friendly child's play when the season started and was blown out of proportion by the media. However when Alonso realized that Hamilton was a much better driver than himself jelousey set in and Alonso tried to undermine Hamilton for the rest of the season. Alonso was squarely to blame for the farce that was the 2007 F1 season. Alonso should have been sacked long before the season ended. I have been a life long Mclaren supporter and i lost a lot of respect for Ron Dennis for his non action over Alonso. I will remain a fan of Mclaren and Hamilton and hope that the new season is more about events on the track than off it.. Thanks ...

JVC HA-SU 700 23/01/2007


JVC HA-SU 700 I Bought a pair of these headphones about three years ago now and there still going. I bought these for £50 back then i still see that they still roughly they same price today, i was quite shocked! But i'm not complaining about them, because these are a good pair of headphones! They sound out of this world. it comes with a neat little feature (SRS) which when turned on makes you think you in a cinema, and has a dial to turn up and down the level of surround. They are powered by to AA batteries which can last up'to 200 hours which is good, it also had 7 metres and comes with a large jack plug converter. these headphones would suite movies rather than music. Since i bought these i have only a couple of problems with them like the wire is on the flimsy side and it has broke once, and they are a very big pair of headphones and can hurt your neck after a while with the weight of them. But don't let this put you off there a good pair of headphones. Nice Headphones. Technical data --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ------------- ----------- General Product Type Headphones - wired Weight 280 g Recommended Use Home audio system Features SRS 3D audio enhancement, gold-plated connectors Localisation English --------------- --------------- ----------- --------------- --------------- -------------- Headphones Headphones Type - binaural Headphones Form Factor - Semi-open Headphones Technology - Dynamic Connectivity ...

NatWest Mortgages 22/01/2007

There is anotherway....... Try another bank

NatWest Mortgages I applied for a morgage with natwest in middle of 2006. As i have been with them now for 13 years now and got a gold credit rating with them, they invited me down to one of there branches to discuss about there morgage. We sat down with the advisor and filled out a few forms which took around 3 hours to complete. At the end of the form filling she turned round to us and said " I have no doupt that you will get this morgage with the info you provided" so feeling confident we handed a set up fee of around £200. She told us that we would get a answer within 2 days.... 1 week later still no answer! i kept trying her mobile to see whats goin on, left messages.... still nothing. Then one day i had a voice mail from her saying that we didn't get the morgage..... she didn't even tell us why! And they still took the £200 from us!! What a rip!! Even with all the phone calls and letters, even to this day they won't tell me why i didn't get the morgage, and still £200 out of pocket! My advise to you is stay away from natwest for there morgages. There is another way..... Im changing banks. ...

Sony CDX-DAB 6650 22/01/2007

Must have DAB car stereo

Sony CDX-DAB 6650 I had been waiting for so long for a DAB car stereo to come on the market without buying any extra hardware. My first inpression when i got it out of the box was good, it blends into any car dash board with its sexy matt finish and it espeicially blends into my dashboard with its red light up buttons as i have a VW passat with the red and blue dash lights.... looks right at home. Some other DAB tuners don't come with any aerials. this one came with a standard windscreen mounted aerial, which was a bit fiddly to stick on but works just as well as the roof mounted ones which can cost you around £60 to buy, and you need to drill hole in your roof and extra fiddly wiring. The radio also came with it's own infared remote control, why you need one i don't no? but it's handy when you have passengers in the back when your out of the car as they don't need to lean over to operate it. It's a very powerful little unit punching out 4x52 watts of power and a good clean crisp sound. The unit also has 2 pre'outs for easy connection to amplifiers and also has a aux in which is good if you want to play your Mp3 player through it, i have my mini disc connected into mine and it sounds really good. The unit also has a sub leveling control which is handy as don't need to keep messing with the settings on the amp in the boot which makes it simple to set up sub's if you have any? The unit plays Mp3 Discs, Wma Discs and Altrac 3 and also you can add Cd titles to your Cd's which will be displayed ...

Volkswagen Passat 1.8T 20V 22/01/2007

Passat 1.8t 20v Sport.

Volkswagen Passat 1.8T 20V I bought my passat second hand 3 years ago now, It had 110,000 miles on the clock and a full service history. i have never regretted buying it. What a lot of car for the money i paid! it came with Air Con, 4 Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, Sports seats, Airbags all round, Alloys. This car was £18,000 Brand new! The first thing about this car is the size of it, their's plenty of leg room for rear passengers, and for front passengers. The boot space is huge, but not so good for large bulky items as the boot hatch is a bit on the narrow side. but you'll be amazed what you can get in it, i have had a nine piece drum kit, two guitars (in box cases) and a couple of amps and two passengers. The ride is quite good on the motorway, very quiet, smooth but it gets a bit wishy washy on the back roads. I do find that on the sport models the ride hight is low and i am forever scraping over speed humps and kerbs causing a bit of damage to the nappy under the engine which does come loose if you don't keep an eye on it, and is a part of the cars aerodynamics. So make sure it's got one before you buy. Also check the suspension bushes on high mileage one's this can be expensive and there is a lot of them on the passat. The engine is a 1.8, 20 valve, Turbo charged unit which develops around 150bhp, its the same engine the Audi TT which runs at 225bhp. So the engine isn't under to much stress. The power is good, but i do find that it needs a bit of reving to get it goin of the line. ...

Slipknot - Voliminal: Inside The Nine (DVD) 21/01/2007

slipknot band interviews, new and oldskool videos

Slipknot - Voliminal: Inside The Nine (DVD) Got this dvd for Christmas after a long wait. The first disc is like a video movie diary of their past two year tour, Raw, Uncensored, Uncut, Slipknot as never before seen. an inside and outside look at two years of the chaos that is slipknot. i found it a bit weird at first as it is mostly done on a home camera.... so the sound quality isn't so good! The joey drum solo is excellent as you would expect from the god of drums! you need to watch this movie a couple of times to take it all in overall pretty good. The second dvd contains indepth interviews of all the band members (unmasked, which is cool). Also new and oldskool videos including duality, vermilion, before i forget and nameless (live) and more. Also includes bonus footage of some of there live performances taken from festivals and television performances from around the world. In conclusion i recommend this dvd to all you hardcore slipknot fans out there, joey rules!! Track List Voliminal: Inside the Nine Disc 1: 1. Bonus Material [DVD][*] Disc 2: 1. Blister Exists [DVD] 2. Eyeless [DVD] 3. Vermilion [DVD] 4. (Sic) [DVD] 5. Duality [DVD] 6. Heretic Anthem [DVD] 7. Pulse of the Maggots [DVD] 8. Before I Forget [DVD] ...

Sony MZN510 Net MD portable MiniDisc recorder 21/01/2007

excellent music on the go

Sony MZN510 Net MD portable MiniDisc recorder It is the second Sony MD player i have had. The first one was swapped for a mp3 player and was second hand. i have had various mp3 players by various makers and they never lasted more than a couple of weeks. This is an extremely reliable and durable piece of kit. The battery seems to last for weeks! I have had upto 60 hours out of one battery and i use it on a daily basis. My son's have the latest mp3 players and the quality of the music is so much better on the MD, there is no need to reset it as it never crashes as most mp3 players do ( i have reset my son's twice since Christmas). It is also mp3, wma and altrac3 compatible. and able to fit on upto 10 albums on one disc with not to much imperment to sound quality. The only down side i have found is the early version of sonic stage which kept crashing my computer but this problem is solved with the new version of sonic stage which can be downloaded for free from their website, and the length of time to download on the MD is slow.... But it's worth the wait for the excellent sound quality. In conclusion i highly recommend this product to anyone, especially if you are clumsy or you have an active job or lifestyle,a top piece of equipment. Why Sony.....? Because you know the quality and value for money. Sony MZ-N510 features> ATRAC Type -S- USB connection on main unit High Speed drive mechanism for fast PC>MD copying using USB Up to 1.8x speed transfers for normal ATRAC, 16x for LP2 and 32x for LP4 6 Character ...

Metallica - The Videos 1989-2004 (DVD) 21/01/2007

All there videos together for the first time

Metallica - The Videos 1989-2004 (DVD) This has to be the most anticipated dvd from Metallica of all time. all of their most popular videos from their career old and new, with such classics as, Enter Sandman to the rarely seen, I Disappear video this dvd rocks from start to finish. The opener of One reminds you why Metallica are so good and the truely awesome Nothing Else Matters will always send you off in goosebumbs. It is one of the best music videos you will see. If your a rock fan who wants to have a sing song then this will give you a sore throat. There is not a bad video in the 141 minute running time. All in 5.1 dolby surround makes the sound quality excellent. You can not call yourself a true fan if u dont buy this. If this is the only Metallica dvd you buy you wont be disappointed. Sad But True, The Unforgiven II, Frantic, St Anger and so much more. 21 tracks of totally fantastic music. Ive played it so often its wearing out and id buy many more copies to have this one remain in my collection. Only one thing left to say... BUY BUY BUY. Track Listing: 1. One 2. Enter Sandman 3. The Unrforgiven 4. Nothing Else Matters 5. Wherever i May Roam 6. Sad But True 7. Until It Sleeps 8. Hero Of The Day 9. Mama Said 10. King Nothing 11. The Memory Remains 12. The Unforgiven II 13. Fuel 14. Turn The Page 15. Whiskey In The Jar 16. No Leaf Clover 17. I Dissapear 18. St. Anger 19. Frantic 20. The Unnamed Feeling 21. Some Kind Of Monster ALSO INCLUDED: 22. 2 Of One Introduction 23. One ...

Metallica - S And M (DVD) 21/01/2007

Metallica does the impossible.. And pull it off

Metallica - S And M (DVD) Metallica? With an ochestra? Very true! Some people would frown on this and maybe say Metallica went away from their roots and turned to sell-outs, but this is very stunning on what the maestro (Michael Kamen) and Metallica have put together! The sound is great, nothing less than expected from Metallica, even with 100+ back-up musicians to boot! With over twenty songs on the two discs it is well worth the price to sit down, watch, and listen to one of the world's greatest thrash metallers go to town with an orchestra! // 9 Content: The DVD has two new songs never released on CD. Those two are "No Leaf Clover" and "- Human" (Minus Human). Two great songs done with Metallica and the Orchestra. Below is the set list and my opinions and ratings out of five possible points for each song. Disc One: 01. The Ecstasy Of Gold - the introduction of the concert. It's short, but sets everyone in the mood for the upcoming song very nicely. This is just the symphony playing 4/5. 02. The Call Of Ktulu - the first song Metallica plays, and what better way than to start off with an instrumental? There is a flaw to this one, though, and that's it's ever-lasting length of it, but the orchestra adds quite a bit to the song, so it's not as redundant sounding as before 4/5. 03. Master Of Puppets - the symphony adds a lot to the opening piece of MoP, but as the song progresses, I think they downgrade the quality, but again, a great job done, and compared to some live concerts, they actually ...
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