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About me. Well im intrested in writing reviews on products i know best about. which is, Gaming brands,music productivty brands,music sotfwares, aswell as hardwares. When im not writing reviews im Producing Music at a occupational level.

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since 08/04/2017


Novation LaunchPad Ableton 10/04/2017

Ableton LaunchPad Series

Novation LaunchPad Ableton In this review for this product i will be sharing my own personal thoughts on this awesome little bit of gear. For starters this is made by Novation Ableton. which is a music electronics company. This small bit of kit here the launchpad is ideal for beginners-professional productions and creativity. Pro's -Sounds Great -Fully customisable -works on many music programs. -can also use other hardwares in sync. Con's -Can be complicated to use. -the software it comes with (ableton) is not beginners friendly. In my experiance in this product i would rate it good for what you are paying for it the prices do vary. min $100-$2000 depending what you are after using it for. Thankyou for taking your time in reading this review. ...

Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One) 09/04/2017

Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One) I want to begin this review by thanking Microsoft and the developers of Forza Horizon 3 for bringing this game into my life. I am not a racing gamer at heart, but I played Horizon 2 to death only because it celebrated scenic driving in a way that no other game came close to. Forza Horizon 3 improves on everything that made its predecessor my favourite racing game, and has therefore become my new favourite racing game. In fact, as I write this review, I actually want to play more of FH3. I’m writing this because I have to, but I’m actually desperate to go back to playing the game. What makes FH3 so special? This cannot be easily answered until you play it yourself. It’s the music that plays loudly as you drive at over 100mph, not even necessarily racing anyone. It’s the feeling that you’re genuinely driving around Australia in a car that is made just for you. The way it sounds, the way it handles and the way it looks is exactly what you could have asked for. FH3 is a celebration of driving in general, not just racing. I have a huge sweet spot for the Audi R8, especially now that it has been fitted with the Hurracan engine.

Diesel Only The Brave Tattoo Eau de Toilette 09/04/2017

Diesel Only The Brave

Diesel Only The Brave Tattoo Eau de Toilette I have been buying this product for many years now, and it is my all time favorite diesel product. i would recommend this product to anyone who likes a sweet musky smell. comes in a nice bottle aswell as box with art on the bottle with a metal lid and neck the bottle it self is very resistence to dropping. This product Comes in 3 Sizes the larger the better. a frequent user will make the large bottle last for atleast 6 months. All around in my experiance with this product is a must have. There are pro's and con's just like any other product. Pro's - smells really nice and sweet. - the bottle is very durable. - it lasts long. - the art is nice. Con's - can hit the wallet hard. - the smell can be a bit to over powering
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