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Dryer balls 08/12/2008

Kinky Massage Balls are Dryer Balls.

Dryer balls My drying balls were a result of wanting to treat myself. I had some Tesco club card vouchers which is the perfect excuse for a reason to buy something for yourself that you don`t really need. Whilst perusing the store, some strange looking balls caught my eye. I was wondering whether they were a pair of kinky massage balls. On closer inspection, I discovered that they were tumble dryer balls! I hadn`t seen anything like the balls before so I was compelled to have a look. There were 2 balls, one in pale blue and one in lilac, covered in little nobbly bits. They were partially covered with cardboard packaging. I needed to find out more, I really wanted to feel the entire ball in my hand. I was puzzled with regards to their use in drying clothes so I read the cardboard packaging. Claims. ****** There were several claims made by the packet. Apparently the balls cut down on drying time. They also claim to produce less tumble dryer fluff and static. Apparently there is no need to use fabric softener as the balls soften the clothes. They also make the clothes come out less creased. At £7.99 I wondered if they would count as a treat. I wondered if they were worth giving up my treat for and I considered them to be a bit expensive. My curiosity had been aroused though and it got the better of me. Am I a sucker for gimmicks, or will they actually be useful? Initial Impressions. *************** * The balls are hard and spikey. The spikes are blunt but it did seem an ...

Negative Heel Technology Shoes 25/08/2008

Tone your legs without any effort? Read on.

Negative Heel Technology Shoes Recently (past few months) I have started wearing shoes with a negative heel. This means that when wearing the shoes, the heel is actually lower than the toes. My rational behind wearing them is, I am a horse rider. When riding horses your heel is supposed to be down. Even though I ride every day, I can`t get my heel very far down. It is down but not much. Some people seem to be really flexible in the heel and can get their heels down really far. I practice stretching on steps and things but it doesn`t help much. So, if nothing else, these negative heel technology shoes should help me get my heels down. Negative Heel Technology. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * First of all, what is negative heel technology. Yes the heel is lower than the toe, but why? Well, they are designed to give you perfect posture. That is good as it is supposed to help with back problems as well. The shoes are also supposed to burn 3 times as many calories as ordinary shoes. The other thing that is supposed to happen is that cellulite will be reduced. Well can`t be bad can it? I am sure that it will help stretch calf muscles and hamstrings to allow heels to be placed down further for horse riders. So what are you all waiting for? I have 2 pairs of these shoes and will let you know my experiences of them. I am reviewing negative heel technology shoes in general, not any particular kind. My first pair. * * * * * * * * My first pair of negative heel technology shoes were ones that I ...

Lumie Bodyclock Classic Sunrise Alarm Clock 08/08/2008

A Ray of Sunshine.

Lumie Bodyclock Classic Sunrise Alarm Clock I am a fan of the Lumie Bodyclocks having owned 3 which I will explain in a moment. I bought my first one about 3 years ago and I wrote a review on the Lumie sunrise bodyclock in December 2006. You are welcome to read this review and will notice that the reviews are completely different. Although the principle of the clocks are the same, there are different styles with slightly different functions and I have not copied and pasted any of the reviews. Why did I buy the second bodyclock? * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * I was absolutely delighted with my orignal Lumie bodyclock. It really helped me through the cold dark winter. I used it all year round even though it was more beneficial in winter. One morning I was quite tired. I could hear my son downstairs and my clock read 5.30. I thought to myself for a few moments and decided that if he was up at that time he would have to stay up. If I had got up I would never have got back to sleep again and I was really enjoying being in bed. A bit later my son shouted up at me `When are you getting up mum?`. I shouted back, `You`ve been up since 5.30`. Then my husband said to me `It is 8 o clock`. Shock horror, up like a shot and dressed to get my son his breakfast and to school. It was 8 o clock, my clock read 6 o clock. The previous day we had experienced a power cut during the day. I had reset my clock and figured that I hadn`t done it properly. I set it again but the same happened, it was losing time. ...

Scrabble 2007 New Edition (Nintendo DS) 22/06/2008

Don`t be lost for words.

Scrabble 2007 New Edition (Nintendo DS) Being more than a bit addicted to the Nintendo DS, it makes me feel slightly less guilty if I play more educational type games. I enjoy scrabble as a board game from time to time. I didn`t really fancy trying it on the DS until my friend recommended it. I am glad I did as it is really good. The Nintendo DS scrabble game has the same principle as the scrabble board game. You are dealt 7 tiles to start and there is no cheating as you get no choice (I know you have to watch some people!). You can opt to change all of your tiles if you wish though and miss a turn fi they are no good. It is the same as the board game in the respect that it has tiles of different values and triple word, double word and double letter squares. The game involves skill, strategy and luck. I say luck because the triple word square that I have a wonderful word planned for my next go, is always taken by the other player! You can link up with other players if you like and play against each other. I have always just played on my own so far though because you can play against fictional people. I really like this. You can practice first and then go on to local and then national competitions. I really like this game, in fact I prefer it to the scrabble board game. The only advantage that the board game has in my opinion is the size. The DS game may present a problem for short sighted people, or difficulty with hand eye coordination. Of course with the board game, there is a sense of interaction which ...

More Brain Training: Dr Kawashima's How Old Is Your Brain (Nintendo DS) 13/06/2008

Just don`t bust too many germs.

More Brain Training: Dr Kawashima's How Old Is Your Brain (Nintendo DS) Following my purchase of a Nintendo DS, it has been necessary to buy as many brain age training games as possible (who said I had an addictive personality?) Actually I had the brain training before the DS but as I couldn`t play on it 24/7 as it was my sons, I needed to buy the DS. That is just a slight hint of how easy it is to lose sight of reality and play on it for a disproportionate amount of time. OK so More Brain Training for the Nintendo DS. It is the one on from the orignal Brain Training by Dr Kawashima. For the uninitiated, it is a way of using brain training puzzles to test your brain age. You can test it every day, only once. It only saves the score for that day, not the best. You can do it more than once but it won`t save your brain age again. This is certainly an incentive to do better (try) each day. When you test your brain age, 80 is the oldest and 20 is the youngest. The idea is to try to achieve 20 as this is the most favourable score. More brain training has different brain training to the original brain training. Like the original it has sukoku at the end. It also has germ buster which I shall go into later. Brain age check - This consists of 3 of the training exercises below and it is timed. The only one which isn`t in the practice is number memory. In this one you need to memorise 25 numbers. It is difficult as, though the numbers are 1 to 25, you need to remember exactly where they are located. There are 10 training exercises but some ...

Tell Me Why Mummy - David Thomas 02/06/2008

Why can`t I have a normal Mummy?

Tell Me Why Mummy - David Thomas Tell Me Why Mummy is a Sunday Times bestseller. `A little boy`s struggle to survive`. A mother`s shameful secret`. The book cover is eye catching with the above wording and a little boys face on the front. David Thomas is the author and he paints a very vivid picture of his life. The child on the front looks angelic. It does not take long to realise that the life of the child inside the book, is far from angelic. The book is heart wrenching though impossible to put down. It is necessary to pause regularly due to the upsetting nature of the book. I kept thinking of my little boy when reading the book. His life is so innocent in comparison. I just hope and pray that nothing similar will ever happen to him. The book is very easy reading, apart from the emotional implications. What I mean by this is that the content is not boring, it flows very well and the end of each chapter promises more to come. The writing style certainly doesn`t disappoint. It has 321 pages with medium sized writing. It costs £6.99 though I borrowed it from the library. The book begins when David is a little boy. He has a simple life. His clothes are second hand and he has very few material possessions. His father was not very affectionate, in fact he didn`t have much time for him. He had so much love from his mother though. Life was alright. His mother would spend lots of quality time with him and she was wonderful. That is, when she wasn`t drinking. Their lives were blighted by alcohol. She ...

Resusci Anne Torso 21/05/2008

Would you like to learn some mouth to mouth?

Resusci Anne Torso I am a Basic Life Support trainer in addition to my other duties on the ward. Recently I was able to persuade my boss to buy a Little Anne manikin to enable me to train people on the ward without having to go out an borrow the ones from the training centre. It would also allow us the opportunity to practice in between the 12 month mandatory training, while the ward was quiet. What is it? * * * * * * * The Little Anne resusci manikin is a torso only. It is used as an aid to teach Basic Life Support. It allows people to practice chest compressions and ventilations. Where to buy. * * * * * * * * * * There are various sites on the internet, though I would recommend the laerdal site which is where we bought ours from. The address is Laerdal sell lots of equipment for use for Basic Life Support up to Advanced Life Support. They are a reputable company. I clicked onto the link for the website attached to this page and found it a lot more expensive. The price was for a Little Anne torso. The only difference was, it has a jacket on, unlike the laerdal on. Whilst I would expect to pay a bit more for a jacket, I wouldn`t expect the difference to be hundreds which it was. Hence the review that I am writing is of the Little Anne pictured at the bottom of the page, without a jacket. Prices. * * * * * The important thing to remember if considering buying one of these, it is not just the cost of the manikin, there are further costs. The Little ...

Big Brain Academy (Nintendo DS) 14/05/2008

Going for Platinum.

Big Brain Academy (Nintendo DS) Being swept along by the current brain training craze, I decided to buy the Big Brain Academy for the Nintendo DS. I tried the game a couple of times and was far from impressed. It struck me as quite childish, more suited to children. My 9 year old son loved it. The characters were of a cartoon varieity and I could not quite take it seriously. How could cartoons help improve your brain? Anyway....... ..............Don`t let first impressions put you off. It is now essential for me to have my daily fix of Big Brain Academy. The first thing that I noticed about the game was that it requires that you hold the DS lengthways. This is the other way around to the Brain Training games. The long part of the screen is at the bottom and the other screen above. At first this got on my nerves as I was used to holding it the other way. I soon got used to it though and actually quite like it now. The second thing that caught my attention were the colours. There are lots of colours suggesting that it is a fun game and not a serious one. There is a cartoon teacher on the top screen waving a stick around with a hat on. There are instructions on the top screen on a `blackboard` that the teacher keeps pointing at. This is the point at which you can enter your name and your scores are then recorded. You can in fact practice without entering your name by gong into `demo`. You can then obtain a score if you are just borrowing the game. Once you enter your name, you can then ...

Bella - Jilly Cooper 30/04/2008

Is it romance or acting?

Bella - Jilly Cooper I have read several Jilly Cooper books. This one, though just as easy to read as other Jilly Cooper books that I have read, was not quite as gripping in my opinion. Bella, although categorised as a romance, was not as romantic as I would have liked. The romance at the begining was not like romance, more like an arranged marriage though not exactly. There was promise of real heart raising romance with someone else, but this did not happen. Eventually romance came along from an unlikely source, though it was rather predictable as a reader in my opinion. First of all, Bella, the main character is a successful actress. She had the offer of marriage from a very succesful, handsome and rich man. She was terrified that a secret from her past would be revealed and ruin everything, especially as someone from that past had reappeared. In addition, her potential husbands cousin was trying to prevent the marriage. The family who she was about to marry into also had some secrets, Bella found herself in danger. I usually find Jilly Coopers books very romantic and sexy in places. I felt that this was lacking, only because of the nature of Bellas relationship in the first part of the book. She seemed to be avoiding passionate relationships in favour of a safe and secure relationship. She also wanted to protect her reputation as a stage actress. Whilst the book still did make a good read, I was waiting for Jilly Coopers usual passion, which did not really appear. It seemed that a ...

Boots Time Delay Instant Lip Plumper 10/04/2008

Hve you been drinking Olive Oil again?

Boots Time Delay Instant Lip Plumper I am always on the lookout for lip products to protect and enhance my lips, especially after the cold weather that we have had recently. Whilst I was in Boots the Chemist the other day, I was browsing the shelves for some moisturiser, when some Instant Lip Plumper caught my eye. Boots Time Delay Instant Lip Plumper. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * If I am honest, I would not have paid the £7 for this item if there had not been a 3 for 2 offer on at Boots. I was already buying moisturiser and eye cream so effectively this was free (well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it). I have always been satisfied with Boots products and I liked the look of this. The slim box was fairly attractive, the time delay and lip plumper was prominent, making it obvious at a glance what the product was offering. The product promised to enhance natural colouring and to make the lips appear plumper. It also suggested that if used every day, the effects would last for up to a week. Inside the Box. * * * * * * * * * * * I was expecting for some reason the lip plumper to be in a cream format, it was with surprise that I found a tube with a sponge applicator, like some lip glosses. The colour was one similar in appearance to bronze though a bit lighter. The texture was one of the sponge applicator type lip glosses. It had a fairly strong scent to it, though not an overpowering one. It had a slight resemblance to spearmint and vanilla. ...

Cosmetic Research Online 04/04/2008

From dusters to lip care, it is a FREE lucky dip.

Cosmetic Research Online I have always faniced being a product tester and I love freebies, so the Cosmetics Research on Line website seemed absolutely perfect. The `freebies` or products for test are sent out by Ayton Moon. The products are not tested on animals. They have already been tested for safety, the purpose of the test to see if anyone has a reaction, or if the product does as it promises. How do you Join? * * * * * * * * * * * * * Joining is a simple and free process for which you firstly need to select your Country. You include all of your details as well as the rest of your family who live in your house if you wish. There are questions relating to most things that you come into contact with daily. There are lots of categories with related questions. As the website suggests, the products are not just cosmetics. They could be dog treats, diswasher rinse, dusters, anthing really that is an every day product. Once you have completed each section in the questions, make sure that is updated and it will appear on the profile wheel. You will have a profile wheel for each family member (if applicable), which needs to be kept up to date. It will indicate if you profile is incomplete and you will need to rectify this, otherwise you may not be selected for trials. When I first began the star informed me that my puctuality was adequate. I was a bit annoyed as I always kept it up to date. However, once I had completed a trial and logged in to the questionnaire, my puctuality changed to ...

Stephens Premium Lined Sheepskin Showing Numnahs 11/02/2008

For those into showing horses.

Stephens Premium Lined Sheepskin Showing Numnahs I am continually striving to find the most comfortable numnah for my horses back. There are so many different types of numnahs out there, the choice is almost endless. It is important that the horse is comfortable. For a discipline like showing, it is also important that the horse looks presentable. When showing, it is desirable to show off the horses shoulder. This is why straight cut showing saddles have been designed. The numnah should also be discreet when showing. Some people do not use a numnah for showing at all in order to achieve this. The only problem with this is, it may compromise the comfort of the horse. A numnah protects the back of the horse. It also helps keep the underside of the saddle clean. There are lots of different materials of numnah that are suitable. Some horses are more sensitive than others though. My thoroughbred mare has sensitive skin and she has come back from rides with rub marks from under the numnah. A good numnah will eliminate pressure points. It will also be manufactured from a material that will not cause rubbing., will not attract dirt and will wash and dry easily. Sheepskin is a natural fibre. It is soft and comfortable, it absorbs sweat really well and it seems to suit my thoroughbred mare. This is why I find sheepskin so good. I can use other numnahs for riding, but when spending a long time in the saddle, which you do when showing, I always use sheepskin for this mare. Stephens premium sheepskin is available as a ...

Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? (Nintendo DS) 08/02/2008

A good addiction?

Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? (Nintendo DS) I had wanted the game Brain Training for a while but didn`t have a Nintendo DS. The solution that my husband and I came up with was, buy my son a DS for Christmas and me the Brain Training game. It has been used very much as a family game. We all have a go. Admittedly though, I am the best, probably because I use it the most. It may train my brain, but it has also turned into something of an addiction. What is Brain Training? Brain training is a game intended for use with the Nintendo DS. It is supposed to tell you how old your brain is. It is designed for daily use with a variety of exercises to make your brain perform different functions. There is a brain age check on there that is used daily. The maximum is 80 and the minimum 20. The best age that it is possible to be is 20. When first using the game, it can take a short while to get used to it, just simple things like writing with the pen and speaking. When performing each test, the idea is to get quicker each time when brain training. Not only does it show your time, it also shows a relative speed, walking, cycling, driving, flying and rocket. Obviously the desirable speed to attain is rocket. It is easy to see how an addiction can be formed. The Brain Training was invented by a Dr Kawashima. You are expected to check your brain age every day. Once you have done this you commence the training exercises or do them first. Once you have participated in the training, you receive a stamp which indicates that you have ...

Build-A-Bear Workshop 20/01/2008

I prefer them floppy and not stuffed.

Build-A-Bear Workshop My introduction to Build-A-Bear began from my sons school. They have a small dark brown bear as a work incentive. The pupils have a chart in the classroom. They are awarded with stars for good behaviour and being a model pupil. At the end of the week that stars are all counted. The pupil with the most stars is awared the bear, for a week only. My son has had him a few times which he has loved. The presence of the bear creates enthusiasm in the classroom. Needless to say, having an occassional bear was not good enough. A visit to Build-A-Bear in Plymouth became necessary. I have not visited any other Build-A-Bear shops, just the Plymouth one. There are actually 46 Build-A-Bear workshops in the United Kingdom. They are also located in other countries. They are all listed on the webiste which is The website is quite nice. It is colourful and you can look at the available bears which you can order on line also. You can also book parties. It is quite interactive for children. Take a look at the website, the review is about workshop. Build-A-Bear. You don`t literally build a bear, you just stuff them. You enter the shop and there are choices available. They are mostly bears but there are also dogs, dinosaurs and cheeters and other things depending on the store. In the Plymouth branch, there are lots of bears, but there are far more accessories. As you enter on the right, are the bears. They are not really bears, they are shells, skins, ... 13/01/2008

Hooked on Helium but not quite High! I have read a few reviews on and decided to take a look. Since then I have been hooked. It is a writing and rating site where it is possible to earn money. The difference in this site to Ciao is that it does not really involve writing product reviews. It is more of a site to enable you to write articles. Home Page When navigating to you are greeted with a white page with red writing around the borders and blue writing in the middle. It is actually really easy to read and is a welcoming page. There are little boxes in the middle with highlighted articles, debates etc. There are featured writers. It is possible to see the higher paying articles. It lets you know the variety of articles at a glance, though there are lots more on the site. I must admit, when I first looked, it didn`t really grab my attention. I couldn`t see anything I really fancied writing about so initially I went away. I decided to have another look a few days later and I haven`t looked back. Search This is what grabbed my interest the second time. I entered a word of interest to me and there were lots of articles on a variety of subjects within that search. I immediately began writing and enjoyed it immensely. The subject was one of great relevance to me. It was interesting writing about it and also seeing other articles about the subject. I wrote quite a few articles on this topic so eventually I began to look at others. You don`t have to put a direct word in the search. ...
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