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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 19/02/2009

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5EB-K

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 The specifications are as follows: 9.1 Mega pixels 10x optical zoom Leica lens 1/2.33" sensor Sd card with SdHc capability (upto 32gb) 3" lcd screen with 460k dots lithium ion rechargeable battery 28mm wide angle lens HD movie capability So far there is only one problem that i have found with this camera. That is when the ISO gets above 200 the images start to blur slightly but i don't know of many, if any compact cameras with 10x zoom will prevent the blurring from happening on higher ISO settings. The build quality of the camera is superb it feels weighty which to me is a good sign that the camera actually has something decent inside of it :). But i will say that it is not as small as most compact cameras but when you think about having a lens with 10x optical zoom there has to be somewhere to hide it. The features are pretty similar to the tz3 in terms of function settings and the results are very impresive. The macro function produces clear shots and also the auto function when taking scenery is amazing aswell. My only other gripe with this product is the lack of manual settings (there aren't any). To me that isn't a problem but to a more advanced photographer they may want to look at the Canon SX100is instead (another amazing camera) 19/02/2009 Travel is actually a direct link to the homepage of one of Amazon's "Trusted Partners" - - and offers a special link to "Learn more about our trusted partners" - which brings you right back to the site on a page which gives you contact details and telephone numbers to follow-up on any order you may have made with as a result of ordering through Amazon Travel Shop. This is actually done very well! ***[A similar partnership exists with and - I have just today assisted my niece and nephew-in-law to find the cheapest fare (and book it) to come to my son's wedding in November - at nearly $100 less per person than with the cheapest airline when booked directly!!!]*** There are separate charges for the different categories ordered, depending on what you are ordering, and all charges are added to the total at the end when you checkout. SUPER SAVER DELIVERY is now available if you order £15 of "ELIGIBLE PRODUCTS" directly from Amazon. All ineligible products will incur delivery charges at the appropriate rate, which will be added on at checkout. Each item will be flagged on the final summary as to whether or not eligibility exists. To receive this special offer, you first have to choose over £15 worth of eligible products. A banner will come up at the top of the page letting you know that SUPER SAVER DELIVERY is NOW AVAILABLE. However, Super Saver is no longer AUTOMATIC. You will still have to make the CORRECT CHOICE ...

Dookie - Green Day 19/02/2009

Dookie - Green Day

Dookie - Green Day 'Welcome to Paradise' was originally included on the bands 1992 album 'Kerplunk', however was rerecorded for the 'Dookie' album and is one that I feel has been pulled off incredibly well here. It is one of my favourite Green Day tracks and every time I listen to this one I smile. The vocals are strong, the chorus is excellent, and the guitars shine through magnificently as the band smash this one out with great attitude and a huge level of excitement. The band sound so full of life and energy here, this is in my opinion Green Day at their very best. 'She' is another of my favourites from this album. It is a well written track and once more shows the band at their best I feel. It's quite soft in sound but the lyrics are hard hitting and it works extremely well at the centre of this album I feel. It is an incredibly effective track, it cries out to be listened to and as you do so it certainly does not disappoint. Green Day definitely succeed with 'She', few times in the bands career have they recorded a sound as fine as this. The album appears to come to an end with the track 'F.O.D', a decent closing track for the album and one that I believe to be an excellent punk rock anthem. The reason I say that the album 'appears' to come to a close with this track is that there is in fact a hidden track tagged on the end of this one. The track I am referring to is the excellent 'All By Myself', a song performed solely by Green Day drummer Tré Cool. It is an amusing little number with a ...

BT Freestyle 350 SMS Triple 19/02/2009

BT Freestyle 350 SMS Triple

BT Freestyle 350 SMS Triple Sound quality is good on normal calls and on speaker phone and the ringer could be heard from the moon so no qualms there. If you have your broadband and phone on the same line make sure you have a good filter or the audio will drop off on calls to a whisper. The answer phone is also great and can be turned on or off at the touch of a button, there is also a button for locating the phone when you leave it in the kitchen cupboard etc. Build quality and interface are the biggest issues, it feels like a lump of plastic held together with sticky tape and when dropped spreads its insides across the room like a fragmentation grenade. The screen is tiny and despite having the option of changing settings like backgrounds and display it is pointless as it has what looks like 24 pixels across. Phonebook is good and if you have caller recognition on this works really well too. All in all a great phone when it comes to calls but leave the txt message option alone and they should have avoided trying to make a mobile phone esque display and just fitted on instead if they r

A Child Called It - Dave Pelzer 19/02/2009

A Child Called It - Dave Pelzer

A Child Called It - Dave Pelzer The book begins with the story of how Dave was rescued from his evil mother by the people he now regards as heros. The reason for starting at this point in time is, I assume, to prevent people from getting disheartened as they read the book. You know that, at some point, somebody does finally see how bad things have become for him. School teachers, social workers and police officers risked their own jobs to intervene and take him away from his mother. This was a very heroic act indeed, but I couldn't help but wonder why it didn't happen sooner. The book then moves on to describe the way he lived with his family before such abuse began, and from this point on, the book becomes more and more disturbing. He describes the way his life changed as his mother's alcohol dependancy and her bad relationship with Dave's father lead her to some sort of madness which she took out almost solely on one of her sons. It describes how Dave was subjected to stabbing, torture, humiliation in public and in private, being made to do all of the family chores and being excluded from "her family," and referred to as "it." All events are described in horrifficly graphic detail, so the book is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The most amazing, even awe inspiring things are Dave's determination to survive against all the odds, and not to give up, whatever she does to him. His admiration for his father never dwindles, even when his father won't interfere with the way Dave is being treated. And, ...

JML Fresh Air Globe 19/02/2009

JML Fresh Air Globe

JML Fresh Air Globe The idea is that by swirling water around (or something more scientific but swirling is what it looks like), particles will be filtered out of the air and deposited in the water bowl leaving you with cleaner, fresher air. It claims to remove pet odours, harmful bacteria and neutralise other odours. The unit comes in three parts - the base with light & power switch, the water globe and the lid. There is a vent on the lid of the globe from which the air (and I assume the water particles) are emitted. Cost £40 plus £5 postage direct from JML, available in two colours Use It's very easy to use - you fill the bowl to the recommended level, put the lid on, plug it into the mains and switch it on. There are a number of light options ranging from one static colour, strobe effect, neutral or no light. You can add oils to the water bowl however the book states that you should only use those supplied by JML as they are specially created. Unfortunately, these are pretty chemical smelling and unpleasant - not the natural ambience I had been promised. My globe came with eucalyptus and lavender oils and even with the stuffy sinus nose I could smell something which was not quite right. I suppose on the bright side, at least I could smell something. There is a gentle noise of running water which is not intrusive and sometimes is quite relaxing.

Panasonic SD253 19/02/2009

Panasonic SD253

Panasonic SD253 My kitchen, using estate agent language, is of modest proportions (i.e. Little more than a cupboard with a hotplate) so superfluous gadgetry is bannished, but this robotic wonder permanently occupies some very valuable work-top real estate. It too is of modest proportions, with a footprint of less than one foot (30cm) square, although fairly tall at about 40cm. It is extremely easy to operate, simply put the ingredients into the metal bread-pan, first making sure the rotating kneading paddle/blade is in place at the bottom, lift open the lid of the bread-maker drop the baking pan in, twisting slightly to engage the motor, close the lid then choose the loaf size and baking options specified in the recipe and set the timer if you want the bread later e.g. for breakfast. The controls are simple buttons on the top panel which allow you to cycle through each option. The bread needs to be removed fairly quickly on completion to prevent overcooking. The instruction manual/recipe book is a thin A4 paper booklet, with just 35 pages, but has good operating instructions, trouble-shooting for when it doesn't quite go as planned and a very good range of recipes. The machine does all the work for you, so knowing how it is doing it is irrelevant. All you need to know is the ingredients and quantities and the options to set. There are also many books on the subject for further recipes. The main problem I found was in determining quantities. The bread-maker comes with a measuring jug and ...

Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R 17/02/2009

Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R I called the person selling the bike and took it out for my first test ride of the busa and oh man it was just amazing - it handled like a dream and had so much comfort and power it's untrue. I bought it imediatly. It is a little daunting having so much power but i give the bike allot of respect and have no interest in racing so did not thrash it, the bike is easy to go over the speed limits without realising this is something i am still getting used to - sitting at 50k per hour around the city is soemthing you have to watch and especially 100k on the motorways as i look down and find myself sat at 140 and as it is smooth and not even a big twist on the throttle i have to ensure i correct this to the limit (i like my licence). I am glad i have had 10 years biking experience and feel this machine requires a good knowledge to be able to ride it and would not recomend it for any learners. be carefull if you are at the lights and want to just get infront of a car on my old gsx750 this was easy and i just speed away in first and think nothing of it - on the busa you give it too much and you will find yourself starring at the sky trying to get the front wheel back down. all in all the Suzuki Hayabusa is a great touring machine that gives the best handling, a great deal of confort and a feeling of safety which is hard to describe why with a rocket strapped to you but it is just an amazing machine. I have a big weekend planned for it now and am looking forward to watching it eat ...

Sennheiser PX100 17/02/2009

Sennheiser PX100

Sennheiser PX100 Truly outstanding - there is no bass better than this for any headphones under 100 pounds and there is definitely no better bass in this price range. It uses special patent pending technology to create this awesome experience (bass damping and baffling I believe). The rest of the sound range is of a similarly high caliber, and there is no tinny or muddy noise here. You'll have to break in the headphones (blast some music out of them for a while) before they'll start to sound properly good - well, according to my friend anyway. There is also no distortion, thanks to the neodymium magnets. Comfort This aspect is probably the only one that I think needs improvement - but that's what the PX200's are for. It fits comfortably on your head and the earcups fit reasonably well. They are rather flat so it will not be the best fit, and personally I find closed designs like the PX200 better and more efficient at canceling background noise. However, it comes at an extra price to get a closed design, so if you're not too bothered about people standing next to you in the bus or train hearing your music than you'd probably be better of going with these. But I really have to say this again - you can't wear a hat over this without looking stupid. Durability These boast Kevlar reinforced cables so they are not liable to snap. The headphones themselves look sturdy, and will definitely hold when folded and flipped (the special folding design is especially useful), it's hardy and rugged in ...

Dell Inspiron 6000 (N04606) 12/02/2009

Dell inspiration 6000

Dell Inspiron 6000 (N04606) Until the 'fatal error' blue screen flashed up for the first time a few weeks later, and the laptop decided it had no hard drive anymore. After several more hours on the phone to Dell, the problem seemed to have sorted itself, and I was basically told to forget about it, the problem was sorted. I'll give Dell this, their tech support is pretty good - they couldn't solve the problem but it wasn't for want of trying. I spent several hours on the phone to them (at my expense), they rang me back for a couple more hours, then there was e-mail support and case follow-ups. Unfortunately, tech support must be pretty popular it took at least 35minutes each time just to actually be able to speak to someone. Since then the blue screen has appeared many more times but as the diagnostics seem to show no errors, Dell won't do anything further. They've suggested the possibility of a software conflict, although I'm not so sure, as there's very little on the laptop, and everything there is I've had running successfully on my desktop PC for years. Either way, the hard drive does eventually 'find' itself, although this takes anything from a few minutes to a few days, losing me time and work in the meantime.
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