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Now You See Me (DVD) 30/09/2013

Looking for great magic theme movie?Dont look anymore

Now You See Me (DVD) Now you see me is one of the best magic theme movie.This movie contains amazing portion of magic,illusions,drama,action,special effects and great music soundtrack. Movie takes place in now days where 4 different magicians/illusionist form a team and steal money from banks or individual people and give them to audience.Because of that reason audience just love them,but FBI isn't happy about that.Like all magic movies it has its secrets that you will understand only watching whole movie second time.So you can recommend this film to your friends and watch it again for second time and you still be interested in it till the end. Story line is really amazing,because till the end you still don't know which character formed whole team and is controlling them.

Half-Life (PC) 30/09/2013

Half Life 1 - great start for series

Half-Life (PC) Old but good game that become real bomb in FPS world.Game is about Resonance Cascade and Xen citizens invasion to Black Mesa.When situation gets out off control military is send to Black Mesa to fix everything,in other words kill all Xen intruders and other people that know about Black Mesa.Gordon Freeman wearing his HEV become this nightmare witness in Black Mesa. In this game without ordinary military enemies we will face head crabs,also people infected by them, and a lot of XEN people.Also later we will be taken to XEN. The game itself have quite good graphic compared to the games that was released the same time. The only thing that i disliked about this game was jump,jump and kill part,But on the other hand fight with Nintlanth was quite interesting. To sum up i would rate this game 4.5.Its great start for HL series

This is the End (DVD/Blu-Ray) 30/09/2013

This is the end - Easy evening comedy

This is the End (DVD/Blu-Ray) One of the best apocalyptical theme comedies I have ever seen.Great comedian group and each actor fit their role just perfect.I would recommend this film for evening when you just want to laugh and don't do any thinking. Movie is about group of friends that survives the "Judgment day" and now is trying to survive for as long as they can in celebrity house.Offcourse a lot of drugs alcohol and swearing is involved in this movie so its not suited for young Childs. One thing that i didn't like was the way they touch Gods theme(possession,judgments,sins).But its just my opinion, maybe you will find it funny and attractive as whole movie. To sum up, I would like to say that this movie is definitely worth watching.
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