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Lego Duplo 10617 My First Farm 10/07/2017

My First Farm

Lego Duplo 10617 My First Farm Duplo: My First Farm - 10617 Price: £9.59 My little boy is duplo mad at the moment, and he loves his animals usually he tries to combine both his playmobil animals and his duplo pieces which leads to a few strops as the Playmobil animals don't stay in place very well. I decided to pop to the toyshop and get him the Duplo my first farm, I thought with duplo animals this would lead to far less tantrums... Duplo is brilliant, I love that there is lego suitable for small hands, it definitely keeps my son busy for hours. The box is bigger than it needs to be and I don't think there really needed to be 3 plastic bags comtaining the pieces, one would have been enough. 26 pieces in total which include a cow a Sheep a Chicken 3 bricks which have a picture on of either milk, eggs or wool to represent the different produce you get from the animals. 2 x roof pieces 2 x Archways 3 x doors ( or windows- whatever you want to call them) 2x children 1x base 1x Manual These pieces are really easy to fit together, my tw year old hasno trouble at all fitting the pieces together and taking them apart. He especially loves the animals and has already pointed out in the manual ( also shows other sets) which set he wants next, though that will have to wait. The duplo set isn't expensive but they do add up. They typically range from £10 - £59 depending on what size set you buy. My First Farm is part of the farm life set which also includes -Farm Tractor Play Set - Duplo Big Farm I think ...

Person of Interest Season 1 (DVD) 07/07/2017

Person of Interest Season one

Person of Interest Season 1 (DVD) Person of interest season 1 Price: £9.99 Certificate: 15 Released: 2013 This series has been recommended to me by so many people, but I just didn't know if it was going to be the type of Tv show I like, but I thought I would give it a go and borrowed season one from my friends boyfriend. Crime Drama's aren't usually my genre but I quite enjoyed this one. The producer is J.J Abrams which is the same as Lost which is my ultimate favourite box set which I have watched more times than I care to admit. This show follows a man called Harold Finch who is trying to stop crimes happening before they happen he is working with a former CIA agent and special force agent John Reese. John Reese was a homeless man and alcoholic after leaving the forces. Finch saved him from a life of misery and offers him a job and after a shave and a shower he actually turned out looking pretty good. Reese definitely didn't forget any of his training whilst drinking when he kicks a group of teenagers butts on the train. After 9/11 Harold Finch created a database which could help him prevent crimes it gives him social security numbers of people who may be in danger. Finch and reese then track these people down, find out why they are in trouble and try to prevent it from happening. The CIA have absolutely no idea how Finch does it and how he reports every crime before they even have a hint of what's happening. Finch doesn't like carrying any weapons with him so when he has to go in on his own he hopes he ...

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 (DVD) 28/06/2017

The Final Season of Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 (DVD) Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Certificate: 15 Released: 2017 I have just finished watching Pretty Little Liars season 7 on netflix. The last season. The Final season of Pretty Little Liars, I was expecting it to end with something big and spectacular. I expected all questions to be answered and no new surprises. 'Let's play a game... a board game' The girls are part of a board game and they have to do tasks to get a jigsaw piece all the pieces show a map but the girls need to get all the pieces to know what or who is there. If they don't play they go to jail if they do play they get rewarded... The police are already on their case and their friendships are constantly being tested. The amount of lies is hard to keep up with. I'm hoping there will be very little spoilers but if you plan on watching this show you should probably skip the next paragraph as spoilers from previous seasons may be included. This season has had many ups and downs, I really liked how there was a happy ending and all was well in their lives. I didn't like how they introduced another character into the season on the last episode. It has been fairly obvious for the majority of the seasons that Mona was involved with 'A' some how and then when 'A' was revealed and 'A.D' came along she was also involved she was desperate to be accepted by people even if that meant joining both the good and the bad team. I can't believe after everything the girls have done including killing a man, none of them end up ...

Surviving Summer (DVD) 21/06/2017

Surviving Summer

Surviving Summer (DVD) Surviving Summer Price: £2.74 Certificate: 15 Released: 2010 Running time: 91 minutes I've recently got netflix and this is the first movie which was recommended to me, it took me 3 attempts to watch it. The first time I fell asleep, the 2 time my son had a really restless night so i was constantly leaving the room so had no idea what was going on. Third time lucky. This film is also called 'According to greta' and 'greta' This film stars Hilary Duff who growing up, I was a fan of. I loved the tv show lizzie mcguire movie. I don't think I have seen anything in awhile with her in. When I clicked the film I didn't know she was in it. Greta is a troubled teenager, she has two lists, one is a list of things she wants to do before she dies. The other is a list of ways to die.Greta plans to commit suicide before she is 18. Her father committed suicide, she doesn't have a very good relationship with her mother who keeps getting re married Gretas mother sends Greta to live with her grandparents for the summer hoping this will sort her out otherwise it will be boot camp for the troubled teenagers. Greta breaks all the rules, gets a job and is rude to the al customers. She hates being at her grandparents she feels like she's back living in the stone age, they don't even have cable. This is a really easy to follow story, it all runs a bit too smoothly. I thought there could have been a bit more action or something but it was fairly predictable and for a film about a suicidal girl ...

Gilmore Girls - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) 15/06/2017

Gilmore Girls Season 1

Gilmore Girls - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) Gilmore Girls Season One Price: £8.14 Certificate: 12 Released: 2000 After I finished watching Pretty Little Liars, I wanted a series to watch which wouldn't involve me staying up all night and a mystery which needed solving and Gilmore Girls has always been a show i've enjoyed although before I just watched random episodes rather than from the beginning. The Gilmore Girls follows a mother and Daughter both named Lorelai Gilmore but the daughter is known as Rory to make things a little easier. Lorelai had Rory at the age of 16, then moved away from her parents who she believed were trying to control her and sets up home in Stars Hollow, she runs and Inn and Rory excels in school. Lorelai and her mother Emily do not have a very good relationship but when Rory gets accepted into chilton school, Lorelai needs her parents help to pay the tuition fee, they agree to pay but on one condition. Lorelai and Rory must attend dinner at their house every friday night and call them at least once a week to update them on how they are both doing. The day before Rory is due to start at Chilton she decides she no longer wants to go and that's because she meets a boy.. Dean. Lorelai is desperate for Rory to not end up like her and have a child at 16. Rory does go to Chilton and there is where she meets Paris. Paris wants to always be the best at everything but Rory is equally as intelligent as her so there is a little rivalry there. Rory misses her old best friend Lane who lives in Stars ...

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 (DVD) 08/06/2017

Pretty Little Liars Season 6

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 (DVD) Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Price: £11.99 Certificate: 12 Released: 2016 Pretty Little Liars is based on a book series by Sara Shepard. A young school girl called Alison goes missing, a year after her disappearance a body is found and from that moment on Alison's friends Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer receive messages from a mystery person called A. 'A' knows everything about the girls, he or she has been watching and studying them for many years but the identity of this person has never been revealed until this season. Season 6 starts how season 5 ended and all the girls are traumatised after what happened to them at the end of season 5, relieved that they finally think 'A' has been caught and identified they try and move on with their lives... until they get another message from 'A' then they realise that 'A' is still out there. We finally find out who 'A' is in this season but it's not over. 5 years later and they still don't have a peaceful life, they are all summoned back to Rosewood and the messages start again only they know 'A' is dead, they went to the funeral and saw the body. So who is sending the messages now? I really like that half the series is set 5 years later, it's interesting to see where everyone is 5 years after they discovered who 'A' is. Aria is the only one who still seems to be scared of 'A' All the girls moved out of Rosewood, as soon as they are back there's another death... They all look suspicious. 1. Game on, Charles 2. Songs of Innocence 3. ...

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 (DVD) 06/06/2017

Pretty Little Liars Season 5

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 (DVD) Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Price: £12.99 Certificate: 12 Released: 2015 Pretty Little Liars is based on the book series by Sara Shepard. When Alison DiLaurentis goes missing the girls start receiving messages from a mystery person who goes by the name of 'A' they have absolutely no idea who this person is but they know everything about them, like he or she is constantly watching them. Season 5, only 2 seasons to go. I was really disappointed by Season 4, It was my least favourite season but I need to know who 'A' is so I've continued to watch. This season was so much better than the previous that I'm glad season 4 didn't ruin it completely for me. There's another death in Rosewood and the girls are being accused of murder. There is so much going on in this series and with Toby now in the police force you would think it would make finding 'A' that little bit easier but it doesn't... He takes his job very seriously and it's not easy when his girlfriend is out there causing trouble and breaking the law or helping someone else do it. The Hastings have taken in a lodger who likes to be creative and vandalism is high up on his list of hobbies. A lot of secrets are revealed in this season but more lies are said. It's hard to know exactly what the truth is anymore and no one can be trusted in Rosewood. Episodes 1. EscApe from New York 2. Whirly Girlie 3. Suffering The AfterShocks 4. Thrown From The Ride 5. Miss Me X 100 6. Run, Ali Run 7. The Silence of E. Lamb 8. Scream For ...

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 (DVD) 01/06/2017

Pretty Little Liars Season 4

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 (DVD) Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Price: £18.47 Certificate: 15 released: 2014 Season 4 already, I feel like I have an unhealthy obsession with this TV show I have just ordered the books, books always give more information. Every episode I feel like I have worked out who 'A' is and then they have an alibi or die. It's doing my head in. I spoke to my hairdresser to find out when I find out who A is and she informed me season 6... Which seems so far away! but realistically it's probably 4 days away maybe 5. I am speeding through these seasons. The girls are still trying to work out who 'A' is. A has upped her game and she's now getting them and their parents into trouble with the police. A's games have increased so much and the riddles she leaves are becoming ridiculous. Everyone has so many secrets and tell a lot of lies It's hard to believe anything anyone says in this show anymore. You think there's one normal character but then he turns out to be just as manipulative as the rest. I would hate to live in Rosewood everyone has some sort of skeleton in their cupboard. The girls have gone from just being students to basically being investigators, the clues they follow to try and get answers and the trouble they cause. Some scenes are a little too exaggerated and how can they get away with so much? Episodes 0. A LiArs Guide To Rosewood 1. A is for A-l-i-v-e 2. Turn of the Shoe 3. Cat's Cradle 4. Face Time 5. Gamma Zeta Die 6. Under the Gun 7. Crash and Burn,Girl! 8. The ...

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 (DVD) 29/05/2017

Pretty Little Liars Season Three

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 (DVD) Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Price: £12.04 Released: 2014 Certificate: 12 Pretty Little Liars is my current obsession, I am speeding through these box sets so quickly. I am addicted to this TV show thanks to my hairdresser. Season 3 is complete and I still don't know who the killer is or who A is. With each season more and more clues are being left and I feel closer to finding out, it's a little frustrating not knowing but the mystery is keeping me hooked. Pretty Little liars is about 4 girls who are being tortured and harassed by emails, letters texts and items being sent to them by a mystery person called 'A' The girls started receiving all these when Alison their friend died. The 'A' person knows everything, all the girls secrets and always seems to be one step ahead of them. In this season Alison's body has been dug up and gone missing and there is no clue as to where it could be. Mona is hospitalised during the first half of the series for believing she is 'A' But this isn't the only person to be hospitalised in this season. More secrets are revealed and a lot more trouble is caused.. Can you really run a policeman over and get away with it? Alison is causing a hell of a lot of trouble for everyone and she's not even alive. Her past has a lot of secrets which are unraveling. There are so many questions that need answering I can't help but binge watch. It's taken me 2 days to watch all these episodes. I love how they portray 'A' you only ever see the black gloves s/he ...

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 (DVD) 27/05/2017

Pretty Little Liars Season 2

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 (DVD) Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Price: £9.96 Certificate: 12 Released: 2013 I was so excited to start season two I absolutely loved season one and it ended on such a powerful dynamic episode that I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. Pretty little liars is set around the death of a girl called Allison she was part of a group of 5 girls, the other girls have been brought back together after the announcement of her death as She was missing for a year before her body was found... But, the girls are receiving messages from someone called 'A' they have no idea who this person is but they seem to be pretending to be Alison they say things only Alison would know. The season starts as season one finished. The police finally find out who the killer is when they discover a suicide note... but was it the killer or was it A playing another game? 'A' ups her game and starts sending messages to the girl's parents and the one's closest to them as well. There are some predictable moments throughout this season which makes me think it's not as good as the first season but the acting is to a high standard and i've been glued to the screen throughout. I watched this season over 4 evenings, my ironing pile is huge! nothing has been getting done, I try to multitask and do things whilst watching but it's impossible i'm totally gripped to this season. There are a lot of flashbacks to the girls past and we learn a lot more about Alison's life which I really enjoyed watching. There's a ...

Mothercare Happy Cars 24/05/2017

Happy Cars

Mothercare Happy Cars Mothercare Happy Cars Price £25.00 My little boy received these two cars for his birthday back in December and they've been sat on his bookcase for months he just hasn't been interested in them until quite recently. It's been animals and trains for the past year. He does still play with them but now he uses the cars to move the animals around the room. They come as a pair from Mothercare a red and green car and blue and orange, they are quite big in size 27 cm by 15cm. Which is good as there are no small parts. No choking hazards. They are quite easy to push along the floor, they have been used on laminating floor, carpet and grass in the garden and the wheels are still in tack and fully functioning which is perfect for us as my little boy is quite destructive and can be rough with his toys which i'm sure most 2 year olds are like. They don't make any noise which is a little disappointing it would be nice if they made a car sound or something. These cars say they are suitable for children ages 12 months and older. I would say younger children would be able to play with them as well and may help with crawling. My son has passed the crawling stage at the age of 2 he is running all over the place but he does like pushing them along the floor with his animals as passengers. The cars also come in Pink and Red as well and the small print says they can not guarantee colour you will receive, which is pretty silly as you can see the car through the packaging. Adult supervision ...

Pretty Little Liars Season 1 (DVD) 23/05/2017

Pretty Little Liars Season One

Pretty Little Liars Season 1 (DVD) Pretty Little Liars Season one Price: £7.00 Certificate: 12 Released: 2012 At the hairdressers last week my hairdresser was telling me all about this Tv show she's been addicted to and it sounded great. I opened my door the following day and she had left season one there for me to watch.... I can't stop watching it... 4 days later and my eyes hurt. I can't stop watching it. I've ordered all the dvds and this is turning into one major binge watch! A week off work and I'm not making the most of the sunshine. Pretty Little Liars is based on a book series which I really want to read after watching the Tv show to compare them and if the book series is as good as the Tv series I'm be addicted to those as well. The season starts with the group, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily's friend who went missing a year prior to the start of the season and it's announced that she is dead BUT they are all getting messages from 'A' and they are not the nicest of messages, but messages of things that only Alison (the girl who died) would know about. The police are interviewing the girls and it's obvious they are not all telling the truth, they all have so much to hide. There is also flashbacks of events which have happened in the past, that aren't great and are things they girls are ashamed of. Alison was the reason that everyone was friends she had control over them and shaped them into how she wanted. All the girls have their own little secrets which this A person seems to know about as ...

Shopaholic and Sister - Sophie Kinsella 18/05/2017

Shopaholic and Sister

Shopaholic and Sister - Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic and sister Written by Sophie Kinsella Price: £7.99 Released: 2005 Pages: 388 Pages I love the shopaholic series, these are a selection of chick lit books which are so easy to read and they will have you laughing out loud. I usually read a book by Sophie Kinsella in day or two they are page turners. Shopaholic and Sister is the 4th book in the series and Follows Rebecca Brandon ( Formerly known as Rebecca Bloomwood and her series of troubles she has with shopping and credit cards. The series is chick lit and I would say is a young adults read, at the age of 26 I love them. This isn't the first time I've read the books but as 2 have been released since I last read the series I decided to start it again to refresh my memory and as they are only quick reads they don't take me too long to read. Becky has just returned from her 10 month honeymoon with Luke. She wants to surprise her parents so turns up at their house unannounced only to see them backing away and running down the street as they see her. Becky knows they are hiding something but she never would have expected it to be a half sister. Becky was so excited to meet her half sister Jessica, she imagined how great it would be to have a sister they could do so much together like coffee out and shopping. Only Jess wasn't quite how Becky had imagined... She was completely different actually and hated Shopping. The first meeting didn't go so well so Becky invites Jess to stay for a weekend at her place only ...

Lego Duplo 10570 All in One Gift Set 16/05/2017

Duplo All in One

Lego Duplo 10570 All in One Gift Set Duplo All In One Gift Set Price:£14.99 We are finally all moved into our new house and now it's the unpacking and finding places to store things in the new house which is bigger but has less cupboards and storage places so it's rather difficult finding homes for things. My sons room was the first room I got up and ready I wanted a lego box to store his duplo in he doesn't have a lot but stepping on it when i've put him to bed is not fun. I went to toymaster and saw this All-in One- Suplo gift set which came with Duplo pieces but looked ideal for storing other pieces in as well, we all know that anything toys come in, comes with plenty of air space as well. It was only £14.99 which I thought was a bargain as i'd previously seen it on amazon for £24.99. My little boy was ecstatic to be getting more duplo as he does love to play with it daily. Bonus Toymaster doesn't charge 5p for a carrier bag either and offers loyalty points which we are so close to getting our first loyalty gift card. The Green box is shaped like a brick which I really like it's easy to open and comes with individual plastic bags for you to open to get to the pieces, which will need an adult to open. In the green box comes 30 pieces A Cat A Dog Window which comes a part a brick with a picture of a cat and dog on. A bric with a picture of a caterpillar on An orange flower A selection bright coloured bricks. My little boy loves the animals and the window which I have had to put together a million times, ...

Kubo and the Two Strings (DVD) 07/05/2017

Kubo and the two strings

Kubo and the Two Strings (DVD) Kubo and the two strings Price: £6.99 Certificate: PG Released: 2017 Running Time: 102 Minutes 'If you must blink, do it now. Pay careful attention to everything you see and hear, no matter how unusual it may seem. And please be warned:Please be warned if you fidget or look away or forget any part i tell you for an instant then our hero will surely perish' The opening quote to the film which grabbed my attention. Kubo is a one eye little boy he wears a patch due to his Grandfather stealing his eye, and killed his father. Kubo's mother is ill and he looks after her, she tells him many stories. His mother tells him he must not go looking for his Grandfather or ever stay out after dark for they could find him and take him away. Kobu is worried, with each day that passes his mother becomes sicker and she finds it hard to know what's real anymore. Kubo goes out after dark and is found by his mother's sisters, his aunties who want his other eye. When his aunties destroy his village his mother uses the last of his magic to bring his charm alive to help him. His small charm which is a monkey is there to protect him and allows him 3 questions and only 3 questions. This is an animated movie, set in Japan. It's a bit too dark for my little boy, so wouldn't recommend it for younger or sensitive viewers. My little boy is 2 years old though. This is a really easy movie to follow, full of magic. I always like films that have a hint of magic in anything that makes me escape reality and ...
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