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Fitbit Charge 2 04/04/2017

==My New Best Friend==

Fitbit Charge 2 Recently upgraded my Fitbit to the Charge 2. I have previously owned two different models within the Fitbit range. PRO's *Looks fantastic on wrist * Available in many different colours and two limited edition models.(all suitable for both male and female). *Straps can be changed. *Tracks activity for both sport and everyday activity. *New relaxation widget, helps the user relax over a two min period. *New in depth sleep tracker, which now breaks down the sleep period allowing the user to see exactly what level of sleep has been achieved. *longer battery life *Adapted charger from the original charge model. This helps prevent any damage to the tracker. (I had issues with the earlier model. I had to repair twice). CON's *Charging period seem longer. *User must manually change where the watch is placed on the app. (I initially had the wrong setting on. This overcompensated my steps, making it seem i was doing a lot more steps than I actually was) . *I have experienced issues with the syncing from tracker to app. (Please note that this has been the case with my other Fitbits too. It doesn't happen a lot I just feel it needs to be mentioned). ...
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