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Soul Sessions - Joss Stone 20/04/2004

Joss the Greatest

Soul Sessions - Joss Stone I went to school with this girl, Joss, and she was just as lovely then as she is now. She is very talented and i would reccomend her album to ANYONE! great soul music, but i think even if your not into soul music, this will change your opinion on it. the lyrics are heartfelt and fatastic, its very original and will last. "fell in love with a boy" will last... its a classic song that is catchy and upbeat - i have been listening to the backing tracks on certain tele programmes like cbbc... and they have the tune for "fell in love with a boy" as there backing music when presenting things on the show. the design on the album is fantastic and the information inside is just as great. i would definately reccomend this to anyone.

Calendar Girls (DVD) 20/04/2004

Too Much Hype...

Calendar Girls (DVD) Maybe as i am of the younger generation, i do not completely appreciate the importance of what these ladies did. but i found the film to be very hyped up and not really live up to the expectations that i had. I do admit that there were some parts that were very very funny. Although, hlafway through i found myself sitting there, wondering what i was doing watching some old ladies getting naked and having a fit young man taking pictures of them?! It bored me in parts... and my partner felt very much the same. I would say this was a film for a particular age group of people. I am sure it is a good film, but maybe not for the young. :-)

Clairol Nice 'n Easy 20/04/2004

Look New, Feel New!

Clairol Nice 'n Easy I recently decided to change my image somewhat after splitting from a long relationship, and feeling like no-one wanted me anymore. I went on a mass diet and decided that a new image was what i needed. I took a visit to my local boots and clairol Nice 'n' Easy was on offer. i have very thick hair and so needed something that would cover all of it, without me having to splash out on 2 bottles of the stuff. What influenced me to buy Clairol Nice 'n' Easy : 1. It covers thick hair 2. It was cheap 3. I was able to use it without washing or wetting my hair first 4. Nice packaging I opened it when i got home, and the instructions were VERY clear as to what lotion to mix with the other. It absolutely stank, and made my eyes water! i sat upon the table and started to put it onto my hair line, if you get it onto your face or skin its not a problem aslong as you wipe it off when its still wet. NO Stains!!! woohoo! After 15 - 45 minutes (depending on how strong a colour you are wanting) you can rince it off until clear running water and then dry... and you should have a new look! Overall this product was clearly instructed on how to use it, what the risks are of using it and time scales etc... also it has a chart on the side of the box to show you what your haircolour should come out like. i hope this helps? ...

HP ScanJet 4200C 20/04/2004

ok, im not the best when it comes to PC's

HP ScanJet 4200C ok, so im not the best when it comes to PC's and i feel that i need somethign that ti easy to use and easy to set up. I asked my local computer specialist shop, which scanner would be the easiest for me to use and which wouldnt take ages and ages to load, or take ages and ages to understand how to get it to work. I followed all the instructions word for word, and when it came to setting it up, it wasnt that hard, but when it came to scnning in a picture, there was a maze of things you had to do before the picture was even shown to you. it slowed the computer down no end, and i was not able to run other applications at the same time as scanning in a picture etc. i found this very fustrating. This could be becaus ei am not very good with computers or it could be a fault with that particular peice that i had. i would not reccomend this in the future. ...

Holetown (Barbados) 20/04/2004

Great Holiday destination - RECOMMENDED.

Holetown (Barbados) Holetown, a gorgous little "town" in the heart of barbados's West coast. A commercial side of the island but still ramainsn charming and very bajan, where as the south side is totally succommed to the hellish rants of hotels and brits. A fantastic and highly reccomended restuarant, Angry Annies! fantastic name, and alike, a fantastic place. Also just outside of holetown, a highly reccomended restuarant for Fish lovers, is "The Fish Pot", set aside of the beach, with the waves crashing, fantastic atmosphere and lovely people. The one thing that i found in holetown was that, everyone and anyone was willing to help you if you were lost, or needed something that you couldnt find. For drinks and a great laugh with the locals the best place to go is "The Rum Barrel" - serving the very famous bajan rum, "Mount Gay". Very tasty if you ahve the pallet for it! An overlall fabulous holiday , and planning another one very shortly! ...

Nokia 3510i 20/04/2004

The 3510i

Nokia 3510i This phone is very much a phone for the workman/woman. Practical and robust. But not a fashionable accessory. Large, ugly colours, big buttons. All good if you are using it on a daily basis and for long periods of time. This phoen would suit a Busy person that doesnt have time to flicker about in there handbag and try and find a small phone. also if you drop this phone, its not the end of the world. where as with plastic and flip top phones it causes scratches and marks and also breaks and cracks. I would reccommend this phone to a freind if they were not fashion consious or if they are very busy and dont have time to fluster.
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