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Martina Cole 09/09/2009

Love all The Books

Martina Cole I first found a book of hers under my sisters bed as i was tidying it.. i was never into reading.. but decided to read that one as the back of the book sounded good.. after reading 'The Take' i loved it. i had never read a book that i enjoyed so much.. 'a real page turner' some ppl woudl say. but i think it was more than tht i couldnt put it down. after tht i perchased 'The Runaway' 'Dangerous Lady' & 'Broken' these to i loved. i loved how all the books are based in london and tell of the criminal under world.. but in each one the stories are different. it makes you a part of the crime, although it uses lots of swear words and referneces to sex and violent behaviour. i had to read more.. i also perchased 'faces'.. & 'the buiness' i always recomend these books to my friends. often tellin them the story as i read. brilliant.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation 09/09/2009

Dream Matte Mouse.. Brillaint

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation In My opinion a very good foundation.. it covered all the dark circles around my eyes & any blemsishes i had. i think it is good for money as well.. however, i like to use a lot, so a larger container would be better. i found it on special at a boots store at only £4.95, which is rather cheap for the quality of the product.. however... i tend to use alot in order to cover my blemishes.. so i goes within a few weeks. i think that i larger container would be best. or even a selection of sizes. goes onto the face smoothly.. i just use my fingers, although i belive a sponge or foundation brush would be best with this product. i found tht the shades avaible were good and i could match my skin perfectly. i could also simply rub around my jaw line to rub away any marks tht were left.
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