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Taj Dubai, Dubai 14/04/2017

Honeymoon Part 1- Taj Dubai!

Taj Dubai, Dubai It took a long time for us to decide where we wanted to go on honeymoon with so many countries we want to visit! We looked at Thailand, Mexico, Maldives, Vietnam, Bahamas etc etc. In the end we decided to combine 2 countries that we both wanted to visit, Dubai and Bali. After deciding where to go, next was what hotels to stay in! I left this up to Mr B! After a LOT of research he finally decided on Taj Dubai. Taj Dubai About the company- Taj Dubai is a worldwide company, they have hotels in all areas of the world including India,  New York, London, Sri Lanka, Maldives and many more. They are all Indian themed hotels, with each one being rated 5*.  This hotel in particular was rated #10 out of 550 hotels on tripadvisor, so it had a lot to live up to! We travelled as a couple (hence honeymoon!) aged 29/30, during the beginning of April 2017.  We booked this hotel direct through the hotel website in November 2016. There are different room options- Standard room, City view room, Club room, residential suites. We chose the Club Room with the Burj Khalifa view. The price for this was around £1000 for 3 nights, Bed and breakfast. As this was a club room this also included access to the Club Lounge. This lounge included- - complimentary snacks and nibbles throughout the day. - complimentary alcholic/non alcoholic drinks. (No cocktails though! Boo!) during 6.30pm- 8pm only - complimentary afternoon tea - 1 item of clothing pressed each day. First impressions We arrived in ...

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland 29/03/2017

Bathe in a Snowstorm

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland Blue Lagoon When I booked our trip to Iceland, the Blue lagoon was one of our top things to do! (Along with seeing the northern lights, but we won’t mention that...) I booked our Iceland trip through Thomson, which included 2 excursions- the golden circle tour and the northern lights trip. There was an option when booking to add on additional tours, this included a half day blue lagoon trip (4 hours) priced at £48 per adult. We decided to do some more researching, and went onto the actual blue lagoon website. There are 4 different options for tickets- Standard, Comfort, Premium, and Luxury. These are for a full day (or however long you want to stay there for!) Standard- £40pp • Entrance to Blue Lagoon • Silica Mud Mask Comfort- £53pp • Entrance to Blue Lagoon • Silica Mud Mask • Use of Towel • 1st Drink of your choice • Algae Mask Premium- £68pp • Entrance to Blue Lagoon • Silica Mud Mask • Use of Towel • 1st Drink of your choice • Algae Mask • Use of Bathrobe • Slippers • Reservation at LAVA (optional) • Sparkling wine if dining at LAVA Luxury- £382 per room (2 people) • Entrance to Blue Lagoon • Silica Mud Mask • Use of Towel • 1st Drink of your choice • Algae Mask • Use of Bathrobe • Slippers • Reservation at LAVA (optional) • Sparkling wine if dining at LAVA • Spa Journey Product Set • Entrance to the Exclusive Lounge (Prices as of March 2017) As part of our Christmas present from my Mum she said that she would pay the difference for us to book the premium tickets. ...

Grand Hotel, Reykjavik 20/02/2017

Mr B turns 30- Iceland!

Grand Hotel, Reykjavik Mr B’s birthday was in September and I have always wanted to take him away somewhere for his 30th, so I looked at lots of different destinations, Dubai, Portugal, Tenerife, Cape Verde and even though they are all fantastic choices I wanted us to do something a little bit different, so I decided on a trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights! Having decided on where to go, next was when! I did some research and saw that the best time to see the Northern lights was in our Winter, and as I work in a school I was limited with time choices! So the best deal I found was for Boxing day (2016) for 3 nights. There were lots of hotels to choose from in Reykjavik, so I again did my research, read reviews and finally decided upon the Grand Hotel. I booked through Thomson as their prices included flights, transfers, bed and breakfast, and the excursions. The total price for 2 people, 3 nights was £1267. I was really hoping that it was going to be worth it! Hotel First impressions of the hotel was excellent. It is a tall building with glass windows, overlooking some lovely scenery. We were the 2nd airport drop off and arrived at the hotel around 12.30pm. I had very good first impressions of the hotel and I feel it lived up to its ‘grand’ name. The lobby area included a bar with lovely seating areas, a water feature and a large reception desk. As we arrived boxing day, it had a lovely Christmas tree and decorations placed around. There were around another 10 people who got off the ...

Tres Torres Hotel, Ibiza 28/08/2016

Mr B gets a Mrs B!

Tres Torres Hotel, Ibiza Hotel Tres Torres If you have read some of my previous reviews you may know that I am a huge fan of Ibiza, having holidayed here for many years, staying is one particular resort, Santa Eulalia. So, when we were thinking of where to get married, Ibiza soon popped up, we found our venue (in Cala Codolar) and then we knew we were going to stay in Santa Eulalia, so we needed a suitable hotel. We would have stayed in the Marsol Apartments, which we love, but we had our friends with us and we really wanted a pool, so I’m afraid it put this one out of the question. We have also stayed in the Duquesa Playa Hotel, which again was a nice hotel, but it only has a small rooftop pool. So we continued to look. We were getting married on 17th August 2016, height of the Summer holidays (I work in a school!) so we looked for package holidays around the 12th August for our friends and family. We began looking around December 2015, and looked on Thomson (UK), and this was where we came across Hotel Tres Torres. During our visits to Santa Eulalia, we do remember seeing this, but never thought to stay there. The price in December for this hotel, half board, for 7 nights, with flights, was £466pp. Comparing this to other hotels we had been looking at, this was a bargain! But of course it was Christmas time, so no one was really in the position to book it at that time. So we arranged to meet up with our friends in January and get it booked. Of course, the typical thing that happens as you ...

Marsol Apartments, Ibiza, Santa Eulalia 28/08/2016

Basic but Brilliant! Marsol, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza- UPDATE 2016

Marsol Apartments, Ibiza, Santa Eulalia Again this year my Mum and Dad stayed in these apartments, The owner, Danny, was also kind enough to let me and Mr B stay here for 2 nights in my Mums room. I am just going to update some of the information which I have wrote previously. So I am going to edit my review so that you have an updated version of these apartments! --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- -------- I have stayed in these apartments since around 1994-2004 with my parents and various family members. We had a great time here, hence the number of years which we returned. We stayed here in large groups (14+ people) and smaller numbers (4 people). This was my first holiday destination when I was about 4 years old, and although I have stopped going here, my Mum and Dad still go on their annual holiday to these apartments. I think the amount of times which I have stayed here allows me to give you a detailed precise review on these apartments. For those of you who don't know Ibiza all that well, there is more to the island 18-30's parties and cheap drinks. Santa Eulalia is a much much quieter resort perfect for families and couples looking for a quiet get away. The Marsol Apartments are self catering apartments, as the title of this review suggests they are basic (2*/3*). Location 'You just roll out of bed and ...

Calypso Once A Day 24/08/2016

Calypso Info!

Calypso Once A Day Having just returned from our Holiday/Wedding (eeek!) in Ibiza, I’ve got a bit of the holiday blues ïŒ, so thought I would remind myself of the good times, with some good old fashioned reviews! My first one being Sun cream! (A vital part of a red-heads holiday!) Calypso Info The product comes in a white bottle, with orange and black writing on the front. I have only seen it in the 200ml bottles. It is advertised as a ‘ONCE A DAY’ sun protection lotion, which is water resistant. It protects against UVA + UVB rays. It is made in ENGLAND. I brought mine, SPF 30 and 20 at a price of £5.99 each from B&M. Skin Info I think it’s important to just give some quick information on my skin type, as I feel this does affect the way in which sun creams work. I have pale skin with lots of freckles, and ginger hair! So you can imagine I need lots of suncream! I sometimes do tan on holidays, but in the past I have mainly burnt! I also have dry skin and have had periods of eczema in the past. Time to Tan With this being my Wedding as well as my holiday I was determined not to get sunburnt as I really didn’t want any unsightly sunburn/peeling skin when wearing my dress. We were out there for 7 days before the wedding so this was going to be a task! The bottle states to “APPLY ONCE ONLY ACTIVE AFTER 15 MINUTES. NON GREASY”. I have used once a day sun creams before and have burnt while only applying them once a day, so I did re-apply this sun cream more than once! I used SPF 30 during my ...

Crewe Hall, Crewe 03/08/2015

Crewe Hall Hen Do

Crewe Hall, Crewe Crewe Hall Hotel So after a lot of internet searching and pricing up different options, we decided on Crewe Hall for my friends Hen Do, and as the maid of honour it was my job to get it all booked and organised. We had wanted to do a spa day with an overnight stay, with the option of going into the local town for a night out, and Crewe Hall had everything that we wanted, and was close enough for us to get too. Location It is located in Haslington, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6UZ. It is easy to find as it is on a long road, with not many distractions and has a large sign directing you to the very long, extravagant driveway. If you are travelling from further away then on the website it says it is ’32 miles from Manchester airport’. Hotel Information -It is a grade 1 listed building, with a lot of the history very well maintained inside and outside of the hotel. -117 bedrooms -500 free car parking spaces -Part of the Q Hotels group (I actually wanted to write here a bit more of the history of the hotel but I can’t seem to find any of this information on the hotel website, shame) The Review OK, so theres a few of the facts, now here’s my review of my stay: We booked the Summer Fizz Package, this included: Lunch, Dinner, Bed, Breakfast, 1 hour Spa treatment, Bottle of Pink Champagne in room on arrival. For the price per person of £119 (based on 2 people sharing a room). The price depends on the hotel you stay at, as on the website it stated the price was £99. This sounded ...

Duquesa Playa Hotel, Ibiza 26/05/2015

Duquesa Playa..tweet

Duquesa Playa Hotel, Ibiza Duquesa Playa Myself and Mr B have decided to get married next year on the isle of Ibiza. After lots of Internet searching we found the perfect venue so we thought what better way to book than to go out there and see it in person first! Now as I work in a school the only time we could go on our mini trip was in the Easter Holidays, which obviously has an effect on the price. As April is not really the tourist season in Ibiza, we had to find a hotel to stay in that was open, this is where we came across the Duquesa Playa in Santa Eulalia. We had wanted to stay in Santa Eulalia, having been to this resort numerous times before. We travelled out on the 14th April 2015 and stayed at the Duquesa Playa for 4 nights. We booked our stay through and paid £486 for the both of us with flights (Ryanair) and one suitcase. Unfortunately for us we did not book at the right time, as a couple of weeks later the price went down to around £400, I just like to keep in mind that the price could have easily gone up as much as it went down! The Hotel This is an aparthotel so it caters for self-catering, breakfast, half board or full board. There is 32 apartments altogether comprising of 1 and 2 bedroomed. Location The hotel is situated near the harbour in Santa Eulalia, it is on a busy road, with a corner shop just opposite. The harbour is less than a 2 minute walk, and the nearest beach is less than 5 minute walk. There is a children’s park area around 5 minutes stroll away. ...

Your favourite place 26/05/2015

Ibiza- not what you expect

Your favourite place Ibiza- If you’ve never been there, what are your instant thoughts… Getting in at 5am, Going out at 11pm, Sleeping all Day, Partying All Night, Booze Cruises, Body shots, 18-30’s holidays, loud music, parties, dirty hotels, over priced night clubs… No. Instead try… Peaceful, calming, relaxing, local shops, nice beaches, family orientated, markets, rivers, long walks, nice people, stunning views. These are the things I think of when I think of my favourite place, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. I first came here when I was 4 years old, with my Mum, Dad, Auntie and Uncle, and I continued to go here for the following 15 years after. Some people don’t like the thought of going to the same place year in, year out, but we loved it. Opting to even stay in the same apartments! Each year we would be joined by more family members, more cousins, aunties and uncles to create a real holiday atmosphere. I think at one point there could have been upto 15 of us, all different ages. Santa Eulalia is Ibiza’s third largest resort, and it takes about 1 hour to get here from the airport. We have mainly stayed in the Marsol Apartments which are right on the beach front, literally you can just roll out of bed to the beach! They are basic apartments and are only rated at 2*/3* but they are very clean, excellent location, and what more than a bed and a shower do you need? The beaches in Santa Eulalia are beautiful, they stretch out along the promenade and you can have some beautiful long walks along ...

Travelodge Hotel, Bedford 22/02/2015

Cheap and Cheerful

Travelodge Hotel, Bedford Sophie's Christening We stayed in this hotel as we came down from Stoke to attend our god daughters christening. There were 2 couples, all aged 26/27. The christening was taking place at 9am (i know, early!) on 17th August 2014, so we travelled down the night before and also booked the night after to stay there, a mini weekend away. Our friend who lived in Bedford (hence why they had it in Bedford!) recommended this hotel to us as it was close to where they lived, and the city centre of Bedford. We paid £60 for a 2 night stay (saturday and sunday) in August. Parking We arrived just after 3pm and there was plenty of free parking available, both in front of the hotel and to the side of the hotel. The car park had automatic barriers which lifted when we drove up to them (i wont mention that we didn't realise that these were automatic barriers and we actually drove in the wrong way!). We parked up quickly and entered the hotel. Check In Check In was quick and simple. We had booked 2 double rooms, so we just gave our surnames in and the receptionist handed us our key cards, told us some basic information how to use them, and that was it. We headed off to our rooms. Our friends were on the ground floor, and we were on the first floor. The reception area was nice, had a vending and coffee machine and 2 comfortable chairs. Rooms I always think that when you book a hotel such as this, at a cheap price, the one thing that i expect it to be is clean. It doesn't matter about any ...

Fifty Shades of Grey 21/02/2015

50 Shades Of...

Fifty Shades of Grey A couple of my friends have been pestering me since the 50 shades of grey book came out in 2012 to read it. I decided not to succumb to the peer pressure of not only just my friends but also society, as everyone was talking about it! However, when the film came out, my friend who needed cheering up, asked me to go see it with her and I had no choice but to go and watch it. I thought at this point it would be a good idea to actually read the book so I would be prepared for the film. Luckily, I have had the week off work so I got the book out and began to read… Plot The gist of the story is a student girl Anastasia, meets a very handsome, wealthy man, Christian Grey, and they begin a relationship, (or sorts). Anastasia is a very sweet, innocent young girl who has never had a relationship before and wants to be loved. Christian Grey on the other hand is a very experienced man who knows defiantly what he wants and how to get it, including having contracts to be signed if you enter into this mans ‘world’. The two words main words to give you a better essence of the book, without being too vulgar, would be ‘Dominant’ and ‘Submissive’. Christian the dominant and his Submissive Ana. The genre of the book is classed as ‘erotica’. Anastasia enters into the sexual world of Christian Grey, the powerful controlling man. I think that it was a bad idea for me to have the book and then watched the film in such a short space. As everything that happened in the film, I was comparing to the ...

Ambre, Hotel, Belle Mare 19/08/2014

Ambre Hotel Resort & Spa... And the Dogs

Ambre, Hotel, Belle Mare We booked this holiday a couple of months before we travelled with Thomson. We had been looking for a while as to where to go, and for the time we could go this hotel was too expensive for us, so we had been looking at Cape Verde where we have been before. However this holiday then dropped in price (by about £1000!), so we booked it up quick! For 2 adults staying at this adult only all inclusive hotel cost us £3,200 for 2 weeks. We travelled on the 27/07/2014 from London Gatwick. 2 Adults aged 26/27 (couple) The flight there took us around 11 hours. We flew on Thomson’s new dreamliner plane which was a pleasant enough experience. (Will aeroplane food ever be nice?). It then took us around 12 hours to fly back. Arriving in Mauritius was superb, the airport was quiet and relaxing (yes an airport!) and we strolled through passport control. We then strolled through to get out suitcases which were waiting for us, and then we strolled out to meet the Thomson rep who directed us to our bus and we got on. We had hotel labels to put on our suitcases with our name and room numbers on before they got on the bus. It was the smoothest running airport experience we have ever had. (I'm sure it goes to say that the transfer back to Gatwick wasn't as smooth, having to wait on the runway for the bus to come and take us to the airport for 30mins). It took us around 1hr to get to the hotel from the airport. The drive to the hotel wasn’t as smooth with all the bumpy and winding roads, so we ...

The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson - Paige Toon 24/04/2014

I Love Johnny Jefferson!

The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson - Paige Toon The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson Where to start with this review. Well rightly or wrongly before you read this review, if you have any intentions of wanting to read this book, you firstly need to read Paige Toons other books, particulary ‘Johnny Be Good’, ‘ Baby Be Mine’ and ‘Johnny’s Girl’ because they all follow the life of Rock God Johnny Jefferson. I was hooked with the first Paige Toon book I read, ‘Johnny Be Good’, so I don’t want to spoil anything by encouraging you to read this book first. Of course it’s entirely up to you, and you can still read this book without reading the others first, and it will still make sense, but I feel you wont appreciate my LOVE for the character Johnny Jefferson! Ok, well back to the actual review. This is the latest book from Paige Toon, which follows the story of a young 15 year old girl, Jessie, who is trying to come to terms with the death of her mother, whilst trying to find out who her father is. Jessie has never known the identity of her Dad, her mum always believed that she never needed to know. The only other person who did know was Jessie’s step dad. Jessie and her step dad have a rocky relationship, both finding it hard to live without her mum there. After lots of arguments and fallings out, he finally reveals who her Dad is- Rock God Johnny Jefferson. Jessie’s world is turned upside down with this information, she is sworn to secrecy by Johnnys lawyers not to tell anyone, but can she really hide this huge ...

G-Tech Airram 22V 15/03/2014

Dont let Mr B choose our Hoover!

G-Tech Airram 22V Me and my boyfriend moved into our first house around May 2012, we decided on our first hoover to be a Dyson, the Dyson did us well for around 1 year, and then it broke. (Im not sure what was actually wrong with it, but the boyfriend (we’ll call him Mr B) said it wasn’t fixable hmmm). So he began searching for a new hoover, at the time I wasn’t really interested in looking for one so I possibly made a big mistake- I let him choose it! So he opted for the GTECH (after being easily led by the TV advert), I just went along with it. He brought it from their website for £199. It was easy and straight forward to buy and arrived a couple of days later. Looks My Opinion- It is a dark grey colour, a straight handle upwards and a small box shape at the bottom. It has small elements of a lime green on the handles and base. It has a sturdy handle where it does give you a firm grip. There is only 1 button on the hoover which turns it on and off, no other buttons or settings are needed. I give it- 7/10 Mr B Opinion- “alright”- 8/10 Ease of Use My Opinion- I am not a strong person (physically) and one of the selling points of this hoover was that it is ‘light’. I would say that it is slightly lighter than the Dyson we had, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to say it is a ‘lightweight’ hoover. When pushing the hoover around it does glide easily over both carpets and hard floors which makes the process of hovering easier. The handle turns each way so that it is easy to manoeuvre around ...

Wedding Tiers - Trisha Ashley 29/10/2012

Weird and Wonderful- Light hearted, romantic book!

Wedding Tiers - Trisha Ashley Wedding Tiers I received a bag of books from my auntie which she didn’t want anymore, in the bag was a book called ‘Wedding Tiers’ by Trisha Ashley. The front of the book is blue with a wedding cake on the front, with the subheading ‘The path of true love can be a seriously bumpy ride…’. I think part of me choosing to read this book is because I liked the idea about reading about weddings, cakes, love etc. I felt like reading a ‘girly girl’ book. (After having just read quite a disturbing crime book I wanted something light hearted!) Both of Josie’s parents were killed in a car crash when she was just 13. She was sent to live in Neatslake with her Granny. She was the new girl at school, but managed to make a good friend in Libby. Things started to look up for Josie when she fell in love, love at first sight with Ben Richards, a boy in the year above her at school. Both Josie and Ben grew up in Neatslake, an idealistic village in the countryside. Ben was from a more upper class family than Josie, so his parents didn’t approve of their relationship, but Josie’s granny loved Ben, and nothing would have made her more happy than to see Josie and Ben get married. Sadly, things weren’t to be. Ben didn’t believe in marriage, and although they were happily living together and destined to spend the rest of their lives together, Josie never got that ring on her finger, and Granny sadly passed away. Josie and Ben moved in to Granny’s cottage (Having been to London and ...
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