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Tetris Worlds (Xbox) 17/10/2003

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Tetris Worlds (Xbox) this is my first game review so forgive me if it isn`t up to scratch but I will get there. I must admit that I am a computer junkie and I like all sorts of games, whether they be action, platform,stratergy or racing. I was browsing in the computer shop where I actually spend most of my time, and I came across TETRIS WORLDS and I haven`t stopped playing it since as it is really addictive and you don`t notice how the time flies. There are 6 variations of the game tetris, including the all new hot line tetris where you have to clear rows on the different coloured lines to score more points. Fusion tetris where you have to try to eliminate so many fusions blocks in order to progress to different levels and then also cascade tetris where clearing lines causes individual blocks to fall down. You can either work your way up through the different worlds and different levels or you can just play the simple arcade level which finish after every go with the option to continue. There is up to four players so if you have a few friends then you can get them addicted to this game as well. I hope that this has been slightly informative, and if you decide to buy the game, I hope that you get as much fun out of this game as I have. For the price of £15 I think that it is well worth it for the amount of enjoyment you get. You cant miss the packaging on the box as it is just brightly coloured blocks all joined together with TETRIS WORLDS in big letters on the front.
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