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Honda NSR125 19/07/2003

watch this space new bike CBT to come

Honda NSR125 As I sit writing this review-well this pre -review information my new 03 Honda NSR is sitting outside waiting for me to ride it. Here follows a report and review of the bike to date as yet unridden and an update once I have taken my CBT (on sat) and actually ridden the bike, but it may be of use to folks who are 2 -3 weeks behind me in the purchasing process Background: I am 36 years old and now have a little more money and had the BMW and the posh watches etc and like many men my age decided to get back into bikes , it has been 20 years since I rode a bike which ironically was a Honda MT5..49cc . Unlike my friends I did not take my bike test at that time and now regret it as it was easier (so I understand). So I was left with the quandry as many whether to do a direct access and get a larger CC (like many and frighten myself to death with an R1) or do my cbt and see first whether I actually like motorbiking still - the roads were a lot quieter 20 years ago. I really wanted to bite the bullet and do my DAC which would be financially beneficial to me in the long term as 125 access bikes are a premium and I would save the cost of the course should I buy a diversion or bandit etc. However , although I am 36 the kid in me rose to the surface and I wanted one now, coupled with the fact that I "dropped onto" a bargain Honda NSR locally (info later). I thought long and hard about this as I had been "bitten" before over a rash decision when purchasing my BMW. However desire ...
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