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Sainsburys Basics Wrapping Foil 23/09/2014

Cheap wrap!

Sainsburys Basics Wrapping Foil For cooking I tend to purchase more expensive thicker foil but for just wrapping sandwiches or bits of leftover food to store in the fridge I will buy a basic wrapping foil. On my last trip to Sainsbury’s I purchased a roll of there basics wrapping foil which was priced at £1.15 for 30metres. This is wrapping foil is more expensive that other supermarkets economy versions but there rolls are usually smaller. Personally I get through quite a lot of this type of foil so having a larger roll was fine with me. This foil comes in quite a basic cardboard box with the Sainsbury’s basic logo on the front and a serrated edge allowing you to dispense the foil easily without it tearing. I use tend to use this foil just for wrapping especially for sandwiches which I make daily for mine and my husbands packed lunch or covering leftover food that I am refrigerating. For this use I have had hardly any problems at all with the foil as it keeps my sandwiches/leftovers protected and fresh, it does occasionally tear but it think that is mainly down to me being clumsy. I have when I have ran out of other foil occasionally used it for cooking but will use 2-3 layers as if I don’t the foil will tear easily when I try and move the meat or item I am cooking or fat or juices will seep through a single layer of the foil. Overall I think this foil is perfect for what it is intended for as a wrapping foil but if you are requiring foil to line a baking tray then you certainly need to purchase a more ...

K.A Sparkling Pineapple Flavour Drink 21/09/2014

Pineapple sugar fizz!

Mars Whiskas Pouch Simply Grilled Meat 21/09/2014

Meaty Whiskas!

Mars Whiskas Pouch Simply Grilled Meat My cat has been fed Whiskas since I got her at just 8 weeks old. Having never owned a cat before and getting her as a surprise I was not very prepared and had to rush out to purchase food. Whiskas was a brand that I had always been aware off so I opted to feed this brand of food to my cat and have never looked back with her now being fed the simply grilled meat, fish or poultry selections with my cats favourite being the meat variety. Most of the larger supermarkets stock the Whiskas grilled meat selection in either boxes of 12x85g pouches ranging from £3.00-£4.75 depending upon offers or 40x85g box ranging from £10.00-£11.49 again depending upon special offers. The meat selection contains 4 different flavours, beef, lamb, chicken and duck. The food comes packaged in individually foil pouches to help keep it nice and fresh. On the box you can find all the detailed information about the food including nutritional information and feeding guidelines. It also states that it contains no artificial flavorings and preservatives and has all the protein, vitamins and minerals a cat requires. As my cat is an adult cat now the recommended feeding guidelines are 2 pouches per day with 20g of biscuit. This is what I have been following and my cat has maintained a healthy weight and seems satisfied with the amount she is fed. I have been very happy with this food, my cat is happy and healthy with a glossy coat and bright eyes. I know that a lot of people favour a dried diet for there ...

Good Girl Teasers Crinkle Wand 21/09/2014

A bit fishy!

Good Girl Teasers Crinkle Wand I have an indoor cat and although she always seems quite content and happy she loves to play and I try and purchase her different toys to keep her entertained and prevent boredom. One toy that I purchased her for Christmas was the good girl teasers crinkle wand. I purchased the crinkle wand from Asda where it was priced at just £1.00 which I thought was rather a good bargain as toys of this nature in pet shops are normally at least double this price. The toy is made up of a large material fish with soft velvet feeling fins and head and a crinkly body. The fish is suspended on a piece of cord attached to a wand allowing you to dangle the fish in front of your cat to ‘tease’ them and encourage them to pounce and try and catch the fish. My cat loved this toy and thought it was great fun trying to catch the fish when I dangled it near her especially as it made a rustling noise. But unfortunately this toy was fairly short lived. As much as I tried to out smart my cat and move the fish quickly enough for her not to catch it she is very fast and a couple of times she was quicker than my reflexes and caught the fish in her claws! It was on the 3rd time that my cat proved stronger than the fish and actually snapped the cord holding the fish onto the wand. Overall if this had been stronger then I think it would have been great but my cat isn’t very big and it didn’t take much for her to break it. This maybe better for a smaller kitten but then the large size of the fish may but ...

House Of Fraser, Department Store 14/09/2014

Shopping House!

House Of Fraser, Department Store My local House of Fraser store is located in Nottingham in the Victoria Shopping Centre. It is spread over 3 floors, selling women’s and men’s clothing and homeware, there is also a café. I am a regular shopper in the store as I do tend to quite like my designer clothing. The store itself is fairly well laid out with women’s clothing being located on the ground floor along with handbags, accessories and a perfume/makeup section. On the first floor you can find more ladies fashion and menswear and on the 2nd floor homeware and the café. I think the only negative is that each brand section tends to have its own staff and own changing room facilities so it can sometimes be a little difficult to work out which staff member to ask for help with items and which changing rooms to use. Other than this I have always had pretty good customer service and have been happy with all my purchases. My last purchases were a new waterproof mac and a dress both of which were in the sale with 30% off. In fact there is often sales or special weekend brand discount events on which are worth looking out for as I think if you see something you like and can be patient there is discount on most items at some point. I think some people avoid house of fraser as it is seen as quite an expensive place to shop and I will admit some of the brands and items for sale are rather on the pricey side with brands such as Hugo Boss and Paul Smith being on sale in my local store. But there are other high street ...

Sainsbury's Cat Milk 14/09/2014

Cats Whiskas!

Sainsbury's Cat Milk My cat is 18 months old now and when I first got her as an 8 week old kitten I purchased a large amount of kitten milk for her to drink to help her to grow and obviously as cats love milk. Now she is an adult cat I tend to only buy her an occasional cat milk as a treat and one that I purchased recently is the Sainsbury’s own cat milk. I paid just 55p for a 200ml carton of the cat milk from my local Sainsbury’s store which was excellent value in comparison with the branded cat milk that you can buy. The milk is packaged in a small cardboard carton with a plastic screw top lid on the top of the carton allowing you to be able to pour the milk out easily and then to replace the lid to keep it fresh. On the carton you can find detailed information about the milk including ingredients listings, storage instructions and serving sizes. It also states that the milk is lactose reduced which is important as cats tummies can be very sensitive to lactose hence why it is not advisable to feed cats normal cows milk. I store this milk in the fridge once opened and each carton provides 6 servings. The milk itself looks just like our milk if not slightly thicker in consistency. My cat loves this milk and laps it up as soon as it hits her bowl. Although my cat has quite a sensitive stomach this milk does not seem to have had any adverse effect on her. Overall I have been very impressed with this cat milk. In my opinion it is just as good as the leading brand but half the price, comes in a ...

Jordans Frusli - Raisin & Hazelnut 18/08/2014

Fruity Breakfast Bar!

Apple iPad Smart Cover 18/08/2014

Apple Cover!

Candy Crush Saga (iPhone) 25/06/2014

Candy Crushing!!

Candy Crush Saga (iPhone) When I got my first iphone I promised myself that I would not download gaming apps and waste valuable hours of my time playing them. But then came the requests from my friends to download Candy Crush Saga to send them extra lives…6 months later I am now on level 382!! Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game where you must match 3 or more of the same coloured blocks to complete levels. There are currently over 400 levels with each one requiring you to complete different tasks in a set number of moves. Matching 4 or 5 coloured blocks together creates special candies which can cause explosions and the removal of more blocks to help you to complete levels. Candy Crush is a free game to download and I personally have completed all 382 levels without being tempted to spend any money but if you want to you can purchase extra lives, moves and tools to allow you to complete the levels. You are given 5 lives initially and gain a further life every 30 minutes but you can only store 5 lives at a time. If you have a facebook account you are able to connect your candy crush to it and ask your fellow candy crush playing friends to send you extra lives. To avoid having to spend any money on the game it is advantageous to have a facebook account as the levels are split into sections and when you complete a section you require 3 friends to send you tickets to virtually unlock the next section. If you haven’t got a facebook account the only way you can get to the next section is by purchasing the ...

Maltesers Malteaster Bunny 26/04/2014

Yummy bunny!

Cadbury Double Decker 08/03/2014

Double Yum!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocos 05/03/2014

Chocolate Peices!

Cool Runnings (DVD) 05/03/2014

Peace be the journey!

Cool Runnings (DVD) I love comedies and they are always a favourite in my home as they are easy to watch and make you feel happy. With the winter Olympics recently being on TV my husband suggested that we watched Cool Runnings which is a film I have watched several times and even have recorded on my sky box. This film tells the story of Derice (Leon Robinson) who's dreams of following in his fathers footsteps of becoming an Olympic runner are dashed until he comes up with a plan to create the first Jamaican bobsled team. He soon recruits three other runners Yul (Malik Yoba), Sanka (Douglas Bourne) and Junior (Rawle D. Lewis) to make up the team and eventually convinces Irv (John Candy) to become there coach. And so the story continues with some very witty scenes of the newly created bobsled team using a makeshift bobsled and practicing starts and runs on dirt tracks in Jamaica as well as trying to find interesting ways to make enough money to allow them to enter a team. Eventually they acquire the money and the team make it to the Olympics in Calgary and although they are seen as a laughing stock to other teams/countries and go through a period of being disqualified and have to use a old training bobsled which they name 'Cool Runnings' they do actually make the finals and gain quite a following of supporters. The characters in this film are all very likable and become more like a family, Derice playing the sensible one, Junior the shy, quiet one, Yul with a chip on his shoulder and Sanka the ...

Nestlé Nestle Smarties Hexatube 05/03/2014

Smart Colours!

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