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Superdrug Acetone Nail Polish Remover 20/11/2014

Nail polish remover

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint 20/11/2014

Gelly Nails!

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint I try and paint my nails frequently to keep them looking good but have been getting a little fed up of polish either looking dull or chipping quickly. I therefore recently went on the hunt for some new nail polish that not only helped solve these problems but also was in a reasonable price range. On a trip to Boots I spotted the Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paint priced at just £3.99 a bottle The nail paint comes in a large variety of different colours, I opted for ‘passion fruit’ which is a bright coral colour. The polish comes packaged in a small square glass bottle allowing you to see the vibrant colour inside. The lid is sliver and screws onto the bottle with the application brush attached to the inside of the lid. The nail polish states that it provides a glossy finish in just one coat and has a chip resistant formula. To apply the nail polish it advises you to firstly apply a base coat, then shake the bottle well before applying ½ coats and to finish with a top coat. I have used this nail polish several times since I purchased it and have been very impressed with it. Firstly it is easy to apply, the lid of the bottle which also acts as the brush handle is easy to hold and the brush glides the polish over the nail easily and smoothly leaving an even coating. Even with one coat I am able to achieve a nice even covering and the colour is bright and glossy and my nail tip does not show through the colour. It also dries very quickly and hardens rather than being tacky ...

Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wash Gel 20/11/2014

Face gel

Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wash Gel I use facewash daily but am not brand loyal and tend to be price driven. My last purchase was of the Nivea daily essentials refreshing face wash gel which I spotted in my local Tesco store at a ‘reduced to clear price’. I actually paid just 89p for a 150ml bottle of this facewash which currently retails in Boots for £3.59. I cannot resist a bargain so purchased a couple of bottles as Nivea is a brand that I have used in the past and have been happy with. The facewash comes packaged in a blue tube with a flip top cap. The bottle stands on its cap which means it is always ready to dispense easily and sits neatly on the side of my sink or bath. You cant find all the detailed product information on the tube including ingredients listings and directions for use. The face wash is for normal and combination skin, is said to cleanse and hydrate and is dermatologically approved. To use the face wash you simply need to apply a small amount to your wet face and neck and gently rub in using small circular motions then rinse off with warm water. The face wash itself is light blue in colour and of a gel like consistency, you only need to use a small amount to get a good lather. The face wash does feel very gentle on my skin and afterwards it feels fresh and cleansed. I do have slightly combination skin with dry patches around my nose but using this facewash has seemed to help with my dry patches a little better and the rest of my skin feeling very soft after use. I have experienced no ...

Savlon Wound Wash 20/11/2014

Wash those wounds!

Savlon Wound Wash have a drawer at home designated to medical supplies and one item you will always find in there is antiseptic wound wash as my husband plays football and often comes home with cuts, grazes and scrapes. I always tend to purchase the Savlon wound wash as it is widely available from most large supermarkets or pharmacy’s. My last purchase of the Savlon wound wash was from Boots as a pre-holiday purchase and cost £2.99 for a 100ml bottle. The wound wash is described as a ‘antiseptic liquid for the treatment of cuts, grazes, insect bites, minor wounds, spots, minor burns and scalds.’ It comes packaged in a plastic bottle with a bright pink lid and has a pump action spray dispenser. There is a label wrapped around the bottle which details all of the necessary product information including directions for use, ingredients listings, possible side effects and information to consider before use. This spray is suitable for both adults and children and the directions state to hold the spray 2-4 inches from the affected area and flood it to wash away a debris. It is for use on skin only and can be reapplied 2-4 times per day. I have used this spray personally several times and absolutely love it. I am a total wimp when it comes to any type of pain and I think there is nothing worse than having to clean a cut or graze but using this spray does not make the wound sting at all and I have never had an infection in a wound after using it. The spray has no odour at all and comes out in a very ...

Tesco Finest Beef Lasagne 19/11/2014

The best ready made lasagne....

Tesco Finest Beef Lasagne I am part of the Tesco Orchard program so was lucky enough to receive a voucher recently for £3.00 off one of there finest ready meals. I opted to purchased the 700g Finest Lasagne Al Forno which was priced at £5.00 meaning I only have to pay £2.00 for it which I thought was a great saving for a meal to serve two. The lasagne was packaged in a foil tray with clear plastic film and a cardboard sleeve covering the centre of the lasagne but allowing the rest to be visible which I thought was great as it is nice to actually be able to see the product you are purchasing and I will say the lasagne looked very appealing. On the cardboard sleeve you can find all the detailed product information including ingredients listings, allergy advice and cooking instructions. The cooking instructions are very clear and I simply had to remove the sleeve and film lid and pop into my oven for 25-30 minutes from the fridge. The lasagne cooked perfectly in the suggested time and I was able to remove it easily form the tray to serve. Myself and my husband shared the lasagne which went perfectly with a side salad and garlic bread. We were both very impressed with the taste, the free range egg pasta was cooked to perfection and there was a generous amount of minced beef in a lovely rich ragu sauce. There was just the right amount of béchamel sauce to compliment the rich beef ragu and the cheese topping finished this dish off perfectly. This lasagne was by far the nicest ready made lasagne I have ...

Radox Relax Bath Soak lavender and Waterlily 17/11/2014

Purple bubbles....

Radox Relax Bath Soak lavender and Waterlily I love having a bubble bath especially in the cold winter months and am quite a fan of the Radox range of bath products. One of my last purchases from the Radox range was the ‘Relax’ bath soak which was on special offer in Boots priced at just £1.00 for a 500ml bottle. The Relax bath soak has a lavender and waterlilly scent said to help ‘calm your mind and relax your body’. The bath soak comes packaged in clear plastic bottle allowing you to see the dark purple bath soak inside which looks very pretty on the side of my bath. The label on the front of the bottle is also decorated with flowers and on the back of the bottle you can find all the detailed product information including directions for use and ingredients listings. To use the bath soak you simply need to pour it under warm running water. The smell of the bath soak when you open the bottle is lovely and a perfect combination between the strong lavender and subtle waterlilly. I love the amount of bubbles this bath soak creates and that it gives the water a slightly purple tint. Whilst running the bath my whole bathroom is filled with the lovely scent of the lavender and waterlilly. I will say that when in the bath the fragrance does seem to fade a little and is not as strong as I expected it to be and therefore doesn’t make me feel as relaxed as I think I would be if the scents were a little stronger as I do normally find that lavender does have a soothing/calming effect. This bath soak does make my skin feel ...

Dove Firming Nourishing Lotion 17/11/2014

Firm skin in a bottle

Dove Firming Nourishing Lotion use a body moisturiser on a regular basis and although I am happy with a basic nourishing moisturiser I do like the ones that contain a ‘firming’ aspect to them as I think every woman wants to have nice smooth, firm skin especially in problematic areas. I came across the Dove firming body lotion on a trip to my local Superdrug store where it had been reduced to clear so decided to give it a try. I paid just 99p for a 250ml bottle of the firming body lotion which normally retails for around £3.99 so I think I really did get a bargain. The body lotion comes packaged in a white plastic bottle with a flip top lid. There are labels on the front and back of the bottle which provide all the detailed product information including ingredients listings, directions for use and the science behind how the body lotion works. It claims on the bottle that body lotion combines rich nourishment and white tea extract to boost your skins elasticity making it appear more toned and smooth after just a single application. I have used this body lotion several times since purchasing it and have been quite impressed. Obviously I did not expect a miracle from a simple body lotion but for me any firming effect would be a bonus. The lotion itself is white in colour and has a light and delicate fresh scent. It is a lovely thick consistency and easy to dispense from the bottle. The lotion smoothes onto my skin with ease with a little going a long way and absorbs quickly which I love as I hate having ...

Wilko Bath Time Body Puff 17/11/2014

Value puff

Olbas Oil 10/11/2014

Nose relief!

Morrisons Value Pure Orange Juice 09/11/2014

No squeeze needed

Tesco Wake Up Lime Shower Gel 29/10/2014

Zesty shower!

Sensodyne Gentle Whitening Toothpaste 20/10/2014

Sensitive toothpaste

Sensodyne Gentle Whitening Toothpaste After a rush trip to the dentist a few weeks ago fearing my filling had fallen out I was advised that I was actually suffering from some sensitivity. I was recommended to purchase some toothpaste specially designed for sensitive teeth and came across some sensodyne gentle whitening toothpaste reduced to clear in my local Morrison’s store. I paid just £1.08 for a 100ml pump action tube of this toothpaste from Morrison’s and have since found out that this normally retails for around £4.00 so I got quite a bargain. Sensitivity occurs when there is wearing of the tooth’s enamel which is caused by food and drink, brushing or gum recession. This toothpaste states that it contains all the benefits of regular toothpaste as well as ingredients to help strengthen teeth and prevent sensitivity as well as removing stains and restoring natural whiteness. The toothpaste also contains fluoride and has a minty taste. The toothpaste I purchased came packaged in a pump action tube but it is also available in a regular squeezable tube too. I had no problems dispensing this toothpaste as one press of the pump gives you just the right amount you need. The toothpaste is white in colour and has a pleasant minty flavour which isn’t too strong. The only real criticism that I have for this toothpaste is that it doesn’t really froth up very much which makes it difficult to feel if it is reaching all around your mouth. As far as the toothpaste goes for protecting against sensitivity I have been ...

Palmolive Antibacterial-Plus Liquid Handwash 16/10/2014

Germ fighting handwash

Palmolive Antibacterial-Plus Liquid Handwash One thing you will always find in my bathroom and kitchen is a bottle of antibacterial handwash as I like to keep germs at bay. I am not brand loyal at all to a particular handwash but like to find one that has good germ killing properties and is good value for money. Therefore my last purchase was of the Palmolive hygiene-plus fresh handwash.   I paid just £1.00 for a 300ml bottle of the handwash from my local Tesco store where it was on special offer.   The handwash comes packaged in a clear pump action bottle allowing you to see the blue liquid handwash inside. It is very easy to dispense by pressing the pump which gives a blob of the soap perfect for washing your hands. There are no directions for use on the bottle but I think this is pretty self explanatory.   I have used this handwash frequently for the last 2/3 weeks and have been very impressed with it. Not only does it clean my hands thoroughly but also leaves them smelling lovely and fresh. I cannot obviously see if the anti-bacterial action works but have to take this for granted and trust that the product does what it states it does as I use this in my bathroom and in my kitchen to wash my hands before and during cooking.   Overall I have been impressed with this hand wash it cleans my hands well, leaves them smelling and feeling fresh. I have also had no skin irritation and my hand feel soft after use. I would certainly recommend this hand wash and would purchase again especially if it was on special offer as it ...

Pets at Home Non Clumping Wood Pellet Cat Litter 13/10/2014

Woody Cat Litter!

Pets at Home Non Clumping Wood Pellet Cat Litter Owning a cat especially an indoor cat means that cat litter is a necessity. Having tried several different types, I and my cat prefer to use the wood based pellet cat litter and I have purchased the pets at home version several times now as I like the fact that I can buy it in large bags. This cat litter can be purchased from the pets at home stores or on the website The litter comes in two different sized bags, 15 litres for £6.99 or 30 litres for £8.99. There is currently a special offer online to purchase two 30 litre bags for £16.00. The litter itself is made from biodegradable wood formed into small pellets, it states on the bag that the litter contains no additives or glues and is environmentally friendly. I prefer to use this type of cat litter as my cat tends not to scratch and spray it out of her litter tray as much as the standard cat litter and it does not create nearly as much dust. It also has quite a pleasant pine scent which seems to keep odours at bay as it is very absorbent. My cat also seems very happy with this cat litter and doesn’t hesitate to use her litter tray for all of her toileting needs when I use it. Overall I have been very impressed with this cat litter, it is absorbent, keeps odour at bay and is long lasting. I tend to remove solid waste from my cats litter tray on a daily basis and fully change the tray twice per week. The large bags also mean that I don’t have to purchase litter as often. For me and my cat this ...

Mars Whiskas Pouch Simply Steamed Fish 13/10/2014

Fishy Whiskas!

Mars Whiskas Pouch Simply Steamed Fish I have always fed my cat Whiskas as this is the one food that keeps her tummy happy and settled. I usually by the Whiskas grilled variety packs but occasionally to give my cat a variation I will purchase the steamed fish selection which she also enjoys. Most of the larger supermarkets stock the Whiskas steamed fish selection which comes in boxes of 12x85g pouches. These vary in price from £4.75-£3.00 if on special offer. I always shop around for my cat food as there is normally at least one supermarket with offers on at any one time whether this be a discount or multi-buy. The steamed fish selection contains the following flavours, salmon, whitefish, sardine and tuna. It states on the box that this food provides a complete diet for your cat with the food containing all the vitamins and minerals needed. It also states that the food contains no artificial flavourings or preservatives. On the box you can find a feeding guide for your cat depending upon age and weight. My cat is female, 18 months old and around 3.5-4kg in weight. I follow the guidelines and feed Tink 2 pouches per day and 20g of the Whiskas dried food too. My cat seems satisfied with this amount of food and is maintaining a healthy weight. The pouches are easy to store and open, I simply squeeze the food straight from the pouch into my cats bowl, I did use to break it up with a fork but my cat really isn’t bothered and too eager to just start eating. I wouldn’t say the food looks particularly appealing but my ...
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