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Hugo Boss Deep Red Eau de Parfum Spray 11/04/2015

Deeply Lovely!

Hugo Boss Deep Red Eau de Parfum Spray I love perfume and always have a few bottles on the go at the same time. One bottle I received as a gift for Christmas and that I had not used for sometime was the Hugo Deep Red. As stated my bottle was a gift but on doing some research I have found that a 50ml bottle is currently on special offer at £29.95 in Boots. This is quite an expensive perfume but to me it is quite a powerful scent so I find that I only need to use a little for it to last all day. The Deep Red perfume comes packaged in a dark red coloured frosted glass bottle with a sliver lid. To dispense the perfume you simply need to remove the cap to reveal the pump action spray dispenser. The fragrance of this perfume is described as Oriental and is quite a strong scent made up of the following: Top Notes – Clementine, Blood Orange and Blackcurrant Heart Notes – Freesia, Pittosporum and Ginger Flower. Base Notes – Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Vanilla. I tend to use this perfume as an evening fragrance as it is quite strong with the base notes certainly dominating. There is some slight fruitiness to the scent but sandalwood is the most noticeable fragrance. One thing I love about this perfume is its longevity, a few sprays will last the entire evening and still smell beautiful on my skin without the need for me to top it up. Overall this is quite a high end perfume with the hefty price tag but if not using every day then it is worth it as a little really does go a long way. For me it is perfect for evening wear ... 09/03/2015

Argos online! When I am looking for a product for my home one place I normally always looks is The range of items they sell is rather phenomenal and there is not much you cannot purchase from there website now from homeware to jewellery to toys. There website is very easy to navigate around by either using the tabs to go straight to the relevant department or by using the ‘search’ facility. I have used the Argos website several time but recently to purchase a new office kettle. After a quick search in the toolbar for ‘kettle’ I was presented with a whole list of different ones. I was able to narrow my search quickly and found a kettle in the sale. As I wanted to pay cash for the kettle rather than to purchase it on my card from the website I opted to place my postcode into the website and clicked on the ‘check’ button to check the stock levels at my local stores. It then listed all of the stores in order of distance to me where the kettle was in stock. I then simply reserved my item for collection. Almost seconds after I reserved my item I received a text message to my mobile phone with my reservation number on. I was then able to pop into the store and give my reservation number to one of the checkout staff members, pay for my kettle and collect it very swiftly. You obviously can also pay for items on the website and have them delivered to your home address. I am quite lucky that I live close by to an Argos store so always reserve items and collect them if they are ...

Whiskas Adult Complete Tuna & Vegetables 09/03/2015

Thinks biscuit!

Whiskas Adult Complete Tuna & Vegetables My cat has a sensitive tummy and as much as I always intended on feeding her a dry diet this didn’t go to plan. Too much biscuit upsets Tink’s tummy so she has wet food with a small sprinkle of dry food with her evening feed to give her a little variety in taste and texture and to help protect her teeth. I normally purchase this Whiskas dry complete food which comes in chicken or this tuna flavour. This Whiskas dry food is available to be purchased from Sainsbury’s priced at just £1.00 for a 340g box. One of these boxes will last me about 3 weeks as I only feed Tink a small amount per day but if it was her sole diet I would be using around a box per week. The food comes packaged in a cardboard box which has a small flap opening which can be pressed back shut. On the box you can find all the detailed product information including feeding guidelines and nutritional information. It states that this food contains taurine to helps support a health hear, oils for a shiny coat, vitamin A for good eye sight and has a special ingredient to help to keep your cats teeth clean and healthy. It also claims to be gentle on cats urinary tract as dried food is known to potentially cause problems for cats water works if fed as the sole diet. The food itself is made up of small biscuits which are different shapes and colours. My cat isn’t fussy at all with this food and eats all of the different biscuits and most importantly seems to really enjoy them. I can even feed my cat a few pieces of ...

PME Rose Petal Cutter Set 05/03/2015

Edible roses!

PME Rose Petal Cutter Set A few months ago I decided to embark on making some edible flowers to use as cake decorations. To do this I needed to purchase some cutters to allow me to make the petal shapes. I opted for the PME rose petal cutter set which I purchased from Amazon for £5.99. These cutters are made from metal and come in 4 different sizes 15, 25, 35 and 40mm. To use the cutters you simply need to roll out fondant or flower paste then press on the cutters to produce the petal shape. As these cutters are made from metal they are not only sturdy but also quite sharp so cut through the fondant with ease leaving a nice clean edge. Once cut out the petals can be assembled together one by one, overlapping them to form a beautiful 3D rose. You can cut the petals out in different colours to create a multi-coloured flower or to graduate the colour to give a realistic look to your rose. These cutters can also be used for other cake decorating as the tear drop shape makes them useful for creating a frill detail around a cake or making a leaf, eyes etc. You can wash these cutters in some warm soapy water but it is important to make sure that they are thoroughly dry before storing away to prevent them from rusting. Overall these are great cutters for any cake decorator to have in there toolkit. I think they were great value, they are hard wearing and create perfect roses as well as being versatile to use for other aspects of cake decorating. 5 stars from me

Lakeland Halloween Cookie Cutters 05/03/2015

Spooky Cookies!

Lakeland Halloween Cookie Cutters I have a large amount of cooking and baking equipment. Just before Halloween last year I popped into my local Lakeland store and purchased a pack of these four Halloween themed cookie cutters in the shape of a bat, pumpkin, witch and ghost. I thought these cutters were a very reasonable price at just £2.49 for the pack of four. The cutters themselves are made from orange plastic and are around 8cm in size. Being made from plastic means they cannot rust and are very easy to clean in some warm soapy water. I used these cutters to make cookies from some basic sugar cookie dough. They cut into the dough with ease and lifted away easily leaving a nice detailed shape. I tend to use a sugar cookie dough with shaped cookie cutters as that way they keep the detail where if you was to use more of a cookie dough that spreads during cooking the detailed shapes are distorted as the mixture spreads out. Once baked my cookies looked great and I was able to decorate them with some royal icing. But you could easily use the cutters again to cut out fondant to top the cookies with. Or to use the cutters to make some fondant shapes to decorate a Halloween themed cake. Overall these are great Halloween cookie cutters that make brilliant cookies or fondant shapes. As they are plastic they are safe for children to use and easy to keep clean. 5 stars from me

Dr. Oetker Hundreds & Thousands 04/03/2015


Dr. Oetker Hundreds & Thousands One item any cake maker, hobby or professional has in there cupboard is hundreds and thousands. These tiny coloured sugar balls are fantastic for decorating cakes/biscuits adding a splash of colour and fun to them. My last purchase of hundreds and thousands was the Dr Oetker brand, 65g tub which I purchased from my local Tesco store for £1.29. The hundreds and thousands come packaged in a slightly different tub to the one shown above. It is now a clear plastic tube with red screw on cap. Once you remove the cap there is a plastic seal over the top of the tube with small holes in to allow you to sprinkle the hundreds and thousands over your baked goods evenly. The hundreds and thousands are coloured white, pale pink, dark pink and green and just taste very sweet. I use them to decorate my cakes and have previously used them to sprinkle onto cupcakes covered in butter cream to make them look like 99 ice creams. I have even covered a large cake completely in these to give it a bright and fun look. You can also mix them into a vanilla sponge cake mixture to create a pretty speckled effect in the sponge when cut and use them to top an ice cream sundae. The only negative is that when using these to decorate cakes they do seem to get everywhere and escape all over my kitchen which also means that you waste large amounts of them too. Therefore when sprinkling over cakes or biscuits I try and place them onto a tray to catch the stray ones which can then be reused. Overall these ...

Sheba Tuna Terrine 04/03/2015

Cat that got the tuna

Sheba Tuna Terrine My cat loves her food but some food upsets her stomach. For this reason I tend to stick to the same brand but will occasionally purchase her one of these Sheba trays for a treat as one once in a while doesn’t cause her any harm and gives her a little variety to her diet. These trays of wet food come in a variety of flavours with this one being the Terrine with Tuna. These Sheba trays contain 100g of food and can be purchased in most larger supermarkets and are currently priced at 61p each in Tesco. This terrine is packaged in a gold foil tray with peelable foil lid. Once opened the food comes out of the tray easily allowing you to tip it straight into your cats bowl. You can then use a cat fork to break it up into chunks. The food looks like a terrine with pieces of meat encased in a jelly. I did have a little sniff of the food and to be fair it was not overly pleasant but did smell slightly of fish. My cat though was very happy with this meal despite the smell, before her bowl even hit the floor she was purring away. I think she actually ate this food in record time with her bowl being almost completely clean. Overall this food works perfectly as an occasional treat for my cat. She eats it like she has never been fed and just the odd tray doesn’t affect her delicate tummy. It is a little on the expensive side to be a daily meal but works well as a treat.

PME Butterfly cutters 04/03/2015

Edible Butterflies

PME Butterfly cutters I love cake decorating which I do for a hobby. I have a large variety of different fondant cutters including these PME butterflies which came in a pack of two (32mm & 60mm) priced at £3.59 from Amazon. The can also be purchased from most cake decorating supply shops. To use these cutters you simply need to roll out a piece of fondant icing or flower paste quite thinly. You then simply press the butterfly cutter onto the icing to cut out a perfectly shaped butterfly. You can use a little corn flour or icing sugar on the edges of your butterfly cutter if you feel your fondant is a little tacky to ensure the cutter pulls away from the fondant easily and neatly. You can then place these fondant butterflies flat straight onto your cake or cupcake. Alternatively you can dry them over a piece of foam for a few hours to allow the wings to dry folded to give a 3D more realistic appearance. Once dried you can add a little edible glitter or lustre spray onto the wings to make the butterflies sparkle. These cutters are made from plastic and are very easy to wash in warm soapy water. Overall these little butterfly cutters make a great addition to any cake decorator’s tool kit. I have had mine for over a year now and they are still in perfect condition. The little fondant butterflies these cutters produce look fantastic on cakes and cupcakes to give a very cute design. Using the two different sized cutters together also give a great effect. 5 stars from me. 04/03/2015

Groupon Voucher websites seem to have become quite popular in recent times and one of the first was Groupon. This website offers people the chance to buy products and services from retailers at a reduced price. I have used Groupon several times to purchase meals out, beauty treatments and goods and have so far been very impressed. You can access the Groupon website at or download the app onto your mobile phone or tablet. Each day you can view the different deals available. These deals are usually at a discounted rate to the retailers normal prices to entice you to purchase items, try restaurants, leisure activities, beauty treatments, holidays etc for the first time. To make deals easier to find you can enter your location so that the website/app sorts the deals to ones that are closest to your local area. Once you select a deal you can pay for it on your debit/credit card and are then emailed a voucher. The voucher will contain all the information you require to redeem your purchase. I love Groupon mainly for trying different restaurants and beauty treatments. I recently purchased a shellac manicure for just £10 and a two course Indian meal for 5 people for just £30. Occasionally there will also be additional discounts, for example an extra 15% off or £5 off a £30 spend. Just like with anything I buy I try and do my research first, if there is a deal for a restaurant I have not heard about I will pop it into google and check reviews etc before. I will also ... 04/03/2015

Onepoll survey site I am registered on quite a few survey and review websites and find them really good for earning a few extra pennies in my spare time. I registered with onepoll a couple of years ago and at first didn’t pay it much interest but have used it much more in the last few months. Anyone can register to use this website at to take surveys to earn a cash amount. Each survey earns between 5p and £1.00 depending upon the length and content. Once you have reached the payment threshold of £40.00 you can request a BACS or paypal payment. To be able to take surveys you simply need to log into your account and if there are any available they will be listed alongside there cash value. You can occasionally be screened out of a survey in the first few questions but unlike some survey sites only limited information is required to see if you are eligible for the survey. Surveys are based on all sorts of subjects from food, health, work, current affairs etc. Some surveys are only one question long while others can take quite a few questions and a few minutes to complete. The longer the survey the higher the cash reward for completion. What is good about these surveys is that it tells you how much of the survey you have completed as a percentage as you work thought it so you always no roughly how many questions you have left. Once a survey is completed your cash reward is credited straight to your account which you can see along a bar at the bottom of your account page. I ...

Kong Company Straw Cone Cat Toy 01/03/2015

Cat prey!

Kong Company Straw Cone Cat Toy My cat is an indoor cat so I buy her toys frequently to keep her entertained and to prevent her from getting bored. One of the toys she has or should I say had was the Kong straw cone with feathers. I purchased this toy mainly because of the feathers as I thought my cat would enjoy the movement in them and that to her it would look a little like a bird so encourage her to play with it. I purchased this toy from Amazon where it was priced at £2.99 which I thought was reasonable for a cat toy. The toy itself is made from a weaved straw cone which contains catnip with feathers sticking out from the point of the cone. The feathers are said to encourage your cats natural instinct to stalk and pounce. Also all the materials used are natural and from renewable sources. My cat initially seemed very eager to get her claws and teeth into this toy which led me to believe that this would be a success. But after only a few days the feathers had began to fall out and eventually the straw cone was falling to bits too with the bag of catnip inside exposed. Overall I was very disappointed with this toy, as it was designed to encourage a cats natural hunting instincts it certainly was not made for it. All in all a total waste of money for a few hours play.

Calvin Klein CK IN2U Her Eau de Toilette 01/03/2015

CK Fragrance!

Calvin Klein CK IN2U Her Eau de Toilette Just before my holiday last year my husband treated me to a couple of new bottles of perfume one of which was the Calvin Klein CKIN2U Her. This was on special offer in Boots for the bargain price of £20.00 for a 150ml bottle. This eau de toilette comes packaged in a glass bottle which is partially covered in a white plastic sleeve with the Calvin Klein logo on the front. The design of the bottle is quite simple and contemporary but still looks attractive sat on my dressing table. The bottle has a small pull of plastic lid which reveals a pump action spray dispenser. I love the fragrance of this eau de toilette as it is beautiful and light so is just perfect for everyday wear. I tend to wear this fragrance for work as it is not too overpowering, the notes that make up this fragrance are as follows; Top note - pink grapefruit, bergamot Middle note - orchid and white cactus Base note - red cedar and vanilla You can pick up the combination of the fruity and floral notes which work perfectly together with the added sweetness of the vanilla which does come through but does not overpower the other fragrances to make it sickly or too sweet which it can sometimes do in other scents. I have had some lovely comments about this eau de toilette when I have worn it. You do need to apply a few sprays but I have had my bottle for a couple of months now and use it around 2-3 times per week and still have some left so it works out fantastic value especially if purchased on special offer. ...

Armani Code Femme Eau de Parfum 01/03/2015

Beautiful Armani Code!

Armani Code Femme Eau de Parfum I like to spritz a little perfume on every day as not only do I like to smell nice but it also makes me feel good. Although I have few perfumes in my collection some like this Armani Code for women are on the expensive side so for this reason I keep it for a special occasion. It is also quite a heavy scent more suited for evening or occasion wear. I purchased my Armani code for women on special offer some time ago but it is currently priced at £43.50 for a 30ml bottle in Boots. You can also purchase it in a 50ml or 75ml bottle too. The perfumes hourglass shaped bottle itself is very chic and glamorous being made from a purple tinted glass which gets darker in colour until it reaches the black plastic lid. On the front of the bottle is a floral ace pattern giving it a pretty but elegant look. Once the cap is removed there is a spray dispenser which ensures you get nice light sprays of the fragrance. As stated previously this is quite a strong/heavy fragrance being made up of the following scents: Top Notes – Jasmine, orange Heart Notes – orange blossom Base Notes - honey vanilla It is a fruity fragrance but with the addition of the honey and vanilla adding the sweetness it makes it quite a powerful combination. I would imagine that some people would find this fragrance quite overpowering but I love it. For me it is perfect for wearing in the evening for a special occasion and it is strong but if applied sparingly it smells wonderful. I find that just 2/3 sprays are enough ...

Cif Multi-Purpose Actifizz Ocean Spray 01/03/2015

Lacking fizz!

Cif Multi-Purpose Actifizz Ocean Spray I am not brand loyal when it comes to cleaning products and will purchase what is on offer. My local Tesco Express store recently had a stock clearance and one of the products that was reduced was the Cif actifizz multipurpose ocean fragrance spray priced at just 69p for a 700ml bottle, this normally retails at around £2.50 a bottle. I have use the Cif cream cleaner for years and love the results you get from it so I had quite high hopes for this product. On the front of the bottle it states that it ‘removes daily dirt’ and leaves ‘a sparkling clean home’. On the back of the bottle it gives more information about how the product works stating that it cuts through all daily dirt and has ‘lift action’ technology that fizzes through and removes dirt. It states that this spray is suitable for the kitchen and the bathroom and to use this cleaning spray you simply need to spray onto the surface, leave for a few seconds and wipe away. I have used this spray in my kitchen and have been really disappointed with it. Firstly when I sprayed it over my work surfaces there was certainly no fizzing action. There were a few bubbles but the spray appeared more like just plain water, also making it hard to see where I had even sprayed it as I have black work surfaces. I left the spray on for a couple of minutes and some dirt did lift off with a damp cloth but I had to use a bit of elbow grease to remove some other marks that certainly didn’t ‘fizz’ off. I was quite impressed with the ...

Apple iPhone 5S 32GB 24/02/2015

iPhone Greatness!

Apple iPhone 5S 32GB I am a huge fan of Apple products and have been an iphone user for around 3 years now. Just over a year ago I upgraded my old iphone 4 for the iphone 5s 32GB in space grey and have been very impressed with it. My iphone 5s came as part of a contract but it is possible to purchase this phone currently priced at £499 from It came securely packaged in a box with power adapter, lightening to USB cable and Apple earpods. Although there is no instruction booklet you are able to find any help you require on the Apple support website. This phone like any apple product is very stylish being made from glass with a metal casing. It was very easy to set up with step by step on screen instructions but you will need to ensure that you are connected to wifi to do this. As I had had an Apple phone previously I was able to restore all of my apps and settings from the icloud which was a easy and quick process. I find this phone very easy to use. It is a great size with large and great quality touch screen display. The only buttons on the phone is the home button on the front, the on/off button on the top and volume control buttons on the left hand side. It was the first iphone to come with the finger print ID sensor allowing you to unlock your phone with just the touch of your finger on the home button which I find a brilliant feature. There is also an 8 megapixel camera incorporated into the phone allowing you to take pictures whenever required or to take screen shots ...
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