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Wii Fit Plus (Wii) 27/03/2011

Gym membership in your own home! :)

Wii Fit Plus (Wii) Introduction I bought my husband a Wii Fit for Christmas last year and didn't really realise that Wii Fit Plus was an add on to the pack as I also bought the game Wii Fit Plus. He had been after the game since it came out, but we have had a couple of years bad luck with money, so it just hasn't been possible for us to buy it for him, but this year I decided to treat him. What is Wii Fit Plus? Wii Fit is a game for the Nintendo Wii console, the original game comes with a thing called a "balance board" (you can also buy these seperately), and it is supposed to be a type of gym workout game in your home- the games and workouts which are incorporated in the game are there to help you lose weight and keep fit. The add on game of Wii Fit Plus is a game which adds to the original Wii Fit game, it comes with the board if you do not already have it, or it comes as a game only- if you already have Wii Fit all of your weights and results are saved onto the new game automatically, so you do not have to start all over again which is good! Wii Fit Plus simply adds to the original game, it adds some extra games, it adds more functions and makes game play much more fun and makes it easier to work out. Game Play The game itself is pretty much identical to Wii Fit, but for those of you who are not aware of the original game, allow me to explain a little what it is all about... You can add as many people as you want to Wii Fit, and each can have their own account (this ...

Japan Disaster: Do you think it prompts a fresh look into reactor safety? 25/03/2011

How many disasters do we need before we take note?

Japan Disaster: Do you think it prompts a fresh look into reactor safety? On Friday 11th March 2011 at 2.46pm, a huge earthquake at over 8 on the richter scale struck Japan. The country is pretty used to earthquakes so their buildings withstood the quake...but we just were not expecting the disaster which struck afterwards. The tsunami which swept through the pacific coastlands killing thousands. But this wasn't the only devestation which came with the tsunami. As Japan is a country which gets a lot of earthquakes, as I said earlier, the buildings are made to withstand them, and this of course includes nuclear power plants... Fukushima power plant works in this way, shutting down the reactors automatically when an earthquake strikes. But the tsunami which came a short while later just was not expected to cause so much swept through the plant destorying the back up generators which are in place to cool down the reactors. Reactors 1, 2 and 3 were in meltdown, with explosions going off all over the place. And were catagorised as a level 5 catastrophe- this means it is an International nuclear event. It has still only been two weeks since the earthquake and we are still as of yet unsure of the damage caused by the meltdown of the Fukushima plant reactors. But this event just raises the question, how safe IS nuclear power? If a natural disaster can cause worldwide panic over the safety of a nuclear power plant, then should we really be playing with it? Afterall, the size of the Fukushima plant...there wouldn't be much left of ...

eMachines eM350 21/03/2011

Fantastic little netbook!!

eMachines eM350 Introduction A few months ago my laptop eventually died after 2 years of hassle with it breaking and me having to reboot it each time losing everything from it. I went to get a value for fixing it, and it was just going to cost me a fortune, and there was no real guarantee how long it was going to last anyway, so I decided I would get rid, and get myself a new laptop. Selling my broken laptop for £80 to a laptop repair centre, I had a few pennies saved up, I went searching online to see what I could find. All of the laptops were well out of my price range, they seemed to have really gone up in price since the last time I had bought one 3 years ago when I spent £300 on a pretty high spec model, they were now more like £500 for anything even half decent. It was then I thought about maybe getting a netbook, a smaller version of a laptop-they have no cd drive, and not as much "going on", and in my own experience, they seem to be just that little bit more hardy than a laptop for carrying around. I only used my laptop for writing reviews, networking, checking emails and shopping. I do not play games (I wish I had that much time spare!), nor do I need much storage as the only thing I store is photos and a handful of generally unimportant documents, so I wasn't after anything high spec or special. After trawling the internet and finding nothing below £200 which was really my limit as a new mum and someone who only uses the computer for simple leisure purposes I couldn't ...

Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G + Wi-Fi 17/03/2011

A thousand books at my fingertips

Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G + Wi-Fi Amazon Kindle3 Wifi Version Introduction I have always been a big reader, since being quite young I have enjoyed a good book starting out with the classic kids books from Roald Dahl and the likes. And as I got older my taste for books grew, in my house I've a bookshelf busting with books both read and unread and complained most days about it as I had no room for new books (of course my husband told me to get rid of the read books...but not a chance!). Then the Amazon Kindle was released and advertised all over Amazon. I must say I had my reservations, I couldn't imagine reading a book on a machine! What about the texture of the paper, the feel of the book? And I am a big "un-truster" of technology, I was worried if I bought hundreds of books, and my Kindle suddenly died on me, that I would have lost all of them. But then I was thinking of the good side, how easy it would be to read my books wherever I wanted, no worry about taking 10 books on holiday with me taking up all the room in my suitcase, those heavy hardbacks which I found difficult to pick up and read wouldn't be a problem anymore. But I didn't have the money to go out and buy one anyway so I stuck with my normal paper books. Until Christmas day when I opened a present from my mum and saw my very own Kindle! By this point I actively wanted the Kindle, I had realised how much easier it would be for me to read all the books I wanted...and so much cheaper...and E book is around £5 cheaper (if not more in some ...

William Walker's First Year of Marriage - Matt Rudd 17/03/2011

One mans mission in marriage...not to mess it up!

William Walker's First Year of Marriage - Matt Rudd Introduction This is the first book I bought on my Amazon Kindle, it sounded funny and witty and just like the kind of book I would enjoy. I had never heard of Matt Rudd as an author, and don't usually read books with a male protagonist (not chick lit books anyway), though I don't quite know why this is! I settled down to read the book and very quickly got into it! About the Author Matt Rudd is an English author who also writes for the Sunday Times newspaper, he is aged 34 and lives with his wife and two children in Kent...I cannot help but think William Walker's first year of marriage was based a little closer to home than you may first think!!! As well as William Walker's first year of marriage, there is also "William's Progress", which I have yet to read, and is a sequel to this book...which should be fun!!! Plot William is a 30-something avergae Joe and Isabel is a beautiful young lady and they together are newly weds, they live in London UK And William is expecting married life bliss, but everything starts to go wrong even from the honeymoon! But despite the bumpy road of married life things are going good, he has a great new job, a beautiful wife and things are looking good. But things are just destined to go against William when his ex girlfriend Saskia (The Destroyer of Relationships) shows up on the scene and moves in below William and Isabels flat! And then there is Alex, Isabels "best friend" who never seems to be off the scene. Throw in chucking ...

Carte Noire Coffee 26/11/2010

dishwater in a jar!

Carte Noire Coffee Carte Noire Introduction We have had Carte Noir before and we really enjoyed it, so when we saw a 250g jar of the coffee on offer in Tesco a couple of weeks ago for £4 we thought why not. The coffee is usually quite expensive for a small jar, and my husband is a strong coffee lover, and we needed coffee so I thought why not pop it in the trolley. When we got home, we made a cup of coffee expecting the strong rich flavours from the coffee which we had the last time we had bought it- but we were sorely mistaken. So what IS Carte Noire? Carte Noire is an instant coffee range made by the company, Kraft. The coffee I am reviewing is the original instant coffee, but there is quite a large range available- Cappuccino, Filter, decaffeinated etc. It is the leading brand of coffee in France. For some reason, Kraft don’t seem to have a website for the Carte Noire coffee, so I cannot find a history of the coffee or any real information on it, which is slightly annoying I must say! Packaging The packaging of Carte Noire is very appealing, the jar is black and elegant looking, it looks like a premium brand of coffee on the shelf of the supermarkets and makes you think it will be an expensive but worth it coffee. The jar is glass with a plastic top, and unlike Kenco, do not do the coffee in refill packs, so you have no choice but to buy the glass jars each time, but they are widely recycle-able, so its not too much of a problem. The taste test Me and ... 22/11/2010

Fun an quirky products from Firebox What is it? is a website which sells gifts all through the year which are slightly “strange”, things like caravan bird houses; slush making mugs; hot chilli jelly sweets; “blood” energy drinks. As well as more “normal” gadgets, digital cameras and the likes. But everything they sell has something different about it. I have used Firebox a few times to buy different gifts for my husband and brother, but there are so many things from the website which I would LOVE to buy if I had the money!!! The website started in 1998 but back then had a different name; hotbox, which was made by two university friends. In 1999 the website was re-launched as Firebox when the company relocated from Cardiff to London and their customers just kept coming in the millions, as well as selling to customers on the net, Firebox also sell wholesale to a number of shops and retailers. Now the website attracts thousands of customers every day looking for that something a little different for their family and friends. Design and layout The websites layout is very “fun”, it is bright and the descriptions of the items is fun and just like the items is very different, for example the Musucbag a sleeping bag which allows you to move around completely as it has arms and legs… has a description with this phrase: “Cocooning yourself in a sleeping bag is all very snuggly, but have you ever tried dancing to gingangooly without unzipping yourself? It's not easy. In ...

Jeremy Kyle 22/11/2010

Put something on the end of it!!!!

Jeremy Kyle Introduction The Jeremy Kyle show is a sort of chat show, counselling show, hosted by Jeremy Kyle, a self confessed ex gambling addict. It is on weekday mornings on ITV1 between 9.30am and 10.30am, and usually takes place on a stage in Manchester with a live studio audience. Jeremy Kyle Show started in 2005 and was an instant hit with the daytime TV audience, aimed at those out of work, full time mothers and housewives, and students. I myself am part of that group, and do sometimes watch the show in a morning. The aim of the show is to help families, friends, couples to get through problems such as adultary, drug and alcohol problems, anger problems, reunions between lost family members as well as offering DNA and lie detector tests. Sometimes, maybe once every couple of months, there will be a "special" Jeremy Kyle, maybe where he confronts homelessness, gangs, or prostitution on the streets rather than on set. The show The show usually has guests who are what you can only class as lower working class...or the "benefit class" as it is now known, those who are out of work and on full time benefits, sadly these are the people giving people on benefits a bad name, as they tend to be the people in society draining the benefits system, not working as they don't want to work (yet still claiming Job Seekers Allowance!), procreating with numerous women and giving up on the children, drinking themselves into a stupor on the taxes which working people have paid. This ...

Sainsbury's Basics Nappy Sacks 16/11/2010

Pop the poop in the bag!

Sainsbury's Basics Nappy Sacks Sainsbury’s Basics Nappy Bags Introduction Nappy bags are one of those things which most mothers of babies find essential. These bags are much like thin sandwich bags which are usually scented, and are used to put soiled nappies in to conceal smell and also to stop the nappy been loose in your bin- afterall if your bins are collected once a fortnight do you want your rubbish bin stinking of baby poo? I know I don’t! Nappy bags are never usually expensive, normally around £1-£2 for 100 nappy bags. 100 may sound like LOADS, but considering most newborns go through an average of 12 nappies a day for the first few weeks… they very quickly get used up! Especially if you need to double bag a particularly nasty nappy! One day I was wandering around my local Sainsbury’s supermarket and picking up some baby care essentials the week before I was due to give birth, I had a packet of nappy bags at home, but thought I would stock up and get some more whilst I was shopping. Down the baby aisle, I spotted a small white Sainsbury’s basics packet of 100 nappy bags- a very simple packaging, just a white small square packet with the orange Sainsbury’s Basics logo. I popped them in my trolley without bothering to look at the price, knowing they would be no more than £2. When I got to the self scan checkout, I got the shock of my life to find the nappy bags were just 9p! Me and my husband had a real giggle about the price been so low, and were made up to get such a bargain. ...

Cow & Gate Comfort Milk Colic and Constipation 16/11/2010

Cow and Gate Comfort milk Stage 1 from birth!

Cow & Gate Comfort Milk Colic and Constipation Cow and Gate Comfort Milk: Stage 1 from Birth Introduction I gave birth to my daughter 8 weeks ago, and had already decided that I wanted to bottle feed not breast feed and had chosen Cow and Gate as my milk of choice, the Green pack Stage 1 milk at £7.24 for a 900g tub. By the time my daughter was a few weeks old, she had terrible constipation, and had even been put on Infant Gaviscon by the doctor due to spit up and gastric reflux. One day I went to my local Asda supermarket, and went to the milk section to get my weeks supply of milk, and spotted the Cow and Gate comfort milk- upon reading it said the milk was specially formulated to help with constipation and colic. Colic was something we hadn’t had to deal with (touch wood!!!) but the constipation was driving us ALL mad it was so frustrating not been able to help her, I’d tried everything putting an extra 10ml of water in her formula, giving her a 3oz bottle of cooled boiled water each day, and nothing was helping with her tummy problems, the doctors had said not to worry all babies have to put up with it and she would “grow out of it”- not much consolation at 3am when you have your daughter screaming in pain as she tries to do a poo! The milk said on the side to only be used under medical advice, and so I asked my Health Visitor about it the next time I spoke to her- she said it was fine and they only say that on the milk to ensure if a mother uses it incorrectly and the baby gets sick, they cannot then ...

Disney's A Christmas Carol(DVD) 15/11/2010

BAH Humbug!!

Disney's A Christmas Carol(DVD) Disney’s A Christmas Carol Introduction Ok this may be a little premature…but I was getting all Christmasey this week, and upon looking through the Virgin Media On Demand services, I spotted the brand new Disney’s A Christmas Carol was playing for just £3.99. I had been planning on buying the DVD for £15 earlier in the day, but thought that watching it on the On Demand would be a much better idea and then I could buy it if I wanted it! The film was actually released at the cinemas last year just before Christmas, but only came out on DVD on the 8th November 2010-probably because the producers knew that the DVD would sell better near to Christmas! The film has been done so many times all based on the famous novel by Charles Dickens, most of us know the heartwarming story of the cruel old man and the visits he receives one Christmas eve- whether its from the classic novel, or one of the MANY remakes of the story. Storyline As I say most of us know the story of A Christmas Carol in one form or another: an old man named Ebenezer Scrouge lives alone, his work colleague Marley having died some years back. He is a lonely and moody old man, money is his life- he is greedy, selfish and spoiled. For years his nephew has invited him to Christmas lunch which has always been greeted with the same “Bah Humbug!” response, Christmas just ISN’T in Scrouge’s agenda…after all it may mean he has to spend money! One Christmas Eve, Scrouge returns to his lonely old house, ...

A Hopeless Romantic - Harriet Evans 27/07/2010

Are you a hopeless romantic?

A Hopeless Romantic - Harriet Evans Introduction I bought this book last year from a book club, and it has been sitting on my shelf for months! I decided to pick it up a few weeks ago, having never heard of the author I didn't really know what to expect, but the synopsis sounded like my kind of book and so I bought it! Plot Laura has always been a hopeless romantic, she has always been somebody who wanted that fairytale ending, and when she met Dan, a friend of a friend, she thought it was her happy ever after, even though there is a slight hurdle they need to cross first...getting Dan away from that pesky girlfriend of his! Before long Laura has ended up in the deep end, her heart broken once again- and this time she vows will be the last time. No more fairytales, no more broken dreams, no more moping around over the man in her life and forgetting her friends and family! When her parents invite her to Norfolk for the weekend to celebrate her Nana's birthday- about the only person in her family who relates to her, she decides it might be a good idea to go along even though it will be dire. But things start to take a turn for the better when she meets Nick, the gardener at the grand Chartley Hall, a beautiful mansion with the famous family. Laura is soon engrossed in a friendly relationship with him which she is determined she's not going to get too obsessed over. But soon Nick's murkey real life is revealed throwing everything out into the air, and putting Laura at the heart of the local ...

The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks 22/07/2010

The last Song: Nicholas Sparks

The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks Introduction I have read Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook before and loved it, but wasn't really aware of any of his other books until a few months ago when I saw a trailer on TV for a new film "The Last Song" which stated it was written by the author of The Notebook. The film looked great starring Miley Cyrus, and looking like a generally girly film, and so dragged my husband along to the local Cineworld to watch with me. When I got home, I had enjoyed the film so much, that I got onto Amazon and ordered the book. Plot The story revolves around an 18 year old girl, Ronnie (Veronica). Her parents broke up 3 years ago, and her dad moved away to live by the beach- since then Ronnie has refused to speak to him, feeling he has ruined her life by splitting up her family. This summer she and her younger brother are shipped off to their dads, and Ronnie is dreading it. Although she doesn't want to be there, the old "her" begins to come out with the sea air, watching turtles lay their eggs in the sand and meeting Will...the local good boy. He works at the Aquarium and fixes cars, as well as playing Volleyball to please his friend. But Ronnie is reluctant to believe his swagger when she hears his ex girlfriend talking about their dates. As Summer progresses Ronnie soon gets into life in the sun, and is soon seeing it as her home and seeing New York as a distant memory, and her dad is coming into a whole new light. But when her life is turned upside down, who will ...

Jumper JPD100S Angelsound Fetal Doppler 22/07/2010

My little galloping horses :)

Jumper JPD100S Angelsound Fetal Doppler Introduction I am 31 weeks pregnant, and have some trouble feeling my baby sometimes, I have been into hospital for monitering 3 times now for it as I have worried so much over it. I was on the verge of asking the midwife if I could take a doppler home with me so I could listen to the heart of the baby at home if I thought I hadn't felt any movement in 24 hours when I saw this on Amazon. I was very dubious about buying it as I had heard they can be awful, not pick up any heartbeat and worry you more than you did without feeling movement- but I couldn't resist buying it just as a means of trying to stay sane for the last 9 weeks of my pregnancy. I have heard millions of babies heart beats...ok a slight exaggeration, but I have been intuned with fetal hearts since I was 13 as I went to all my sisters antenatal appointments with her with her 3 kids, and then I got an ear for my own babies heart beat from the moment I first heard it, I like to think I am very good at finding it quickly too (I actually wanted to train as a midwife so it is something I take an interest in!), so I hoped I'd be reasonably good at finding the heart beat, but vowed to myself, if I didn't find the heartbeat on the first go that I wouldn't run off the the hospital, but would wait 12 hours and if I had felt no movement, THEN I would call the midwives. So anyway...onto the product! What is it? This is a home use fetal heart doppler, it is for use in pregnancy, from around 14-16 weeks ...

Starburst Tongue Tangles 11/06/2010

tongue tangling fun

Starburst Tongue Tangles Starburst Tongue Tangles How I came by them Well on a trip to my local Tesco’s for something for tea. I was suddenly informed by the o holy Buddah in belly that there was no treats within our house. So I set about locating some sort of treats to avoid being booted repeatly in my kidneys. So I set off down the aisles a quick look at the watch said it was 3pm hmmm I might just make it to the end of the aisle before the store closes as with carrying a baby around its like weighing a ships anchor you anit going to go anywhere very fast. But luck would have appeared to be on my side as I was in the sweet section. So after much browsing I noticed these starburst tongue tangles. Needless to say I waddled my way to the check out and purchased said sweets. What are tongue tangles- a new scout knot? Well no there not a new scout way of tying your shoe laces. But instead a new crafty creation by the people at starburst. They are called tongue tangles. And come in 3 different flavours Banana & Mango, Blueberry & Lemon and Apricot & Cherry. They have the texture of chewits on the outside with gooey ooze in the centre that oozes out. On to the tongue creating a tangly feeling. How are they? Well I absolutely adored them the way the that you bite into them and the goo runs all over your tongue and you soon end up eating the whole packet whoops don’t tell the husband. I also like the fact they are also indivulaled wrapped and you get to pop them out ...
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