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Dell Inspiron 15R 22/03/2011

small yet big laptop

Dell Inspiron 15R i was luckly enough to finally get a laptop for christmas and this is the one i got in fusia pink it is im not joking absolutely amazing i use this laptop day in and day out without failure and the features it comes with and yet a quite small laptop is good there is cd rom at the side sd card slot micro phone earphone plug in web cam with discent image light etc the colour is a bonus and the screen is kind of reflectant. to get it started and linked up to internet was easy aswell. you dont really need to charge it up that much not unless you arre a heavy laptop internet user like me overall there is nothing i can fault with this laptop incases i could say that its better than my mums apple because this is very quick and the point are easy to press down etc. it may seem quite alot of money although you do get alot of handy features and great screen size. sound also is amazing and at times outstanding

Forbidden Game Bind-up: The Hunter, The Chase, The Kill - L.J. Smith 22/03/2011

gets you hooked from the start

Forbidden Game Bind-up: The Hunter, The Chase, The Kill - L.J. Smith i bought this book on the way to germany by boat and i read the blurb and i knew that i had to have the book it just sounded so good and intresting what the book would hold in the way of cliff hangers and imagination. i bought the book there and then and since then and the end of the holiday i was hooked on reading it till the very last page. it was easy to read although probably aimed at 14 year olds and above and it is a very good read if you like pranormal things. although it too has a side of romance in it which is what the whole story is based around. i knew for me that there was no let down in the ending and that its not a book that you think is boring and going to put down after one page because from the start it keeps you on the edge of your seat like a movie. this book doesnt compare to other books that much the author though is amazing after i read this book i started reading her other books she published and the too are ingrossing and intresting but they all do have romance in them. the author also write the vampire diaries books which have gone on to be a hit tv series which i do now watch with anticipation and nerves.

Britney Spears Curious Eau de Parfum for Her 22/03/2011

so lovely

Britney Spears Curious Eau de Parfum for Her i was lucky enough to get this last christmas from my mum and dad and once i opened it and put it on i have fallen in love with the sweet yet flirtacious aroma it gives off it is by far in my opinion one of the best perfumes i have owned. althoguh its small it is handy if you end up not likeing it but i dont who wouldnt the little pump makes it easy to use and in my opinion fun aswell because it has a unique design to it blue and pink are my favourite colours aswell so that too for me was a bonus. the little charm around it too makes it look pretty and not just another boring perfume jar. i think once you have smelt it and tried it theres no going back and you have to buy the bigger bottle.

GHD Mark IV Styler Hair Straightener 22/03/2011

amazing for price

GHD Mark IV Styler Hair Straightener I own these straighteners and they are in my opinion amazing they straighten your hair in a matter of minutes and are really good. After a while though they tend to start heat up not asmuch whereas they use to heat up to a very hot degrees but still keep your hair straight all day. These straighteners have ceramic and tourmaline straightening plates, and heat up in round about ten seconds. this helps when you have hardly any time to wait around for other straighteners to warm up. they also have really cool modes aswell like sleep mode which means if you leave them on they they automatically switch off theres other modes aswell that are useful. These hair straightens are great for long and short hair because you can get right near to the roots of your hair and they make sure every strand of hair is straight without kinks although you might have to run it through more than once. ...
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