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Capital One Platinum 20/10/2004

Check your statements carefully.

Capital One Platinum I had the Capital One Platinum Card for quite some time and never had any real problems with them. I never missed a payment and they kept upping my limit until it reached £9500. I maintained a balance of around £7500 as I'd used the card to pay for double glazing and their rate was around 10% which I found reasonable. One month I checked my statement and saw that the amount of interest I had been charged had rocketed. I thought it had to be a mistake so I phoned them and got through to a call centre in India. I was told that my rate was now 15.9%. The reason given was "from time to time we review our rates and we believe we are competitive". He was competely unable to answer any of my questions and was clearly just regurgitating stock responses from a screen or chart. At the time Capital One were advertising the same card on TV with a rate of 10.7%. I asked how they could possibly believe that they were "competitive" if they weren't even competing with themselves. I kept getting the same useless response. I told them I was closing my account and was informed that it would be unwise to do so and that I should hang on because I was soon to be getting a "special deal" although he wouldn't specify what and when. I payed off the whole amount a week later but kept the account open to see what the "special deal" would be. Six months later and I'm still waiting. It was obviously bullshit. Do not trust this company !! ...
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