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since 24/08/2001


BBC1: Top of the Pops 29/11/2003

Top Of The Flops

E4 17/04/2003

E By Gum 16/04/2003

This Site Is Not Out To Offend Anyone

Little Earthquakes - Tori Amos 08/03/2003


Six Feet Under 05/03/2003

Six Of The Best

Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds, Vol. 1 - Jill Scott 31/01/2003

This Is Jill Scott

Rooty - Basement Jaxx 19/01/2003

The House That Jaxx Built

Angels with Dirty Faces - Sugababes 17/01/2003

Sugar and Sass

Supernatural - Des'ree 13/01/2003

'Ree Of Light

Whole Story - Kate Bush 12/01/2003

Brilliant Bush

Guess Who? 10/01/2003

Anita and Me

Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Fatboy Slim 09/01/2003

Halfway Between Middling and Mediocre 06/01/2003

Super Nova

Miss E... So Addictive - Missy Elliott 05/01/2003

Sex and Drugs and Rigmarole

Miss E... So Addictive - Missy Elliott So many artists and albums have been influenced by illegal drugs, whether it be the Beatles during their ‘Lucy In The Sky of Diamonds’ phase (LSD), Bob Marley (cannabis) or Lolly (a heady cocktail of just about everything going form the sounds of it). During the late 80’s and early 90’s, Ecstasy became the drug of choice for clubbers everywhere, and was synonymous with house music and its various offshoots. However, 2001 saw a new spate of Ecstasy-inspired rap and hip-hop albums from the USA, which added a new dimension to the usual guns and violence themes that had previously ran more prevalently. Perhaps the less subtle conveyor of this phenomenon was Missy Elliott on her album ‘Miss E... So Addictive’. Despite claiming the album was nothing to do with the drug (!), the imagery and the lyrics spell out the exact opposite. After the mandatory intro track, complete with Missy demanding to ‘take a hit on me’, we are launched into the charmingly titled ‘Dog On Heat’, which is effectively a collaboration between Missy and Redman (he of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirrrty’ fame). A bit rude this one, with plenty of references to, er, ‘adult cuddling’, it doesn’t smack of anything more than album filler fodder. More bedroom themes are up next in ‘One Minute Man’, which hit the Top 10 for Missy last summer. A beaty electronic song, it has a nagging bassline and a jerky, memorable chorus that Missy has made her own. Demonstrating her singing rather than her rapping skills ...

LemonJelly.KY - Lemon Jelly 04/01/2003

Lemon Fresh

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