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Pull The Pin - Stereophonics 18/01/2009

Kelly's back, and with an almighty bang

Pull The Pin - Stereophonics As stereophonics albums go, I was expecting one that was not going to be up to the first 5. I was wrong. The opener Soldiers Make God Targets is a rip roaring start to the album, with the chorus that sticks in your head for a long time after you listen to it. Pass The Buck continues in a similar vain, it is very impressive, returning to the harder side of the phonics that we saw on the early stuff. Lead single It Means Nothing, is a powerful ballad that apitimises the fantastic song writing ability of Kelly Jones. Bank Holiday Monday, is a great sing-a-long and the lyrics show that Kelly is still in touch with common issues. Daisy Lane is one of the weaker tracks but still has the ability to touch the soul with the lyrics, when one of the weaker songs still has this quality, you know it is a a great album. Stone is another ballad which has fantastic lyrics and oozes the quality that has been such a prominent feature of the phonics career. My Friends and I Could Lose Ya are two songs that return to the more up-tempo songs that we're used to from classic phonics singles, both songs are great examples of how the phonics put lyrics to music so effortlessly. Bright Red Star seems to be a bit empty being one of Kelly's solo songs that has migrated onto this album. To be honest, the album doesnt need it. Lady Luck is an alright song but it doesnt have the kick of the others, or the meaning i feel. Still on a pop album today, this would be the number one song by a distance. The ...

Decade in the Sun (Best of Stereophonics) - Stereophonics 17/01/2009

A Decade In The Sun: And Still Going Strong

Decade in the Sun (Best of Stereophonics) - Stereophonics 1998, Stereophonics first hit the studio to work on their first album, Word Gets Around. Now, just over 10 years on, they are still topping the album charts, and finally they release all the singles onto one album. A Decade In The Sun is not just a collection of songs on a cd, it is a journey through the lives of stereophonics since 1998. From first ever single Local Boy In The Photograph, to brand new track Your My Star, everything about this album apitimises the stereophonics spirit. All of the 20 tracks from this album mean something to you, like these boys from the valleys are speaking to you. Kelly Jones just seems to have that nack of touching everyone of his listeners. Amazingly, Kelly and his band have only notched up a solitary number one in their years in the business. Dakota. This opens the album and sets the tone for the rest, songs like bartender and the thief and just looking take you back to the good old days when bands were much more original and care free. Whilst songs from every album feature on this compilation. Yes, stereophonics may not to be everyone's taste, but i defy anyone to listen to this album and say that they hate it. I would bet my money that they would be lying. Stereophonics are multi-dimensional and aren't just fixated into one genre, they cover a much broader spectrum. The harder early stuff moulds into the more mainstream newer singles, much the same way as feeder have done. Stereophonics' greatest hits album was always only ...

Mamma Mia! (Blu-Ray) 17/01/2009

Thank you for the music, Mamma Mia! triumphs

Mamma Mia! (Blu-Ray) As members of the british public will know, the musical is a genre that has died out over the last few years. Yes, we've had high school musical and that was good for the kids. But what about us adults? Anything since saturday night fever worth watching? That debate is for another time, but this film brings back the musical genre, in full Abba style. From start to finish this film does not disappoint with the fantastic toe-tapping, karaoke dream pop songs, to the storyline, which without being the main focus of attention sometimes, fits lovely into the songs. Anyone who has seen the stage show, will have walked away playing all the songs over and over in their head and be humming them all the way home. The film does exactly the same. From the opening of I have a dream, to Thank you for the music running over the credits, you almost feel like you have been watching an abba concert, your voice is sore. Even if you are not an abba fan, or generally into musicals, i can promise you that this is not just sappy, american preppy style musical, its up to date about real issues. This blu-ray version brings out the spectacular scenary of the greek setting, while the vivid sounds add the to drama of the music. By the end of the film, you will be sad it is over, thinking "I was just getting into the dancing". You will not be disappointed by this fantastic adaptation of the stage show. If i'm wrong, i'll send out an sos! ...

Mario Kart Wii (Wii) 17/01/2009

Mario Kart Wii - Innovative genius

Mario Kart Wii (Wii) For anyone who remembers the mario kart games, you will appreciate the fantastic enjoyment that they used to bring. Well, if you thought that was fun, what until you play this wii version. This game isn't so much of an upgrade, but it feels like a brand new game. Despite not being a formula 1 game or Colin Mcrae, it feels far more realistic as a racing game due to the use of the wii wheel. The wii wheel is a fantastic inovation as it combines the thought of driving, with the freespirit of being young and enjoying the mario games. The mario games have always been about fun and enjoyment, and this is no exception. From the fantastic grand prixs, to the time-trials to the multiplayer, this game has limitless good times. There is a wide range of mario characters to choose from, and many more circuits than you remember from last time. ...

Wii Fit (Wii) 17/01/2009

Nintendo Wii Fit - Brilliant!!!

Wii Fit (Wii) Upon recieving this gift for christmas, I was ecstatic at the prospect of partaking in the wii fit phonemon. I was not disappointed when I first stepped on the balance board. I couldn't quite beliueve how cleve the system was. I did a body test on me and then we moved into the physical activites. I was blown away by the content, the games and exercises were fantastic and never before could I possibly have dreamed that exercising for a period of time could be so much fun. Finally, a game that has bought together video games and fitness and combined them to be a fantastic product. This is one of the first games that has truely combined fitness and fun and allowed it to be a family activity. If you have been put off by the price, don't be because this is most certainly money well spent If you haven't bought this game yet, BUY IT NOW!!
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