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Motor Insurance - In general 17/03/2001

Dead cheap insurance through Co-Op

Motor Insurance - In general Co-Op currently do their own car insurance scheme. A way to get cheap insurance on a fast car is to buy a scrapped Volkswagen Polo 1.1, or preferably just the log book. Then with Co-Op you take out insurance on the Polo (you don't need the car, just the log book which you get registered in your name) fully comp. with the option that you can drive another car in an emergency. Then you get your faster car insured on a friends policy (with their no claims taken into account) and you get covered when you drive the car. It means that you won't damage their no-claims because you are being covered by Co-Op. The 1.1 litre Polo means that the insurance quote from Co-Op will be cheap. 16/03/2001

How to up to 5 quid on single products HMV's website is an excellent way of buying music online. You can search for the product you want easily, and if it is unavailable or not in stock, you are told, and can often have it ordered specially at no extra cost. Many albums are £6 more in the shops than on the website. The cheapest delivery rate by buying online is £1 for first class post, so you can save £5 and have the product delivered to your door in the next couple of days. This saves you having to find it in the shop and then queue up and buy it. So far I have ordered quite a few products from the HMV website, and it is always dead easy to use. You select the item(s) you want and then fill in your details on the secure order form and the item(s) are sent.

Ford Escort RS Turbo 16/03/2001

How to style your Escort for peanuts

Ford Escort RS Turbo Styling a Ford Escort is dead easy, and for young drivers wanting a good looking but cheap to afford car, the Escort is the obvious choice. With models starting at 1.1 litres, it is easy to get insured for little. Ford's CVH engine was a masterful piece of engineering, and as such is easy to maintain, and provides good efficient service. As for cosmetic styling, there are lots of options. Many companies provide cheap bodykit parts, such as RS Turbo bumpers, etc, or these can be found from a breakers yard. Another option is to smooth off your standard grey plastic bumpers and spray them to match the car. Alloy wheels can be bought cheap secondhand. For escorts, a popular choice are the Ford alloys, such as those found on the RS Turbo and XR3i models. Again there are lots of places where these can be found, and they are often at low prices. 16/03/2001

How to get 50 dollars free Although this site offers good links and ways of getting free stuff over the web, there are better sites that can provide far better benifits. For instance, going to can point you at some amazing offers, including a site where you can get $50 if you get a friend to join! Offers like that get people to join, and then they'll keep coming back. Most of the web sites featured in this section provide a large number of links, but how many actually turn out to be any good? Best be trying then. Its sorted so that the only links available are worth going to. After all, it has a link to 'ciao'!

Return to the 36 Chambers (The Dirty Version/Parental Advisory) [PA] - Ol' Dirty Bastard 16/03/2001

ODB - A style no one can match

Return to the 36 Chambers (The Dirty Version/Parental Advisory) [PA] - Ol' Dirty Bastard Opinions on Ol' Dirty Bastard's debut solo album are mixed. It varies a lot from the general hip hop styles around today. ODB has a distict voice, and he puts it to good use on this album. The tracks vary, and although some are weak, other are pure genius. As a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, ODB has enlisted the help of fellow members RZA, GZA, Method Man and others, making this a varied album. As a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan I bought the album, and I haven't regretted it. It makes a change from the usual stuff, and although everyone says ODB can't sing, he sure can rhyme.

Gatwick Express 16/03/2001

New Gatwick Express

Gatwick Express The original Gatwick express provided an excellent service. Quarter hourly services from Gatwick Airport to London Victoria and back. The trains were originally formed from ex-Intercity coaching stock and an electric locomotive. The ride was smooth, and many people enjoyed travelling this way. At the moment Gatwick Express are replacing their old stock with new electric multiple units. Apart from looking strange, these trains are not half as good to ride in as the originals. The ride is much more rattly, and bumps are felt much easier. In an attempt to make the service seem more up to date, Gatwick Express have reduced the quality of it. I find it more comfortable to travel by standard trains to Victoria now, rather than get the Gatwick Express that travels rougher than the standard slam-door train.

Mitsubishi Shogun 2.8 TD 16/03/2001

4x4 in the town

Mitsubishi Shogun 2.8 TD The amount of people using a 4x4 in the town just for driving about in is astonishing. Lots of middle aged women seem to buy 4x4's as some kind of a status symbol. I think that when they are high up in the driving seat of their 4x4 they feel important and above other road users. To be honest its pathetic. You see them drive somewhere, and they look like they're giving off the message 'I have arrived'. As far as fuel goes, a 4x4 is less economical than the standard saloon car or MPV. Why buy a 4x4? Tyres cost more, they are slower and less efficient, and take up lots of room. For a farmer, or someone living in the country, maybe a 4x4 is practical, but in the town, why bother?

Connex South Central 16/03/2001

Connex - 2 examples of poor customer service

Connex South Central Since the demise of British Rail, and hence the disappearance of Network SouthCentral, Connex have been operating trains in my area. Just about everytime I travel somewhere, something goes wrong. Either a driver cannot be found, trains are late - or just cancelled altogether. On one occasion, my brother was accused of being rude to the ticket collector, when in fact it was the ticket collector being rude. We were both thrown off the train and had to wait an hour for the next one. Having writen and complained, not much has happened. What kind of customer support is this? I often carry a bicycle on the trains, and one day a member of staff on a platform asked if I had a 'label' for my bike. I laughed and said I didn't need one, thinking he was joking, and was then thrown off the station! Not once in years have I ever needed a label for my bike... Generally Connex's consideration of their customers is extremely bad, and I often use other forms of transport simply to avoid travelling on their trains.

Tesco Direct 15/03/2001

Tesco direct - abtter way to shop

Tesco Direct For two years I worked in Tesco, and even as an employee, working on the checkouts, I was under quite a lot of stress due to the quantity of people in the shop. Shopping is difficult when the store is busy, and this is most of the time. Many people can't find the product they want - so an internet solution is ideal. Tesco will pack and deliver your shopping, and then deliver it to your door. I think the charge is £5, but this may have changed. The advantages are that the shop is less busy, and therefore easier for visiting shoppers, while those with web access can get their shopping with a minimum of fuss. This service is not completely trouble free. There are often complaints of people getting the wrong item, or items being missed completely! If you don't mind the occasional error in your shopping, then this is quite a good way of doing it.
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