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Barr Irn Bru 23/10/2007

Contrary to belief, it's not made from girders!!

Barr Irn Bru I have just had my first bottle of Irn Bru (pronounced iron brew) in over five years. What have I been doing all this time, it\'s a lovely drink and a superb morning pick-me-up. The distinctive aroma that escaped from the bottle as I slowly twisted off the cap was fantastic, which was closely followed by a hearty slug and a belch of appreciation. The liquid itself is extremely gassy and a distinct lurid orange colour (almost as bright as a highlighter pen) According to the bottle has been \"Bru\'d in Scotland to a secret recipe for over 100 years\" and apparently only 2 board members know it and a written copy is locked away in a bank vault in Switzerland - exciting stuff eh!?!. The bottle recommends that the drink should be served cool and I heartily agree with that. The 500ml bottle is 23cm tall and 6cm wide down the majority of the bottle. The sleeve around the bottle is in the distinctive bright orange and royal blue colours, with the screw top also being the same shade of blue, but the spinning man logo printed on the top. The spinning man logo also features on the sleeve of the bottle sections and is supposed to symbolise the energy and vitality drinking a bottle of this can give you. I am so sorry but I cannot describe the flavour or the aroma. they are truly unique and seeing as we have established that the recipe is top secret, I cannot put my finger on what the flavours are. Suffice to say, you\'ll either like it or you won\'t - if you\'ve never tried ... 20/10/2007

Don't Gamble....Trade (and get £20 for signing up) This review does not cover every minute detail of Betfair, just the essentials followed by a guide on what I do on Betfair every day. Now the majority of people in this country enjoy a flutter and I was no exception, that was until Betfair put me off gambling for life. No I place thousands of pounds worth of bets on Betfair everyday, so you may be thinking that I am gambling, but you could not be further from the truth...without wanting to sound like a Betfair advert, they have revolutionised the gaming industry (They launched in 2001). Later on in this review I will reveal some of the tips and tricks I use to enable me to make a nice little income in addition to my job. The reason that they have changed the face of gaming forever is that as well as having the traditional bets - i.e. - £5 on a horse to win (horse wins you win, any other horse wins you lose), you can also put £5 on a horse to lose (horse wins you lose, any other horse wins - you win) Now doesn\'t that sound interesting... Betfair is a betting exchange and they offer a marketplace where members of the public can bet against each of you backs an outcome (you think a horse will win) and one of you lays and outcome (you think a horse will lose). The person who lays a particular outcome, is in effect acting as the bookmaker and offer odds accordingly. So I could offer odds of 5-to-1 on a horse losing at £5. If somebody matches my £5, then the most I could lose and they can win is £25 ...

Britannia Hotel Manchester, Manchester 15/08/2007

Fantastic Building - Awful Hotel

Britannia Hotel Manchester, Manchester This review is mainly about the hotel building and it's local amenities (there are some other reviews on here detailing visitors experiences). If you are looking for affordable accommodation in a perfect location in Manchester City Centre, then the Britannia Hotel in Manchester cit centre seems to fit the bill. Unfortunately however, the rooms, atmosphere and general politeness of staff are somewhat lacking. I would recommend staying somwehere else, such as the Portland Thistle hotel next door, or the Piccadilly Gardens hotel (a short walk away). The Britannia does seem to attract most of the stag do's in town and irish football fans when Manchester United are playing at home. As beer on the hotel premises is so cheap, the hotel is very noisy at weekends into the early hours and there can be occasional bouts of trouble (the hotel has bouncers - enough said) The building itself is one of Manchester's finest architectural buildings and is Grade II listed and has some outstanding details including a balconied stairway throughout the building. The Hotel is a famous landmark and a tourist attraction in itself, it was once home to the cotton industry's most famous warehouse. The building dates back to 1858 when it opened as the worlds first "Cash and Carry" (as we know them today). There are two bars at the Britannia Hotel - WAVE bar and Bar-Rogue, I would reccomend avoiding WAVE bar and Bar Rogue on a weekend night as it does attract a lot of unsavoury characters and ...

Manchester City 11/08/2007

One of the finest Stadiums in Europe

Manchester City This is a review of the City Of Manchester Stadium, home to Manchester City Football Club and it was built for the Commonwealth Games which were held in Manchester in 2002. After the Games had finished one end of the ground was removed and the pitch was lowered and the running track removed. It became home to Manchester City and a football only stadium (The total cost of building and then altering the stadium was a little over £100 million - which compared to Wembley is a snip!!) The stadium is referred to as Eastlands by the majority of Manchester City fans, as this was the temporary name given to the staium whilst construction was underway - Manchester City Council then game up with the unbelievably long name, but locals use Eastlands as it takes about 3 weeks less to say than The City Of Manchester Stadium. The capacity is 48,000 and the stadium is oval shaped and has two tiers all the way around the ground and a third tier along the two side stands. The stadium will be hosting the UEFA Cup Final in 2008 as UEFA recognise it as one of a few \'5 star stadiums\'. Numerous concerts have been held there too, the most notable acts being: Oasis Red Hot Chili Peppers U2 Take That George Michael The stadium has 2000 parking spaces on-site and there are well over 8000 places to park in the area surrounding the ground (usually for a small fee) There are numerous conference suites and centres within the complex and weddings and business conferences ...

Poker 10/08/2007

Poker Playing Styles - Which One Are You?

Poker This is an introduction to the different types of poker playing styles. It is aimed at people who already have an understanding of how to play poker and are familiar with poker terminology. See if you can identify which category you fall into and more importantly....see if you recognise which style your opponents online are....if you can this will give you an advantage over them CONSERVATIVE PLAYER This is the style which the majority of poker players adopt and it basically involves folding any bad hands and playing only decent hands. This is a low risk strategy as there is not much bluffing involved. I would recommend this style of play to all beginners and novices. Playing conservatively means that you: **Play fewer pots because good hands don\'t come round too often but when you do play you will no doubt have higher quality cards than most other players. The type of cards conservative players play are usually Ace (A) with King (K), Queen (Q) or Jack (J) or any combination of those cards **Avoid all-in moves unless your hand is pretty much guaranteed to beat your opponent\'s hand **Play poker in a way that makes your decision making process easier and easier (especially useful in online tournaments) **Make better decisions - Since you only start with a good hand, once the flop has been drawn, if you get a match you\'re laughing and if it misses you (ie no matching cards), you\'re probably still holding the highest card....the Ace **You will win lots of ...

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet 0.0625 GB 08/08/2007

Good but not without flaws

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet 0.0625 GB As well as the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet you also get the following items as standard in the box A revesible hard protective cover 1 x 64Mb RS-MMC card and an MMC adapter 2 x styluses 1 x soft carry case 1 x USB cable Manuals 1 x Nokia 770 Stand 1 x Charger 1 x Battery Once turned on you will find that the on-screen controls are pretty easy to use. The screen is ultra bright and high-resolution display is very clear. You can connect via an 802.11b/g wireless network or using a Bluetooth phone via GPRS or a CSD dial-up connection. The Nokia 770 supports WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA-EAP encryption, plus 802.11b and 802.11g wireless ethernet. Connecting to routers in the home may prove troublesome Overall the web browser and installed email client are fantastic to use and the speeds with which the pages load is astounding. The browser is fully equipped to cope with Javascript webspages and the such like The email is also prettyeasy to use and it is possible to access both POP3 and IMAP4. On the Nokia 770 you will find all the usual suspects that you get on high-end pieces of kit, such as PDF readers, games, calculators, clocks, audio players, video players etc etc Battery life on average lasts for around 3 hours when using all the functions so that\'s not too shabby

Nokia N95 08/08/2007

Best Phone of 2007?

Nokia N95 The Nokia N95 is a truly wonderful phone. It has a 5 Mega-pixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens which is a stamp of quality in itself. The quality of the videos which can be viewed on the huge screen are of the highest order and can be dvd-like in some instances. The usual suspects are to be found on this Symbian 60 Series phone with the contacts, messaging, folders, clock, calendar etc all being fairly easy to navigate and manipulate to how you want. Where this phone comes into its own is with things like the GPS mapping which is effectively SatNav for when you are walking around - can\'t find that cashpoint you were looking for then get on your GPS mapping as your N95 pinpoints your position. The internet browsing is fast and easy-to-use, with feature rich content and links to sites like Flickr - you can also download movies straight to your phone (depending on the size of your memory card of course) All in all a fantastic phone - well worth getting hold of, especially as you can get it free with some contracts on the web now!! Dialaphone in particular have some excellent offers at the moment, which are well worth a look

3 VideoTalk 500 12 Month 05/08/2007

Threesy does it - Three is here to stay

3 VideoTalk 500 12 Month Don\'t believe the bad things people say about Three - I was put off for years but I am so glad that I finally switched over. When three first launched in the UK, there were limited handsets and people generally were not ready to embrace the next generation of mobile technology. Nowadays, the majority of new phones are superb and are ideal for video calls and browsing the internet on. The coverage of the three network is exceptional and I have been to many places where I have had phone coverage with three but not with my Orange work mobile phone. By going directly into a three store I received half price line rental and double minutes and texts for 10 months, not bad when you consider that it is a 12 month contract - Oh and I also received a free phone with a built in Sat Nav programme, so popping into a three store is definitely worthwhile The phone coverageis excellent and I have never lost a signal yet - the other type of signal it use is for the GPRS thingymebob - again coverage is excellent and the only times I have lost coverage is when travelling on a train to work. So what do you get for your money? 500 anytime any network voice call minutes per month 50 video call minutes per month 500 texts per month Excellent Network coverage Excellent Internet and video services They also credit your account with £5 which you can use to download games, music or videos I heartily recommend three and their tarrifs to everyone - their tarrifs are hard to ...

Ideazon ZBD101 05/08/2007

The must have for all FPS enthusiasts

Ideazon ZBD101 This is a wonderful piece of kit and a must for any serious First Person Shooter Gamer. The Z Board itself is a shell and you can basically swap the keysets over as you see fit. Buttons may end up in different places on the keyboard but the Z-Boards software takes care of all that. The Zboard comes with two keysets as standard - 1 Gaming Keyset and 1 Standard Keyset for day-to-day use. Both are well constructed and easy to swap over - the keys are responsive and you will find yourself marvelling at how clever it all is and wondering how the boffins created it. The standard keyboard is just your everyday qwerty keyboard except you also have full multimedia controls. The gaming keyboard has buttons for forward back and strafing. You can programme the keyboards buttons to do what you want them to do, which is a truly excellent feature. If you are into a particular game, such as Call of Duty or Battlefield, it is possible to purchase Keysets which are specific to those games. I have the battlefield keyset and it is superb ...

Acer Aspire 3023WLMi 05/08/2007

Fantastic Laptop

Acer Aspire 3023WLMi Fantastic laptop for the price Huge Hard Drive -Windows XP Home Operating System -Crystal Clear Widescreen 15.4" -Graphics Card is average (128mb ATI x700) -Excellent Memory Card Reader (6 in 1) - Ideal for uploading photographs from your digital camera -DVD writer is fantastic (DVD+-RW Dual Layer 16x) -DDR Ram is pretty fast (512mb ddr2) -Wireless connection is superb (LAN EN, Fast EN, Gigabit EN, 802.11b, 802.11g) -Battery life is excellent (had it for 12 months now and it is starting to fade a little, but that's to be expected) It is incredibly easy to use straight from the box and no technical knowledge is needed at all If you can get hold of this laptop for a reasonable price I would heartily recommend it Summary: If you can this for £560 or less then do not delay - it is a great bit of kit which will easily integrate into your home systems

Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis (Xbox 360) 05/08/2007

Average game with limited One Player appeal

Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis (Xbox 360) Rockstar have an enviable reputation for making quality games, the Grand Theft Auto series being the most notable. When I saw that this was made by Rockstar, this became the first game that I purchased for my xbox 360 and unfortunately it was also the first one that I put up for sale on eBay. The graphics are average and the gameplay is quite good - but unless you have someone to play against it will soon lose it\'s appeal. This is a game designed for xbox live, so unless you have live or someone else to play against, please do not spend more than £5 on this from eBay Alternatively if you do not purchase yourself a cheap copy of this game, you could treat yourself to a 3 night hire from Blockbuster. Overall this game will not have longevity for anyone over the age of 18. Kids will love the game but it is not absorbing enough to keep us adults entertained for long. ...

Motorola A1000 03/08/2007

Good phone but tricky texting

Motorola A1000 The Motorola A1000 is a wonderful but frustrating phone all rolled into one. You may notice from the picture that there are no numeric keys - well this is not one of those phones with the keys hidden - it just doesn\'t have any (they\'re on-screen) My A1000 is on Contract with 3 and the web access and mobile television is outstanding. You will not believe the quality of the picture and sound as you watch over 15 tv channels live (including BBC & ITV) Using the phone as....a phone is easy to do, an on-screen keypad appears and it is very responsive as you touch type the required phone number or navigate to your contacts. The video playback quality is superb but the Camera is pretty poor by todays standards as it is only just over 1 Mega Pixel. The one area where this phone lets me down is the texting. Texting is done using the stylus and it has predictive text which lends to writing pretty fast messages using the on-screen keyboard. Unfortunately I can only manage to write texts whilst sitting or standing still. No more using your thumb to fire a quick text whilst walking down the street. The keyboard is pretty small so you have to be accurate with your stylus in order to text All in all a good phone and worth a look at, only let down by needing to be still to text Summary: Good but if you like to text on the move, this isn\'t for you
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