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since 09/12/2005


Palm Tungsten T5 09/12/2005

Palm T5 PDA opinion

Palm Tungsten T5 I've been using my T5 for about 9 months now and its definitely come in handy. You can synchronise with Outlook so you can carry around your email, tasks, contacts, memos, and create new Outlook items on the PDA and synch the other way too. There is a wide range of products you can download from Palms website, including various organisers, converters and games. All priced within £4.99 up to £24.99. And of course you can download and install free demos before buying. It says it comes with 256MB of space but its actually 215MB of accessible storage space. Thats 215MB for your files (MS office files, Versamail items, mp3s, jpgs etc) and 55MB of application space. Its a shame its split as you can quickly fill up the 55MB with software. As shown in the photo it doesn't have a slider to get to the buttons as in previous models in the Tungsten range. Its about the same size as the T3 just without the slider. It has Bluetooth and IR. The Bluetooth range seems to be up to 10 metres which is not bad. It also comes with a USB cable to connect to your PC. The T5 is fairly quick at loading applications and searching for keywords in documents. Its generally stable but mine has been known to crash when hotsyncing with "Fatal Errors" occuring perhaps once every 10 hotsyncs. Not a big deal in my opinion. If you are considering getting a T5 its worth the money (around £150 these days I think?). But you may want to consider a PocketPC as they tend to have more storage and ...

HP ProLiant ML370 G4 (360729-B21) 09/12/2005

HP ProLiant ML370 G4 review

HP ProLiant ML370 G4 (360729-B21) As part of my job I build, configure and maintain servers for small to medium sized business so have used a wide range of servers on a regular basis. The Proliant ML370 G4 like most HP servers is generally a well constructed, reliable server computer. I have used the lightning fast dual Xeon 3.02GHz version with standard 1GB of PC2-3200 DDR2 and as you might expect it runs quite nicely. The server case is quite robust and fits nicely into your rack if you put it together correctly! Our ML370 is currently running Windows 2003 SBS, Exchange 2003, BizTrack, Navision with still plently of processing power left over. Based on 50 users constantly access files over the network, emailing and using SQL server heavily it still seems to show room for expansion alongside the growth of the business. If you are considering using Terminal Services for thinclient users then this server has handled up to 25 concurrent connections with no problems If you purchase the 6 hot-swappable SCSI 200GB hard disks in RAID 10 its well worth the money for the longterm. If the RAID doesn't come preconfigured from HP then its no hassle at all to set it up yourself, using the handy bootable serveRAID CD HP provide. You can also use the built-in SCSI card for a tape drive. HP's tech support are pretty good, based in Ireland (at the moment) and competent enough to talk you through any issues. But if you are a very small business (1-10 users) not planning on using any processor intensive ...
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