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since 11/09/2004


Pioneer DVR 212 17/07/2008

Pioneering price for an antique DVD

Young's Wine Buddy 5-gallon 7-day Wine Kits 11/03/2008

Hee'sh My Best Buddy He ish! I Love You. Hic!

Woolworths Mini Coola 12/09/2007

Keep Your Drinks Coola

Ridisc R1037 Inkjet Cartridge 04/09/2007

Epson Colour Pinting Without The Cost...

Techwood TWD FV2A 25/07/2007

Free view? well almost....

Intel Celeron D 331 / 2.66 GHz processor 24/04/2007

Got no Cache, so cheap you don't need much.

The Portable Door - Tom Holt 19/03/2007

A Door Not To Go Through

Philips DVDR3300H 19/05/2006

VHS is finally dead and good riddance...

Olympus CAMEDIA C-180 16/04/2006

Small but Perfectly Formed...

Judas Unchained - Peter F. Hamilton 02/02/2006

A Novel to Test Your Endurance...

Bush IDPVR801B 23/11/2005

Get Hard And Don't Tape It Any More..

Npower 11/08/2005

N stands for NO WAY and Power mad is what the are

Akura ADV147 10/08/2005

DVD On A Budget...

Olympus CAMEDIA C-180 08/08/2005

Small but Perfectly Formed...

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