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Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily 22/12/2006

Molton Brown Heavenly gingerlily

Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily I was very surprised when I first used this that it was not a chemically heavy aroma but a wonderful natural smell. I have found this to be so great at both cleaning your skin and making you feel wonderfully relaxed that it has become a neccessity in my bathroom. The price tag for a 300ml is approx £15 but it lasts such a long time that I feel that I certainly get my moneysworth from it. I love the aromas in the product which do not jump out at you but are a wonderful sensual aroma which lingers on your skin and makes you feel fabulous. My skin felt a lot softer and after having used it for a short length of time my skin felt wonderfully soft and smooth as well. I will ensure that this is always in my bathroom and would definitelt recommend it to everyone looking to feel wonderful or for that special night.

Molton Brown Naran Ji Soothing Hand Lotion 22/12/2006

Molton Brown Naran Ji hand lotion

Molton Brown Naran Ji Soothing Hand Lotion I have used many different hand lotions because I have very dry skin. I have found this to be the best one I have ever used and would recommend it to anyone who has the same problem as me. The smell is divine and the lotion will last a very long time. I have found that I still have lots left after having used up a full bottle of the handwash in the same amount of 300ml. The bottle comes with a hand pump in the set that I bought and this gives me just the right amount , in fact it is sometimes a little to much so you can adjust the amount you give yourself by not pressing the pump all the way down which saves me wasting the product. ...

Elemis Tan Accelerator 16/06/2006

Amazing skin care

Elemis Tan Accelerator I first used this tan accelerator after years of using different types. I have found this to be the best one available. I used it everyday of my two week holiday and got a beautiful tan without having to sit out in the sun to much and therefore reduced my risk of causing skin problems as i was only in the sun when I had no choice. You start to use it a couple of days before your holiday and continue through the holiday and you can continue with it when you have returned home as a body lotion I have always found that my skin becomes very dry after 2 weeks in the sun but after using this product I found that my skin stayed a beautfiul colour and with no dry patches. When using the product I found that it had a brown colour which I thought would act as a fake tan but it didn`t . I did however find that the colour came off when you washed your self with a cloth or sponge in the shower. This was annoying and you had to ensure you had a thorough wash but I was pleased that it did not give you a fake tan as it was coloured so that it showed where you had put it on yourself to ensure you did not miss anywhere on your body. The product was not cheap but it did exactly what it said and was also two products in one by also being a wonderful moisturising body lotion as well as being a tan accelerator. I will never use anything else. ...

Cross Stitch Crazy 23/03/2001

Great magazine

Cross Stitch Crazy Cross stitch crazy is a magazine for both new and old stitchers. It has easy to read charts and gives lots of information such as how long it will take to stitch. It has plenty of letters pages and these often give you ideas to do in the future. They have a directory at the back of the magazine where you can find local needlecraft shops advertising. This helps you find shops that you can visit for a change. The designs to be stitched are a mixture of small card size designs and picture sized designs. They give clear instructions and clear colour keys so that you can easily see what symbol stands for what colour of thread. The key gives DMC thread numbers for you to use. I would recomend this to anyone who is a beginner of crossstitching and also a long time stitcher. It is not a magazine for large complicated designs which is why it is so suitable for beginners. Anyone who wants large designs to stitch need not look at this magazine. It is fun to read and gives great ideas to you. Each month it is colourful, exciting and nearly always has a new idea for you to make with finished pieces of crossstitch. They have a section where they design small designs that are asked for by readers. This is a great help to people who want a specific chart to stitch and are unable to find one. They also give you an insight into what will be in next months magazine which will leave you mad keen to buy it. It will not be a dissapointment to you. I think that the price is ...

Supernail Zoom Dry Therapy 13/02/2001

Hand cream without grease

Supernail Zoom Dry Therapy I had seen this product many times on QVC before I actually got round to buying it. I found this cream to be the best I have ever used. It has a wonderful smell and does not feel sticky. It left my hands feeling soft and moisturised without the greasiness that other hand creams leave. I spend all my time doing cross stitch and the last thing you use when doing that is hand cream. This hand cream is perfect to use when I am stitching. My hands feel dry and there is no danger of any cream not rubbed in going onto the fabric which I am stitching on. It is not a white colour, it is a blue cream which made me look at it twice before I used it. I do not worry about it now. The cream can also be rubbed into the nail cuticles and that will help soften cuticles enough for them to be pushed back into place if they have grown onto the nail a lot. It also has a sunscreen in it which will help protect the skin from harmful rays. I would recommend this to everyone. I do suffer from Excema on my fingers but I have had no problems using this cream in fact I have found that my soreness has just about gone now and I have only been using it for a few days. ...

Arnica 13/02/2001

Gives me great relief

Arnica This product is made by a company which makes homeopathic remedies. It is not easily found and possibly is not available anywhere in the UK except from the Tv shopping channel QVC. That is where I bought it from. This product is suppossed to help with relief of joint pain and can be used as often as is needed. It works for some people and not for others but I have found it to be a great help with my disability which is nerve damage in my legs. People with arthritis are suppossed to be helped with this gel also. If it does not help with pain it will also moisturise your skin. The one I bought is a 500ml bottle and has a pump with which to get the gel out of the container. It is wonderfully soothing and the feeling of it being massaged into the skin is a great help with the pain that I suffer with. I cannot say that it is a product made especially for pain relief as that will not be true for everyone. It eases joint pain and muscle pain . I like it because there is no limit on the amount of time you can use it. I have also found that it eases my discomfort within a short space of time. It soaks into the skin very quickly and does not leave you feeling greasy or sticky. It is labelled as a homeopathic remedy so it has to be used with this in mind. If it helps people as much as it helps me it is well worth the cost of it which I found to be very cheap compared with the arnica creams etc found in the health shops. I would recommend it to anyone who ...

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 07/12/2000

Cleanse and Polish

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Cleanse and Polish is a cleanser that is made using natural products such as Echinacea and Aloe . It smells wonderful. It has helped clear up patches of excema on my face and also my sons acne. It is used along with muslin cloths which are wet with hot water and wiped across your face to remove the cleanser. This also removes dead skin cells. This helps with the renewal of your skin. Husbands also get hold of it and use it for shaving. It is a family product and has no harsh chemicals in it. It comes in a pump action container which measures out the correct amount to use. This pump also empties the container completely so you are not left with bits in the bottom. I would recommend it to anyone who has skin problems as it has been known to help skin troubles. It has helped mine within a matter of days. Your skin feels smooth and feels fresh after using it. I would recommend it to everyone. I was wary but was soon amazed by this wonderful cleanser. I am now hoping she brings out a shower gel product. ...

Aveda Pure Plant Shampoo Camomile 07/12/2000

what a fantastic shampoo

Aveda Pure Plant Shampoo Camomile This shampoo has been a saviour to me.It was not recommended to me I saw it on a shopping channel on TV. I tried it with an open mind to find it a wonderful smelling shampoo. I suffer with greasy hair and this certainly has made my hair last longer between washes. It has also fetched out the blonde that was natural to my hair. I do not have brilliant blonde hair in fact you would call it "mousey". This shampoo makes my hair shine, It lasts such a long time , you only need a tiny amount each time you wash it. I would recommend it to everyone. It comes in two sizes and I buy the one litre amount and it lasts for months. It does seem expensive at first sight but when you work out how much you would spend using ordinary shampoo you will find that you have saved money. The smell is divine and my hair feels divine afterwards. I am pleased that it does not have petro chemicals in it as well. You cannot lose when you use this shampoo. It is a shampoo for everyone to use. It is particularly good on permed hair but is suitable for all hair types ...

Aveda ShampureTM Conditioner 05/08/2000

A wonderful intensive conditioner for all the family`s hair

Aveda ShampureTM Conditioner this conditioner is part of the shampure range and is to be used along with the shampure shampoo. The smell is wonderful and clean. I have found that when I use this conditioner that my hair is in such good condition. No flyaway hairs and no spilt ends. It can be used by all types of hair. It leaves the hair feeling refreshed and like new with no problems with the first use. I bought this as it was easier to have one type of conditioner for all the family than have lots of different bottles. This conditioner was basically not made just for one type of hair. You only need a tiny bit for one use and it is better to leave it on for about 15 minutes to get the full benefit of it. I have never looked back since I tried it. I find that with it having no petro chemicals in it that my hair is in a far better condition than using all the other brands that I have used in the past. It is far more expensive than ordinary conditioner but as you only use the size of a 10 pence piece each time you will find that it lasts as long as a few bottles of shop bought. The disadvantage is that it can only be boight from selected places such as salons and fitness places that stock it. I bought mine from a shopping channel and have never looked back. ...
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