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Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild 09/07/2007

PLEASE READ! Clinique facial soap does help

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild Well clinique describe this product as having all the benefits of Clinique's facial soap in a liquid formula. It is supposed to prep skin for exfoliating without drying the skin and it comes in 3 different strenghts, these are - extra mild, mild and oily and you choose the one which is best suited to your skin type which can either be dry, a combination of oily and dry or very oily, the bottle has a convenient pump that dispenses just the right amount each time you use it . I have found all this information to be completely true unlike some products that i have tried in the past which tend to bend the truth a bit to sell there products for eg. clearasil who say that your spots will start to go in just 3 days of using there products is a complete lie anyway back to clinique, the product is fragrance free which is good as you can tell there are no perfumes added which could irritate the skin and also it means that is is suitable for both men and women to use. THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS PRODUCT ARE- -CLEANS THE FACE WITHOUT MAKING IT DRY. -WORKS OUT GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY COMPARED TO OTHER SIMILAR PRODUCTS. -HELPS CLEAR SPOTS AND MAKES SKIN LOOK OVERALL BETTER. THE DISADVANTAGES ARE- -IN MY OPINION THERE ARE NO DISADVANTAGES TO THIS PRODUCT (ITS THE BEST IVE TRIED AND BELIEVE ME IVE TRIED LOTS AND LOTS OVER THE YEARS) I have been using it now for the past month and it has worked really well for me. I chose the mild facial soap as my skin is both dry and ...

Garnier Multi-Lights Kit 09/07/2007

PLEASE READ! short review about multi lights kit

Garnier Multi-Lights Kit I have decided not to write a really long review describing every little bit of this product, instead i am just giving the information people who are considering using it will need, it is very cheap and in my opinion for people who just want to have a bit of fun with there hair and add a few streaks which are a different colour. There are 4 differrnt kits to choose from which are- Kit 1 – Blonde, for coloured or uncoloured medium blonde hair. Kit 2 – Golden blonde, for coloured or uncoloured light brown hair. Kit 3 – Copper, for hair coloured copper, red or auburn. Kit 4 – Auburn, for coloured or uncoloured brown hair. I have very light brown hair so i used Kit 1, i would recommend that you dont use too much instead just put a few small streaks around the front, top and sides of your hair to get a very fashionalble result. The kits cost between £2.99 and £3.99 and are sold in most boots and superdrug stores. IF YOU WANT A SALON PROFFESIONAL COLOUR DONT! USE THIS PRODUCT, HOWEVER IF YOU WANT TO LIVEN UP YOUR HAIR COLOUR EASILY AND CHEAPLY FOR A BIT OF FUN, WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE AND IF IT GOES HORRIBLY WRONG JUST STICK A PERMANENT COLOUR OVER IT AND WHO WILL NO! ...

Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Tooth Polish 09/07/2007

DONT! waste your money pearl drops dont work.

Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Tooth Polish DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY BECAUSE PEARL DROPS DONT WORK! This is what pearl drops claim this toothpaste does- -Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile toothpolish promises you teeth that are two shades whiter in three weeks. -Guaranteed results, or your money back! -Whiteness you can actually measure – Hollywood Smile comes with a shade card so you can measure your incredible new whiteness. -Pearl Drops contains no harsh abrasives or acidic pH. The reason i say this product doesn't work is beacuse it is true, i bought pearl drops hollywood smile as it claims to make your teeth 2 shades whiter in 3 weeks, and as my teeth are not perfectly white i got this to try and brighten them up a bit. I used pearl drops morning and night after i brushed with my normal toothpaste for a full month and at the end of that month my teeth were exactly the same colour as they were before i started using it. THE ADVANTAGES OF USING PEARL DROPS ARE- - It has quite a nice minty taste. - It comes in a nice box and the bottle stands easily on any flat surface. THE DISADVANTAGES ARE- -It doesnt whiten teeth at all (Which i think is quite an important fact with whitening toothpastes) -It is very expensive, i had to buy 2 tubes of pearl drops as 1 50ml tube only lasts about 2 weeks and i wanted to use it for the full 3 weeks to see if it worked like it claimed to. -The consistensy of the toothpaste isn't very good meaning you have to use quite a lot each time you brush your ...

Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Treatment Wash 08/07/2007

PLEASE READ! Because it really doesn't work

Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Treatment Wash PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT BECAUSE IT DOESN'T WORK! I came upon this product a few months ago while in the supermarket and i thought id give it a try as what is says on the box sounds in my opinion to good to be true and what a suprise it was just that. It says that after 3 days of use your spots will start to go, so i used it for 3 days morning and night and guess what my skin was exactly the same as before i started using it. I then carried on using it until the tube was empty as i thought that it might just need a bit more time to kick in and start working but i am sad to say that this was not the case and if anything my skin got worse that before. THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS PRODUCT ARE- -Nice packaging -Very easy and simple to use -Easily absorbed by skin if the right amount is used THE DISADVANTAGES ARE- -IT DOES NOT WORK! (which is really all you need to no) -IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE COMPARED TO OTHER SIMILAR PRODUCTS -THE TUBE IS REALLY SMALL -IT CONTAINS PEROXIDE SO IF YOU GET IT ON ANY HAIR IT WILL BLEACH IT - THIS HAPPEND TO ME ON MY FACIAL HAIR So to summarise i would say that you would be much better of spending your money elsewhere because clearasil products in my opinion dont work, i have tried many over the past few years and not had good results from any. I thought any people reading this might be interested in any products i have found that do work on making skin clearer because recently my skin has got ...

HRI Clear Complexion 07/07/2007

They really really dont work!

HRI Clear Complexion HRI CLEAR COMPLEXION TABLETS ARE A LOAD OF RUBBISH THAT DONT WORK! I was recently looking for an alternative product i could use instead of spot creams to try and clear my face and i came upon HRI clear compexion tablets in the supermarket. I read what they were supposed to do and as i have never tried any hebal tablets before i thought i might as well give them a try. I have taken them for 2 months straight 3 times a day every day and as i have had no improvement i can clearly say that they dont work and they are just another product claiming to do something which they dont. The tablets are easy enought to take and they dont have a strong taste which is good, the ingredients are 30mg Sarsaparilla BPC (1949), dry extract from 90mg Blue Flag (30mg) and dry extract from 90mgs Burdock Root (30mg) but it is mainly the burdock which is meant to be good for the skin. In some shops you can buy them 3 for 2, and if you do this each tablet works out at 7.3p each however if you are unable to get this deal a single bottle costs £3.65, the bottle contains 50 tablets but the bottle is about 20 times to big for the amount of tablets you get so when you first open the bottle you will be shocked to see that most of the bottle is empty. The tablets claim to be able to help "minor skin disorders and acne" but from my experience this is untrue and you would be better of spending your money elsewhere, i would recommend if you have mild to moderate acne like i have to stop ...
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