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28 15/07/2000

E-bay is a winner

Microsoft Publisher 2000 2000 Complete package 15/07/2000

MS Pub2000-Greeting Cards to Web Pages

Rio 500 64 MB 15/07/2000

great for the gym

Sony DVPCX850 15/07/2000

Got 200 DVD's? If not, don't bother.

Sony DVPCX850 First of all, for this thing to be of any real value you'll need 200 DVD's, and one hell of a memory. I have a 6-disc CD player in my car, and I forget which disc is after number 2 all the time. Now I have no Idea how I would ever figure out 200 DVD's, or worse yet a mix of DVD's and CD's. I could imagine someone sitting with his kids, clicks the button to play "Dumbo" walks off, and "Boogie Nights" comes on. Point in case, it's an over kill. But out of the Sony DVD players I've reviewed recently, this one does have one good feature. It does not have a DTS Decoder, however it does have 5.1 Analogue outputs. This means if you have a good Aiwa mini Home Theatre, you can plug it in and get great Surround Sound. The difference between 5.1 and regular 2 output Surround, is this. 2 output which is found on most players, especially Sony's (because their stereo systems only have Stereo inputs, mixes the surround sound rear, front and middle all into the right and left channels. This means the stereo has to find a way to separate them, and the quality is sub-par because 5 channels are muffled into 1. On a 5.1 System, there are 6 outputs, one for each speaker, (2 front, 2 rear, 1 middle) plus one for a Subwoofer. This means each speaker gets it's own direct signal, and the quality is fantastic! Aiwa's home theatre systems are very cheap and support this awesome 5.1 input (I have yet to find a Sony home theatre that does). Usually you'll have to purchase an actual Decoder and then a ...

Handspring Visor 15/07/2000

Spring Arrives

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