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Slackware Linux 19/11/2000

A great dist

Slackware Linux A week ago, i got an old 486 laptop, being the microsoft hater i am, i choose to install linux. Looking through ftp sites, i came across the latest version of my all time favourate, slackware. Unlike distros like redhat, mandrake or suse, slackware does not require tons of space to download the base installation files. So a 40 meg download later i had all the files needed for a basic installation. Also, as it does not use graphical installation tools, it works on older computers with slow graphic cards. 15/07/2000

E-bay is a winner I have been addicted to E-bay for about a year now, and when I say addicted, I truly mean it. I've bought about 40 items on it, then decided to give selling a try also. So, now I buy and sell both. Even got my husband and sister hooked. There truly are some GREAT buys on E-bay, but patience is a must. I buy a lot of glasswear, Fenton, Hummels, Limoges, for fantastic prices. However, there are certain things that you should know and follow when bidding on items. Number one, I only look at auctions that are closing within the next few hours, they title them "going, going, gone". It's ridiculous to even bid on new items that have 7 days left. That just helps drive the price up. Before I will bid, I check the sellers rating to help ease my mind that this person is legit. The secret to winning a bid is to put in the highest amount you are willing to pay. It's hidden from everyone else, so other bidders can't overbid you by 10 cents. When the auction closes, the winner gets the bid for the ending price. For example, let's say the highest bid is $35. Bidding increases by $1.00 increments, so you put in that you will pay up to $50.00. It increases the showing bid to $36.00, and if you are the highest bidder at $36.00, that's the price you pay, as opposed to the $50.00 maximum you say you would pay for it. Selling is a lot more difficult, and after reading Gokinake's epinion, I may switch to Yahoo Auctions. It's very hard to load pictures on E-bay, but I feel they are ...

Microsoft Publisher 2000 2000 Complete package 15/07/2000

MS Pub2000-Greeting Cards to Web Pages

Microsoft Publisher 2000 2000 Complete package Microsoft Publisher 2000 allows a user to easily create and design just about any graphics related product. I have use publisher to make greeting cards, cassette and CD case labels, posters, newsletters, brochures, and business cards. It has a wonderful interface in which you drag and drop graphics and text wherever you want them. Resize, crop, and rotate anything the way it looks good to you. Another great thing is that it has the dimensions pre-set in for all kinds of labels. When you are finished you print, and cut on the tick marks. I've done this and it works great. One of the primary uses I have found for Microsoft Publisher is to create web pages. Being able to drag and drop graphics and text anywhere on the page is very useful for design. Creating links to other sites or other pages is a breeze, and it is very easy to learn. It exports the site with the graphics and html files in a folder you specify, so uploading is made easier. One drawback that I have found is that if you are using animated graphics, be sure not to have them overlap anything else you have on the site. Publisher will convert it to a static image if it is too close or overlapping another object on the page. This can get annoying if you like web pages to be tight and full of animated graphics and text. For the most part, it is a wonderful tool to make professional looking web sites, posters, flyers, labels, newsletters, ect..very efficiently and easily.

Rio 500 64 MB 15/07/2000

great for the gym

Rio 500 64 MB I've been using the rio 500 for six months now. I bought this device because I wanted to listen to music while working out; turns out the rio 500 is great in the gym environment. There are no moving parts, so skips do not occur. If you keep your MP3 files between 3 and 4 megabytes in size, you can load a complete workout's worth of music (approx. 15 songs) on the device. Sound quality is as close to CD as I've experienced with a device this small. Controls are nicely laid out, and, once you've memorized control positions, you can manipulate the buttons without looking at the device (i.e. while it sits in your pocket or hangs from your hip in the included webbed mini-pouch). I've heard complaints from some rio 500 owners that the 64MB storage capacity is a major negative. This is a legitimate gripe, I think, if you're going on a road trip and want to use the rio in your car (with optional rio car adapter). However, if your gym workout lasts one hour, the rio is perfect: lightweight, great sound. In terms of negatives, battery life is an issue. This baby eats AA batteries like nobody's business. I replace my battery once every two weeks and this is based on approximately ten hours of playback during the two week period along with ten separate "download" sessions in which my wife and I load our customized playlists to the device before each trip to the gym. The headphone "earbuds" that come with the rio 500 are really lousy, especially when compared to basic "walkman" ...

Sony DVPCX850 15/07/2000

Got 200 DVD's? If not, don't bother.

Sony DVPCX850 First of all, for this thing to be of any real value you'll need 200 DVD's, and one hell of a memory. I have a 6-disc CD player in my car, and I forget which disc is after number 2 all the time. Now I have no Idea how I would ever figure out 200 DVD's, or worse yet a mix of DVD's and CD's. I could imagine someone sitting with his kids, clicks the button to play "Dumbo" walks off, and "Boogie Nights" comes on. Point in case, it's an over kill. But out of the Sony DVD players I've reviewed recently, this one does have one good feature. It does not have a DTS Decoder, however it does have 5.1 Analogue outputs. This means if you have a good Aiwa mini Home Theatre, you can plug it in and get great Surround Sound. The difference between 5.1 and regular 2 output Surround, is this. 2 output which is found on most players, especially Sony's (because their stereo systems only have Stereo inputs, mixes the surround sound rear, front and middle all into the right and left channels. This means the stereo has to find a way to separate them, and the quality is sub-par because 5 channels are muffled into 1. On a 5.1 System, there are 6 outputs, one for each speaker, (2 front, 2 rear, 1 middle) plus one for a Subwoofer. This means each speaker gets it's own direct signal, and the quality is fantastic! Aiwa's home theatre systems are very cheap and support this awesome 5.1 input (I have yet to find a Sony home theatre that does). Usually you'll have to purchase an actual Decoder and then a ...

Samsung SCH 411 15/07/2000

Poor battery life!!

Samsung SCH 411 I bought this product mainly for its small size and on the recommendation of the salesperson. The product literature states that the phone should be able to achieve 55 hours of battery life. I took this to mean that I should be able to get at least three days of daytime use from the phone. My experience has been that the phone shuts down in less than 20 hours. For me, this translates to having a phone that dies near the end of the second day of use. Furthermore, the cigarette lighter charger appears to give little or no charge to the phone when used for 30-40 minute intervals. I talk on the phone an average of 15-20 minutes per day. It is very frustrating to have to charge the phone every day with such light usage. Stay away from this phone. Battery life is terrible.

Handspring Visor 15/07/2000

Spring Arrives

Handspring Visor Handspring has come out of the gate with two competitors to Palm Computing's big sellers. The Visor Deluxe matches up mostly against the Palm V (even moreso now that Palm has dropped its prices to approach the Visor's) and the Visor compares loosely with the Palm III. If you want to hear about the heavyweight bout, see my review "Handsrping over Palm for Flexibility" on the Visor Deluxe. At the risk of being redundant, this is a review comparing the Visor (base model) and Palm III, emphasizing the Springboard as the reason to select the Visor. Let's assume, minor quibbles aside, that the Palm III and Visor boast essentially the same functionality. Having helped create the existing Palm Pilot line, the Handspring brass knew what it would take to break into the handheld, Palm Operating System market. Since almost everyone who has one seems to like their Palm handheld device, they needed to raise the bar with something other than marginally better performance or a handful dollars shaved off the price. Their solution is functionality. Instead of "anything you can do, we can do better", the Visor is playing "can't touch this" with the Palm III. I'm writing, of course, about the Springboard, the expansion slot in the medulla oblongotta of the Visor which allows it to be upgraded to fit the developer's imagination (as well as the user's). You can plug-and-play other electronic gizmos (phone, modem, MP3 player) with the Springboard, or keep it for more conventional computing ...

HP Jornada 680 15/07/2000

Not Without Flaws

HP Jornada 680 The HP Jornada 690 is a nice machine, pretty zippy performance-wise, and a much nice keyboard than the 620 / 660 series, which it replaced. But it's not without flaws. Note: the 680 is identical to the 690, except that the 690 has 32MB of memory. First, the card arrangement. CF cards fit into a hinged slot on the bottom of the device. This means that CF add-ons that require a cable won't work unless you use a PC Card adapter. PC Cards on the other hand, fit into a slot on the side, but this space is shared with the CF slot, so the whole assembly is pushed out the bottom of the device. In my opinion, a bad design, although it does save space.The keyboard has a nice tactile feel to it, but they've moved some of they keys around to allow for the smaller size, into places I'm just not used to. The 620LX had a QWERTY layout, and although for the most part the 690 has one too, the / key's position, for example, is terrible.

Rio PMP300 32 MB 15/07/2000

Size doesnt matter...

Rio PMP300 32 MB At last, a MP3 player with some chunky output! The Rio PMP300 is very cheap as mp3 players go, and packs a lot of sound. The four eq settings are remarkably similar, but they do sound mighty fine! The sound quality is amazingly good for something of its size. And for once, some half decent headphones have been bundled with it. The internal memory is a tad on the small side, but you can add extra memory via the smartmedia slot. Overall, a very nice MP3 Player. However, to my disgust, the bundled software does not support windows 2000, however, there is third party software to do this. 15/07/2000

A Shame A real pity this one, a absolutly brilliant program spoiled by a minimun check amount of £50. This would take months for a average user to achieve. The paybar is very stable and well designed and includes the feature to see how much time youve spent using it, not a feature i have seen in many. The stats page is very speedy and well thought out, making it a doddle to see your earnings. As this is one of the very few companys offering money in pound sterling, i recommend it to UK users who are looking for a way to earn more dosh.

Freenetname 15/07/2000

Free Domains? at last

Freenetname At last a free internet service providers that hands out free .uk domain names. This is a VERY good idea, as it allows people to have a decent website address instead of something like Also this allows you to have an email address that is personalized to you. My only complaint about freenetname is that you have to dial in to them to access your email and webspace. Which can make it hard to use as the connection speed isnt the best i have seen. Another problem is if you want to transfer you domain to a different company, you have to pay a whopping £94!

Flash 4.0 Complete package 14/07/2000

Done in a Flash

Flash 4.0 Complete package This has to be the easyist web design program i have used!, even the most complex anamations are easy and quick to make. Within 5 minutes of installing, i had a functioning site. The documentation isnt very good, although the lessons make it perfect for a begginer. It even can create an HTML file with the movie embedding into it at the click of a mouse. As i said before, the only thing that is lacking in this product is the help files. which are admittitly useless. The samples are also of very high quality.

Maxon 3204 11/07/2000

Why is there the wrong picture?

Maxon 3204 Unlike the picture on this page, The Maxon is not small, it is not good. It is a four line text only display. It is very heavy and not particuly easy to use, the laberenth of menus does not help the matter. Although it isnt perfect, it is very cheap, and comes in a range of colours. It is very good for teenagers that need a cheap, userble phone. It is also good for keeping in the car as it has a very long batterly life. There is a big range of accessories availible also.

Borland C++ 2.0 Complete package 11/07/2000

Classics for free

Borland C++ 2.0 Complete package I always liked C, plain C, no fancy graphics or interfaces, so when i saw that Borland were giving away old versions of there software for free, i jumped at the chance and downloaded it. Mony say it is outdated as it is a 16 bit compiler, but it is very good for begginners as it is so simple. Hopefully borland will release more free compilers as i would love to complete my collection. It comes with all the docuements, headers, liberys, tools, and all for FREE!! This is also a good idea for people who are still running dos (there are some of use out there!) or just for begginners 11/07/2000

£1 per hour : When? £1 an hour, tempting isnt it? The only problem is, there adticker isnt availible yet. The site seems very amuater-ish making me wonder whether its a scam or not. The FAQ section covers most questions you will ask, and the proposed pay rate is excellent. The referall system loks good as that will increase you earnings even more. Scam or not, this looks like a very good system that as soon as i hear some possitive feedback about the release of the adticker, i will no doubt sign up, as the rates are the best i have seen in the uk.
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