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Motorola V150 20/06/2006

scoop the poop be a champ run for toffee

Motorola V150 Give me some money!! Yes I actually forked out money and although when I got home I felt slightly queasy at the end of the ordeal I have myself a rather stylish phone that without a doubt puts my phones of my past to shame. I decided to get a new phone after endless phone calls from family members who I didn't want to, and the only way to stop it was to get a new phone. Decisions, decisions (ah my mind has gone blank!) Finding a new phone should be easy really shouldn't it? There is websites plastered with phones, and whne you go in phone shops they are plastered everywhere. So why did I have trouble finding a phone? Because I was looking to spend a measly 40 pounds. Yes there was a nice phone in the link shop for fourty pounds but to be honest when you have money why not shell out a few extra quid and get the best phone for your dosh. When I was browsing over the Internet for a phone I noticed it would take up to a few days for delivery but I was so excited at the prospect at getting a new phone I almost peed myself. {{What's special about this phone then? }} Well for starters it looks the absolute bees knees. You don't want the phone going off and people looking round and you produce a brick out of your pocket now do we! You need something classy and stylish which tells people a lot about yourself. The Classic just gets better and better. You can add your own style with the MotoMixer feature, which is displayed to perfection on the colour screen. The ...

American Psycho (DVD) 13/04/2004

Give us a kiss

American Psycho (DVD) Howdy chucks and chuckesses howz you all mighty well diddling? It’s that time again where you can sit back relax and let the mouth from the south take you into a deep sensation that will tickle your pink bits and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Come on my son yeh baby yeah.Anyway I will get on with it so here goes:- After digging in my movie collection looking for films I haven’t watched in a while I come across this strange film. After watching it again for the first time in ages I looked at it in a whole different way, as I didn’t get what it was all about when I first see it two years ago. This time round I come to the conclusion that capturing the true essence of the book on film is an impossible task. Like Stephen King's novella "Apt Pupil" this is destined to become a curiosity piece - well acted, competently filmed but ultimately a light version of the original. Great films require great stories and the book American Psycho is a great literary experience NOT a great story. The themes, dialogue and subtext of American psycho exist on the page and do translate on to the screen. You will cringe as the audience laugh at the wrong bits - as scenes are lost or amalgamated and when you overhear people's confusion and misinterpretations as they leave the cinema. You have to have a slightly dark and twisted sense of humor to get Patrick Bateman. If you are squeamish or prefer feel good type movies, this definitely isn’t for you. This ...

See No Evil, Hear No Evil (DVD) 05/04/2004

How the farting hell did you not see that

See No Evil, Hear No Evil (DVD) Thinking back to when I was a nipper I have always liked watching films.My favourite genre without a doubt as to be comedy and over the years there has been a mixture of some comedy geniuses as well as some howlers that are never heard of again. Well see no evil hear no evil is one of them cmic gems that you could watch over and over again and not tire from it. The two main stars of the film, Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder are both wonderful and self established stars with an irreplacable chemistry, and that chemistry is utilized very well throughout. Of course, the brilliantly original premise helps as well. A blind guy and a deaf guy who pair up to solve a murder? Classic! That premise is used wonderfully. There's a great line where they're interrogated and angry officer screams out, "Between the two of you, you saw and heard everything!" There's a lot of great fish-out-of-water humor involving Pryor's blindness and Wilder's deafness. One of the most hilarious gags, along with the car chase, is when Pryor helps another blind man to walk across the street, and they end up in the back of a truck. Now that's a literal example of the blind leading the blind. Each gag is delivered and timed very well, thanks for the great actors and veteran director Arthur Hiller, who has directed the two leads before in "Silver Streak." This isn't a perfect comedy. A few gags fall flat, but the key word is "few." Some reviewers and audiences have regarded this as the low point in ...

Shockwaves Freeze Hold Spray Ultra Strong 28/03/2004

Shock and awe : Oh cack

Shockwaves Freeze Hold Spray Ultra Strong || Severe watershed warning || Remember enter at your own risk and mind the mangey dogs with big huge teeth and chew body orifices at the sound of my voice faster than you can say Jim will fix it! Give me a drum roll or a woo woo and then sit back, sit tight and remember don't you dare get out of your seat till your finished!! Stevo's (un) interesting stories (snore/bore) For as long as I care to remember it's been hard to keep up with today’s society. As a miniature little Stevo all throughout my school days (hell), it was always known as being un-cool to not have trademarked clothes with the big brand names. Having anything short would automatically brand you as an outcast. But unlike back then I chose what I want instead of having things bought for me. Hairstyles fit into that category as well and if you hair is one of the dodgy haircuts then you will never live it down. All though im older I still care about what I look like and also what people think of me. ~~ Big headed, obnoxious but lovable (and modest too) ~~ So it's not enough being charming, brainy and sophisticated I have to look my best too (cough cough). The best bet in life is to look after yourself by taking good care and if some mad person possessed with a camera addiction is nearby then you don’t have to worry about untimely snaps now do you? ** Cover me in gravy you kinky thing!! ** I always take good care of my hygiene but the thing that I have taken the biggest ...

Nestlé Cinnamon Grahams 24/03/2004

free wobbling stevo inside

Nestlé Cinnamon Grahams **** welcome ,come in and wipe your feet please **** Wahey my diddlers whats happening dudes? If you hesitated a quite time then boy was you wrong my pedigree chums. Yum, yum let me have some dog meat but make sure it is some tasty stuff. Whoops a tad bit too much information, anyway I am here rambling away like a drunken parrot for a different reason. I recently did something that is a rarity for me and that was I dipped my hands deep into my shell suits and spent some money for something other than the cheap brand names (shock horror, I know I almost fainted!). Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day but I just use it as an excuse to fill my chops up with as much grub as possible! It’s nice to have a nice bit of cereal as it takes away that annoying gut crunching gas gurgling sound that has woken me up like a hole in my head. The very reason I am here today is to write about cinnamon grahams. The classy follow on from the original golden grahams. I hadn’t ever tried these before and after having an overdose of cinnamon in a disaster cake me and my fiancée made once , I was quite naturally wary. I absolute cream myself over the very taste of the originals so quite obviously I was curious. It wasn’t until I spotted that they were 87p for a box and usually over two squid I thought to myself ” I’m getting these my son!” * Boy oh boy these are giving me some gas and a half but damn are they good* I was very ...

HTML Profiles and Member Photos 24/03/2004

dummies guide to html on ciao.. Updated

HTML Profiles and Member Photos Hello and welcome to dummies guide to html profiles on ciao.This is a step by step tutorial which is intended to give you a bigger insight into html and how to make your very own profile. Now for all of you out there who haven't seen html used before then this can seem kind of daunting. I will use examples and split it up and try to explain it as much as I can. I can remember when I first see HTML I thought I would never be able to learn it and thought it was a foriegn language but with practice its quite simple really. Html is a bit easier to do if you have some knowledge of html but if you haven't it don't matter it's just a slight advantage. Well to do your html profile you have to type the code in the about me section. Before we begin html stands for hyper text markup language. It is used to structure a website but is not actually a programming language. You can do html in notepad and its how I usually do my webpages . If you decide to use html its best to write it out in word pad or notepad first so that you can save it in case you mess up and have to start it all over again. To be able to do neat stuff with html it operates in tags. You will see what I'm on about in a minute. So lets begin *************** *************** *************** ******** • text effects • So its best to start of with the basics and that is just changing the style of text with font colour and size. Below is a example code to be able to do this ...

Everything that starts with B ... 23/03/2004

Chips,Football and 2 black eyes

Everything that starts with B ... Come gather around mighty football fans. Put your pride aside for a few moments and rejoice with a fellow football fan whilst I have a wee rabit with you about the good old passionate game of football. Being only 21 I hear the crowds shouting out "what do you know about football your just a kid”. Well I might not know much about football before my era but for the last 16 years football has been a huge part of my life and I absolute love the game. Football to me used to mean a friendly football match with loads of rivalry but is something for the whole family to go and see and cheer on their side win lose or draw it didn't matter. But with football today it isn't just what goes on the pitch that dictates the sport but the antics that go on outside that really captures the headlines and is a huge part of the demise of what used to be a passionate sport. Money seems to be a huge benefactor to be a huge success in football and it dominates every aspect of the footballing world. The more money a team has the richer it becomes. This seems good when put down on paper but match the finances to a smaller club and you will notice whilst one teams finances are really healthy the other team is on brink of extinction. * So why is money a big reason why so many clubs are going into administration?* Well using a bit of common sense, running a football club needs a lot of money and a income coming in to keep the bank balance sturdy to pay everything needed. Without ...

Cadbury Chomp 22/03/2004


Cadbury Chomp Gee whizz where on earth does the time fly my son? Oh well anyway hows ya all diddling chucks and chuckesses? The politically incorrect motor mouth from swindon is back here in the flesh. Yay oh yay. That’s enough of the sheepish intro now its time for some melodramatic useless banter. Come closer for a pukka chinwag with your uncle Stevo. Call me sentimental or over emotional but I have really missed this place. Enough already I just can’t resist but if I don’t stop now I will reduce myself into a crying frenzy. So what brings this privilege today then? I am going to write about Cadbury’s chomp as it is one of the few chocolate bars I haven’t wrote about so I thought I would put the record straight today after I got the taste for writing again (yum yum). So without further a due put on your swimming cap and armbands and if your trunks but if you’re a nudist then that’s your business. Lets get ready to rumbleeeee!! *look mum no teeth* Chocolate is my name but eating it is my game, which is quite obviously the whole point of it really (duh!). I crave chocolate 24/7 but when you have a psycho dentist acting like a mental tooth fairy wanting to take your teeth away momentarily you think I’m never touching chocolate again. Oh that lasts for a whole five minutes then you are there tucking away on a big juicy mars bar with it caked round your chops and you’re are loving every bite. Oh yes life is beautiful. *Chick on a ...

Hollywood Homicide (DVD) 22/03/2004

Im afraid you have p’d on your mr chips

Hollywood Homicide (DVD) Over the years in the world of comedy double ups have brought us some bone tickling and suspense moments leaving us begging for more. The likes of martin Lawrence and will smith sparkle together like a pair of diamonds on a beach sunbathing. So when I heard about this latest film, Hollywood Homicide and seeing previews about it I was curious to get a taste of the action. Harrison Ford stars as Joe Gavilan, a well known detective who cannot capture the same success in his personal life as he does at work. There are 3 ex-wives in Joe's life and he is well and truly stuck with a particularly bad investment in a large house that he intended to sell as part of his side real estate business. His partner, K.C. Calden (Josh Hartnett), is a rookie with a really bad aim. He has huge doubts about his career as a cop and fears he has chosen the wrong road to go down as he feels he has somewhere to go with an acting career. Joe and K.C., of course, become involved in a high-profile murder investigation involving the unfortunately named rap group H2O Klick. During the course of the investigation, the audience is `treated' to more and more glimpses of Joe and K.C.'s personal lives. Every buddy cop cliché rears its ugly little head during the film as the search moves at an agonizingly slow pace. For good measure, a thin internal investigation on Joe's investment practices is thrown in. * Wake me up when something exciting happens(yawn)* Hollywood Homicide is a cinematic misfire ...

My Ciao'ing 19/01/2004

Nuns puns and wigs.. Everything goes!

My Ciao'ing Busy busy busy as a bishops hat full charge and attention! Come on and get jiggy with it. Howdy chucks and chuckesses it’s that time again Yay. Banter is my first name rambling is my game. I was sat here scratching my bum like a ugly duckling and doing any old geezer proud by moaning for Britain. I am outraged and puzzled with the fact that they have released a huge quantity of fitness dvd’s and videos and some of them ask the question. Who the hell would buy this one? Zoë Tate from Emmerdale releasing a fitness dvd? Oh yes we will all go out and buy that one! Anyway enough rambling I come across this challenge and thought hey I will give this one a crack so sorry if i get a bit carried away folks. Cheers to ElizaF for creating this challenge its pure and simply chicken and chips. Here goes: - . Full name: Well I have been known as many names such as sexgod and porn star of the year but my birth name is Stephen John Pike. Nothing sinister nor secretive but if I was a big time fugitive or on the FBI's wish list of playing cards my name would be Mr T. ii. Ciao Username: I couldn’t think of a great user name on ciao hence the user name super Stevo and I feel it is lacking the charisma and doesn’t match my nutty self but hey life’s to short to worry so lets dance Yay. iii. Date when you joined the Ciao community: 11.01.2003 the birth of superstevo brought with total madness and huge quantities of chop spilling, hair ripping banter ...

Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930SB 19 in 03/01/2004

Tried and tested: Street cred in a box

Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930SB 19 in Technology today in my opinion is absolute sensational. It’s exciting to think what they will bring out on the market next. But something keeps on telling me that they are holding back on a great deal to make as much money as possible. Over the years we have seen the world of computers establish itself more and more with ideas for the future to blow us away. But I am impatient and think to myself why cat they invent things like they do in futuristic films. I know its silly but don't you think that would be remarkable. The market for computers has gone from strength to strength releasing some mind whopping technology as well some fancy monitors. * Mitsubishi Diamond pro 930 SB * So what is all the fuss about this particular monitor you may be asking? With its superior screen display and dynamic cabinet design, this monitor brings you to the forefront of technology. High performance and advanced technology collide for the ultimate visual experience. It is a CRT display and is 19 inches with an 18-inch viewable screen. In plain terms if you look at the inside of the screen it is 18 inches from side to side. It also weighs 52.5 lbs so be careful when lifting this monitor up. The Flat screen provides a high resolution, while reducing any glare, and the NaViSet software allows you to adjust screen settings using your mouse and keyboard. The Max resolution is 1920x1440 @ 73Hz and the good thing about this monitor is its available with Spectra View Color Calibration ...

Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines (DVD) 20/12/2003

If only Greek mythology was this good

Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines (DVD) If you thought you would never see the lovable friendly robot ever again you might be thinking you are seeing ghost. For now Arnold Schwarzenegger returns in the final part of the trilogy, Terminator three:- The rise of the machines. Arnold is back in one of two of his most popular roles to date) and he's back to save the world, or rather, save 2003. After watching a massive string of disappointments this year after a long build up of tension of excitement, It’s now time for the population to be subjected to the final instalment of these films. The action comes thick and fast with state of the art visual effects, but beside all that, there is an emotional story beneath the eye candy, a story which beats a strong heartbeat about an young man carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. What does the Future hold for John Connor? Will he continue to be a nobody all his life, or will he face up to his destiny, ultimately, the dark future in which Mankind VS Machines in a war of hell. Ten years after the events of Terminator 2 , John Connor remains greatly disturbed by the threat of Judgement Day being haunted by his dreams. Despite having been able to stop the assassination plans of the terminator in the previous film and stop the end of the world, he becomes increasingly worried that maybe this isn’t the end of it all and he is concerned he may not be able to fulfil the prophecy of his future ascendance after all. The film starts with John Connor ...

Positiva (A Decade of Dance) - Various Artists 20/12/2003

Take the silver spoon out your mouth chuck

Positiva (A Decade of Dance) - Various Artists You can really learn a lot from reading but to really feel the full effect of Dance music it is essential to listen. People have different views of dance music and about the best eras of it. The time for me was Ibiza 1999 when trance music was in my opinion “banging”.That year produced the best all time anthems that still produce tears to my eyes. Dance music covers many different genres including house,hard house,trance,techno,euro dance and electronica.There is a lot of people who couldnt tell the difference between sash and sasha so by the end of this hopefully you will understand a bit more about dance as well as finding out about a class albums. Trance music is a subgenre of electronic dance music that developed in the 1990s. Perhaps the most ambiguous genre in the realm of electronic dance music (EDM), trance could be described as a melodic, more-or-less freeform style of music derived from a combination of techno and house. Regardless of its precise origins, to many club-goers, party-throwers, and EDM adherents, trance is held as a significant development within the greater sphere of (post-)modern dance music. So you have some idea of what dance music is and hopefully know its just slightly more than what some people may describe as”just a noise”.I will now review this album” a decade of dance” Tracklisting: cd 1 01 Spiller - Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (Radio Edit) (3:47) vocals by Sophie Ellis-Bextor ...

Gt Hits - Cat Stevens 15/12/2003

memoirs of the monopoly man

Gt Hits - Cat Stevens Chart music today in my opinion has become very commercialised and very stale. It feels to have hit a massive stand still with nothing original really coming out. Many people may disagree with that statement and fair enough everyone is entitled to an opinion. I don’t know if it is just because I’m getting old before my time but I can't believe I‘m here saying about how bad music has got. Without music I wouldn’t have got through a massive portion of my life. I used to be a mad follower of great trance music because it to me had great emotion where I could close my eyes and imagine I was flying. Long gone them days because now there is so much cheese its unbelievable. This is why I find myself turning to some older music which now I don’t regret turning to because it is just as inspirational. ** Who is Cat Stevens?? ** Cat Stevens was one the 1970's most popular musical artists. With a string of hit records and sold-out concerts he rocketed to superstardom. His album "Tea For The Tillerman" is considered to be one of the best of its genre and his name is still a household word. So what happened to him? On Dec 23, 1977 Steven Georgiou a.k.a. Cat Stevens reverted to the Islamic faith and adopted the name Yusuf Islam. Since his retirement from the music business in 1978, he has been busy raising a family. He has also opened and operates the Islamia School System in London. He works with a variety of Muslim Charities and also ...

Bruce Almighty (DVD) 13/12/2003

Maturity can pay off you know

Bruce Almighty (DVD) When it comes to Jim Carey a lot of people can take him or leave him. Some say he’s too silly whereas others say he is a classic comedian. What do I think? I think sometimes he can be too silly but in this film he has calmed down at least a little and you get to enjoy the film a whole lot more because of that. Because of jim carreys reputation this film takes hell of a battering before people give it a chance. *Who’s who in the film?* The two main characters within the film are Jim Carey and Jennifer Anniston. Jim has been in many films including the mask, Ace Ventura Pet Detective and Me, Myself and Irene. Jennifer Anniston has only recently begun her film career but she has proved she can do it and I have a lot of respect for her as an actress. She is better known as Rachel in friends. Jim Carey plays a more mature role in this film, playing a man called Bruce Nolan. Bruce is a human-interest reporter and he always gets small, unimportant reports to follow. His dream is to get a promotion up to working behind the desk as an anchorman with fellow colleagues of his. He loves his girlfriend Grace but despite that he thinks he has been given the rough end of the stick in life. His girlfriend Grace is played by Jennifer Anniston and she is a nursery teacher. She loves the kids and they love her. She understands of how important Bruce’s job is to him and she supports him all the way. She loves Bruce enough to want to marry him. Debbie (Graces ...
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