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Drinkstuff Drinks Orb Beverage Dispenser 31/05/2016

I sense this might not dispense very well..?

Drinkstuff Drinks Orb Beverage Dispenser Introduction and reason behind purchase We live in a very tiny cottage, and whilst extra space is something we lack we adore our home and never want to move. It does have its advantages though due to the layout of the rooms and in particular the fact that the kitchen (and bathroom) are opposite both our room and the joint room my sons share. Despite the close proximity to the kitchen I often hear my sons asking (fairly politely) for a drink and decided that I would get them some kind of drinking vessel for their room where they could easily access water when and if they were in need of a drink. This idea was about 5 years ago and to be honest I forgot about my 'grand plan' until a recent holiday saw us wandering around an indoor market where I happened upon such said vessels. As we were away at the time I didn't want to purchase any bulky items there and then but made a mental note to look online on our return home which this time I remembered to do. This resulted in my fairly recent purchase of the 'Drinks Orb Beverage Dispenser' which I will now share my thoughts on having used the product personally for the past 3 months.. What is it exactly? Well its pretty much explained in the name - its simply a drinks dispenser but in an 'interesting' orb shape design by bar@drinkstuff (which is the official merchandiser). How its described "..The Drinks Orb Beverage Dispenser is perfect for serving almost any cold beverage! Fill with beer, cocktail, punch, juice or soft ...

Issey Miyake Pleats Please Eau de Toilette 10/04/2016

Pleats? Please!

Issey Miyake Pleats Please Eau de Toilette Introduction and reason for purchase I've known my best friend now for 18 years, meeting through work, and whilst we don't see as much of each other as we used to we do make every effort to keep in touch. We recently both shared 'milestone' birthdays and arranged a good catch up with our partners where we exchanged gifts. I know my friend's taste in gifts knowing her love of bags, and she knows me only too well knowing my penchant for perfumes, so I was very pleased to open my gift from her and find a bottle of perfume. The fragrance in question is 'Pleats Please' by Issey Miyake, and having used over a considerable period of time now I feel I can give an honest opinion and share my thoughts on the product. How its described Pleats Please is known as 'the perfume that moves you' and was launched back in 2012. It is apparently named after '..the signature fashion collection of pleated materials and bright colours that follow movements of the body, first introduced in 1993. This fragrance returns to fashion inspiration, pop..' I can honestly say that until receiving this fragrance I'd never heard of it, despite knowing the Issey Miyake brand quite well (or so I thought), nor the fashion range it is named after, so I was very intrigued as to what this perfume had to offer, and more importantly would it be my 'cup of tea'? Price & Availability As this was a gift I had a quick search online to see what price range it fell into. The size of the bottle I was gifted with is ...

James Bond 007 for Women Eau de Parfum 28/02/2016

Not shaken but definitely stirred!

James Bond 007 for Women Eau de Parfum Introduction and reason for purchase I've never been the biggest fan of the James Bond franchise but when my two sons asked if we could go to see Spectre at the cinema when it was released I agreed, and found that I thoroughly enjoyed the film far more than I expected. Having mentioned this in passing conversation to a family member they took it seemingly as I'd become the world's biggest fan as I then received for my (*cough* 40th) birthday from them a bottle of '007 For Women'. Although very kind of them to gift me this fragrance I was left a little bewildered as to why exactly this was their choice, but very kindly accepted my gift and stored it away as I already had several perfumes 'on the go' and wanted to use those first before opening another. Having finally succumbed and opened it a few weeks ago, I I have to say it wasn't what I was expecting at all so will now share my thoughts on the product. How its described "..007 for Women is a fragrance inspired by the iconic women found in Bond's seductive and daring world. The fragrance is 'dangerously seductive' itself, with a unique mix of ingredients that blend signature femininity with intangible mystery into a modern interpretation of an oriental fragrance.." The composition 007 Fragrance Family Oriental Fragrance Notes Top Notes Black pepper Rose milk Heart Notes Blackberry White floral jasmine Base Notes Vanilla White musk Cedarwood Price and Availability As this was a gift I'm unsure of how much my ...

Nu Skin Epoch Polishing Bar 15/02/2016

Will this give me 'Nu Skin'?

Nu Skin Epoch Polishing Bar Introduction and reason behind purchase I'm a big fan of the french beauty company Yves Rocher and for years have used a magnificent body polish of theirs and never had any qualms or reason to use anything else. A few months before Christmas a close friend of mine became a Rep for a while for a company that sold Nu Skin products. At the time I can honestly say that I'd never really heard of them, but wanting to support my friend I ordered one or two items and as a thank you she popped a bar of Epoch Nu Skin Polishing Bar in with my order. Having just finished using this product continuously for the last few months I will now share my thoughts on using the product and to give my honest opinion. What is it exactly? The Epoch Nu Skin Polishing Bar is pretty much a fancy way of saying its an exfoliator, or to be more precise its classed as a 'Soap-free Body Exfoliating Cleansing Bar'. How its described by Nu Skin According to the blurb Nu Skin have this to say about its 'wonder product' - "..For unimaginable smoothness! A soap-free cleanser with exfoliant gently polishes skin removing dirt and excess oil and improving tone and texture. With a deep woody fragrance. Suitable for all skin types.." What does it promise then? The bar claims that it will effectively removes dirt, excess oil and other impurities without the use of soap, whilst it also gently polishes the skin leaving it fresh, clean and smooth. Its 'secret' is that its key ingredient features more than 30 ...

Garnier Body Tonic Firming Hydrating Lotion 13/02/2016

Just the tonic I needed

Garnier Body Tonic Firming Hydrating Lotion Introduction and reason behind purchase A few weeks ago my family and I went away on holiday the coast, and whilst I packed the majority of the toiletries I thought we would need there were the odd few items I purposely emitted from my list as I intended to stock up in the local Boots store in the town centre as its a shop I don't get chance to go to very much any more due to locality. One such product on my list to purchase was a body lotion and preferably one from one from Boots own collections as I've always been a fan of their own ranges. Disappointingly there was little to actually choose from once I'd reached said store, and just as I was about to reach for my fail safe 'go to' product of baby lotion my eyes caught a glimpse of several brightly coloured bottles on the end of an aisle display. Having been drawn to this display I was pleased to see several brands of body lotions which were all on offer, with Garnier's 'Body Tonic' being at the forefront and taking centre stage so to speak. Having read the blurb I decided that it sounded like my 'cup of tea' and so popped it in my shopping basket. I used the lotion everyday whilst on holiday and continued to use it consecutively on my return home, having used up the contents in its entirety, so feel I can give a balanced and honest review of my experience of using this lotion. Garnier Body 'Body Tonic' Firming Hydrating Lotion How its described "..Day after day your skin can become dehydrated and loses its ...

Yves Rocher Fresh Rose Eau de Toilette 10/02/2016

'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet'

Yves Rocher Fresh Rose Eau de Toilette **Introduction and reason for purchase** I adore beauty products and anyone that has ever read any of my reviews will no doubt be aware of my love for the french beauty company Yves Rocher. I have tried probably 90% of their products over the years (barring most of the make up as I rarely wear it) either in full size or by being lucky enough to be sent sample sizes to try as testers. Although I only order from the company every few months due to financial restraints I am very lucky to receive several samples with each order and whilst some are only sachet size others are generous mini versions of the larger product itself. When Yves Rocher recently introduced 3 new fragrances: *Citrus Flower EDT *Purple Lilac EDT *Fresh Rose EDT I was sent 3 mini vials of each fragrance with each vial holding 5 ml worth of EDT. This size gave me enough fragrance to wear on at least 6 occasions which gave me enough indication on whether I liked the EDT and how it fared on my skin with this review focusing on my experience of wearing the Fresh Rose EDT.. **Price, packaging & availability** Although my EDT came presented in a basic looking cylinder glass vial, the actual full size EDT comes housed in a much more attractive upright standing bottle which is a pretty rose pink in colour. Made of sturdy glass the bottle has a cylinder appearance with an opaque pink hue surrounding it which makes viewing the contents difficult (something I'm not a fan of with any product as I ...

Yves Rocher Botanical Hair Care Nutri Repair Conditioner 09/02/2016

Pretty slick

Yves Rocher Botanical Hair Care Nutri Repair Conditioner Introduction and reason for purchase I am a big fan of the french beauty company Yves Rocher as many people who know me will vouch for this, though recently I've been on a mission to use up a lot of my products before even daring to think about ordering anything else. I don't order very often - maybe 4 or 5 times a year at the most, but I always take advantage of any BOGOF offers as well as using other branded products so as you can guess I have quite a multitude of items. Well I did until recently as I've been slowly going through my items and using up any half opened products until I can justify opening a full product. This is where this item now comes into conversation - 'Botanical Hair Care Nutri-Repair Conditioner' by Yves Rocher- as it was a conditioner I'd ordered from the site way back in February, but had put off opening it until all the other half empty bottles finally had every last ounce squeezed out of them. Having recently used the tube up fully I will now give my honest thoughts and opinion on using this product.. Botanical Hair Care Nutri-Repair Conditioner by Yves Rocher. The product This is an intense 'Nutri-Repair' conditioner designed to nourish and repair and is part of Yves Rocher's premium hair product collection know as the 'Botanical collection.' There are a number of matching products in this range which can be used alongside this to maximise the products performance, including an equally impressive shampoo. I've used this product with the ...

UK Water Features Spouting Green Frog Solar Water Feature 01/02/2016

What's all this I'm spouting about?

UK Water Features Spouting Green Frog Solar Water Feature Introduction and reason for purchase We live in a lovely small cottage and have done so for the past 19 years, and whilst our home may be small our garden is very spacious and more than makes up for our tiny dwelling. When I met my husband 19 years ago he had just bought the house and back then the garden was 90% covered in grass, whereas over the years it has reduced with the addition of decking and a pebbled area taking over a small part of the lawn. Around 8/9 years ago when my oldest son was a baby and whilst pregnant with my youngest son, we had some fencing built to divide our garden from our neighbour (who is my husband's aunt) as a precaution for when the children would be walking so they wouldn't escape, and whilst having some fencing built it spurred us to spruce up our garden in general and one of the things I'd always wanted was a water feature. Having purchased a small solar powered fountain that you placed into the ground and surround with decorative stones I was deeply disappointed to find it never worked very well and broke shortly after buying. I took it back to the shop I'd purchased it from and was given a refund, but it put me off buying a water feature again until fairly recently. A few months ago I decided to throw caution to the wind and purchase another solar water feature that I'd had my eye on for over a year. Having had our newest garden addition up and running since May I feel I can justify a review now so will now discuss my thoughts on the ...

Dr. Organic Snail Gel 20/12/2015

Hail the mighty snail?..But did I gel with it?

Dr. Organic Snail Gel Introduction and reason behind purchase On a recent break away I popped in to a Holland & Barrett store to pick up a few products. Whilst I was queuing at the till waiting to be served my eyes were drawn to their in store magazine titled 'Healthy' which I have bought on numerous occasions in the past. I decided to pick up a copy for extra reading material and when it was my turn to pay the lady serving me said 'Oh you get a free sample with this edition' and popped several small sachets into my shopping bag. At that point I wasn't sure what the samples were exactly, but I do love a freebie and presumed them to be some kind of face or body cream. Once back at our holiday residence I picked up the magazine to have a flick through and spotted the sachets which said they were called 'Snail Gel' by Dr Organic and from the blurb on the back of the sachet they appeared to be some kind of serum for the skin.. snail gel???? I left them for a few days on the dressing table, then one night after showering and cleansing my face I thought what the heck and decided to 'brave it' by trying one of the sachets on my face and neck and used as advised. .. needless to say I have not only used all of the samples but have also bought a full size jar which I am currently using on a daily basis so will now share my thoughts and experience on using Dr Organic 'Snail Gel'. So what is it exactly? According to Holland & Barrett's website it has this to say "...Dr. Organic Snail Gel is an ...

Yves Rocher Luminelle 2014 Summer Collection Eau de Toilette 06/11/2015

Did Luminelle illuminate?

Yves Rocher Luminelle 2014 Summer Collection Eau de Toilette Introduction and reason for purchase I own far, far too many beauty products and with the upcoming festive season and my birthday both hurtling towards me where I almost always receive gifts sets etc, I have made it my mission to not buy anything unnecessary pampering wise until my 'haul' has at least had a big dent made in it. This includes perfumes as the amount I seemed to have accrued is a little ridiculous if I do say so myself. I own one or two premium brands but generally on the whole my large collection is made up of EDT's by the likes of NEXT and other high street shops, but mainly from my beloved Yves Rocher. I've been buying products from the French beauty company all of my adult life and in particular their fragrances, and its safe to say I've tried and owned pretty much every fragrance released whether it be in sample form or large bottle. Generally when I place an order I get sent a product/ or products to a certain value as a 'Thank you' and one such item I received earlier on in the year was a fragrance that was released last Summer entitled 'Luminelle 2014 Summer Collection' - an item that I had previously tested in a small sample towelette form when it was first launched but I couldn't recall how it came across. As I've been using up my beauty products I have been sticking to the same fragrances almost consecutively in a bid to use up the large amount of half used bottles I have on my dressing table, with Luminelle being my perfume of choice recently. ...

Dequadin Lozenges 08/08/2015

Dequadin - Fail or Win?

Dequadin Lozenges Introduction and reason behind purchase I've always suffered with sore throats, usually quite severe, but over the past 4/ 5 years or so they have thankfully become sporadic to the point where I've barely had any... until recently that is. I've had a chronic sore throat now for two weeks and have visited the doctor twice who each time told me its a nasty virus doing the rounds and it would ease eventually (eventually?!). I've literally tried every single thing on the market along with natural remedies such as gargling with salt water and eating ice lollies, which are all very good and well if you are in the house, but I wanted something to keep in my bag for when I was out and about and asked my husband to pick me up some Dequacaine lozenges as I've always found them to be amongst the best as far as lozenges go. When my husband returned home it turned out the pharmacist had misheard him and gave him 'Dequadin' lozenges instead.. Having used up the pack in its entirety over these past two weeks I will share my thoughts and give my opinion on the product. What are they exactly? Dequadin 0.25mg lozenges are for the relief of symptoms of sore throats, mouth infections such as mouth ulcers and also tonsillitis, stomatitis and oral thrush. Who are they suitable for? They can be taken by adults and children over 10 years old with the directions of sucking one lozenge every two to three hours, with no more than 8 being taken in 24 hours. What do they contain? Their ...

Garnier Ultimate Blends The Strength Restorer Shampoo 06/07/2015

Ultimate Blend..?

Garnier Ultimate Blends The Strength Restorer Shampoo Introduction and reason behind purchase I have been colouring my hair for many years now, giving it a helping hand to retain the light blond locks I used to have and so because of this I try to look after the condition of my hair the best that I can. I wont pay over the odds for shampoos and conditioners but will always try to go for tried and trusted products that I know work well and keep an eye out for any offers that may be on at my local Superdrug store. When I realised we were running low on some basic essentials a few weeks ago I walked the 5 minutes from my home to said store to generally stock up and have a peruse and this is where I spotted this shampoo on offer - Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo 'The Strength Restorer' Honey Treasures - having just used up the bottle in its entirety I will now proceeded to share my thoughts on using the product. Suitability This particular shampoo is best suited to fragile hair that is prone to breakage, though my husband and sons have both used this shampoo - who all have 'normal' hair with excellent results so it is merely aimed at fragile hair but can be used by anyone. The product - The promises According to the blurb we are told that "..Tailor - made blends to transform your hair to its shining glory. The signature blend of The Strength Restorer is Honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis Extract ideal for fragile hair which is prone to breakage with stronger hair in just one week.." Price I spotted this particular shampoo at the ...

Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum 20/06/2015

I admit it - I let 'Fame' go to my head!

Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum Introduction and reason for purchase Around two years ago I remember being stood next to one of the school mum's whilst waiting for our children and I couldn't help noticing the fragrance she was wearing. I asked her and she said it was 'a new celebrity one' but couldn't remember the name as it was a tester in a store she had spritzed on literally moments before arriving at school. I was intrigued to know which it was though never found out - until recently that is. In early November last year I was stood patiently waiting in the queue at my local Superdrug store, and decided to test out many perfumes that were on display when I happened upon 'Fame' by Lady Gaga. I'm not generally drawn to celebrity fragrances as a rule but there was something that made me reach for the bottle and spray on to my wrists and instantly I recognised the scent from a few years previously. I mentioned it in passing conversation to my mum and to my delight found she had bought me a bottle for my birthday later that month. I've now been using this fragrance for around 7 months several times a week and so will now give my honest opinion of wearing 'Fame' by Lady Gaga EDP.. 'Fame' the premise As this is a fragrance by Lady Gaga it was never going to be some kind of plain understated affair - oh no, certainly not if Lady Gaga had anything to do with it. It is said that that she wanted to create a scent with the fragrance emulating blood and semen or more importantly to smell like 'an expensive ...

Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Juice 29/05/2015

"Aloe aloe aloe" !

Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Juice Introduction and reason for purchase A few years ago I had a friend that promoted healthy living products and tried to 'lure' me into buying from her by giving me a few bottles of pure aloe vera juice to try. Try them I did, but I wasn't too overwhelmed by their claim as I didn't notice any health benefits at all at the time and so politely declined her offer to start supplying me with the juice as apart from the lack of benefits it also cost a hefty £17 per bottle.. er no thanks! Fast forward to last year when my dad became critically ill with pancreatitis caused by gallstones, and after spending over 6 months in hospital he was allowed home and I took it upon myself to look up as many natural products to aide him with Aloe Vera Juice standing out the most on each of my searches. I ordered him a bottle of 'Aloe Pura Bio Active Maximum Strength' and at the time there was a buy one get one free offer, so decided to keep a bottle myself and give it a go again. I've now been using this particular brand for around 5 months now so will now share my thoughts and give my opinion on the product. 'Aloe Pura Bio Active Aloe Vera Juice Maximum Strength Balanced Formulation' How its described "..A unique blend of Aloe Vera whole leaf and unfiltered Aloe Vera inner gel, formulated with the minimum of processing to allow the plant’s natural components to remain unaltered and provide high levels of natural activity, as is expected in a quality Aloe Vera Juice.." What does it ...

Ted Baker Regency Houses Mini Body Spray 01/05/2015

Regency Rules..?

Ted Baker Regency Houses Mini Body Spray Introduction and reason for purchase When it comes to fragrances I tend to stick to either EDP's or EDT's and don't often buy body sprays myself as I find the level of fragrance tends to wane far too quickly for my personal liking. That isn't to say that I don't have a large amount of different branded body sprays in my collection, as when it comes to Birthday and Christmas presents I tend to accrue a fair amount through gift sets and so they get put in my cupboard with the rest of my overflowing collection of toiletries. Whilst looking for a completely unrelated item recently in the cupboard where I keep my 'loot' I came across this mini body spray which I'd received at Christmas but not yet used, and as the sizing of the bottle was fairly small and compact it looked ideal to fit into my bag which isn't very roomy. I had a quick spray to see what the scent was actually like, as I couldn't remember having tried it at the time I was gifted it, and was reminded of the beautiful aroma so in my bag it was placed. This was over a month ago now and I have been using it ever since so I will now give my honest opinion on the product having used it several times a week since then. Ted Baker Regency Houses Mini Body Spray How its described With a sumptuous blend Ted’s soothing Mini Body Spray will be the key to your heart. This beautifully scented treat is perfect for creating a lovely waft of fragrance and looks stylish in any boudoir! Price As this was a gift I didn't buy it ...
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