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Mr And Mrs Smith (DVD) 02/07/2011

Everyone has their little secrets

Mr And Mrs Smith (DVD) Two of the worlds best assassins..are a married couple...and completely unaware of each others true identity... Until one day, when they finally, after 6 years of marriage, discover each others secret lives and are left, forced to kill one an another in order to keep their job and their life. The film begins, showing the lives of the married couple and how boring their marriage is due to the lies and disceat that they have yet to discover. As the story unfolds, both characters get closer to understanding each others hidden lives and when they figure who each other really are- there's war! Jane Jane (played by Angelina Jolie) is a beautiful, smart and successful business woman, who may seem like your average plane Jane, but in reality is a version of 'wonder-woman.' John John (played by brad Pitt) is a handsome, intelligent and successful business man, who may seem like your average baseball loving husband, but in reality is a mimic of 'superman.' They appear as the "ideal" American couple, with their perfectly groomed appearances and their perfect home. But behind closed doors, their marriage is completely on the rocks and while, a marriage counselor may help, the only people that can help them are themselves. My opinion What can i say..i adore this film. It has got to be on the list of my top 10 fave films of all time. I've watched it several times and each time never fails to excite me. The storyline is compelling and at the same time comical. I also think that both ...

Condoleezza Rice: A Memoir of My Extraordinary, Ordinary Family and Me - Condoleezza Rice 30/06/2011

Condoleeza Rice: A Hero in My eyes

Condoleezza Rice: A Memoir of My Extraordinary, Ordinary Family and Me - Condoleezza Rice This fascinating memoir of Condoleezza Rice begins as she reminisces in detail about her childhood and upbringing. She grew up in the violent 1960’s, in a place where black people weren’t allowed to integrate with their white neighbors and where daily murder was just an ordinary affair. In the beginning of the book, she talks a great deal about her parents and how they devoted their lives to their precious daughter in the hopes that she would be able to achieve success. As the memoir progresses, you’ll notice how her early experiences as a child influenced her political beliefs and how they helped her develop into the happy and successful woman she is today. This book truly illustrates what an incredibly strong and inspiring women Condoleezza Rice really is. Her achievements are immense and this memoir proves it. She worked hard to reach her goals and she shows you that it was thanks in part to her ambitious parents, who were great role models. I liked her general perspective on things and how she isn’t one to act superior, despite her major successes. ...

Dove Rich Moisturising Creme 26/06/2011

Finally..A perfect moisturiser.

Dove Rich Moisturising Creme So, to sum things up, i've tried out literally every facial cream out there. They've all either been too greasy and heavy, not moisturizing enough, too perfumey, too harsh; making my skin sensitive or too pricey. I've splurged so much cash or should i say "wasted" so much cash on ineffective products that really do nothing for my skin. I've even used some moisturizers that actually dry my skin out- i never knew this was even possible. That was until Dove found its way into my grateful hands. Yes, the 'ideal' dove creme. I used to get mixed up with dove and nivea, because they always seemed to have the same color and design and shaped tin/container. I used nivea before but i found that too oily and rich for my skin. However dove was satisfyingly different to that. One of my major pet hates is dry, cracked looking face makeup and i, unfortunately always used to sport that look. I just couldn't find a face cream that hydrated my skin enough to make my concealer look dewy and un-cracked. It drove me nuts. I had a terrible ordeal with many of the creams, because many of them made my skin ultra sensitive and red looking and it just wasn't a good look, if you know what i mean. Dove, however, solved all of my problems. That small little tub cured my skin imperfections and hydrated my skin perfectly. When applying dove creme to your face, its crucial that you don't overuse it but you use enough of it to see an impact. I know that many people think dove can make your skin look ...

Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream 11/03/2011

Great for the body but not so much for the face

Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream Is Nivea any good? Well, of course im reviewing it on behalf of my skin type and i have sensitive and a little dry skin. I do recommend Nivea, i do. If you suffer from dry skin, this is a handy cream to have. It really moisturizes your skin, thoroughly and leaves you with soft skin. bad points I have rather sensitive like i said and so this cream for the face, for me is too harsh and too heavy. It leaves my face feeling and looking greasy, it also take a long time to absorb. Too be honest, they are the disadvantages, so i would advise you if you have sensitive skin to just use it on the body only. Its fantastic for the body, but not good on the face. for how much It cost me a mere 90p for a small tine which i thought was FANTASTIC! its a great price wouldn't you say for such a talked about brand. how and where to use it As i said before i ONLY use it on my body skin and not on my face. Its great for those annoying dry places that never seem to soften like knees and elbows. And its perfect for the backs of your arms where you sometimes suffer from dry patches. so overall I totally say you should buy Nivea cream. Its cheap, good quality and easy to find. I like this product a lot and it makes a wonderful body cream that smells fresh too! ...

Max Factor Pan Stik Foundation 19/02/2011

A Foundation That Covers Everything...even the nasty stuff

Max Factor Pan Stik Foundation A Day Out Shopping... It begins by me heading straight to the cosmetics store to see if there's anything interesting i can get my claws on. I tend to favor the higher priced brands because i am a believer than you get what you pay for. Good foundations and concealers are what i spend most of my cash on and so i typically never leave empty-handed without new face makeup that i'm gonna try n test. I don't even own any cosmetic under the name of Max factor, but I'm always up for trying new things and so Max factor foundation pan stik was what it was gonna be. I paid a rather reasonable 5 pounds for it. My results... I love it! I love it! I love it! I really do. My complexion is far less than perfect and one of the many advantages to this wonder stick is its fantastic ability to cover up absolutely anything and quoting my title- 'even the nasty stuff'. I suffer from a few blemishes and redness and it covers these bad-boys wonderfully, its a miracle worker if im honest. It blends very well and you don't need to use much of the product, simply because it goes a long way. It really gives you that matte finish. I apply it in the morning, if its a day i choose to cover up and i never need to reapply the foundation, it lasts all day, honest. How to apply : 1. Begin with a moisturized face, although this is a very creamy foundation, its always a good idea to prime the skin beforehand. 2. Now, use a sponge and lightly damped it a little. Apply a pea sized amount or even a bit ...

Oriflame Giordani Gold VIP Volume Mascara 14/01/2011

The BEST mascara EVER!!!!

Oriflame Giordani Gold VIP Volume Mascara Its every girls dream to have long, voluptuous eyelashes. well..I've found the magical product in which will fulfil that dream- Oriflame Giordani VIP mascara. YEP it does everything it says on the box and with just a swish of this more than perfect eyelash miracle, you'll have those unforgettable eyes you yearn for. whilst attending an Oriflame beauty party,i was made up using the Giordani mascara, i was shocked to see how amazing my eyes looked and i knew i ad to have it. it cost me about 8.00, which was a little pricey too me, but for most, its a small amount to pay for such an eyelash impact. The mascara comes in a golden tube with gold writing on in a gold/brown box. Its so easy to apply and you only need to apply no more than one coat to get your desired results. It lasts for a really long time and it has never irritated my eyes so far. I'm not sure if it's waterproof but i assume that if it doesn't state it on the box, it isn't. I hardly ever use this, simply because it's for nights out ONLY! But for those of you who like having very accentuated eyes on a daily basis, it's perfect to use often. Its supremely smooth Oriflame formula is enriched with pro vitamins B5, which conditions your eyelashes whilst providing you with glamorous lashes. You can purchase this mascara in two shades- black and brown from or the catalog. I love this mascara so much, and i would defiantly consider purchasing it again. ...

Bad Romance - Lady GaGa (Single) 13/01/2011

The World is Going GAGA..and So Am I

Bad Romance - Lady GaGa (Single) Everybody's always looking for something different, something unique, something individual. The First time i heard lady gaga, was on the radio, her 'Just Dance' hit, she didn't seem any different to any other artist out there, then 'pokerface' came out, which seemed a lot more unusual and then it was 'Bad Romance.' So, it didn't take long before i was literally sick of this song because of the amount of times it was played on the radio and music channels. Listening to the lyrics, i thought to myself , what is she going on about?? i Googled for the lyrics to see. I was mesmerized by the story behind well actually all of her songs, and that's when i realized that we were given a true star. Every time i listen to a gaga hit, i instantly feel this urge to dance. I just love her. Each and every new song she brings out, has its individuality and i find her inspirational. its no wonder she's became so popular over the past year- she's the new legendary popstar- a total and complete pop diva. What makes her even more interesting is her dress sense. its amazing! You'll never see lady gaga dressed down, i can guarantee. you can see she takes fashion and glamor extremely seriously. And i think that's part of why she's so successful. Her style is like artwork. I mean who would wear a dress made of raw meat??? Part of her fame is down to that wondering what she'll do next thought. Its all the mystery she hides behind her bleached blond hair/wigs, sunglasses and spectacular ...

L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation 12/01/2011

The best foundation EVER!

L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation who wants amazing skin???..well im pretty sure if your reading this you've considered buying this product but because of its unlovable costly price, have decided against it..well im gonna let it you in on a secret..this really is the best foundation EVER!! It been my lifelong desire to achieve a clear, even, creamy, beautiful complexion and i've spent a lot to get close enough. L'oreal is one of my fave cosmetics simply because every product i've bought of theirs has never let me not once. So iv been a fan pretty much since forever. Of course i still buy all the other names on the marker because i love trying out new things and seeing the effect it has. You could say that i spend too much on cosmetics but beauty things are the only stuff i have pleasure in buying. Luckily i got given this foundation as a gift, so i wasn't out of pocket on this item. I remember, despite not paying anything, saving it for special occasions only, so it came in use when .well i don't remember exactly when :S Anyway, i decided to give it a go and i knew that i wouldn't be disappointed by L'oreals first class quality and yes it was everything i'd expected it to be...perfect!!! My usual regime of applying makeup begins after i smother my face in my baby cream (my skin is super sensitive) and then my skin is prepared and ready for MAKEUP. I use foundation as a concealer because i don't like having that mask looking affect. Most of the time i use my fingers to apply, although i would ...

Bourjois Sourcil Precision Eyebrow Pencil 01 Noir Ebene 12/01/2011

Everybody Needs a Good Eyebrow Pencil

Bourjois Sourcil Precision Eyebrow Pencil 01 Noir Ebene I've always had a bit of an obsession when it comes to eyebrows and I'm not satisfied until their completely and utterly perfect!..So when i buy eyebrow makeup i tend to spend a little too much .. Before i realized just how necessary well shaped eyebrows were, i just used any cheap black eyeliner i could get my hands on and just quickly shaded my brows to darken them a much of a mistake was that. Not long after i understood that i needed my eyebrows to look a little more natural and that eyeliner wasn't going to do the trick, so i thought i'd have a splurge and invest in a well branded name of a PROPER eye Brow pencil intended for the brows!!! Considering, how much eyebrows can really make a difference to the face and your looks, its soooo hard finding liners with the word brow in, i only found a few and they only came in a few shades too which was a bit of a disappointment, however i had intended on buying a black brow pencil because my brows are quite dark anyway they just need some precision. Anyway, boujoir seemed to be pretty perfect for my needs and so i bought it at about 5 pounds, some may think its a little pricey for a pencil but i thought why not. I've been penciling in my brows, well not penciling in because i have naturally thick brows anyway, but i mean shading in and shaping with pencil for around 2 years and so over the years iv learned more and more about getting them right and learning from my mistakes and mishaps in the past. I usually use 2 ... 11/01/2011

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Clinique Even Better Make-up SPF 15 03/01/2011

Who wants Flawless Skin in a Quicky?

Clinique Even Better Make-up SPF 15 The cosmetic testers you get in those little sachets in magazines come as quiet a useful and handy thing to have. Well that's how i got to appreciate Clinique even better foundation. I'm always very wary of what i slap on my face these days, after a horrible experience with a skin allergic reaction to a product, its made me aware of how harmful some of the chemicals in products can be. And it can happen with expensive products too! So the less chemicals i wear, the better. Whenever i go out, i love to sport a fresh and flawless face, as my skin is a little uneven, i tend to use the foundation more as a concealer than a face mask. i also have the odd spot that i like to cover up well. So i have to tell you that i have anything but naturally great skin. I would never usually buy anything with Clinique in the title simply because its know to be a pricey cosmetic range. However, after using this more than fulfilling foundation, i have to say i will consider buying it in the future. How to use: 1. Start off with a clean and moisturized face. 2. Squeeze (i'd say a 10p coin sized dollop) on the palm of the hand and apply dots all over the face with the foundation. 3. Rub and blend in the foundation well- Dont forget under eyes and eyelids (most people forget) 4. Apply as much as you feel the need My overall thoughts towards the product Its easy to blend in and apply, it covers spots and red patches well, it gives you that desired flawless skin and it last all day long. I;m ...

Johnsons Baby Wipes 22/10/2010

Great for makeup wipes and senstive skin

Johnsons Baby Wipes Baby wipes of any sort have always came in use to me. But johnsons have my favor in my particular over any other. My main use in baby wipes is simply in fact only for taking off makeup, it may seem a little unuseful but its true. For those of you who wear makeup on a regular basis (like myself) will find baby wipes a miracle- their cheap, good quality and great for the skin. Especially for me, as i have rather sensitive skin which sort of unallows me to use anything other on my face. Johnsons is my fave because unlike most wipes or makeup wipes, johnsons is fragrance free, alcohol free and tested, which makes life a lot easier for my grieving skin. ..and of course there of a reasonable price. I would recommend these completely..although i don't use them on baby's..they have many other uses and if you are a sensitive skin sufferer these will be perfect even just for cleansing your face.

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Bar 28/08/2010

Chunky is still not big enough

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Bar Its rare, if not impossible for me to go a day without eating some sort of sweet or chocolate indulgence. I guess you could say I've got a pretty gigantic sweet tooth. And the huge range of kitkat flavors that are stacked on the chocolate isle, makes matters worse, they're so tempting and i can actually here them screaming at me to go and pick up one or a dozen. It really doesn't help at all for me because when it comes to chocolate, i have absolutely no will power, so i'm easily persuaded. Then when you think things couldn't get any worse- actually, i think i mean better, they go and make a 'chunky' version. So, that basically means that my chocolate addiction is going to become worse and i'll be eating more more MORE! The taste is soooo good A kitkat is a wafer filled chocolate bar/biscuit, the new 'chunky' is exactly the same except there's more of everything. more wafer..more layers and more chocolate. The nestle group sure made a great move creating a bigger version, i no longer have that dissapointed feeling i had before when i finished a bar because it was finished, now, when i'm at the end of a chunky, i feel completely content. Everybody has their own method of enjoying and consuming their kitkat. I, like most people, love nibbling around the edges and eating the wafer separately. I know this is what people relate to children doing, but i'm sure theirs many grown up men out there eating it exactly the same way..of course when in the comfort and privatness of ...

Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser 19/08/2010

nice things come in small packages

Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser Its very rare to find a good moisturizer these days that doesn't irritate my skin or cause me to breakout. Most of them are packed full of so many chemicals, its probably causing more damage than good. But this is completely perfect for me. it doesn't contain perfume. it's light. it doesn't make me breakout and its color free. how to apply and when I usually apply this before i apply makeup as a base or at night. make sure to wash your face before applying and apply a good 20p coin sized dollop. It absorbed really easy and leaves your face feeling totally hydrated and smooth. most face creams cause me to go a little red cause i react to a lot of products as my skin 8s pretty sensitive. But this doesn't. maybe because it has no perfume or color added to it. And if your a teen, like myself and you need something for light acne. this is the one to buy. i know everyone tells you to buy oil free moisturizers. but trust me, from personal experience, these do not work, unless you have incredibly oily skin. All that oil-free moisturizers do are work too harshly on your skin and it really used to make my skin react quite bad. A good hydrating moisturizer is all you need. nothing expensive. my advice for teen suffering with a little acne i don't know how much i have spent on acne products..but its not pretty. i am happy now, i'm 16 and i still get the occasional breakout, but right now my skin is back to normal and iv even got my natural skin tone back. i think i used just so many ... 12/08/2010

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