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Boss BR-1200 CD 09/06/2010

The Boss BR1200 recording studio

Boss BR-1200 CD The Boss BR 1200 Is Very complicated but at the same time very user friendly. I was recording songs within 30 minuites of owning this item. Having said that The Boss BR 1200 has alot of complicated mixing thing's that are way past my knowlage as a guitar player. I'm sure in the right hands the Boss BR 1200 could produce recordings very close to the sound quality that's in the charts. Having owned the Boss BR 1200 over 4 years I have to say that I'm not much further ahead with it's features than I was after 2months of owning it. The maunal is very detailed and very big. But I struggeled to understand it. The drum machine has a very good sound quality and is easy to use. With a huge selection of pre set pattterns, but if you want you can creat your own patterns the BR1200 also have a very good effects pedal built in, which can be controlled by a wha wha pedal. All in all I would advise anyone who wants to record to buy the BR1200 I am very happy with alll it has to offer ...
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