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Supertones Strike Back - Orange County Supertones (The) 06/02/2007

Fantastic band!

Supertones Strike Back - Orange County Supertones (The) I found out about this band a few weeks ago, browings the web. After hearing some of their newer songs i wanted more! So finding this album was amazing! The OC Supertones offer so much in each song, ranging from jazz to ska. You never know whats comin next, n usually that might seem strange.... But it works! I'm a big fan of surfy type music, and i love the OC Supertones. However they have such a variety of songs that when buying the album, your gonna find it pritty hard to find a song that you dont like. The songs can get repetative and occasionaly drag on in some parts of certain songs but this doesnt stop each song being a legend of its own! The song "Little Man" offers a great into of a Jazzy feel and then brakes into ska which shows a great contrast. I personal love it and think its a genious song. "Supertones Strick Back" is more pure ska with a few other genre's thrown in to shake the mix about but is still a brilliant song that is hard to stop listening to. If your lookin for a band that offers a range of genre's and are great to listen to with great lyrics then the OC Supertones are for you and are well worth a listen!

Microsoft Official Xbox 360 - Xbox Live Gold Membership Card 05/02/2007

Cant do without it! Join the community!

Microsoft Official Xbox 360 - Xbox Live Gold Membership Card Xbox live started on the original xbox and was a hit from the start. It offers you the choice of a "Gamertag" which will be your new name in the online world, a friends list so you can add new people you meet or people who you already know with live! Nearly all 360 games are compatible with Live even if its just the leader boards. If you dont feel in a gaming mood, you can sit down and watch a dvd while chatting to friends using the private chat function. Games like Gears of War for example are mind blowing on Live and with the ability to be able to play anyone, anywhere in the world at any time it is most certainly not a feature of the Xbox 360 to be missed! With the release of the new web cam, xbox live can become a proper video phone, and the best bit is that apart from the £40 annual fee, you can play/talk 24/7 if you feel like it and not have to worry about the high phone bill each month!

Samsung Pro815 05/02/2007

Stunning camera that will not disapoint!

Samsung Pro815 With the rise of many new "bridge" (half compact, half DSLR) cameras samsung decided to get into it. There first attempt has blown away all competition with the Samsung Pro 815. I brought this camera in December 06 and still cant beleive the quality of the camera even though i use it almost every day. The list of features runs on forever but the plus sides have to be the zoom and the muliple LCD screens. Samsung have thought of everythin with this camera. If your lookin to progress with your photography skills like i have then this is the camera for you. You dont need to worry bout changing or buying different sizes of lense, the Pro 815 had a 35mm-around 420mm lense which would cover about 4 different individual lense, which would be a high expense! I brought this camera expecting alot..... IT DELIVERED!

Project Gotham Racing 3 (Xbox 360) 05/02/2007

Beautiful to play and even better to look at!

Project Gotham Racing 3 (Xbox 360) out of use of this game i have grown to like it the more i play it. It offers alot of depth in single player modes while on xbox live a whole new world opens up to challenging opponents to a variety of different types of races. If you comapre this game to a more simulation game like Forza or similar games you will not be disapointed> True it is a simulation, but a very good one which will not leave you bored and annoyed. Gamerpoints are reletiverly easy to acheive but to get the big "1000" the game really makes you work which is good to see. I think PGR3 is a great game and say "Bring on PGR4"!!
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