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Asda 24/09/2015


Asda Dear ASDA Yesterday was my birthday. I should've be out celebrating, drinking vodka and eating cake till I'm sick (don't tell slimming world - told them I was going to drink water and eat nectarines). Instead I'm posting to your time line. Why? Because I am miffed with you Asda, miffed! I know there are more important issues going on in the world such as whether the Prime Minister has porked a pig (bet the pig was glad it was dead) or that the lead of the opposition bears a striking resemblence to Obi One Kanobi/Compo/Gandalf or that there are too many Kardashians (I haven't figured out the point of them yet). My problem is with your customer service and the way you treat us - the paying public. I have been a loyal (well loyalish) customer for many years. I do my grocery shopping online most weeks and have enjoyed the benefits of not having to trail around a supermarket filled with zombies (have you seen how slowly some people shop) and smelly people (deodorant should be compulsory) and had my shopping delivered to my door by your fab drivers (and they are - I have no complaints about them). I have bought everything from currants to currency and on the whole the problems I have had have been dealt with quickly and efficiently. Once I was sent a 3kg pack of beef instead of a 3lb one and was refunded and was able to keep the beef - was a good Christmas that one! I have often found unexpected presents in my shopping that I haven't ordered. What I would want with a Band Aid CD I ...

When your child leaves home 14/08/2011

Travels and Tears

When your child leaves home When my daughter Rebecca announced last year that she quite fancied working abroad for her summer holidays I thought it was a passing whim. Much like when she joined Rainbows (lasted about 3 months), the chess club at school (lasted 2 weeks until someone beat her so she didn’t like it anymore) or various other activities and clubs involving any sort of commitment. Of course all those activities were when she was quite young and now she was 17. Even so it was a bit of a shock when she applied and was accepted to join the Camp America program. Myself and her Dad thought she would back out of it when she realised what was involved but as the months went on we realised how determined she had become to do it. We didn’t realise the financial commitment involved either as although the actual complete payments to Camp America were less that £1000 (we paid as part of her 18th birthday present), we also had to take her for her initial interview in Durham (October 2010), there was an overnight trip to Edinburgh to get placed at a camp (February 2011), the trip to the US Embassy in London for her work visa (May 2011) and also the trip to Heathrow to see her off on her travels in June 2011. We have just booked a hotel at Heathrow so that we can collect her on her return at the weekend. It’s a bit of an expensive process. Regardless of the expense of the whole enterprise I was unaware of the emotional expense of letting my child go half way across the world on her own. I know she is now ...

Hewlett-Packard HP Photosmart 364 Ink Cartridges 03/08/2010

Loads of Ink for my Squids

Hewlett-Packard HP Photosmart 364 Ink Cartridges I’m the sort of person who buys a new printer when the cartridges run out of ink, well have you seen the price of some of them? It seemed absolutely ridiculous spending thirty or forty squid on inks when most printers are so cheap. When I have had to buy new inks I have tried once or twice to use the generic reusable ones but find the printers tells you it’s out of ink long before you actually are, as it doesn’t recognise the ink cartridge it has in. The last time I bought ink cartridges was a bit embarrassing as my jeans didn’t fit very well and the cartridges were on the bottom shelf so I practically mooned at the whole of WHSmiths when I bent over. Fortunately I have joined Weight Watchers and no longer have that problem (or the jeans- they went the journey for showing me up like that). Anyway I was recently given the opportunity to test some HP ink cartridges (and given the printer on which to do so – ta Ciao) so didn’t have even to go through the whole embarrassing mooning incidents again to get them. The printer I have is an HP Photosmart Premium All in one which is fab, it is wireless and has Bluetooth technology and everything and I think I am in love. Anyway once I had set it up it needed feeding its inks. Now I am not the most technically minded person, can’t even operate the DVD machine thingy without help from my 14 year old, but I decided to set up and operate the printer all by myself, including feeding it its inks. I am not used to posh printers that require ...

Shutter Island - Dennis Lehane 21/03/2010

I Don't Belong On Shutter Island

Shutter Island - Dennis Lehane You may have heard of the book, Mystic River by Dennis Lehane, which has recently been adapted into a much-acclaimed film, well this fantastic book is from the same author. I must admit that I struggled with Mystic River, but did enjoy the storyline once I got into it; I had found Lehane’s writing style a little stilted. I was hooked straightaway with Shutter Island. The book is set in the summer of 1954, at Ashcliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane, located on the isolated, desolate Shutter Island not far from Boston. Housed within Ashcliffe Hospital are some of the most dangerously deranged individuals America has ever known. And now one of them is missing. US Marshall Teddy Daniels, an ex-war veteran and his new partner Chuck Aule have been sent to Shutter Island to locate and apprehend Rachel Solano, an extremely dangerous woman who has previously murdered her own three children. Although they have been sent to find Rachel, Daniels has another reason for visiting the complex, a reason not known to his partner Chuck. Daniels suspects that the man he holds responsible for the death of his wife is an inmate of Ashcliffe Hospital and he has a score to settle. But when the two men reach Shutter Island during the onset of a hurricane, they realise that the establishment holds more than psychiatric patients. There are rumours of illegal brain experiments and drug and surgical trials on the inmates. As they learn more they come to realise that the closer they come to the ...

How did you celebrate the Start of 2010? Share with us your experience 11/01/2010

Partying with the Pensioners

How did you celebrate the Start of 2010? Share with us your experience For the past couple of New Years Eves we have stayed with my parents and partied with the pensioners. It’s become a sort of tradition. I feel sort of obliged to do it now. I think I would feel guilty if I didn’t go. I had been due to work New Years Eve, but because I had made such a fuss and sulked for days that I was having to work on my own for 2 days over the Xmas break, while some in my section had sneakily kept some holidays, that my boss took pity on me, and swapped days so that I could get prepared for my New Year bash. I worked on the Wednesday instead and no one phoned in and I had no work so it was a waste of time being in. No-one wants to report fraud during the holidays, which is a shame cos I am sure it is still being committed then. You would think after a few festive drinks people would be queuing up to shop their neighbours. Still all my spreadsheets are now colour co-ordinated and we have enough photocopies of admin stuff to last until the next New Year. My husband managed to get out of most of it by working and then getting stuck in the snow on his way there from the hospital he works in so didn’t arrive until nearly 10pm. He was so knackered after his 13 hour shift that he went to bed just after midnight. He sneaked into the bed Becca was going to use later. My kids didn’t want to go to Gran and Grandas again - its boring they said. I told Rob (13) to take his Xbox 360 (I said he could even take some games for it if he was good) and I told Becca ...

JML Ped Egg 18/01/2009

Ped Egg, its Grate!

JML Ped Egg You know the adverts for foot creams which show before and after pictures of skanky feet, mine could have been the before one. Honestly there were times on holidays where I've been tempted to wear socks when sunbathing in case anyone saw the yellow dry cracked skin on my poor feet. There's also been times when I've tried to seductively run my feet down my husband's leg and the poor bloke's leg has been scratched to ribbons by the hard skin on my feet. No one else in my immediate family suffers from grotty feet-it-is, I have told them its cos I walk around more than them but I don't think they believe me. I have tried all sorts of remedies; creams and lotions, scrubs and pumice stones, nothing has worked. I thought I was destined to keep my feet away from the public eye for the rest of my life. But that's changed now cos I've got a JML Ped Egg. I had seen the advert on the telly and was initially horrified at the thought of using what looked like a cheese grater on my feet but then I saw an Extreme Makeover program where somebody actually used a electric sander on her feet cos of her hard skin and I thought if I didn't do something about my feet soon I would be having to pinch my Dad's sander. I can just imagine the conversation "Dad can I borrow your sander?" "Yes pet what are you making, I didn't realise you were into woodwork or DIY" "No Dad its for me skanky feet" "Where's the nearest psychiatric hospital?" Anyway I was intrigued by the Ped Egg and asked for ...

Avon Skin-So-Soft Dry Oil Body Spray 30/11/2008

Sending Out An SOS For The Mozzie Magnet

Avon Skin-So-Soft Dry Oil Body Spray Being a mozzie magnet I was intrigued to read, a couple of years ago, claims that the Avon Skin So Soft, Soft and Fresh range was efficient at repelling the little blighters or should I say biters. Mmm I said to meself I must try it! Normally when I go abroad on my jollies, word gets out to the mozzie population and they arrive at the airport just in time for me to alight from the plane. I am sure they line up just to take a good couple of bites each. They know are in for a good meal. "Mm look there's Susan, where have you flew in from to eat her alive? I heard about her from my second cousin in Rhodes." "Oh my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandma met her in Crete last year and has passed the legend on of her tasty blood so I thought I'd stock up on some." "Good Idea, lets get biting." The last time I cut myself (not on purpose - totally accidental - tin openers are dangerous!), I had a taste of my own blood but I couldn't see the attraction for it that mosquitoes have. The first year I used Avon Skin So Soft, Soft and Fresh range, I bought practically the entire range as they had a special offer on at the time. They always have special offers on, but that was my justification for buying so much. It dawned on me while I was waiting for my bumper parcel of goodies that if mosquitoes were repelled by it, then it might not smell so good to me either. Obviously mozzies must have a different sense of smell to us - well they do have ...

Q & A 20/09/2008

I Miss My Squishy Pillow

Q & A I thought it was about time I wrote something so I decided to ease myself back in by doing one of these Q & A things. 1. What is your middle name? I always felt deprived as a child as I don't have one and my brother did. I said to myself that when I had children I wouldn't do that to them. But I did, my son has one and my daughter doesn't (though I think she has given herself one). 2. How big is your bed? Big enough for me, my squishy pillow, two children, a cat, an array of stuffed toys and occasionally (if he's been behaving), my husband. 3. What are you listening to right now? The sound of the washing machine (my squishy pillow is in there) and Futurama is on the TV. Don't know which is the more entertaining. 4. What was the last thing you ate? I said to myself I'll just have a small handful of mixed nuts, but when I've just looked the packet is empty, I must have scoffed the lot. 5. Last person you hugged? My husband, about 5 minutes ago, I thought I'd better get a hug now as he was going out to play with his new toy (new used car) and I may not see him for a while. Actually I can see him through the window and I think he is hugging it. I have been usurped in his affections. 6. How is the weather right now? It was fab an hour or so ago but has gone a bit grey now. Might not be sunny enough for my squishy pillow to hang outside now. Came back from Corfu a couple of weeks ago where it was in the 40's everyday, back to sunny Newcastle where we were ...

Dove Invisible Dry 20/01/2008

Let Your Bingo Wings Flap With Dove

Dove Invisible Dry I wear black a lot. Not because I'm a middle aged Goth or emo. No, its because its slimming and I have a chocolate problem (I can give up anytime, honest, I just don't choose to at the mo). Anyway cos I wear black or dark colours most of the time I need a deodorant that won't leave white powder marks on my clothes. I usually find no matter how carefully I put on my clothes after my squirt (or seven) of most deodorants, I get white patches where the material has touched my armpits. And it always happen about 3 minutes before I am due to go out. Dove Invisible Dry doesn't leave any white splodges on my clothes. I've just experimented by spraying my aerosol on my new black and grey stripy top and black skinny jeans (my daughter say I look more emoish than her now) but there was no staining, although I did get a few funny looks off the family for spraying myself while typing at the computer. Mmm, I smell quite nice now, not that I didn't before as I have been washed this year. I'd better stop sniffing myself now cos I'm getting more funny looks. The fragrance of Dove Invisible Dry is quite light and fresh like the rest of their products so it wouldn't compete with perfume but would eliminate any odours emanating from the armpit region. I should spray it on my husbands bottom after one of his bran and prune induced botty burping episodes although I don't think anything could combat that smell! Dove Invisible Dry is reputed to last for 24 hours but to be honest I can't ...

Who Shares My Birthday? 14/10/2007

Life begins at....

Who Shares My Birthday? Recently I had a birthday. The 40th Birthday! I was distraught to be told I was entering my fifth decade until it was explained that meant 40 and nobody believed I was 50. Obviously my counting skills have declined with age. I'm not keen on this being forty lark and have tried to ignore it, which was pretty difficult with the vast array of birthday cards proclaiming my age and also the many posters covering the staffroom walls at work with the dreaded four oh number plastered on them. Anyway to make me feel better about the dreaded four oh, my husband took me to London for a weekend of standing in queues and bad customer service. Normally that wouldn't bother me but I presume getting irritated by the majority of other peoples inadequacies is one of the joys of my advancing age. *************** *************** *************** *************** ******* To celebrate (or commiserate) my birthday I decided to find out what was, or is, important or significant about my birthdate - September 23rd, and how each thing relates to me. *************** *************** *************** *************** ******** September 23rd is the 266th day of the year (267th in leap years). There are 99 days remaining. Yippee not long to Chrimbo. Bugger, I've got no money, maybe the kids will like a colouring book each and a set of felt-tips to share like I've been promising them every year. I think I'm kidding myself, it's Xbox 360's and laptops nowadays. September 23rd is the autumn equinox. ...

A Week in the Life of... 06/05/2007

My Family and Other Animals

A Week in the Life of... Monday My alarm goes off at 6.49am, but I’ve been awake since 4.13am, I never seem to sleep properly on a Sunday night. Probably because I am sobering up after the weekend (may have had a few little drinkies) or I am dreading going to work. Sometimes I wake up and find I can’t move, usually it’s the cat trying to suffocate me, today its cos I have put on my daughters size 8 pyjamas by mistake last night and have cut off the circulation to my limbs. How is it she eats more than me and is the width of a twig and I am now resembling Buddha (only with hair )? After identifying which of the four toothpastes in my bathroom is mine I brush my teeth like a maniac desperately trying to wake up. I’m sure if the cat had teeth she would have her own toothpaste too, just so she wouldn’t be left out. Breakfast is a hurried affair, there’s a choice between my 10 year old sons choco cereal and husbands All Bran, so I can either be fat or fart all day. I have the last banana, hiding the peel as evidence cos its an unwritten rule that it belongs to Andy. He starts his day with a huge bowl of all bran topped with sliced banana and as many prunes as he can balance on top. Yuk! If he challenges me about the nana I’ll just tell him he ate it last night, and tell him off for drinking too much to remember. Now I have to remember where I’m working today, it could be any one of fifteen libraries. I’d check my diary but I know I’ve forgotten to write down this weeks itinerary. I suddenly ...

Babyliss 5710 U Beliss 17/01/2007

I'm Not Kinky Anymore

Babyliss 5710 U Beliss I am a self confessed murderer of hairdryers and hairstyling equipment, I usually manage to destroy them after about a year. I don't tie them up and chop bits off them and bury them under patios or anything like that, but I tend to overuse them, shove them under the bed before they've cooled properly, wind their cords around them and never clean them. Just generally don't care for them in the way I should. I should be put away for crimes against them as well as crimes against my hair. This has all changed cos I have a new friend, my BaByliss BEliss, now known in our household as Hairy (we name all our appliances cos we're sad). Hairy popped out of my stocking on Crimbo morning. I am glad to say my 3 months of hinting about this dryer hadn't been wasted. I had seen him on TV and was intrigued by the manufacturers claims: 'Revolutionary dryer with unique straightening attachment that straightens, smoothes and adds shine to your hair as you dry.' Oooh fancy a bit of that I had said to myself and everyone in a three mile radius. Once I'd figured out how to get Hairy out of his box (it was a bit difficult at 4am in the morning - wasn't early cos of the kids, no it was cos of the husband, he gets a bit over-excited by Xmas)), I was all set to go. My husband pointed out it would work better if I actually had wet hair but I was a tad over excited. As I've said before I lead a sad life. Anyway once I washed my unruly mop of hair I decided to read the instructions on my ...

Fifteen-Firsts 29/10/2006

F F F F Fifteen

Fifteen-Firsts I found this lovely little challenge and have read a few really good answers to it so thought I'd put my own slant on it. 1.FIRST KISS I was asked this by my 13 year old daughter the other day, obviously I told her that I was over 21 and that boys are dirty, filthy creatures that she should stay away from but I don't think she believed me. I was actually a late starter at 14 and I remember he was 17 and wearing a stripy jumper and I wasn't quite sure what to do with my mouth so just stayed still. Unfortunately so did he. But we didn't know any better. I thought it was wonderful. 2.FIRST TIME YOU HAD YOUR HEART BROKEN I was about 13 and madly in love with the lad that did the Ladbrooks pools round. Every Thursday night I would be lying in wait for him while wearing my finest purple eye shadow, purple mascara and purple lipstick plus my purple batwing jumper complete with massive shoulder pads (it was the 80's if you hadn't guessed). I don't think I ever spoke to him, just silently handed him my parents entry fee each week. This must have went on for about 6 months, my parents thought it was hilarious, until one day he turned up with a girl. I was heartbroken, sobbed for at least half an hour, I think it must have been my overdose of purpleness that put him off. And we never, ever won the pools. 3.FIRST JOB I worked at Morrisons when I was 17 and still at school. I was on the checkout and I hated it but it paid for my first foreign holiday, so putting up with ...

Kellogg's All-Bran Crunchy Oatbakes 31/08/2006

I Like My Oats In The Morning

Kellogg's All-Bran Crunchy Oatbakes They're gonna taste great, they're gonna taste great, oops sorry wrong advert. Kellogg's All-Bran Crunchy Oatbakes are advertised very well by William Shatner (who I used to fancy as Captain James T Kirk in Star Trek when I was a wee 'un). If they'd been advertised by the annoying, but allegedly dead teenager from the Frosties adverts I may never have tried them. Don't worry according to Tony the Tiger he isn't dead it's just an urban myth, mind I was sad enough to find out about it by going on the Frosties website. Anyway, getting back to the Oatbakes, if they were good enough for the captain of the Starship Enterprise they were good enough for me. Who says advertising doesn't work? I was keen to try Kellogg's All-Bran Crunchy Oatbakes as I wanted to introduce more fibre into my diet without the horrendous sound (and smell) effects that I get from normal All-Bran. I find they are like eating dried bits of wood and make my belly all bloated and windy. My husband swears by All-Bran (along with bananas and prunes every morning for keeping him regular), I just swear at him. Anyway I espied them in the cereal aisle in Asda the other week and had to have them, especially as they were on special offer at about £1.60ish. I don't get out much (not allowed without supervision) so I was very excited to get home and try them. I was a bit disappointed by the size of the box, its quite small compared to the huge ones my son gets, but as my husband says size isn't everything ...

Everything that starts with G ... 06/08/2006

Lotions, Potions and Me

Everything that starts with G ... I have fought my way through my house full of lotions, potions and cosmetics to get to my computer and here is my take on Tutu422's beauty-inspired quiz.... >What is your favourite perfume? < Ooh it depends on how I feel. Usually I drown myself in Karma by Lush, cos it is just lush and make me pong gorgeously all day long. I also like Ginger by Lush and another new favourite is CK One Summer which I treat myself to at the airport recently. It's a lot lighter than the other two and is fab for work. Whenever the smell of unwashed children, drunks and incontinent pensioners gets too much for me I can just sniff myself (discretely - there's already enough strange people in my library without me joining in) and it makes me forget the awful odours. > Do you use a body moisturiser? < I adore the Palmers Cocoa Butter range, they make me smell vanillary and chocolaty and makes my skin lovely and smooth. I like to sniff myself when I've got that on too. Maybe I shouldn't do that too often in the library or people may think I'm another of the deranged lunatics that frequent the place. Though then again I think it helps to be deranged to work there. >Do you have a beauty, cleanse, tone and moisturise regime? < I wash my face with a cold flannel each morning whether it needs it or not. Actually I'm lying; I am a great fan of those cleansing wipe things. I should use them before going to bed but I am a slob and scrape off my makeup in the morning. I like facial ...
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