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Findus Crispy Pancakes - 3 Cheese Flavor 20/04/2002

Findus crispy pancakes, made for kids

Findus Crispy Pancakes - 3 Cheese Flavor I am a mother of two and I am always on the lookout for something nutritious and filling to give my kids but I also want convenience. Something that wont take me hours to prepare. I have always been a sucker for using my microwave but microwave foods are generally not that nutritious. And when you have children, nutrition is the most important thing that you look for in your weekly shop. Enter Findus Crispy pancakes. These are available in 5 different flavors, Three cheese – the flavor this opinion is about Beef Bolognese Chicken, Bacon and Sweetcorn Pepperoni Pizza style Sausage and baked beans. The other day I bought a box of 6 three cheese crispy pancakes for 99p in Morrisons. Both my kids really enjoyed them and I thought they were very agreeable too. They are basically little half moon shaped pancakes coated in breadcrumbs, with a filling of your choice. The three cheese ones have Cheddar cheese, Red Leicester cheese and Mozzarella cheese in the center and boy can you taste it. They are quick to cook and take just 10 minutes to shallow fry, 10 – 12 minutes to grill and 15 – 20 minutes to oven bake. It is also a good idea to make sure that they are piping hot in the middle before serving them to your kids. They are the perfect compliment to any kind of vegetables and go really well with jacket potatoes or chips. Be warned though, when they are cooked they are usually extremely hot in the center, so leave them to cool for a ...

Brain Teasers 03/04/2002

Just a few brain teasers to lighten the mood

Brain Teasers I haven't written anything for a while and I dearly want to get rid of this white spot, I feel like I am suffering from a the disease that affects tropical fish. So I have ruffled up a few little brain teasers for you to get your heads around, and hopefully send me a little closer to becoming green. This opinion is only short but it is meant to be so try not to be too harsh. 1. What will go up a chimey down, but won't come back down the chimney up? An Umberella. 2. What has an eye but can not see? A needle 3. What has lots of eye's but can not see? A potato 4. How many eye's do Thirty Five Indians have? 4. Th I rty F I ve I nd I ans. 5.What's hot but will never burn you? Your temper 6. What goes up but never comes down? Your age There, they are not all that hard but I quite like them. Try them out on your friends and see if they a clever enough to get them. Thank you for reading Susan.

McCain Micro-Pizza Spicy Chicken 27/02/2002

Micro munchies

McCain Micro-Pizza Spicy Chicken If you are lucky enough to be blessed with children as I am, then you will know that making them something to eat will prove to be a less than easy task. "Mum I don't want chips today" "Mum I don't like peas, or carrots" "Mum I don't want the same as her" Any of this sound familiar? Well here is the solution, microwavable handy meals such as the McCain Micro range. Micro chips, micro chicken wings and micro pizzas. My kids just adore the pizzas and as they only take 3 mins to cook they keep the little terrors quite for a couple of minutes. All you have to do is take the pizza out of it's box, turn the box upside down so that the metalic card is facing up. Then place the pizza on the top, microwave for 3 minutes and hey presto, your kids can enjoy. This week, I decided to give them the spicy chicken flavour as a change to the usual Pepperoni or cheese and tomato varieties. The result was very good, both of my kids loved the taste and unfortunately, wanted more. McCain Micro Pizzas cost between 49p and 79p for a single slice. The box is designed more for children with bright colours and jazzy writing as I suppose It is children that they are aimed at. The calorie and fat content differs with each flavour, but they don't usually contain much of either. About the same amount as an average bar of chocolate only slightly healthier. They sell these handy little treats almost anywhere, from your local shop to most of the big supermarkets. Well worth ...

Sainsbury's Cashews, Salted 13/02/2002

cash mmmmms

Sainsbury's Cashews, Salted Sainsburys cashews, is there words to describe these tasty, more-ish morsels? well, yes of course there is. Salty, chewy full of the most unrelentless flavour you can imagine and as they are from sainsburys they are cheaper than most other brands all be it by the odd few pence. These tiny treats are not suitable if for some reason you are on a diet (why would anyone be so stupid i hear you ask, well the world is full of strange people) Enjoy life thats what i always say and enjoyment is exactly what you get from these. Cashews are the most fragrant and aromatic of the nut variety and are deservedly the most expensive. The sainsburys packaging could do with some more thought though, as all sainsburys own brands are very plain indeed. If you are new to cashews then you might be put off by the £1.35 price tag for a 70 gram bag but as the old saying goes...once you pop, you cant stop. enjoy... ...
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