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Walkers Sensations Lime & Coriander Chutney Poppadoms 14/01/2009

♦♦ Eye Poppers ♦♦

Walkers Sensations Lime  &  Coriander Chutney Poppadoms Sometimes when you see something that nearly takes your eye out, you have to stop and stare and take in the view. I was eye popped the other day by something that stood out a mile and it happened in the supermarket. There was I, just minding my own business when all of a sudden I was confronted by a giant stack of eye popping poppadoms. Being so drawn to the bright colours I popped one in my basket without even looking at the price. (To people who know me, I bet you thought I was stood near the freezer section, didn't you? Oh the hazards of being a woman in a chill). ♦♦ Stop and stare ♦♦ Walkers made me buy these poppadoms. Their packaging and marketing design team deserve a pat on the back (or a poke in the eye), for the vivid purple and lime packaging squealed at me to buy them. Walkers also made me make curry for tea. I was all set to make chicken with pasta but knowing those spicy poppadoms were in the house I had to change the menu so that I could try them. So here is my little family tested resume of the product. 10 out of 10 for an eye popping packet so far. ♦♦ Nibble me ♦♦ Following a quick hot sizzle on the hob, my chicken curry was ready to serve with basmati rice and a big bowl of lime and coriander chutney flavoured poppadoms. What Walkers were thinking when they added chutney to the title of this product I don't know. It's too much of a mouthful and everyone knows that small is beautiful. Anyway the ...

Ralph Lauren Ralph You've Got Gel Bath & Shower Gel 11/11/2008

§§ Jelly Babe §§

Ralph Lauren Ralph You've Got Gel Bath & Shower Gel You've got Gel ~~~~~~~~~~~ Whoever is responsible for naming a product 'You've Got Gel' should be really ashamed to admit it. What were they thinking? Perhaps they fancied Meg Ryan or Tom Hanks or were in the midst of a romantic email journey across the world. Whatever their reason, they get 0 out of 10 for name choice. I've got a friend who always buys me nice gifts. Last birthday she bought me this perfume boxed size gift in a very peachy box. When I saw Ralph Lauren on the front I thought 'ooh nice' but was also a bit apprehensive as I have very particular nosebuds to perfumes. On closer scrutiny of the box I saw that it was a bath / shower gel and was slightly disappointed because of the tiny size of the bottle (200ml). Just how many baths can you have with the amount of liquid you get in a small juice carton?? Peachy package ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You've Got Gel (even typing this gives me the giggles) comes in a nice peachy box. Ralph Lauren is the prominent bit on the box, the name You've Got Gel is a bit difficult to spot. There's a list of all the ingredients (zzz) and a few instructions in French. It also states on the box that this is for adults only so if you are under 18 please read no further. Adults Only ~~~~~~~~~ There is little nicer on a cold dark winters evening than a nice hot bath. I love it, so glass of wine in one hand and posh gel in the other, come and bathe with me (in the interests of water conservation, sharing your bath is very sound and if ...

Erotic Poetry 03/10/2008

♥♥ Love Me, Love Me ♥♥

Erotic Poetry Positions In Life : Love Me, Love Me ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~* When I grow up I want to be A cowgirl wand'ring wild and free Riding fast and riding strong Bouncing bareback all day long. When I grow up I want to play An instrument by night and day I'll choose the spoons, close notes and beats That sing ecstatic through musical sheets. When I grow up I want to be A missionary overseas Seeking souls lost and enslaved Creating deep missionary waves. When I grow up I want to be In uniform, police maybe Standing proud with truncheon tall Handcuff boys against the wall. When I grow up I want a home With grounds where we can freely roam We'll picnic in the summer heat And finish up with doggy treats. And this home at the edge of the town Will be a little upside down Interlocking walls, underfloor heat House 69, not overly sweet. When I grow up I want to be A woman on top, and so cheeky But underneath or side by side Position is queen, now let's go ride. When I grow up I want to be A porn star (but only in my dreams) For loyal and true and honest and just Forever I love you, my husband my lust. Susie aka Queen of Innuendo. For those of you who can't see why this is in the erotic category, never mind. It's just a bit of fun. Thanks for reading.

Toyota Previa 2.4 VVT-i Automatic 05/02/2008

♠ Just a Fecund ♠

Toyota Previa 2.4 VVT-i Automatic ♦ Introduction ♦ This review is based on my experience of owning and driving the T Spirit Previa, an MPV suitable for the fecund of society (i.e. those who have copious numbers of kids or passengers to transport). Despite its enormity and bus like vital statistics, the Spirit is reasonably car like to drive, although parking is another matter. This review may be of interest to those considering purchasing a large multi purpose vehicle from the practical perspective rather than the technical Jeremy Clarkson perspective. Just go and watch Top Gear if you want that. This model is no longer available to purchase new but used models are. ♦ Choosing the Previa ♦ When replacing our previous MPV, a Galaxy with 7 seats and no boot space, we looked at all suitable options with greater luggage space. Even with one seat removed, the Galaxy was a nightmare when it came to loading holiday luggage. We needed a car with a cavernous boot. The Previa fit this bill nicely, hence you get additional length for your money (4780mm worth). Parking such a big one preyed on mind on my mind a little I must admit, but I wasn't going to be driving it much so that was fine. It was also an automatic, so I wasn't much keen on that either, having never driven one before. But big boot space meant easier outings so we bought one. ♦ T Style ♦ Of all the large MPVs around, this one is not bad looking depending on which colour you choose. Metallic silver looks best, ...

Clipper Green Tea & Nettle 18/10/2007

♣ Tease Maid ♣

Clipper Green Tea & Nettle ♣ French Maid, Tease Maid ♣ Bonjour, je m'appelle Susie et aujourd'hui, je suis la bonne française. Aimeriez-vous une tasse de thé chic ? OK that's stretching my French Maid O level skills to the limit so we'll continue in English if you don't mind. Tea is after all quintessentially an English afternoon drink and what French maids may do to spice up an English beverage is probably a little off topic for this review. However you may read this in your best maid outfit if you want to add a little extra flavour to your tea. A few weeks ago whilst doing the unusual task of wandering up and down supermarket aisles (usually the nice man gives it to me on the doorstep), I stopped to ponder the unusual teas and was specifically looking for a white tea flavoured with blackcurrant which a fellow reviewer had brought to my attention. All of a sudden out of nowhere I was accosted by the nutter in the store. He was male and I was quick to note he'd burst into flames if I struck a match anywhere nearby. At this point I realized there was no blackcurrant white tea on the shelves but I was holding a packet of green tea and nettle as it stood out as a bit bizarre. The man decided to inform me that the red own brand tea was lovely and much cheaper. I smiled knowingly and said I fancied something unusual for a change. He came closer and proceeded to tell me that he was a Romany and that nettle tea gave him the sh*ts (his words not mine). Rather than hurriedly put the tea ...

Aquados Simply Sensitive Eco Friendly Soft Tabs 19/09/2007

₪ Putty In Your Hands ₪

Aquados Simply Sensitive Eco Friendly Soft Tabs Today I am Susie the laundry maid. I am here to tell you how you can take control of a daily chore and make it putty in your hands. Listen up. ₪ Laundry stuff, (skip if you wish) ₪ Being a laundry maid is just one of the many roles that I adopt. Recently however, the Master of the house gave me two weeks off my duties and took me and our four little darlings to a hot place where I lived in little more than a bikini. It was laundry maid heaven and to make matters even more divine, the laundry maids in this place worked very hard and delivered fresh crisp cotton sheets every other day and sandpaper towels daily (dried to a hot crisp on a washing line in Mediterranean sunshine). I hoped the Master wasn't expecting such treatment back home. On return from my off duty, heavy laden with suitcases, there on the floor amongst the huge pile of post behind the door was a jiffy bag addressed to me. Oh a mystery birthday gift I thought but later disappointedly discovered it was a free sample of a new washing product. My friend Pauline had alerted me to click on an internet link a few weeks before. (We laundry maids are good with our nets). It was called Simply Sensitive, perfect for me being a laundry maid with hands that need to be kept in super soft and silky mode. Thus, I was thrust into laundry maid overload once again. Our suitcases bulged at the seams with beach towels, swimming stuff and once worn but badly creased t shirts not to mention the sweaty socks, ...

FCUK Foaming Body Wash 01/09/2007

♡ Private Pink Foam Party ♡

FCUK Foaming Body Wash I've been a foam fan for a few years so imagine my delight when I clapped eyes on a fuschia pink cylinder screaming the words 'Clean Up FCUK' from the shelf at a large Boots on Market Street. So pleased with myself for this find, I couldn't wait to get home to try it out and I then made a rather foolish mistake of squirting a little foam on my hand on the bus journey home. Oops, a little squirt goes an awful long way and I soon had a handful of frothy foam to deal with. Quite embarrassing, I can tell you. ♡ Pink to Make the Boys Wink ♡ Clean Up is a foaming bodywash made by FCUK. I'm sure you'll all be aware that this stands for French Connection UK, a clever play on words. Thankfully, the FCUK wording on the bright pink container is relatively small. If you have young kids you may appreciate this because kids often don't get anagrams and are likely to read it as a naughty word they may be familiar with. I can just imagine my daughter telling her teacher that her mum has lots of pink f*ck in the bathroom. There are two types of Foaming Body Wash in the range; No. 1 Clean Up (the subject of this review) in a fuschia pink container and No. 2 Lather Up (pale pink). Both contain 150ml of shower gel. I was a little disappointed to note that this is 50ml less than my normal Foamburst (Imperial Leather) foaming shower gel. FCUK lose half a star for this. This product comes with a cap. This is a little bit of a fiddle when using in the shower because you ...

Monopoly - Here and Now Limited Edition 03/08/2007

★ Hot Property ★

Monopoly - Here and Now Limited Edition "There's nothing to doooooo". If you have kids you may well hear this phrase through the holidays and there’s nothing like a game of Monopoly to bring out the worst in everyone. It's a game that may well kill a few hours, just be aware that it might also start a war as well. When I was just a wee girl, I always won at Monopoly and my secret was to buy the cheapest and the most expensive properties and slap hotels on them all. Nobody dared land on my side of the board. I liked the cheap and cheerful Old Kent Road and the rich and expensive Mayfair and didn’t much care for the middle of the road places in between. The traditional game of Monopoly has been around for years, since the 1930s in fact when it was invented by Mr Darrow. In recent years the game has been given a variety of makeovers and you can get Monopoly in a make your own edition, in Simpsons or Manchester United flavours amongst many others. An up to date ‘Here and Now’ edition is one of the latest additions to the collection and reflects the ever expensive and ever changing capital city that is London. Most people will have heard of and played Monopoly at some point. For those unfamiliar with the game, it is a board game for 2-6 players. Each person starts with the same amount of money and by throwing two dice, move around the board buying property at their will and paying rent when landing on an opponents land. It is a game of luck (the roll of the dice), but of skill in being able to manage your money ...

Dell - mouse 24/07/2007

● Three Dead Mice & Hairy Balls ●

Dell - mouse The other day I found a dead mouse in our cellar. Being a bit of a girl, I decided to leave it for hubby to deal with when he got home as he’s no wuss. He wasn’t in the least bit bothered, he simply scooped up the poor fat thing, sealed it in a bag and popped it into the wheely bin. I was quite impressed after the slug catching retching sounds that he made in the cellar last summer (but that’s another story and I won’t be telling you because sick stories make me retch…). That was one dead mouse, the second had been found in the cellar a couple of weeks before. The third dead mouse was inside the house, in the living room to be precise. For a few days there had been odd sounds coming from the various members of the family usually sat on the sofa, quite often they came from me. First they were sounds of tutting, then growling and finally shouting. One evening, the mouse died. I was with him to the bitter end. His retractable tail was coiled tight and a final dong sound confirmed his death; a message popped on screen saying that the usb connection was not recognized. I was suddenly faced with the ultimate dread, the touch mouse pad. I just detest the touch pad, it is designed to eradicate your fingerprints I’m sure. After a frustrating hour of trying to find my way around the internet with my bare fingertips, I had a bit of a brainwave. Our laptop is a Dell and so is our desktop computer. I remembered that with the desktop, we had also had a mouse delivered but we ...

Cadbury Creme Egg Ice Cream (On a stick) 11/07/2007

♠ Give the Egg Some Stick ♠

Cadbury Creme Egg Ice Cream (On a stick) Eggs and sticks conjure up to me a lovely soft boiled egg with dippy soldiers of toast lightly buttered with an additional smear of marmite. I'm dribbling at the mere thought. Now though, Cadbury's have challenged my mental image of Eggs and Sticks by introducing the Crème Egg Ice Cream Lolly on a Stick. This chocolate crème egg ice cream lolly was launched last year, just before Easter naturally. A sighting was reported on a website called Snackspot in Ireland on March 14th 2006. You can call me 'Mrs On the Ball' because I had some Crème Egg Ice Cream Lollies delivered from Sainsbury's on March 15th 2006, before they even made it onto the Cadbury website. Prior to the launch of the Creme Egg on a stick ice cream, there was a cone version (as shown in the Ciao picture). ♠ Three pack ♠ These Egg Stick Lollies come in a pack of three. As I'm a one for trying new things and loving a bargain, I got them as a buy one get one free offer. They cost £1.99 for 3 which I think quite expensive for freezer ice creams, a whole 66p each. A quick mental maths as I did my online shop told me they were well worth a try at 33p each. So I popped a couple in my online basket. As there are six persons in our house this is only one each and I suspected all six of us would be happy to try them. The box of ice cream lollies is in the familiar bright blue, red and yellow of the infamous 'how do you eat yours?' Cadbury Crème Egg. Each individual lolly is also wrapped in the same ...

Zanussi TDS383 19/06/2007

★ Hot Pants and Fluffy Bits ★

Zanussi TDS383 They say it always rains in Manchester. Don’t you believe it. But, come rain or shine, there’s always washing to be done. It’s an indoor job for me because around here, nobody has a washing line anymore. Those who do have been known to lose their knickers, it’s just an expensive gamble these days. There are six of us in our house. That’s a lot of socks and pants, shirts and trousers, sheets and towels on a weekly basis believe me. Although I don’t really like using a dryer from an environmental point of view, there are some times that they are a must especially when it’s Sunday night and you realize you’ve forgotten to wash the only pair of school trousers that don’t have holes in the knees. Hubby bought a Zanussi dryer before I met him and when it finally died some 12 years on (not bad since the average lifespan of a vented dryer is 8 years), we decided that another Zanussi was a good idea. When it began to make horrible noises, we got it fixed quite cheaply (broken bit of fan) but when the clothes came out so hot that I got fried fingers, it had to go. All I wanted in my new replacement was : ★ A front loading drier which opened right to left; ★ Rear vent outlet; ★ A hot or cool drying option; ★ A white machine. The fairly basic white Zanussi seemed suitable so we ordered the TDS 383W. A major criteria for us was that it had a vent located on the back of the machine. Some machines have them on the right or the left. This model has a ...

Meindl Women's Burma Pro MFS GTX 11/06/2007

☼ Meindl High Boots & Short Skirt ☼

Meindl Women's Burma Pro MFS GTX One of the good things about being an urban girl is that it feels a real treat to escape into the countryside. We are lucky enough to live within easy reach of lots of beautiful scenery, the Peaky Peak District, the Lakes, North Wales, Yorkshire Dales and N Yorkshire Moors and more besides. (Offers for house swap if you live somewhere gorgeous and rural still considered, mansions only). When we go for our weekend and day trips, essential footwear for me comes in the form of a pair of walking boots. For many years I had a trusty pair of brown leather boots. However, one day last autumn whilst walking in the Lake District on a particularly cold day, my feet got wet; my boots had holes. Soggy wet socks and cold feet were enough to make me go shopping in search of a replacement pair. All I knew was I wanted a good pair, suitable for the hills. My friend Koshkha had praised a pair of soft comfy leather Brashers and the only other make I knew of was Meindl as hubby had recently bought a pair for himself. I suspected these must be top of the range as he has a tendency to buy expensive brands. Luckily for me, Blacks had a 20% off all boots over £100 on the day I went shopping so I decided to go for a relatively expensive pair. That basically narrowed my choice to either a pair of soft brown Brashers or a pair of harder but denim coloured Meindls. The Brashers to be honest felt like soft slippers compared to the Meindl pair but I was worried that they lacked ankle support and ...

Diet Coke with Cherry 05/06/2007

♫ Cherry Popping ♫

Diet Coke with Cherry I love cherries. There’s something so summery about nibbling or sucking juicy ripe cherries and then having a stone spitting competition. They also remind me of my holiday as a teen in St Tropez, you could spot cherries all over the beaches. Cherries are delicious. For most of my life I have hated fizzy coke with a passion. Every time I tried it, I got the feeling of being blown up inside like a hot air balloon. I didn’t get it why coke was so popular. I always opted for a nice cold lager instead. That was until I was pregnant with my youngest. I got that morning nausea at first and if you’ve been pregnant you know you’ll try anything to make it go away. Ginger biscuits and fizzy coke are supposed to work; I tried the coke option and found that it did. Ever since, I’ve had quite a liking for Coke (but not Pepsi or cheap alternatives), always of the diet variety. I can’t stand the thought of drinking so many teaspoons of sugar in one drink (it’s about 17 spoons I believe, per can). My teeth already have enough fillings to set off an airport metal detector so I’m trying not to get any more. Cherry coke is not a new drink though, just remember the Kinks were singing about it back in 1970 with Lola (although I know the cherry bit was added later) ♫ Where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry-cola ♫ ( Pop it on in the background, it goes with this review. Coca cola have recently introduced Diet Coke with ...

MoPod Mobile Phone Accessory 18/05/2007

Ω Charming Ω

MoPod Mobile Phone Accessory Rumour has it that a little pink pussy is carried around in my handbag. I can confirm that this rumour is true. Just a few months ago, whilst scouring the net, I found this little gizmo and thought it would be perfect as a teeny extra little pressie for my daughter’s birthday. And, whilst I was ordering one for her I popped another in my online basket for me and then another as a spare, as you do. My little pink pussy is more commonly known as a mopod. If you are non the wiser, where have you been for the past few months? A mopod is a mobile phone accessory. It’s not simply a dangly charm (nice as they are) but it has a useful function too. The dangly thing goes into an excited frenzy and reacts in quite a charming way when your phone rings or a text is received. Ω Ding dong Ω OK I lied, there is no sound to the Mopod. The mopod has a red flash which operates when the radio waves are activated. The pink pussy (or your chosen pet / tardis / dalek) then gets excited and spins in a giddy fashion. When the Mopods arrived, I was initially a bit non plussed at the purchase of three little charms. But, when I got my phone out and rang it near the Mopods, they started whizzing around and I was quite seriously charmed. The pink pussy that I had ordered for my daughter to match her pink phone was ditched in favour of the alternative gangster that had been sent instead of the doggy which was going to be for me. So I ended up with a pink pussy Mopod which I attached ...

Gillette Venus Vibrance Blades 10/05/2007

♡ Vibration Heaven for Legs 11 ♡

Gillette Venus Vibrance Blades It's that time of year when we women need to shed the winter trousers and bare our legs to the world. Hairy legs are a no go unless of course you are Ms Helena Bonham Carter in Ape costume or you have a penchant for being mother earthy, displaying wild birds’ nests in your armpits and jungley legs to rival Tarzan. For me, I have to admit that waxing is virgin territory. I can't bring myself to experience the torture; I suppose it’s a small price to pay for having such tactile skin. The thought of those epilators that pluck the hairs from your very legs brings tears to my eyes, so the only option left is the vile sulphuric mess that is hair removal cream or the simple, odourless and usually painless option, the humble shaver. In the past I have used disposable razors and a Ladyshave but dry leg shaving is so last century. My eye was alerted to the Venus Vibrance adverts with their very pink allure, a strong selling point for girly girls like me. A single Venus Vibrance razor costs around £8 and is available in most supermarkets and large chemist shops. It comes in one of those hard moulded plastic wraps which you can only get inside with a sharp pair of scissors or a bread knife. Don’t even try to open with your teeth or tear after a small snip with the scissors. You will cut your skin. I know. Once you have got past the packaging, you will find a pink and white plastic object a bit like a soap dish, a pink handled razor and a Duracell battery size AAA. Firstly, ...
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