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Roku Roku Digital Netflix Player 24/03/2013

A new must-have for your TV!!

Roku Roku Digital Netflix Player +Why I wanted one of these+ Over Christmas I subscribed to a well known streaming channel called Netflix- I primarily signed up to stream tv & films through my iPhone and iPad. I was really impressed with Netflix, with the quality of picture and sound, it made me think that it would be great to watch through the tv, rather than on my smaller devices. Shopping in Curry's I picked up this Roku LT, I had genuinely never heard of it and had no idea what it was for, what caught my eye initially was the Netflix logo on the box. Currently on offer at half the price, I bought it and thought I'd give it a go. +The Packaging and what it claims!+ The box is quite eye catching, purple and white. It states boldly 'there's a ton of entertainment in the little box' it also says that it's the easiest way to stream TV without a PC. It connects to almost any TV using your wireless network and can stream in 720p HD video. All of what it claims is true, it's extremely easy to set up- it really is just a matter of connecting a cable from your Roku to your wi-fi hub and then a cable from the Roku to the TV, apart from a few registration prompts, where you are required to use the Internet through another device it's all pretty much done and set up without a problem. I do believe it is the easiest way to stream TV without a PC, as its always running in the background, there to use whenever you want through the TV. +What you get+ In the box there is your Roku LT streaming player, the ...

DeLonghi 2.4kW Upright Fan Heater 19/03/2013

Delonghi warms me like toast!

DeLonghi 2.4kW Upright Fan Heater It's important to say that this fan heater is TINY! It stands just under a foot tall, white in colour with two grey wheels at the top to turn and operate. It has the brand name and wattage wrote along the bottom at the front, also in grey. It's also extremely light, just over 1kg in weight, so ideal if you move it from room to room. We have had lots of electric heaters over the years, most tend to be ugly and unpleasant to have in the main room of the house- its been something which we have had out of necessity, then hidden when visitors pop round! We've always felt that to get the most possible heat out of a product like this, we've had to purchase a tall heater or at least one that's been quite chunky. Our best performance heater before we got this Delonghi one was a tall standing halogen heater- so I was skeptical when I first got this one. The shape of the heater is quite rounded, although it is on a flat base. The look is quite trendy, and I certainly don't mind it sitting out on the floor when people come around to visit. It has a one-year manufacturers warranty, and can be purchased from as little as £20 up to £30- I haven't seen it anymore expensive than that, so a good budget option. There are vents on the back and front, so even though I'm tempted to sometimes tidy it up into the corner of the room, I don't- I usually have it pulled out into the room without things round it. There's two heat settings. 1.2kw or 2.4 heat output. I usually choose the 2.4 output, ...

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint 10/03/2013

Better for nails than actual gel!

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint I've never been a massive fan of nail polish, and not particularly being a fan of my hands, I loathe to draw attention to them! Working in retail and doing deliveries, nail polish rarely sees the day out without picking up chips, so natural nails was the look for a long time. I ended up getting talked into trying a Gel manicure at a local nail bar. Basically they shaped my nails and added on a colourful polish, it was the texture of gel and was much more hard wearing than a polish. And the shine- Well that was what got me hooked! Every three weeks I would go for the gels taking off and putting back on- it was £32 a time, but I felt it was worth it, or rather I was! A friend of mine stopped her nails done as she had noticed they were becoming brittle due to the gel and the procedure to have them removed was making them thin. I decided the same and it took nearly 6 months to grow the damaged nail away and start again. So, I loved the gel look- but valued my nails more. This was 2 years ago- this is the first time I have found a polish that has given me a similar look and confidence to wearing the salon applied gels- Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint. I purchased from Boots, £3.99. I opted for a red- 'blood orange' The bottle is 10ml, fairly plain, not too eye catching and blended in to their nail polish range without standing out from the other types of polish, so take care to read the bottle and make sure you get the right type! It doesn't go into any detail about ...

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream 16/06/2012

A worthy product for your make up bag

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream I could have been the last person in the world to learn about bb creams- I had never heard of them up until my holiday last month. I was in Spain and visited my favourite shop of the area, Marvi Mundo. A lovely cosmetics store at fab prices. New to their stock was 'nude magique' a bb cream by loreal. It's in a rather plain white tube with a purple cap, and can be found along side the foundations on the make up counter. I bought it with very little knowledge of what it actually was and brought it home with me. After doing some research, this cream claims to stay for 24hrs and provide an SPF of 12. The nozzle which the cream comes out of is shaped so the cream comes out of the tube thinly. Upon my first use I was marvelled as to what the tiny brown specks were, in an otherwise white cream. They are called 'smart pigment capsules' Once applied to the skin and rubbed in, the capsules disappear and blend in with your natural skin tone. I was impressed! It's a very light feeling cream, it feels fresh and not heavy on my skin, to touch, my skin feels very healthy and young. Another nice feature is that it is completely odourless. I have always had trouble getting the right color foundation and this has eliminated that problem. Because it adjusts to my own skin tone it seems a great alternative. On the downside, although it gives good coverage and creates smooth even toned skin, it struggles to hide any blemishes or spots, and if I awake with a spot at any time- ill get a ...

Glamour - Louise Bagshawe 10/03/2008

Pick up Glamour!

Glamour - Louise Bagshawe This is the first Louise Bagshaw novel I have read and I managed to pick it up from a discount bookstore for the bargain price of 2 pounds! It was worth every penny, so if you spot it- give it a go! 'Glamour' - by Louise Bagshawe, to find out more on Louise Bagshawe visit; My copy; Hard back. Publisher; Headline Review. RRP-12.99gbp My Synopsis; Rewind to the 80's. Sally, Jane and Helen are three best friends, attending the best school money can get you a place at. Three completely different personalities thrown together by one bond- each girl facing the wrath of the school bullies. Set in California, this book journeys the life changing events that turn their worlds upside down, all three girls are dealt a cruel twist in life and are forced to grow up fast whilst learning to stand on their own two feet. The unbreakable bond they once shared is temporarily broken as they are forced to lead their new lives in different parts of the world. Although their best friends are never far from their thoughts- each girl is determined to make their mark on the world alone. Fast forward to the present day. Fate has bought the three friends together again. A new sensation is taking over the world- Sally, Jane and Helen are the co-owners of 'Glamour' the ultimate place to shop and its not just the shop that is interesting the public............... ..All three women are driven, successful and rich- but theres an underlying feeling that ...

Samsung SP-43 T 8 HP 18/11/2007

A Decent Purchase

Samsung SP-43 T 8 HP I find reviews on any electricals really hard to do, as i'm always sure i'll end up leaving something out and i'm not very technical- meaning this will be a pretty simple one, so i'll try my best to get everything into this review, to make you get a good idea of this tv. I got this around 3 and a half years ago from Currys. I got it in a package including not only the television, but also a dvd player and a surround sound system. To be honest I was slightly swung by the salesperson into buying this particullar one- the full package sounded a deal too good to be missed, hence the credit card was handed over and the tv was booked in to arrive in a weeks time. I paid around 1500pounds, but I now believe that they can be bought for around 900 pounds- this is because plasma's and lcds have become more common so the rear projection TV's have gone down in value quite a bit. ++Rear-projection Televisions++ There are 4 types of rear projection television's. This one is a CRT which means there is a cathode ray tube in it. The tube projects the image onto the tv, which in turn allows you to see the picture. There are a couple of downsides to purchasing this type of television. The main one is that you can't leave a still picture on the screen for too long. If an image is left on the screen for a long period of time, it will eventually start to burn the image onto the screen in burnt 'ghost' images (quote from the tv's manual!) The guidelines are- Don't leave a stationary ...

J.D.Williams Mail Order Catalogue 09/11/2007

So much choice!

J.D.Williams Mail Order Catalogue If your not familiar with the name JD Williams, it may be because they go under lots of different names which appear as separate companies, but they are all actually branched from the JD Williams group, hence with one account you can purchase from any one of their sites- Here are all the sites which I am aware of; + + They claim that its a womans right to shoes, and I for one agree! This site is full of shoes- any style you could ever want. I wouldn't say any are what you can class as cheap- unless you happen to drop by a bargain in the sale! They feature some designer shoes which can be priced anything upto 250pounds! I have had a few pairs from this site and some of the shoes with heels come with screw off caps on the heel- so when they wear down, you can replace them with the spare pair they send- they also send an extra pair of soles to slip inside. Its a handy site to know about if you require wider or smaller fittings- even half sizes, they also sell jewellery. + + "Where the sale never ends!" But don't always believe what they say- the sale might not end, but it leaves alot to be desired- theres no out of this world bargains here! The categories are womenswear, menswear and Home & Garden. Some things have 50% off them- but the items are still quite pricey. + Simply Be + Probably the most popular of all the sites, since they advertise in magazines and tv alot- This site is great for people who wear plus size ...

Peacocks (Shop) 28/10/2007

Fashion on a budget

Peacocks (Shop) A few years ago, a new store opened in town- Peacocks. Aside from the essentials like underwear, pjammas etc which were quite good- the shop left alot to be desired and was decidedly boring! The men's section was practically non-existent and the kidswear was not the greatest quality either. So from this you'd expect bargains and prices like Primark- but I was surprised to read the labels and discover that this store wasn't rivalling Primark- in fact they weren't rivalling anyone as their stock was slightly over-priced and not very good anyway! Fast forward several years later and something seems to have happened! A new trendy purple and yellow logo is above the doors- and a shop filled with fantastically affordable latest fashions, and good quality merchandise in abundance! Peacocks have had a good kick up the backside, and their stores have definaly had a face-lift. They are bright, well-lit and clean looking. WHO ARE PEACOCKS? They started out in Warrington in 1884 and expanded, expanded and expanded again until they reached a grand old figure of 460 stores with more planned in the future, as well as taking over the UK they also have 61 stores in other places of the world too. In the UK alone they employ over 5000 people. Peacocks are a sister company of Bon Marche (although the two stores are completely unalike) and they are owned by the 'Peacock Group' After their revamp from bland and boring to must-have clothing they won the awards; Drapers Value ...

LG Shine KE970 20/10/2007

Shiny Happy LG owner :)

LG Shine KE970 The LG KE970 'Shine' Mobile phone I've recently traded my faithful old LG chocolate for the LG KE970, also known as the LG Shine. After having my previous phone a year- I was so impressed with LG as mobile phone providers it felt an obvious choice to stick with LG and upgrade to the Shine from LG's 'Black Label' series. It can be bought from most stores/websites that sell mobile phones and depending on which network you are wanting it on- the price can range from 100pounds right upto 170pounds- and of course if you purchase this along with a contract it would be free. Who are LG? LG are an electronics company that started business in 1958- However it hasn't always been known as LG- it started its life as 'Goldstar'and it wasn't until 1995 when it became the brand we all know now. The company was founded in Korea. They haven't always been involved in the mobile phone market- It wasn't until 2003 when they unveiled their first design of handset. Appearance Its a very striking phone, and earns its name Shine because it has a reflected screen making it seem like a mirror so you can look in and see yourself. It is cased in stainless steel and quite heavy in weight because of this, so I wouldn't exactly recommend this as light weight phone- but its still not a bad weight at 115g, and its a slim phone at only 14mm thick. The phone is 100mm tall and 50mm wide. Opened up it is 135mm long. The phone is highly attractive and in my opinion one of the best ...

Step Up (DVD) 07/10/2007

Step up and watch this

Step Up (DVD) So theres nothing on the tv and the movie channels are showing the same films they did last night and the night before. I've watched all my dvds and i'm bored- What do you do? Well if you are me I call a friend and ask her to lend me one of the best films she has seen in a while- this is what she lent me. I was instantly drawn to how much like Dirty Dancing two the cover of the dvd is- and since that was kind of a big flop I was hoping this wouldn't go the same way. --------------- ---------- This film has been highly likened to other films like 'Dirty Dancing' and 'Fame'- but I saw more similarities to a film called 'Save the last Dance' - either way if you are a fan of any of the fore-mentioned films, you'll love this one. It was released in 2006 and stars Channing Tatum as the rogue, Tyler. Channing started his career as a model and was one of the dancers on a Ricky Martin hit. Its easy to see why with his chiselled good lucks he was picked for this part, plus that and his dancing talent- I found his acting quite wooden at the start and I wasn't sure if the film had the right main character, but as the story unfolds and Channing has more speaking parts, he definately lossens up and is very believable playing Tyler who is living with foster parents and hanging out with the typical 'wrong crowd' The other main character is Jenna Dewan who plays Nora- she started her career as a dancer, dancing for all the stars like Justin Timberlake (who she had a romance with at ...

Virgin Media 30/09/2007

Make Virgin Media your provider?

Virgin Media THE BEGINNING I started off with a company called 'Telewest' in recent months this service is now 'VirginMedia' When the man came out to fit my box upto the tv, I was impressed with how tidy the workman worked! he made minimal mess and kept the cable's neat and tidy- screwing them to the wall so they weren't trailing on the floor. He wouldn't leave until he had shown me how to operate the box and the remote control. Once he had left I recieved a phone call from virginmedia asking if I was happy with the man that had been. I wondered if I had just dropped lucky- but upon speaking to friends and family who have also had the service fitted, they have all said they had the same experience. THE PACKAGES = I have the 'VIP' package, so I have full services- 10mb Broadband, XL television package (which i'll go into later) and unlimited phone calls within the uk to landline numbers. I also have the v+ box, which allows you to pause and record live television, this package is around 90pounds, depending on whether you call any mobiles or premium lines from your landline, if you do these calls are chargable at an extra cost. There are other packages, such as their 3 for 30pounds offer- where you can get the tv,phone and internet but at their lowest options, so the internet connection would be 2mb, free calls would be at the weekend only and the basic tv package which wouldn't include movies and sports. TELEVISION SERVICE Due to the fall-out between Virgin and ...

Guanabara Park Apartments, Grand Canary 26/09/2007

Not a place i'd recommend

Guanabara Park Apartments, Grand Canary ---INTRODUCTION--- I went to Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria in June of this year (2007) It was a last minute booking on the site 'Holiday Hypermarket' When we recieved the tickets we were happy to find that the holiday had been provided by the holiday line- 'Thomas Cook' It's an instantly recognisable company with a good reputation, so when we were told we would be staying in the Guanabara apartments, we presumed we could trust they were going to be upto a good standard as the company we were travelling with, surely wouldn't use apartments which weren't going to give them a good image? ---GUANABARA PARK--- Guanabara Park only offers self-catering, as they don't have a restaurant to provide anything else. Theres 102 apartments in the complex and theres a choice of either a balcony or terrace, its about a ten minute walk from the beach and central Puerto Rico (although because of the hills, I would recommend using taxi's!) Its a 45 minute journey from the airport. Its official rating is 2 stars and it is built into the hillside. Around the complex is another set of apartments, which are run down and no longer in use, apart from that there is nothing else immediately round you, so you have to depend heavily on taxi's. ---ARRIVAL--- We arrived about 3am in the morning, and as the coach was driving to the apartments- I was taken aback by how far up into the hills we were travelling, and eventually when we arrived, I realised we were at the highest point of Puerto ...

Pink - Live From Wembley Arena (DVD) 20/09/2007

Pink at her best

Pink - Live From Wembley Arena (DVD) -=+PINK- LIVE at Wembley Arena+=- -=+Who is Pink?+=- For people that aren't as familiar with the artist known as Pink as others, here's a brief biography; Here in the UK, we first were alerted to her talents when her first single, 'There you go' was released in 2000- It had a very strong RnB slant on it, and in my opinion, wasn't as good as her material that was to follow- after her first album, 'Can't take me home' she turned to a much more rocky sound- which seemt to give her more success, fans and importantly album sales! To date she has apparently sold near to 23 million albums (a figure found on wikipedia) Around the same time as her rise to stardom, we also had the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, but Pink has shown she has more staying power than the rest, as she continues to make great music- with the same popularity as when she first started out. Pink has found a winning formula writing music with a lady called, Linda Perry who was the lead singer with a band called- '4 non-blondes' If you were a fan of this band, then you'll love Pink! Other artists similar to Pink are Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson, so thats a rough idea of the type of sound and music you'll here on this DVD. -=+The Story behind the DVD+=- The concert was part of Pink's world tour, and was filmed towards the end of 2006, The DVD was released in April 2007. The concert was a massive success and all the tickets were sold, It was filmed over two nights of her ...

TRESemme 16/09/2007

Who needs Salon exclusives?

TRESemme +INTRODUCTION+ WARNING- Do not be put off this product by its annoying tv advertisement!! You'll have all seen the ads on TV for this product, you know the one- Where an annoying man (formally a reality star on a show called 'The Salon, channel 4) is dancing about- claiming its not for the normal folk "its only for professionals" Well- I have to admit, I half thought twice about buying this product in the fear that maybe in some way I was indirectly paying this silly mans wages! But thanks to my lovely store of Wilkinsons- I saw it on a buy one get one free offer, and thought, What the hell- I bought some. I got the one which is specially formulated for people with coloured hair- thats me. I bought the Shampoo and got the Conditioner free. +BACKGROUND+ I've only known about the brand, Tresemme for a few years, but apparently they have been around for 40! Originally the products were designed for the salon- but along with it being a salon product, would have meant the extremely unreasonable price and an exclusivity like most other professional brands- so the very kind people in their marketing department had the brain wave to make it available to the public in all good retailers. +THE PRICE+ Not the cheapest haircare products, but by no means the most expensive either. I'm a big believer in 'you get what you pay for' especially when it comes down to haircare. I was quite lucky when I purchased this as it was in a bogof offer- so saved me a full 3.99! ...

Epson Stylus D92 12/09/2007

"you get what you pay for"

Epson Stylus D92 +INTRODUCTION+ I've had a laptop for years now- but for some reason I have never had a printer, I have just never had the use for one- until now that is. I'm on the hunt for a new job, so I thought i'd do a CV and some letters on the computer, and print it out with a cheap printer that I had decided I was about to buy, since I had also just bought a new digital camera, and thought with a printer I could get my own photo's done. So, off I went and looked in the usual spots- Argos, Currys etc etc, My budget was rather low at 30-50pounds, Until I spoke to a couple of my friends- who urged me to think about paying a little bit more- "you get what you pay for when it comes to printers" I was told- but their words fell on deaf ears as I had no more money to spare. +THE PRICE+ I went to PC World and spoke to a sales assistant, who told me, that a brand named Epson was probably the most popular brand, so I took his words with me and went online at home to have a look on their website, as for some reason my local store had hardly any printers in stock!- I found this Epson D92, it was priced at 29.99- but a web only exclusive, so not available in stores. I ordered it, which was a pretty easy task- PC World's website was very simple to navigate around. It arrived in a few days after I had ordered and it was free delivery, which is always a bonus! This printer was only first out in June of this year, and I haven't seen it in any other shops other than PC World and a ...
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